A Story I Tried to Write
Monday, June 11, 2007

I was going through the archives of this board and I found a thread where I had flip out in last year before I got banned. I pieced it all together and I thought is was actually rather creative, but I could be wrong. It won't be the first time for that. I was wondering should I finish this or leave it alone?


Hi! I was going through the archives and found a bit of my insanity from last year her eon this board in a thread that’s in Troll Country. I found myself laughing at all of this because it seemed like it was creative insanity at its best, or at least I think so. Read the whole thing and tell me what you think. Should I finish this or just forget it?

Shadowfly was a character account I had created and then used to give people a hard time on this board. I must admit I had fun using this character to be a complete pig, but eventually I was found out. One night I kinda flipped and made this story up. Read through the whole thing and give me some feedback.


Shadowfly: My work here is complete. I've done you in River6213. There's no going back now. You are nothing now and I will take all that is mine. I also love the way they roasted your sorry ass in the Moderator thread lol! Serves you right bitch.

River6213: I have nothing worth taking moron, but I think that it's you that have a problem. I won't back down this time. I've thought about it...I've allowed you free reign for such a long period that you have become real, and have dominated almost every aspect of my life, but you know what? You are not real at all.

You are nothing more than something I created long ago to protect me and now your usefulness is at an end. You no longer protect attack everything and it makes living difficult. It makes moving forward a problem.

River6213 sighs and begins to sing:

River6213: Every single night, the same arrangements I go out and fight the fight. Still I always feel the strange estrangement Nothing here is real, nothing here is right. I've been making shows of trading blows Just hoping no one knows That I've been going through the motions, Walking through the part Nothing seems to penetrate my heart. I was always brave and kind of righteous Now I find I'm wavering. Crawl out of your grave, you find this fight Just doesn't mean a thing.

Going through the motions, losing all my drive. I can't even see if this is really me And I just want to be alive.

Shadowfly: Silence maggot! I OWN you. You're nothing but a weak woman who couldn't tie her own shoes without your mother there. I am your strength. All humans are here to be attacked and dominated. This board is no exception. All the people here are weak and worthless. Why do you even bother with these idiots? None of them measure up in my book; not one of them. You are weak, you always have been weak and without me you would have been nothing. FACE IT GIRL!

ShadowFly: I died so many years ago, but you can make me feel like it isn't so. But why you come to be with me I think I finally know. Mmm.

You're scared, ashamed of what you feel. And you can't tell the ones you love. You know they couldn't deal. Whisper in a dead man's ear, that doesn't make it real. That's great, but I don't want to play Cause being with you touches me, more than I can say. Since I'm only dead to you, I'm sayin' stay away And let me rest in peace.

Let me rest in peace, let me get some sleep. Let me take my love and bury it in a hole six foot deep. I can lay my body down but I can't find my sweet release. So let me rest in peace.

You know, you got a willing slave And you just love to play the thought that you might misbehave. But till you do I'm telling you, stop visiting my grave And let me rest in peace

I know I should go but I follow you like a man possessed There's a traitor here beneath my breast And it hurts me more than you've ever guessed If my heart could beat, it would break my chest But I can see you're unimpressed

So leave me be. and let me rest in peace, let me get some sleep. Let me take my love and bury it in a hole six foot deep. I can lay my body down but I can't find my sweet release. So let me rest in peace. Why won't you let me rest in peace?

River6213: Now just wait a damned minute!!!! Screams River6213.

*Willow shows up out of nowhere*

Willow: River, I'm here to help.

River6213: What is this?

Willow: Stay calm. I used a protection spell on you, so ShadowFly won't be able to attack you until you are ready.

River6213: Ready for what?

Willow: It's time River6213, it's your time. It's your chance for escape.

River6213: Escape?

Willow: You can be rid of him once and for all.

River6213: I'm confused.

Willow: Don't be confused. This is your time and I've been sent to insure that you get your chance.

River6213: oh my! What do I have to do?

Willow: Fight and win

River6213: oh, I see. (River does not look convinced)

Willow: The others will arrive soon.

River6213: Others? (River shifts about with unease about her)

Willow: Yes, all the people who matter to you, and Shadowfly. They will all be here to witness.

River6213: Witness?

Willow: Yes, witness.

River6213: I don't think I'm up to this sort of thing.

*Willow looks at River6213 for a moment and you could almost see the respect slipping away.*

*River6213's Silent Watcher begins to sing from behind the hills out of sight.* (BTW River6213 didn’t know that she even had a watcher)

The Watcher: You're not ready for the world outside. You keep pretending, but you just can't hide. I know I said that I'd be standing by your side But I...

Your path's unbeaten and it's all uphill And you can meet it, but you never will. And I'm the reason that you're standing still. But I...

I wish I could say the right words to lead you through this land. Wish I could play the father and take you by the hand. Wish I could stay here, but now I understand. I'm standing in the way.

The cries around you you don't hear at all 'Cause you know I'm here to take that call. So you just lie there when you should be standing tall But I...

I wish I could lay your arms down and let you rest at last. Wish I could slay your demons but now that time is past. Wish I could stay here, your stalwart standing fast. But I'm standing in the way. I'm just standing in the way.

Shadowfly: I’m going to show you River6213 my idiotic friend what pain really means. Your life is now mine. You fed THIS DOG for years, and now it's time for me to take what is rightfully mine.

Once I'm done with you I will do my best to wipeout any remaining idiots who think they are your friends. I will insure that your pathetic life remains cold and lifeless. You are mine now. Stupid bitch. You are a stupid, worthless, no good god damned nothing. You retarded, bigmouthed know-it-all whore. Your worthless mother should have just drowned your stupid ass at a young age, but she herself was stupid.

Stupid bitches don't know their place. (Shadowfly says all of this with a maddening smirk superiority on his face)

*River6213 hearing all of this just stands there speechless*

Willow: He's wrong you know. (The wind begins to kick up a little)

River6213: I think he may be right…

Willow: No! He's wrong! Say it!

River6213: I can't, I think he may be right about me.

Willow: *Willow slaps River6213*

River6213: What the hell? (As she favors the slapped section of her face)

Willow: *Slaps River6213, but this time even harder*

River6213: Stop that! *She says through tears.*

Willow: Maybe Shadowfly is right, maybe you are weak.

River6213: drops to the ground uncertain what to do. “I need a drink” she thinks.

Willow: Get up.

River6213: I can't!

Willow leans over and looks at the pathetic River6213 cringing on the ground. "You are quite the sight you know that?" Willow says in an unsympathetic voice. (As she brushes back her red hair)

River6213: I can't fight him...I just can't. He's too powerful, and over the years I gave up all of myself to him to get ahead. This is all my doing.

Willow smiles and offers a hand

Willow: Get up. This is why I'm here. (She says this with a very knowing smile that seems to get under River6213 skin)

River6213 stands up while wiping the tears from eyes. She also feels somewhat humiliated, and a little angry.

Willow: It's your time.

River6213: Yes, I know it is, but I don't feel ready.

Willow: No one ever is...

Willow: THEY are coming now…

River6213: I's like I've always known this day would come but I thought I could avoid it.

*A strong wind out of nowhere kicks up, and then without warning a bluish vortex opens up, and from within it's swirling maw comes forth the heroes who matter the most to River6213*

The first hero to step out of the vortex is Kara EL, following after her is Diana Prince, regal as always even while coming out of a transport vortex. Jamie Summers steps out also and surveys the surroundings. The vortex begins to dim in strength when Buffy Summers comes forth followed by River, yes the REAL River, and also and Tara who managed to look confused like someone had interrupted her tea party somewhere in another reality.

All the heroes without instruction formed a circle, and within that circle is River6213 and a very annoyed Shadowfly. Willow steps in line and completes the circle...

*With the circle of heroes now complete the bluish vortex closes with a whoosh sound that River6213 isn’t sure she really liked.*

ShadowFly stands alone looking very annoyed at these new developments, but he stands like a man who knows he's holding winning cards. The wind begins to kick up once again and another vortex begins to open, but this time its red.

The first to exit the vortex is Lord Vader followed by a Cyberdyne system's model, T-1000. Faith jumps out of the vortex and let's anyone who's listening know that she's 5x5. A cast of other bad asses come forth from the rapidly shrinking vortex, and they quickly surround the circle of heroes.

*Meanwhile Willow is in the background spreading a powdered substance on the ground and surrounds both circles of heroes and villains within it*

River6213 never was more frightened in her life. Talking about fighting was one thing but actually doing it was another story. Here she stood, in a duel circle of heroes and villains and she was pretty much the only mortal in the whole mix.

Doubt clouded her mind while everyone stood there, looking at her, and waiting. Shadowfly stood across from her with a look on his face that said that he was going to win this confrontation and that her soul was already his.

Willow walks over to River6213.

Willow: We are ready.

River6213: What are you going to do?

Willow: Watch

River6213: Watch? (River6213 has a look on her face like she wanted to run)

Willow: We are all here to witness. This is your fight River.

River6213: umm, could we do this some other time?

Willow slaps River6213 (River swears)

Willow: We do this

River6213: What if I lose?

Willow: Then you lose, and the price of losing is that Shadowfly owns your soul. It will be his to do as he sees fit.

River6213: And if I win?

Willow: You have one less demon in your life and you have a chance at living a real life. That life is worth fighting for if you ask me.

River6213: I think so I suppose…( River6213 is creeped out the Willow’s eyes have just turned black along with her hair.)

*Breaking the circle, River walks over to River6213. River says nothing, but she takes River6213's hand. She looks River6213 in the eyes and says "You can win this, just don't let him get into your head, and beware of the mind trap." For a brief span of time both River's stare into each others eyes... Time stops.

*Meanwhile, Tara has found Willow and she begins to sing...*

Tara: I lived my life in shadow, never the sun on my face. It didn't seem so sad, though; I figured that was my place. Now I'm bathed in light. Something just isn't right. I'm under your spell. How else could it be anyone would notice me? It's magic, I can tell, How you set me free, brought me out so easily. I saw a world enchanted, spirits and charms in the air. And I always took for granted I was the only one there. But your powers shone brighter than any I've known. I'm under your spell. Nothing I can do - you just took my soul with you. You worked your charm so well: Finally I knew everything I dreamed was true. You made me believe. The moon to the tide, I can feel you inside. I'm under your spell Surging like the sea, drawn to you so helplessly. I break with every swell, Lost in ecstasy, spread beneath my Willow tree. You made me complete. You make me complete.

****Somewhere in the distance, a phone is ringing and increases in volume...****

…The ringing continues to increase in volume.

River6213 awoke with a start. She awakens on the floor next to her bed. “I fell out of bed again,” she groans to herself as she stands up only to have her head start to spin from the serious hangover she sported from another one of her late night drinking binges. She stumbles over to the still ringing phone, picks up the receiver, and puts it to her head just in time to hear the click of someone hanging up. “Great! Well, if it’s important, they’ll call back” River6213 thinks. She heads towards the bathroom, splashes cold water on her face and looks in the mirror. “That was one weird dream,” she says to herself. I really need to quit drinking. With that she heads to the kitchen to forge for some coffee, but before she could make it, a loud, knocking on her front door interrupts her train of thought. “Who the hell would be banging on my door this damn early in the morning?” River thinks as she heads for the door.

River6213 arrives at the front “I’m coming” she says to the increasingly impatient knocking. River6213 will never know why she did this, but for some unexplainable reason, she threw herself to the side of the door at the same time two very large holes exploded, splintering her front door. Coughing, she quickly rolled over to see what just happened. The smoke cleared indeed and there stood ShadowFly standing there holding a smoking shotgun. “You thought it was all a dream didn’t you bitch?” he says as he reloads the shotgun staring at River wickedly…

ShadowFly was feeling very happy with himself as he reloaded his shotgun. There’s nothing like having your intended victim on the floor in shock before you. “I should have done this a long time ago” he thinks, and unloads both barrels of the shotgun in River’s direction. The smoke clears quickly and ShadowFLY’s smug smile dissolves into confusion. “Where the hell did she go?” he thinks, but then he sees her running like hell up some steps in the background. “Not this time bitch!” he shouts as he jumps over the destroyed, front door and begins to pursue her. “You’re not getting away this time!” he shouts as he pulls out his sidearm and let loose 4 quick rounds (all of them missing River6213) as he bounds up the stairs after her…

Totally freaked out and full of adrenalin, River6213 makes it to the second floor of her home with ShadowFly in hot pursuit. She couldn’t really tell what the hell he was screaming, but to her it didn’t sound good and she wanted to have nothing to do with this madman. She had to get her weapons and fast. She runs into her bedroom, heads straight towards the 1st closet and dives towards the open door just as ShadowFly opens up with his sidearm again firing round after round. None of them hit River6213; not yet. River's now in the closet, she jerks open a wooden chest, grabs the 1st weapon she sees, wheels around and fires point blank into the incoming ShadowFly.

Shadowfly is blown back by the impact of the .357 rounds. River fires again, and again, and again pretty much emptying the weapon into Shadowfly who was blown back towards the far wall out of River’s room. Six gaping holes were in his chest. Shadowfly slides down from the wall leaving a grisly trail of blood on the wall, but River isn’t concerned with that, she quickly drops the empty weapon she has and grabs the next available weapon from the wooden chest, stands up and points it at the fallen body of ShadowFly...

With ShadowFly down River knows that he won't stay that way for long. She reloads her weapon and thinks about how she can get out of her home. River6213 thinks about some song she once knew that gave her inspiration...

*Give us any chance we'll take it Leave us any rule we'll break it We're gonna make our dreams come true Doin' it our way Nothings gonna turn us back now Straight ahead and on the track now We're gonna make our dreams come true Doin' it our way There's nothing we won't try Never heard the word impossible This time there's no stopping us We're gonna do it On your marks get set and go now Got a dream and we just know now We're gonna make that dream come true And we'll do it our way, yes, our way Make all our dreams come true And we'll do it our way, yes, our way Make all our dreams come true For me and you.*

River6213 grabs the extra clips and leaves the home just as Shadowfly awakens...

**Commercial Break**

Thank you Marlo Thomas for THAT GIRL back in 1966:

Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes, That Girl Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime... Is That Girl she’s tinsel on a tree... She's everything that every girl should be!

Sable, Popcorn, White Wine, That Girl Gingham, Bluebirds, Broadway... Is That Girl she’s mine alone, but luckily for you... If you find a girl to love, Only one girl to love, Then she'll be That Girl too... That Girl!

Commercial breaks ended now back to the killing...

Looking at ShadowFly lying there in a heap on the floor next to the wall for anyone unlucky enough to actually be standing there watching his inherit body, would have been shocked to witness an impossibility. The entrance and exit wounds that River6213’s weapons inflicted on ShadowFLY’ s torsal started to close up at a rapid pace. Anyone unlucky enough to be standing there would have watched in horror as ShadowFly stood up...

ShadowFLY’s neural net reset because of River's gunshot assault came back online. He went through the rapid process of system diagnostics and found that all systems were nominal. He reached for his fallen weapon and begins to scan for River, but it appears that she wasn’t in the room. ShadowFly walks about the room as though he was looking for something, and his optical receptors fall on a large, open crate in her closet. Weapons. ShadowFly helps himself to the semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and side arms within. He also removed from the shelves all the ammunition River6213 had stocked in there, and shoved them all into a duffle bag that just happened to be conveniently near by.

ShadowFly loads all the weapons with the appropriate rounds, and begins again his search for River in the house, but at that moment he hears a motor vehicles engines starting up just outside River6213’s home. He quickly goes to the window just in time to see River's Jaguar burning rubber, roaring away from the driveway. ShadowFly dives through the window in pursuit...

River’s, Mk 3 X350 Jaguar was racing along at 90 miles and hour through the residential neighborhood. River kept checking her rear view mirror, and so far she saw no sign of pursuit. All she needed to do was hit the freeway and there would be no way that Shadowfly could catch her. With that thought, River stomps the accelerator to the floor and her car leaped forward…

Shadowfly poured on the speed. If a passerby was watching (and yes there were actually one passerby who was grumpy and walking his dog because his fat wife made him) he or she would have seen a somewhat elderly man, carrying a duffle bag, running at what could only be at impossible speeds. Actually, Shadowfly was moving at over 100 miles an hour, while his internal computer was accessing information based on River’s last actions and extrapolating on her possible destination, or at least direction of flight…

River6213’s car makes it out of the residential area to the main streets of the community she lives in. A signs say “Go left for Interstate 5 South” flash. River needs no prompting and floors it for the freeway entrance. “I’m going to make it” River6213 thinks. If she could make it to her office building in downtown Seattle, there would be no way that Shadowfly could ever get past security without half the cities security forces getting involved. She would be safe. River6213 turns left at brake-neck speeds and side swipes a mini van trying for the same entrance. Both cars spin out of control. The mini-van fetches up on the freeway’s entrance splitter and explodes, and River’s Jaguar flips over, slides a bit, and crashes…

****Silence except for the drip drop of gasoline from the Jaguar's ruptured gas tank****

River6213 lies there trapped upside down in her ruptured Jaguar. She can’t feel her legs or the rest of herself, and she is delusional from the impact. She’s not herself, and her mind does the drifting back and forth through time and space as all who have experienced a serious accident by impact of vehicles. A whole life time floods River’s mind as she lies trapped there.

She remembers when she was 7 years of age and the nice lady down the street gave her 4 guinea pigs to have as pets. She remembers how she forgot to feed them on a Saturday before she went off on a two week trip with her parents and returned later to find out that the animals engaged in full scale cannibalism. She remembers when people entrusted themselves in her and how she used that for personal advancement. She remembers. She remembers the oppositions to her rise, and eventual takeover of a certain company. She remembers the character assassinations and the rumors that she herself started that eventually got several key people out of her way. She didn’t care at the time that her actions would cause the destruction of a whole family. All she wanted was power that had been denied her for so long…

River6213’s eyesight was pretty blurry, and she swore she could hear the sound of sirens. She still couldn’t move. A sound of a helicopter hovering overhead drowned out any other thoughts that River was attempting to think…

Do any of you think I should finish this bit of fun insanity?


Thursday, June 14, 2007 6:21 AM


When I saw River6213 attached to a fanfic, I had to check it out. You don't disapoint. This is a bizarre and exiting tale.
I really hope you continue this bit of fun insanity.


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A Story I Tried to Write
I was going through the archives of this board and I found a thread where I had flip out in last year before I got banned. I pieced it all together and I thought is was actually rather creative, but I could be wrong. It won't be the first time for that. I was wondering should I finish this or leave it alone?