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Kaylee and Simon have a new bundle of joy but not all are happy with the outcome. S/K. Please read Good Intentions Part One-Six, Epilogue and The Talk or this will make no sense.


Disclaimer: Not mine, just writing for fun.

A/N: Big Thanks to Leiasky for all the inputs and LOL convos about this story. I am working on a new story that is completely different than the last series, so I hope you enjoy this installment. I loved writing the last two stories and am glad most of you liked them too!:) Please enjoy and comment. Best to read Good Intentions Part One-Six, Epilogue, and The Talk or none of this will make sense!:)


Kaylee watched, enrapt by the sight of the precious little boy in her arms, sleeping peacefully after being fed. She rocked back and forth at languid pace, her other son napping on the other side of the room. She smiled as she looked at her older son, practically a carbon copy of his father in looks, but that was about as far as similarities went. Jared was rambunctious and loud, always getting into things and perpetually annoying his big sister. Molly tried to be as patient as a five year old can be, but at times she was sure Molly wished she was an only child. Ethan brushed his hand across her breast as he squirmed in his sleep, yawning with his eyes still scrunched shut and settling back in her arms. Kaylee waited till he was sure to be fast asleep before putting him in the bassinet next to the rocking chair. She was glad she could get her five month old and three year to nap at the same time, some days it felt like she would never get any time to herself. Yet she wouldn’t trade all the peace and quiet in the world for the happiness her children gave her. She covered Ethan with a light blanket and went over to touch Jared’s soft dark hair before backing out of the room quietly. Slowly, she shut the door , making sure there were no squeaks to disturb the boys slumber. As she turned around she practically knocked over her little girl, who had been waiting patiently for her mother to exit the boy’s room. Kaylee held her finger up to her mouth and turned Molly around, escorting her to the kitchen where Kaylee was going to fix her and Molly lunch. School was out for break and Molly had been moping around the house, bored because she loved being at school. She had been a little moody for the past couple of months, and Kaylee just figured it was because of the new baby and all the attention Ethan was getting. She tried to make sure Molly was involved in all things with the baby, but Ethan didn’t hold the wonder Kaylee had expected from her daughter. Molly had been too young when Jared was born. She had been fascinated by the new baby, as most toddlers are, but Kaylee had thought Molly would be more interested in the new little life they had brought into their family. She loved her brothers, Kaylee didn’t question that, she was instinctively always watching Jared for when he would get himself into trouble and always mindful of baby Ethan’s needs, but sometimes she thought it was Molly’s dutiful nature, and not the excitement she had seen just some months back, before Ethan had been born. “Mama?” “What, sweetie?” “When are you going to have another baby?” Kaylee subconsciously rubbed her hand along her belly, a little more pronounced than it had been after having three children. Simon certainly didn’t mind the changes her body had gone through, but she had been glad when her figure had bounced back after a few months, well almost half a year. The pleading look in Molly’s eyes made the corners of Kaylee’s mouth twitch with a little smile. “Don’tchya think we have enough around here, for now?” Molly sat herself at the table, putting her elbows up on the tabletop to rest her chin in, “I want another baby, but this time, Mama, can we have a girl?” Kaylee just beamed at her daughter, “Molly, it doesn’t work that way. Ya don’t get ta decide what the baby is. It’s all up to the baby while it‘s growin‘.” Molly looked forlornly at her mother, who had moved to sit next to her daughter. Kaylee petted the top of her head and pushed the hair out of her eyes and behind her ears. Molly perked up as another thought crossed her mind, “Can we buy one?” Kaylee held back laughter that bubbled up inside her and just kissed Molly’s forehead, “You can ask your daddy, when he gets home.”


Simon opened the door to his home to be greeted by complete bedlam. His five month old son was screaming to the roof tops, trying to be shushed by his big sister, who looked more perturbed that Simon had ever seen her before. Kaylee was chasing around a completely naked Jared who was careening about the family room, covered in some foreign substance that Simon didn’t even want guess about, hysterically laughing at all the commotion around him. Kaylee stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her husband, a beleaguered smile gracing her face, “Hi, honey.” Simon reached out and grabbed his son as he passed by, holding him out at arms length, “What happened?” Before Kaylee could answer Molly marched up to her father, placed her hands on her little hips and let forth the full fury she felt at the situation, “Mama was making us pudding for dessert and Jared knocked the bowl over, it got all over me and him. Then, Mama went to put him in the bath and he escaped and woke up Ethan! And he got me all dirty, Daddy!” Simon was taken aback by the sheer force of her anger, stunned by how close she was to tears. Kaylee picked up Ethan out of his bassinet, which she had wheeled into the family room for Molly to sit and watch him while she cleaned up Jared. She held her son close to her, bouncing him a bit to calm him down, and giving Molly a sympathetic frown. “I hate boys!” With that Molly stormed back to her room, slamming the door behind her. Simon looked to his wife who had closed her eyes trying to meditate like Inara had taught her so many years ago. When she opened them , she smiled wanly at her husband, “It’s been a long day. The boys have been a bit of a handful. She didn’t mean what she said.” Simon shook his head, still keeping his squirming son at arms length, and turned that lopsided grin towards his wife, “Would it be a horrible thing if she did?” Kaylee gave her husband a glowering scowl as he made his way to the bathroom, calling back with genuine optimism, “I still have hope that she will decide to become a nun.” __________________________________________________________________________

After the events of the day had simmered down and the kids had finally been put to sleep, Kaylee crawled into bed next to her husband. He reached over, pulling Kaylee into his loving arms. She nestled her face into the crook of his neck, sighing contently at the comfort he afforded her. Simon kissed her forehead and rubbed her back. He then trailed his lips down her cheek, ending the sweet exploration at her lips, nipping at them seductively. Kaylee smiled at his efforts, pressing her lips to his, deepening the kiss and clutching Simon’s shoulders before leaning back to stare at her husband lovingly. “Molly’s upset cause she wanted us ta have a girl.” Simon’s face took on a bemused look, his lips rising at the corners from her admission. Kaylee giggled and placed her head on his shoulder, snuggling against his body as she ran her hand along his arm, “She asked me today when we were gonna have another baby.” Simon moved his hand up to cup her full breast, squeezing it gently while his lips began to explore her throat, “I have no objection to the method.” Kaylee slapped his shoulder as his lips moved lower, to her collar bone, sucking at the soft skin, “I’m serious, Simon. I told her it weren’t really up to us even if we do have another baby. Ain’t like ya get to choose and all. Then she goes and asks if we could buy one.” Simon removed his lips from her chest, raising his eyebrows with sincerity, “I’d rather try making one, bao bei.” Kaylee squinted her eyes at her husband, “Simon, she’s all confounded about the whole thing.” Simon nodded at the reprimand, his face taking on an earnest demeanor, “I’ll look into buying one tomorrow, I promise.” That was the last straw for Kaylee as she reached back and began to pummel Simon with her pillow. Simon took the attack with mock bewilderment, raising his hands in defeat. “All right, we’ll have another baby!” Kaylee put the pillow down at his readiness to add onto their family, “Ain’t what I’m sayin’, Simon.” Simon rolled onto his back, pulling Kaylee back into his arms, "I know, I just don't see how we can solve the problem without...." Simon shrugged his shoulders at the end of his sentence, eliciting a playful snicker from his wife. Kaylee settled back down, molding her body against his side and running her hand through his hair at the base of his neck, "Without what?" Simon softly kissed her chin, moving his lips along the side of her jaw as his hand slid her nightgown up her thigh. Kaylee released a pent up breath, sighing the first words that came to her mind, “Oh, baby.” Simon kissed her neck softly and whispered in her ear, “I’m trying here.” Kaylee dropped her head against Simon’s chest as her body shook with laughter. Simon pulled up Kaylee by her shoulders, rolling her onto her back while he leaned over to admire his beautiful wife. Kaylee’s laughter was soon replaced by a soft moan as Simon returned to his previous task. They may not have given Molly a little sister that night, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.


Molly had been fidgeting about the house all morning, running up to the windows at the slightest noise, trying her best to wait patiently for the crew of Serenity to arrive. Her excitement was at a new level since Mal and Inara would be bringing their brand new baby girl for a visit. Molly peered out the window, leaning her elbows on the ledge while she propped up her head with her hands. She rocked on her heels, shifting her body back and forth. Her pink skirt swirled around her skinny legs like a lotus blossom dancing across a river. "Watching for them won't make'em get here any faster," Kaylee called out softly from the kitchen where she was feeding Jared, "Come and have something to eat, baby." Molly pushed herself away from the windowsill and turned to head back to the kitchen, her head down as she watched her pretty white shoes shuffle in front of her. By the time she reached the kitchen, Kaylee had made her a little plate to tide her over before their visitors turned up. Molly gave Jared a sullen look as he made a mess of his snack, covering his face with applesauce while he shoveled the food into his mouth. Kaylee laughed at the sight of her son trying his best to get all the food in his mouth but failing miserably. "Ya just can't stay clean, huh?" Jared shook his head no vigorously, then let out a peal of laughter while Kaylee tried to wipe his face. Molly sat up straight in her chair, looking for all the world like a miniature princess, carefully plucking the pieces of fish and vegetables with her chop sticks, eating with impeccable table manners. With the creaking of the front door opening, Molly dropped her chopsticks and raced from the kitchen, her table manners completely forgotten, not asking to be excused. Kaylee lifted Jared out of his chair, hugging him to her side as she followed her daughter out from the kitchen. Molly burst into the family room, the excitement evident in her eyes, but unfortunately she was only greeted by the sight of her father. Her huge beam was the first thing Simon saw as he entered, creating a surprised smile of his own. Simon knelt in front of his daughter as she looked through the open door, scanning the front yard while she bobbed her head from one side of Simon to the other, “Where are they, Daddy? Where‘s the baby?” “They haven’t arrived just yet, li shu. Your a yi River told me she would wave us as soon as they land.” “Oh,” Molly’s smile faded instantly as her shoulders slumped with disappointment. She turned around with out even acknowledging her father’s own homecoming, shuffled back to the kitchen, passing a sympathetic Kaylee while Jared reached for his father to take him, “Daddy!” Simon stood to face his wife, taking his son out of her arms, “She really is upset about this whole baby girl situation.” Kaylee nodded, “I just hate ta see her all worked up over it.” Just then a whimpering cry echoed down the hall from the boy’s room. “Now they’re all up,” Kaylee kissed her husband’s cheek, “He must be hungry.” Kaylee walked down the hallway to take care of her new baby boy, calling out sweetly, “I’m comin’ , Ethan.” Simon hated seeing Molly so upset about something that he had no control over, it broke his heart. He looked into his son’s eyes as Jared placed his hands on either side of his father’s face, smiling his own smile right back at him, the mirth in his eyes contagious, just like Kaylee’s. “Seems like I just might have to look into buying that baby.” Jared kept the smile plastered to his face as Simon walked them back to the kitchen.


Molly threw the door open with great aplomb as she saw the crew of Serenity walk down the pathway to her home. Her little legs raced down the steps, carrying her across the lawn to stand directly in front of Inara, who was carrying her baby girl in her arms. Molly's eyes shone brightly with anticipation as she smiled enthusiastically at Inara. "Hello, nyen ching-duh," Inara leaned over to show Molly her beautiful little girl, "This is Cassandra." Molly looked at the three month old with great animation, her eyes wide and the smile on her face stretching from ear to ear. She reached her hand tentatively out to touch the cooing baby, running a finger along her soft cheek. Cassandra flailed one of her tiny hands around, latching onto Molly's finger. Her big dark brown eyes were like deep pools of black shining back Molly's own thrill at seeing this baby girl. She looked back at Inara , who's heart swelled with the joy present in Molly's face, "She's so pretty, yi ma Inara." "Just like you, xin gan." "Hey! Don't any of us get a hello?" The indignation present in Mal's voice broke the spell Molly had been under. She turned up her eyes to him and dutifully answered, "Hi." She turned around and hugged her a yi River, waving at Yan over River's shoulder. Jayne came over and ruffled Molly's hair, which she promptly smoothed down after he lifted his hand, "Good ta see ya Mol." Molly went over to Zoe, hugging her side and gave the same little wave she had given Yan to Patrick. "Well, now that all the niceties have been taken care of, let's go see that new brother of yours," Mal chuckled as he pulled Molly into his arms so she could stare down at the baby while they finished their walk up to the house. She rolled her eyes at Mal's statement and then focused all her attention at the little baby by her side, clutching her hand against Mal's neck while leaning across his chest so she could get a good view of the infant. Inara bit back the giggle that Molly's little eye roll produced, shaking her head as she smiled down at her daughter.


Molly laid on the blanket spread out on the back lawn staring down adoringly at Cassandra as she fidgeted about on her back. Ethan was only a few inches away resting on his stomach but he held none of the allure that Molly felt for the little girl in front of her. Inara kneeled on the blanket, settling her legs underneath as she lifted Ethan up into her arms, "He looks just like Jared, but he has your eyes." Molly smiled up at her yi ma, "Yeah." She then returned her gaze to Cassandra. Molly cocked her head as a thought popped in her brain, "You know, he kind of looks like you too." Inara gave her a knowing smile as she asked genuinely, "You think so?" Molly nodded her head solemnly, "Uh-Huh." Inara didn't know exactly what the little girl was up , but she had a sneaking suspicion. Just then Kaylee sidled up, reached down and picked up Cassandra from the blanket, cradling her in her arms, "C'mon ladies lets get ourselves somethin' ta eat." Inara passed Ethan over to Molly, who held her brother very carefully, like her mother taught her. Inara then stood gracefully before sweeping Ethan back into her arms. "Could ya get the blanket, baby?" Kaylee smiled at her daughter as she fastidiously folded the blanket up, tucking it under her arm and following her mother closely. She looked at how happy Kaylee was to be holding Cassandra, smiling as she asked her mother, "You think she looks like me when I was a baby?" Kaylee took a serious look at Cassandra and then back at Molly, "A little, honey." Molly just beamed as she lingered behind Kaylee, smiling to herself at the encouragement those words gave her.


River leaned over to whisper in Molly's ear as the little girl ate her dinner with her "family". "I know what you are planning. Good luck." Molly puffed up her chest as her a yi's words bolstered her confidence. She set down her chopsticks and pulled on River's sleeve, her aunt leaning down to hear the girl's whisper, "Do you think it will work?" River shrugged her shoulders but gave Molly an hopeful smile. Simon had been engrossed in conversation with Mal, but when he eyed his sister and daughter whispering to each other down at the end of the table, a nagging worry settled in over him. It was never good when girls whispered to one another, especially those two. "What's so important down there, li shu?" Molly sat up straight at her father's question, shaking her head as she tried not to smile too much, "Nothing, Daddy." River held her hand over mouth choking back the laughter that threatened to erupt out of her mouth at any moment. Jayne looked down at the niece and aunt and then turned back to Simon, "Told ya before, girl folk ain't ta be trusted." "You , know, it pains me to say this, but I think you may have a point there."


As the crew began to filter out of the house, saying their good byes, Molly ran up with a packed bag and a optimistic smile. Kaylee and Inara were hugging each other fiercely when Jared ran up and wrapped his arms around both their legs. Molly pushed through the throng of grown ups placing herself in front of Inara as they ended their embrace. Kaylee reached down and picked up Jared, slinging him on the side of her hip, trying to hold back the tears that welled at the edges of her eyes. "Yi ma Inara?" Inara knelt in front of Molly , puzzled by the bag she had in her hands, "Yes, Molly." "I was thinking we could trade." "Trade what, sweetie?" "If you let us have Cassie, we'll let you have Ethan and Jared. Two for one, Mama always says that's a good deal. I've packed some of their stuff, but we could always send you the rest in post. And Cassie can wear my old clothes, Mama still has them packed up, she's saving them, though I don't know why," Molly sent a frustrated glance back at her parents, who were standing shocked at the words that were coming out of their daughter's mouth, "All she ever seems to have are boys." Inara bit down on her lip hard as she tried keep her composure in front of Molly. She looked up at Mal, who had been holding his daughter, then back at Molly, "Don't you think your parents would miss the boys, if they came with us?" Molly thought about this for a second before looking Inara dead in the eye, "They can have more." Inara enveloped Molly in her arms, laughing at the little girl's logic and replying, "I think we would miss Cassandra too much, xin gan." Molly leaned back in her arms and looked at her pleadingly, "Are you sure?" Inara nodded her head, kissing Molly's cheek before releasing the girl. Molly stood dejected in front of Mal, the little bag hanging loosely in her hand as he leaned down for her to say good bye. He leaned in to whisper to her conspiratorially, "Don'tchya worry 'bout it sweetheart. I'm sure yer mama's gonna be havin' another baby real soon, more n likely you'll get yer wish." Molly pouted as she kissed Cassandra's cheek, then looked at her parents, who were still perplexed by how their daughter's mind functioned. She took her place at her their side while they all waved good bye, then as she watched them leave the pathway, turned around to go unpack the little bag she had prepared for the barter.


Molly rested her head in her mother’s lap while they lay on her parents bed, Kaylee running her fingers through her daughter’s hair as they relaxed after a long day. “Baby, I’m sorry yer heart was set on havin’ a lil’ sister. We can’t always get somethin’, even if we wish real hard for it.” Molly nodded her head, quietly digesting her mother’s words. “But there’s a silver linin’ to everythin’, sweetie. Ain’t it special that you’re the only girl in the family?” Molly thought on that for a second, “I guess so.” Kaylee stopped running her fingers through Molly’s hair and leaned down to kiss her daughter’s cheek, “ And ya know, when ya were growin’ in my tummy I thought ya was gonna be a boy, everyone did.” Molly turned her face up in Kaylee’s lap, giving her mother an appalled look, agitated that anyone could ever think of her as anything but a girl. “But when ya came out, yer daddy was so thrilled. He had his own little girl. And I was over the moon about ya,” Kaylee took her daughter’s face in her hands, “Ya know why he calls ya li shu?” Molly shook her head no and stared at her mother keenly, waiting for her to continue. “Cause when ya was just born ya used to twitch your nose in yer sleep, like a little bunny does. Yer daddy thought that was cutest thing he ever saw, so he started callin’ ya li shu. He don’t call the boys by their own special name. It’s somethin’ that’s all yours, baby. And maybe ya’d have ta share that if ya did have a lil’ sister? I know ya love yer brothers, ya take such good care of ‘em, and they love ya too. They just can‘t show it yet, soon though, baby. I promise.” Molly turned her head back to the side as she thought on her mother’s words, then sighed. She pulled her hands up to lay under her cheek as she settled herself again. “I still want a little sister, Mama.” Kaylee sighed and returned to running her fingers through Molly’s hair, “Give it some time, Molly.” Molly shut her eyes and prayed as hard as she could that her mother would have another baby, a little girl, preferably in nine months.


Epilogue: Three Years Later:

Molly Connors stared at the wave screen in front of her, a determined frown present on her pretty face. There on the screen was her yi ma Inara, smiling back at her with an indulgent grin. “Just one second yi ma, I’ll be right back.” Molly marched herself down to her parent’s bedroom, softly pushing the already half opened door wide enough for her to slip in. There on her parents bed was Kaylee resting with her newborn son. Kaylee greeted her daughter with a sleepy smile, “Hey you.” “Mama, can you come with me?” Kaylee slid off the bed, cradling Caleb in her arms, gently moving him to rest against her shoulder. “Whatchya need sweetie?” Molly just motioned for her mother to follow, leading her back to where Inara was patiently waiting. Kaylee looked at her daughter and then back at the screen. “Sit, Mama.” Molly pulled the chair back for her mother to seat herself and then addressed both women when she had their full attention. “I think you two should talk. Yi ma has two girls now, and we just had another boy. Obviously, you and Daddy are doing something wrong. I’ll come back later.” When Molly had left ear shot, Inara broke down in a fit of giggles, tears trickling from her eyes. Kaylee let out a long suffering sigh as she told her friend, “She just had her heart set on a girl, again. Picked out a name and everythin‘.” Inara contained her mirth long enough to ask what name Molly had picked out. Kaylee began to giggle, “Daphne!” _________________________________________________________________________

Molly walked out to the backyard where her father was playing with Jared and Ethan. Simon noticed the smug smile on Molly’s face as she sat herself on the back porch swing. He let his two sons rampage through the yard to sit with his eldest for a minute. “And what exactly is that satisfied look supposed to be all about, li shu?” Molly leaned against her father’s side as she watched her brothers race about, “Nothing, Daddy.” Simon pulled her closer and leaned down to kiss the crown of her head. He didn’t push the issue any further because he was certain he didn’t want to know the answer.


Monday, May 15, 2006 7:59 AM


That was me.

Monday, May 15, 2006 8:17 AM


Bwahahahaaha! Simon hoping his only daughter will be a nun so he doesn't have to deal with the boys that will come calling soon enough!

I love that Molly is always so prim and proper and Jared is a little dirty hellion! What will Ethan turn out like?

River encouraging Molly was SUCH a bratty sister thing to do! Molly all so serious when offering the 'trade' and her exasperation with Kaylee having only boys, was so hysterical!

and the end...OMG! Molly convinced Simon and Kaylee are doing something wrong if they keep having boys! Oh, this was just wonderful!

Monday, May 15, 2006 12:41 PM


I love this series! It's awesome and so desperately cute!

Please post more soon!

Monday, May 15, 2006 2:02 PM


Aww, such cuteness! Simon and Kaylee have their hands full with that brood. *giggle* Molly's interactions with everyone were great, you made her very believable as Simon and Kaylee's offspring.

Monday, May 15, 2006 2:31 PM


This is so adorable, and so true to how children think. I love the brood. Eventually Molly will come to realize that being the only girl is special.

Monday, May 15, 2006 5:56 PM


This was awesome! I LOVE how precocious Molly is - trying to trade with Inara was classic - the whole two for one line was priceless! Please give us more of these little Tam/Fryes soon!

Monday, May 15, 2006 7:27 PM


TamSibling, the deal was totally a Leiasky moment, so credit goes to her! :) And I am so happy that people like this series!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 8:45 PM


Absolutely hilarious, Leighkohl! Almost busted a gut a couple of times over Molly's crazy antics;)


Thursday, June 15, 2006 5:54 AM


The whole buying a girl vs. Simon trying to make one was very funny.

Poor Molly, can't get a sister no matter what she does.


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