Hot Sex: Mal and Inara
Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mal's POV. Mal and Inara get it on. This is porn. Don't read it if it's not your thing.


I've been trying to incorporate more plot and less porn, but I had to get this one outta my system.

As soon as we were in her shuttle, Inara and I locked in an embrace. I lifted her up into my arms and deeply kissed her, licking her lips as it was broken. I laid her down on the bed, slowly taking her shirt off. I kissed the top of her black lace-covered breasts, and then kissed my way down to her skirt. I worked it down off her long, lithe legs.. Once removed, I saw her panties matched her bra, which brought a big smile to my face. I removed my clothes very promptly, mine joining hers in a messy pile on the floor.

Inara looked me in the eyes as I began to soak her in. "Come on Mal," she said softly, "Don't stop." Upon hearing that, I lowered my face down to her crotch and broadly licked her panties. She sighed softly as I hooked my thumbs in the hem of her underwear, and lifted her legs up to slowly remove them. As her legs stood in the air, I placed kisses on them, from her ankle to her thigh as she slowly lowered them.

I licked and nibbled on the thighs until I got to her glistening slit. I gave her a few broad licks, sending enough of a good sensation through her to cause Inara to arch her back and moan. I gave her clit a few slow licks before I began to concentrate my mouth's energy on it completely.

"Yesssssssssssssssssss," Inara hissed, running her fingers through my hair as I lapped at her clit, quickly darting on it with my tongue as I fingered her with my index and middle fingers. Removing my fingers from her wet snatch, I moved them to her mouth.

"Taste yourself Inara," I said, taking a break from my work. "Taste it....." Inara eagerly sucked my fingers into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around my fingers, sucking her juices off them.

"Mmmmmmmmm good," she said as she released my fingers. I went back to focusing on the clit, managing to lock eyes with her every so often as I nibbled and sucked on her aroused nub.

My hand and mouth switched places, my fingers now rubbing and teasing her clit, my tongue licking and twisting inside of her. "Fuck yes...." she said breathlessly. "Yes...oh fuck yes......"

I continued on her like this for a few more minutes before I stopped and rose up to kiss her. "I need to be inside you Inara," I told her, lining my cock up with her slit. "Let me....."

" it." With that, I slowly inserted my hard cock into her, the both of us letting out loud moans. I lifted her up in my arms and moved us into a sitting position. I moved my hands to her breasts and undid her bra. As soon as it was completely removed, I began to suck and kiss on them as I thrust into her. "Uuunnnnnnnhhhhh....yes baby.....fuck good......"

Inara put her arms behind her as I gripped her hips and began to thrust hard into her. I watched in awe as her face contorted in passion, and as her breasts bounced up and down with my hard thrusts.

"Keep going Mal.....feels so good...your cock is so fucking good.....don't fucking stop...don't ever fucking stop.........fuck me baby...fuck me harder....."

After a while of this position, Inara wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her face to mine, nibbling and kissing my lips. "Get on your back," she said softly. "Now baby...."

Doing as she asked, I got on my back, Inara now on top and in control. She placed her arms at my chest and slowly began to ride me, building up to a rhythm. Soon enough, her room was filled with the sounds of moaning and slapping flesh. But I wanted something more myself. I had Inara remove herself from me and get on all fours in front of me. I gave her ass a playful slap before slamming myself into her pussy from behind.

"FUCKKKKK!" she moaned. I leaned over her back as I fucked her and kissed her neck.

"You fucking love it this way don't you?" I asked her, whispering into her ear between nibbles. "Tell me how much......"

"God feel so good Mal...fuck yes...don't fucking stop.....fuckkkkk....." she said with eyes shut and teeth gritted. She began to dig her nails into her bed and grind into my crotch every so often. " close...fuck....fuck me......" I had her hips in a good grip, and began to thrust back with everything I had.

"Fuck yeah feel so fucking fucking love this don't you?"

"Fuck....oh fuck.....damn.....oh my.....fuckkkkkkk....." She bit on her lower lip to try and keep it in, trying to stave of her climax as best she could. She moved one of her hands to her breasts and began to pinch and tweak her own nipples.

I leaned forward, pulling her until her back was against my chest, thrusting into her as hard as I could, moving my hand to her clit, frigging it as the other pulled her face to mine for a kiss. She was close, and soon her pussy began to spasm around my cock. I felt her moan into my mouth as we kissed, and her body stiffened and fell back, her orgasm rushing through her body. Inara fell forward, her ass still up in the air as I continued thrusting into her. With a few more strokes, I hit the wall and let my cum loose into her wet snatch. As soon as I was done, I pulled myself out and fell beside her, kissing her deeply in the afterglow of it all.


Monday, August 14, 2006 6:47 PM


While some might still jump all over ya for writing porn....I think that: a) it's still mighty good stuff; and b) it's a sign of fanfic when pure smut gets integrated into the genre options;)

Though I am looking for to your "more plot, less hot" work, Peclicken;)



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