My Strange Story Part II
Monday, June 18, 2007

Buffy appears on the scene...


*** Smoke poured forth from the two crashed vehicles near the freeway entrance. A police helicopter approaches the scene and its spotlight blossoms into full strength. The chopper begins to hover over the accident site and its lights switch from one vehicle to another scanning for any sign of movement***

Buffy Summers watched the whole scene unfold from a vantage point on top of the hill over looking the freeway entrance. She watched both cars make for the same entrance; she watched the impact, and the crash. She seen the whole thing, but she still didn’t make a move. Buffy was waiting. Buffy had only appeared 5 minutes ago. She wasn’t sure why, but she remembered something; something important, and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that Willow was somewhere nearby, and she also knew that the person; the one in the 2nd overturned vehicle was a woman called River6213. How she knew this was not important, but all she knew was that it was in her best interest to protect her. Buffy starts down the hill heading towards the 2nd vehicle , but as she makes her way down there is a there is a tingle, and then an open space in her mind replaced quickly by the voice of Willow. Buffy stops her decent. She is somewhat confused, but at the same time not. She knows why she is here. * Buffy* the voice of Willow says in her mind. *Hold here and wait * Buffy hears this and slows her decent to a stop. At that exact moment a dark faced elderly man carrying a black duffle bag appears on the scene. From Buffy’s perspective this person was moving way too fast for a normal human being. *You must stop him, but be careful Buffy…he’s dangerous and he’s angry* the disembodied voice of Willow says. Buffy needed no more incentive. She makes her way down the hill and places herself between the shadowy figure with the duffel bag, and the 2nd overturned vehicle. “State your business” Buffy says as she tries to make herself seem taller than she actually was. She regarded the elderly looking man in front of her who was holding a black duffel bag...



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