Lost Opportunity
Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Missing scene from Serenity (the movie, not the pilot). Simon and River looking for new passage on Beaumonde. S/K


Disclaimer:Not mine, just writing for fun!

A/N: Tamsibling and Leiasky have put out their versions of the missing scene between Kaylee leaving Serenity and Simon entering the Maidenhead in the BDM. So here is mine, after much prodding from Leiasky. Thanks, for beta-ing it Leiasky, because I know all the Mai Tais from the BBQ I went to today didn’t help my spelling or grammar! Make sure to read Tamsibling’s Decisions, Decisions and Leiasky’s  Don’t Go, because they are both wonderful scenes! Hope you all like it and please comment! ~~ "No....I fear it isn't safe anymore." With that, Simon headed to the bags he had packed only a few hours before, hoisting them up as River mumbled incoherently, watching as Kaylee disappeared, melting into the denizens of the crowded marketplace frantically milling about one another. His usually passive face held a tinge of regret as he watched her form slowly be engulfed by the massive waves of people flooding the bazaar. It took all the strength in him to not rush after her, throw caution to the wind and take her in his arms, crushing those soft lips against his own, or so he dreamed that they were soft. He had never mustered up the courage to reach out and feel them, not even when she had made it quite clear that he was free to do so. He couldn't, not when River needed so much care, not when the Alliance had a warrant out for his arrest and a bounty on his head, and certainly not when the Captain was willing to put his sister in harm's way, after he had sacrificed so much to keep her safe in the first place. What he wanted didn't matter, even though it not only pained him, but wounded Kaylee in the process. His first obligation was to his family and if nothing else, he still had his sense of duty. "Simon?" The voice of his sister shook Simon out of his thoughts and placed him squarely back into reality, the one where he needed to find them passage, quickly and quietly, without any notice from the Alliance or those that would recognize them. He knew for a fact that a new warrant had been issued over the cortex not three weeks earlier. My timing is impeccable, he thought to himself as he rested a hand on River’s shoulder and proceeded to maneuver her down the ramp. A fresh warrant was not on his mind when he had slugged the Captain, and it made his and River's predicament that much more dangerous. Leading her through the throng of shoppers and sellers, Simon eyed the other ships in dock, each one looking less promising than the first. Not one had a barker as naturally drawing as Kaylee had been that day on Persephone, nor quite as convincing, though Simon was sure that because she had been the one thing he had seen out on the Rim that had made him smile. That ridiculous umbrella, twirling in the dusty air had captured his attention, but it was the shine in her eyes that had made him commit to passage on Serenity, well that and her smile, the way her eyes crinkled when her cheeks pushed up as her lips spread across her face. He hadn’t known at that moment how affecting it would be, but he knew now, and it made his heart ache just a little more that he couldn’t see her smile just one last time. Sighing heavily to himself, Simon clasped River’s shoulder more tightly, as another wave of people crashed through the busy market place. Moving them out of the sea of people, Simon hauled them over to a small booth, trying to get his bearings straight before heading out again in search of new passage. Leaning against the small ledge of the counter, he took notice of the wares being offered and shook his head at the irony of the situation. Of course he would find the one booth selling every piece of metallic, mechanical luh suh in the whole of the market, and Kaylee would’ve have squealed in delight if she had seen what was being offered. He pulled out a g-line converter, but not knowing exactly what it was called, he smiled, thinking that it looked like the blackened engine part Kaylee had pulled out just a week back. He had been keeping her company that night, letting her prattle on about what she was doing, having no realistic concept of what she was explaining, but just enjoying her voice and presence. “You gonna buy that, son?” The small rotund man who ran the booth came out from behind the counter, either wanting to make a sell or trying to push out the window shopper. “Uh, no sir...sorry.” Placing the g-line converter back where it had been before, Simon kept his eyes down as he motioned for River to follow him, ready to resume their search for new transport. Looking out into the crowd as he pushed through, Simon spied a bobbing head of auburn brown curls heading back towards where Serenity was docked. He had no doubt in his mind that it was Kaylee, and didn’t even think twice about following her. He hated how they had left things on the ramp, and he decided that this time he would just be honest. He couldn’t change that they had to leave, he couldn’t even consider asking the Captain to take them back, but he could at least leave Kaylee with the knowledge, that indeed, if the circumstances were different, he would love nothing better than to take her in his arms and show her just how much he truly did care for her. He had never been so bold about his emotions, but if life on the Rim had taught him one thing, it was that time was of the essence, and if he let this chance slip through his fingers, there may never be another. Reaching out for River to follow after Kaylee, his hand grasped only air as he looked up to where his sister had been just moments before. His eyes widening with fear, Simon scanned the crowd before, desperately searching for a glimpse of dark hair, or the bright turquoise of his sister’s jacket. She was nowhere to be seen, he had lost her, being so caught up in his own thoughts. Cursing his incompetent vigilance, Simon began pushing through the mob, paying no mind to being cautious or inconspicuous, wanting only to find his sister. As he raced through the bazaar he caught the sound of faint screams. His heart dropping to the pit of his stomach, Simon ran towards the commotion as he spied a screeching horde dashing from the entrance of a dingy bar. Scrambling through the flight of crying patrons, Simon hoped for all the ’verse that if his sister was the cause of all this turmoil, he would be in time.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006 12:26 AM


A nice little piece, and different from the other two in that River's disappearance interrupts Simon's plan to talk to Kaylee before he can even bump into her. I like it. :)

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 12:46 AM


I love this - it is beautifully written. All of your internal thoughts for Simon are so dead on to who he is a character and it's completely believable that that's how he would have thought.

Okay, that didn't make any sense, but I loved it, period.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 4:53 AM


Yay! I'm glad you posted it! I love that this is so different from mine and Tamsiblings in that Simon didn't actually get that chance to talk to Kaylee. Love his thoughts about her and wishing things were different.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 7:14 AM


very nice!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 6:00 PM


I love that he didn't ever talk to kaylee but her mere distraction was enough *yaay for crushes*

loved this dear!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2006 12:16 PM


Hmm...must have been quite the mental pondering cuz the Mingo-Fanty/Mal conversation and River vs. bar patrons fight takes more than a couple of minutes to reach River's hesitation point;)

Still..loved how you had Simon just get ready to confess that if things were different, he would love nothing more to prove his abilities with Kaylee when the bar fight draws his attention:D



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