Playing Doctor
Monday, May 15, 2006

When Simon gets back from a job with the crew and Kaylee sees him in that uniform of his, she's got her own agenda. Extremely NC17, so BE WARNED!


Well, this is the most NC17 thing I've ever written. It contains sexual content and kink. Not your bag of tricks? Turn back now, don't go flaming me. You've been warned.

Written for the LJ communities 50kinkyways and smut_69, for the prompts medical play and role play, respectively.

A big thanks for this one goes out to both Leiasky and frellingblonde for beta reading and making a few suggestions. I couldn't have done it without you girls, thanks a million again!

Disclaimer: I do not own Firefly, it belongs to the brilliant Joss Whedon.

Now then, if this IS your bag of tricks, go on and enjoy! If it's still not, well, you're the one making the choice.

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It had been a long night and Simon was exhausted, but he knew he’d never be able to sleep. The crew had just returned from a second successful raid on a core hospital, this time on Londinium. They’d been hard up finding a job and Mal had suggested a second hospital raid, seeing how the first one had gone oh so exceptionally well. Simon had agreed, after some reasoning and a few threats from the captain, and had planned another heist.

Now they were all back on board and the cargo was stashed away. Everyone else had gone off to bed, but Simon was still in the infirmary, clad in the same white uniform he’d worn for the raid on St. Lucy’s. He had a number of things to put away after the raid, this time some equipment as well as medicine. They’d gotten lucky and the job had gone off without a hitch, something that the whole crew had been surprised and pleased by.

Simon bustled around the infirmary in semi-darkness, the only light in the room emanating from the overhead lamp. He thought about Kaylee as he worked. He hadn’t seen her since before they’d landed when he’d been in the engine room with her, watching her work. He’d had to leave a short while after to get prepared and hadn’t gotten the chance to say goodbye before they’d left. When he returned his first thought was to see her, but Inara had informed him that she’d been feeling a little under the weather and she’d gone to bed.

He’d decided to check on her and found her sleeping, curled up in her bunk, a content, angelic look gracing her features. He hoped that her feeling under the weather was nothing serious. Simon had placed a hand against her forehead and discovered nothing more than a slight fever, if that. He’d felt her pulse at the neck and found it steady, not at all worrisome. Once he was sure that Kaylee was alright, Simon had tucked her in comfortably and made his way to the infirmary without having woken her.

In the meantime, as Simon worked in the infirmary, Kaylee stirred. She groaned softly, furrowing her eyebrows as she wondered just how long she’d slept. She had conked out after having the lunch tossed about a little by a particularly rough break through atmo, but that had to have been hours ago. She hoped the others were back and that everything had gone well.

Kaylee made her way out of bed and dressed slowly into her pajamas. She was accustomed to sleeping in the nude, but she couldn’t exactly parade around the ship in such a way. She missed Simon and decided to see if he was about yet. She figured if he was he’d probably have come to her already, but he may not have had the time yet. With a cheery smile on her lips, Kaylee made her way out of her bunk and down the corridor, glancing around for signs of life. The ship was dark, quiet and she was fairly sure she could hear one of Jayne’s thunderous snores through the hull. They had to be back already.

The thought of Simon spurring her on, Kaylee rushed about the ship, checking the galley for him, then the cargo bay, finding him in neither place. She made her way down the hall and into the common room, seeing him in the pale blue light of the infirmary looking tired and worn out. He hadn’t even changed out of his physician’s uniform yet which Kaylee took as a sign that he hadn’t rested. It was typical of Simon; to work whilst everyone else slept.

She smiled softly as she padded across the room and stood in the doorway to the infirmary, watching Simon bend to put something away. That uniform of his, albeit somewhat shapeless, really accentuated some nice bits when it was pulled tight over them like it was when he was bending over like he was. Closing the door behind her she crept into the infirmary silently, stealthily stepping up to Simon just as he straightened again and wrapping her arms around his waist from behind.

Simon hadn’t heard Kaylee approaching as he stood and he started when he felt her arms around him. Inhaling sharply he turned around, prepared for some sort of an ambush. He relaxed when he saw that it was Kaylee whose embrace he was trapped in. Leaning in, Simon smiled softly and pressed a gentle kiss to Kaylee’s lips.

“You startled me, baobei,” Simon said softly.

“You’re too jumpy for your own good,” Kaylee giggled. “So how’d the job go?”

“It went off without a hitch, for once,” Simon said wryly.

“Did you get everythin’ you needed?” She queried.

“All that and then some,” Simon replied. “How were things back here while we were gone? Inara said you hadn’t been feeling well earlier, are you still unwell?”

“I’m shiny,” Kaylee answered, her bright smile pasted firmly into place. “”Nara worries too much. I was only tired is all.”

“Oh really?” Simon asked somewhat disbelievingly. “No headaches, nausea, anything like that?”

Kaylee stared at Simon with a playful gaze. She was baiting him. He worried too much for his own good sometimes and she wanted to change that. She wanted to show him that she was more than alright.

“Why’s it that you wanna know all this now?” Kaylee asked coyly. “You wanna play doctor?”

Simon chuckled lightly at the seductive look that came over Kaylee’s features. That was quite the polite euphemism. His hands slowly rose to Kaylee’s waist, settling on her hips, stroking the skin there between where her pajama bottoms ended and her shirt began softly. He leaned in to press his lips to her neck gently, kissing the sensitive skin of her throat. He stepped forward slowly, forcing Kaylee backwards until she was pressed up against the diagnostic bed, all the while continuing his assault of kisses.

Kaylee tipped her head back and moaned softly as Simon delicately brushed his lips over the sensitive skin of her neck. It was cool in the infirmary but she felt a sudden flash of heat go through her body as Simon nipped at her flesh. Her hands found his shoulders, clawing them lightly as she whimpered pleasantly from the feeling of his ministrations.

“I missed you today, xin gan,” Simon murmured between kisses. “I missed holding you, touching you, kissing you...”

“I missed you too,” Kaylee breathed happily. “Let’s do somethin’ to make up for all o’ that...”

Simon smiled and leaned into Kaylee so that she would be forced to hop up onto the diagnostic bed. Once she was seated he pulled away just enough to set a hand on her shoulder, gently pushing her back so she was lying down. His hands came to rest on her sides, slipping under the fabric of her shirt and caressing the skin of her ribcage delicately. He leaned in once more to kiss her, pressing his lips to hers this time.

Kaylee’s arms wrapped around Simon as he kissed her. Her eyes fluttered closed and she allowed herself to relax, sinking back completely uninhibited against the examination table. She gasped softly as Simon deepened their kiss, his tongue tracing her lips, kissing her fervently, tasting her. She could taste him, too. He tasted like strong green tea and something distinctly Simon. Kaylee felt such an influx of passion from the kiss that she felt dizzy when Simon finally broke it and pulled back to look into her eyes.

“So how ‘bout it doc?” Kaylee asked. “Gonna examine me?”

She winked playfully and lightly ran her fingernails over Simon’s sides through the fabric of the uniform he wore. She knew that look that Simon suddenly got in his eyes. She knew it as his oh so proper core doctor look. He wasn’t going to be easy to convince, but she would convince him.

“The Hippocratic oath states that a physician will not engage in sexual relations with a patient,” Simon stated lightly.

“Your big fancy oath really says that?” Kaylee asked, raising an eyebrow. “Just like that?”

“Well no, it was a bit of a paraphrase, not exactly verbatim, but yes,” he replied.

“To hell with the oath,” Kaylee said in a low, seductive tone. “It ain’t worth nothin’ out here in the black. At least not to me. ‘Sides, I won’t squawk. You’ll still be the perfectly respectable Dr. Tam we all know and love when we’re through with all o’ this. It’s the middle of the night, too, so no one’s gonna see us now! We pretty well have the ship all to ourselves for a while. You know how the cap’n won’t be disturbed less there’s trouble, Nara’s restin’ and wouldn’t disturb us anyhow, Jayne can sleep through an invasion, River’s...”

Simon put up a hand to cut her off with a smile.

“You’re one of a kind, Kaylee Frye,” He chuckled. “How can I resist a face like that? Well, if my lady commands it, I might be able to work something out.”

“Shiny,” Kaylee said, a coy smile curling her lips.

Simon leaned in to press a few fluttery kisses to Kaylee’s neck, his lips finding her pulse point and sucking expertly on it as his hands grasped the hem of her shirt. God, how thoroughly he wanted to examine her, but the core inside him had reservations about doing it so publicly, even if she was right about everyone else sleeping. After all, River might wake up any moment and see them, what with her nightmares...

His thoughts were driven out of his mind in an instant when Kaylee’s hand, which had devilishly made its way down his side when he wasn’t paying particular attention, began rubbing his aching length through his uniform. He bit down firmly on the flesh of her neck, causing her to cry out from the sensation. He slowly began to pull her shirt up, hearing her give breathless giggles every few moments as the fabric tickled her whilst making its way up her ribcage.

He had to fight to regain control of his thoughts. Her shirt was halfway up her ribcage when Simon decided they needed some measure of privacy. He pulled away slowly, reluctantly and looked down at her disheveled form.

“Just a second,” Simon said softly.

Turning and stepping away from Kaylee for a brief moment, Simon made sure the infirmary door was securely closed and locked. On top of that he reached for the switch on the wall which dimmed all of the surrounding windows. After all, what was a good infirmary without measures that allowed for complete privacy during thorough examinations? Grinning, Simon returned to Kaylee’s side, getting back to undressing her.

The shirt came off quickly. Simon didn’t even have to prompt Kaylee to raise her arms so he could pull it off, it was just automatic. He smiled at the realization that she wore no bra and he could start teasing her right away without it being in the way. His hands found her breasts and caressed them gently, massaging, pinching her nipples. Kaylee gasped and Simon’s mouth traveled from where it had been working at her neck down to her breasts. He took her nipples in his mouth one at a time, suckling firmly and causing guttural moans to emanate from the young mechanic.

“That feels nice...” Kaylee whimpered lightly.

Simon pulled back from where he was suckling on Kaylee’s nipple for a moment, meeting her eyes while a coy smile tugged at his lips. He worked his way down her rib cage slowly, his hands coming to rest on her hips. His fingers toyed with the waistband of her flannel pajama bottoms. They were soft and well worn, pleasant to the touch. Simon decided he would dispose of them shortly. Once Kaylee was completely bare before him, the real fun could begin.

Slowly the young doctor began to pull Kaylee’s pajama pants down her hips and her long, shapely legs. He was pleased to see that she wore nothing beneath those, either. He admired her legs as he disrobed her, making a mental impression of the sight for himself that he could bring up any time she wore shapeless coveralls and covered those beautiful curves of hers.

A moment later, Kaylee was free of the confines of her pajama bottoms and Simon let them flutter to the ground as he ran his hands slowly up to her hips once more, massaging the skin there sensually. He leaned in to press a few light, fluttery kisses to Kaylee’s belly, his tongue teasing her navel, making her writhe. She looked so perfect lying there completely prone and exposed before him and it made arousal course through his veins, bringing his thus far only quasi hard length to life.

“Are you ready for your examination?” Simon asked; a definite seductive purr in his voice.

“Yes, doctor,” Kaylee replied breathlessly.

Simon nodded lightly and gently ran his hands down Kaylee’s hips, over her thighs, moving slowly and stopping to massage and caress everything he could reach. He wanted so much to lean in and kiss everything he touched, but he was going to try and maintain a bit of a distance for the time being, make it a bit more of a factual doctor/patient situation. He wanted to make it as realistic a role play situation as possible, which he expected would excite Kaylee greatly. Besides, anticipation, he’d heard, heightened the pleasure in the end.

Simon made his way back up Kaylee’s body once more. His hands pressed into her belly gently, probing and prodding, slowly making their way upward, caressing her rib cage and her breasts again. He paid particularly close attention to her breasts, feeling her nipples harden under his palms as he worked them gently. He pinched her nipples lightly, tugged them sensuously, making her moan and toss her head from the sensations. Every touch made Simon want to be inside of Kaylee more than the last.

Kaylee’s eyes fluttered closed at Simon’s ministrations. She loved the way he touched her, the way his fingers felt when they were exploring her skin. His hands were so cool and soft, so gentle. She arched into his touch as he teased her nipples. She wanted more, so much more, and it looked like he did, too, but at the same time she was enjoying the sweet torture.

When Kaylee opened her eyes again she reached out towards Simon, her hand grasping the stethoscope that hung around his neck, completing his outfit. She bit her lip and smiled coyly as she tugged at it. Normally she tended to avoid letting Simon examine her, but this was different. This was going to lead to something different, and Kaylee wanted to get there quickly. She hoped that her playing the good little patient would move things along nicely. She needed Simon inside of her desperately. She met his eyes and narrowed hers halfway in mingled pleasure and seduction.

Simon continued lightly teasing her nipples for a moment, stimulating the sensitive little nubs with the soft, cool palms of his hands. He only did so for a moment longer, wanting to move on with their little game. There would be plenty of time to come back to her breasts afterward and continue the sweet torture. At that moment, however, Simon gently brushed his fingertips over her nipples once more before removing his hands as he stepped away from the exam table.

Kaylee was curious as to what Simon was up to when he stepped away. She shivered a little, the chill of the room seeping into her exposed skin. She rubbed her hands gently over her nipples, kneading her breasts softly as she waited for Simon to return. She loved it when he touched her there, paid such lovely attention to her breasts; they were so sensitive. She bit her lip lightly, wondering what he had in mind for her examination.

While she rested, Simon retrieved a thermometer from one of the cabinets. He held it up to the light, checking the calibration. He nodded satisfactorily as he turned around, shaking it down as he returned to Kaylee’s side. Once he’d gotten the mercury down he held the thermometer out to Kaylee.

“Under your tongue for a minute, baobei,” Simon instructed.

She couldn’t help but giggle as she did as he asked her to, opening her mouth so he could slip the thermometer under her tongue. He did so and watched her as she closed her mouth around the thin glass rod again, waiting for her temperature to register. In the meantime, as a distraction, Simon’s hands came to rest on Kaylee’s hips, delicately stroking the skin there to keep her completely relaxed.

He glanced at the timepiece on the back counter of the infirmary every few seconds, finally seeing that a minute had passed. He reached to take the thermometer from Kaylee, not missing the sultry smile she gave him as he slipped it from her lips. He gave her a short smile in return as he held the thermometer up to the light, checking the reading. Satisfied he shook it down again, returning it to its respective cabinet before coming back to Kaylee’s side.

“Well your temperature is normal,” Simon said softly. “Now then, where were we?”

He met and held her gaze as his hands came to rest on her sides, slowly slipping up to her breasts. He loved how responsive she was, how easily he could stimulate her just by touching her breasts. He massaged them softly, making sure to pay particular attention to those little spots that caused her to whimper pleasantly when he applied pressure to them.

Kaylee arched her back a little, wanting Simon’s hands to touch more of her breasts if at all possible. She loved Simon’s touch, his hands were so soft and gentle, so practiced. She moaned happily every so often when he found a sensitive spot. He knew her all too well, she decided. He knew all of her most sensitive areas, the ones that drove her crazy. She took a few deep, steadying breaths and met Simon’s gaze as he hovered over her.

“Talk science to me, doc,” Kaylee purred. “I love it when you talk science.”

Simon held her gaze, his lips slightly parted as his breathing became the tiniest bit quicker from the arousal coursing through him. The pressure of his hands stroking her breasts lessened and Simon’s hands wandered down to Kaylee’s sides once again, just barely touching them.

“Feel that?” Simon asked. “I’m stimulating the Merkel’s discs in your skin which sends a signal along your neurons to your cerebral cortex, and you can feel me touching you...”

“Mmm, the touchin’ feels good,” Kaylee breathed. “Keep talkin’, I love hearin’ your voice...”

Simon smiled softly, his hands wandering back to Kaylee’s breasts. He kept his touch professional as his hands circled her breasts, pressing and probing gently, his fingertips reaching her nipples and tugging them delicately. He tried to maintain his cool countenance as best he could under the circumstances; with Kaylee completely exposed to him like she was. His steely blue eyes met her soft hazel ones and he wanted to lean in, to be closer to her, to kiss her, but he fought the temptation.

“Your breasts feel perfectly healthy,” Simon commented, his voice thick with lust.

Kaylee could only moan softly in response. She tossed her head slowly from one side to the other, her eyes closing from the passion of the sensations Simon was eliciting. Her hands gripped the sides of the diagnostic bed for purchase. She wanted to reach out and wrap her arms around Simon, to pull him close and kiss him hard on the lips, but at the same time she wanted to draw this out and see just where he went with it.

Simon watched Kaylee as he ministered to her, a small smile curving his lips. She was so responsive, it constantly amazed him. She reacted to every touch, every caress. He continued to gauge her reactions as he touched her, his hands slipping lower, pressing into her belly, tickling the soft patch of curls at the apex of her thighs.

“Tell me where it hurts,” Simon prompted seductively.

“Kay,” Kaylee breathed.

She bit her lip as Simon’s hand gently slipped between her thighs, parting them, teasing her nethers. She could feel his fingers slipping in her wetness, caressing her slick folds, probing at her entrance. She moaned lightly and gasped when his fingertip slipped just inside of her core.

“Mmm, that seems to be a little tender,” she said huskily.

“Really?” Simon asked lightly, slowly slipping his finger deeper inside of Kaylee. “Well, I’ll have to take a better look at that in a little bit. I have to warn you, the examination and treatment will be very invasive.”

“Will it hurt doctor?” Kaylee asked breathlessly.

“Not at all,” Simon replied. “In fact, I think you might find yourself enjoying it...”

As he spoke, Simon slowly withdrew his finger from inside of Kaylee. He would get back to teasing her there soon enough, but first he wanted to finish up with his examination. He trailed some of the wetness coating his finger down Kaylee’s thigh, rubbing the skin there gently, making her whimper pleasantly.

“What’re you gonna do now?” Kaylee asked playfully.

“You’ll see in a moment,” Simon replied.

He looked down at her for only a second longer before stepping away from her side and over to a cabinet. Simon retrieved something from inside of it and returned to Kaylee, setting the implement he’d brought out down and parting Kaylee’s thighs so that she was completely exposed. Without saying a word he slipped a hand under each of her knees in turn, bending her legs so that he could continue on examining her.

Kaylee was curious as to what Simon was doing. She tried to sit up and glance over but it was uncomfortable to do in the position he’d put her in. All she could do was lie back and relax, anticipation growing inside her, making her feel all that much more alive. She bit her lip coyly and waited to feel Simon’s touch, unsure of what to expect.

Once Kaylee was set up comfortably, or as comfortably as possible anyway, Simon reached for the instrument he’d retrieved. It was a speculum, just one of several he had on board in the cabinets for pelvic examinations. He hadn’t had the chance to use any of them before since he’d been on the ship and it seemed like a perfect time to start. He picked up the cold metal speculum and reached out with his free hand, gently parting Kaylee’s folds and pressing the tip of the speculum to her entrance. She was already completely prepared for insertion so he didn’t have to worry about lubricating the bills of the instrument. With that thought in mind, Simon applied a little pressure and began to press the speculum inside of her.

Simon heard her gasp at the coolness as he slipped it slowly into her and turned it a little to set it properly. He waited a moment before he opened it up slowly, letting Kaylee adjust to the feeling of it inside her sensitive core. He looked up, searching her face for any trace of hurt or discomfort. The last thing he wanted to do was be too clinical.

“Is that better, baobei?” Simon asked softly.

Kaylee shot him a wry smile.

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” she said with a giggle. “But you’re the doctor!”

Simon smiled softly and raised an eyebrow.

“Well this is harder and thicker,” he said lightly.

“So are you,” Kaylee giggled. “And you’re warmer, too.”

Simon looked down at the pup tent that had formed at the front of his uniform where his hard length was confined. He glanced back up at Kaylee.

“You’re right about that one,” he chuckled.

“Well o’ course I’m right, honey,” Kaylee exclaimed. “I’m a woman, we’re always right.”

He shook his head, a smile touching his lips once again. Kaylee’s humor was always infectious. He glanced up at her, meeting and holding her gaze as he slowly closed the speculum and began to pull it out from inside her. He planned on replacing it with something much better, something more to Kaylee’s liking, but not just yet. He had a little more teasing in mind before he would get to that bit. In the meantime he concentrated on removing the speculum, finally slipping it completely out of Kaylee, watching as some of her slickness trailed down over her thigh from the instrument. He rubbed the now-warm metal against the skin of her inner thigh, trying not to groan from the sensations it elicited in him.

Kaylee didn’t know how much longer she could play this doctor/patient game with Simon. She wanted to feel him inside of her so badly. She writhed at his touch, feeling him slip the speculum out from inside of her aching core. She arched her hips up off of the examination table as he trailed her own wetness down the inside of her thigh, wanting to bring the speculum, his fingers, anything at all back closer to being inside of her. She needed to feel that fullness.

Simon watched Kaylee as he teased her, carrying on his torture for only a moment before stopping altogether. He set the speculum aside and stepped up closer to her, slowly reaching for the stethoscope around his neck. Simon slipped it on and didn’t bother warming the cold metal disc before trailing just the edge of it along the underside of Kaylee’s breast. He trailed it up to her chest and pressed it against the skin of her breast, watching her nipples harden and gooseflesh rise on her skin.

Kaylee bit her lip to hold back a whimper as she felt the cold metal disc come into contact with her warm flesh. She inhaled sharply as Simon tickled her with the edge of the disc, making her writhe slightly on the table. She wanted to feel that pretty mouth of his on her breasts again, wanted to feel him suckling her nipples, tonguing them slowly, but she knew the time would come for that.

“Your heart’s racing,” Simon observed coyly. “Just try to relax, take deep breaths.”

She tried to do as Simon asked, but she was too excited, too ready to have him flush inside of her. She felt like she would climax at any moment; each of his touches spurred her ever closer to her fall. She watched him as he moved the disc of the stethoscope over her chest, pausing at strategic intervals. When he began to trail it lower, between the valley of her breasts and down over her belly, Kaylee gasped in surprise.

Simon watched Kaylee’s surprised expression as he slowly rubbed the disc of the stethoscope over the skin of her ribcage and slipped it down to rest just above the soft tufts of hair where her thighs met. It was warm from her body heat by then and felt pleasant, exciting against her skin. He only teased her a moment before desisting, taking off the stethoscope and hanging it over the lamp above them. His hands came down to settle on Kaylee’s thighs, parting them further slowly. He could see that she was already slick, her soft pink folds glistening in the bright white lamp light.

Kaylee moaned softly as she felt Simon’s hands on her thighs. Finally, she knew that he was going to give her what she’d been waiting for. She parted her thighs more for him, giving him better access to her core. She looked down at him pleadingly.

Simon slipped one of his hands between Kaylee’s thighs, his fingertips lightly tracing her folds, stroking her expertly, trailing moisture up to her sensitive little nub. He heard her gasp as he rubbed it for a moment, eliciting new sensations in her. He only teased her for a moment before slipping his fingertips slowly back down to her entrance, probing at it gently for a moment before slipping two fingers into her. He slipped them deep as Kaylee’s hips arched up off of the table.

“Oh, God, Simon…” she cried. “Ta ma de!”

“Be patient, baobei,” Simon said lightly.

He slowly, delicately moved inside of her, feeling how primed she was. It wouldn’t take long, he could already feel the pre-orgasmic pulses as she tightened around his fingers.

“That’s it, Kaylee,” Simon said softly. “Come for me, xin gan.”

At his words, Kaylee cried out, her eyes closing as she balled her hands into fists and arched her hips, coating Simon’s fingers in her slickness. She panted, her chest rising and falling quickly as she slowly came down from her climax, regaining composure. When the tension finally faded, Kaylee slumped back against the table, opening her eyes slowly to look at Simon.

“So doctor,” she said breathlessly. “Is everythin’ alright?”

“Everything’s fine,” he replied, leaning in close to nuzzle her lightly, his fingers still teasing slowly inside of her.

Simon kissed Kaylee softly, holding her lips with his gently for a long moment before pulling back. He reached up with his free hand, lightly brushing some hair back from her face. He waited a moment before slipping his fingers out from inside of her, trailing the moisture gently over the skin of her thigh.

Kaylee whimpered at the loss of his fingers inside of her. She needed to feel full, to feel him inside of her. She reached up to him, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him into an embrace, nuzzling into his neck for a moment. She just needed to feel close to him. She finally unwound her arms from around him and looked at him, biting her lip coyly.

“I need ya, Simon,” she said thickly. “I wanna feel ya in me.”

Simon nodded slowly. He wanted it too, wanted to be inside of Kaylee, feel her hot, tight, sensitive flesh around him. He kissed her softly for a moment, just tasting her soft lips. He could feel her shaking at his touch, the knowledge that he was the one causing that reaction in her making him harder with every passing second.

Kaylee whimpered softly against Simon’s lips, returning the kiss, even fuelling it a little, as she reached for the buttons at the neck of his uniform. She undid the first few deftly, working as far as she could while still kissing Simon. Once she ran out of working room she had to push him away a little, their lips parting. She opened her eyes slowly and met his gaze as she continued to unbutton his uniform, giggling while she was at it.

As Kaylee got the last buttons of his uniform undone, Simon shrugged out of it, letting it flutter to the floor. He stepped back out of Kaylee’s reach with a coy smile playing about his lips as he slowly unbuckled the uniform pants, quickly slipping out of both those and his boxers. He stepped closer to her, kicking out of his shoes in the process.

Kaylee watched Simon as he undressed, already breathing hard. She bit her lip as he made his way closer to her, aching to have him inside her. She sat up as he came within arm’s reach, her hand taking hold of his hard length. She shivered at the way he groaned pleasurably when she began to stroke his cock, feeling him harden even more in her hand.

She slowly shifted her body, hopping down off of the examination table, her hand never releasing him. She continued to rub over every glorious inch of him, watching the way his eyes fluttered from the sensations, the way his mouth hung open just the smallest bit.

“Kaylee...” Simon gasped.

All she did was smile as she knelt in front of him, biting her lip seductively. She wanted him to feel some of the almost agonizingly wonderful torture he’d made her feel with his fingers slipping inside of her and so she leaned forward, taking just the tip of him in her mouth, sucking expertly. She heard the moan that slipped from Simon’s slightly parted lips and it only served to encourage her. She took him deeper in her mouth, her skilled tongue swirling around his length, tasting the saline pre come that slowly trickled from the tip of his cock.

Simon reached out with one hand to steady himself on the examination table behind Kaylee, his other hand finding its way into her soft, silky hair, his fingers tangling in it as she worked his length deftly with her mouth. Her one hand was still wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing gently, the sensation sending shocks through him, while her other hand rested on his hip, steadying her.

Kaylee only tortured Simon for another moment. She knew he wasn’t going to last long, neither would she for that matter, they were both too primed. When he climaxed she wanted to feel him inside of her, his seed spilling into her as she clenched around his hard length. She pulled back slowly and stood, her arms wrapping around Simon, pulling him tight against her. She felt his hardness probing at her hip as she embraced him and she moaned softly.

Simon wrapped his arms around Kaylee and held her there for a moment, leaning in to gently kiss her neck. He punctuated the kisses periodically with nibbles and light flicks of his tongue, feeling Kaylee tremble in his arms. When he couldn’t take it any longer, Simon pulled away from Kaylee, his hands settling on her hips and turning her around, pushing her firmly up against the examination table. He leaned in, his breath warm on the back of her neck, nuzzling into her lightly. His hands held firmly onto her hips as he probed at her slick folds with the tip of his thick, hard cock.

“Oh, God, Simon!” Kaylee cried. “Now... please...”

She didn’t even feel the chill of the metal of the exam table as it pressed into her belly where Simon had her firmly held in place. All she felt were the places where her body pressed against Simon’s, the throbbing in her belly as she anticipated feeling the exquisite stretch she knew would come when Simon slipped inside of her.

Simon couldn’t take it anymore when he could feel Kaylee’s slickness coating his erection, dripping over him and down the insides of her thighs slowly. He braced himself, his fingers pressing into the flesh of her hips as he quickly slid inside of her, feeling her incredibly tight, hot core clenching around him, holding him inside. His eyes fluttered closed and he groaned in tandem with her from the sensation, feeling like he’d been on the verge of becoming blind from the passion.

Kaylee groaned and quickly cried out as she felt Simon’s thick, hard cock slide into her. The tip of him probed a sensitive spot inside of her, making her knees weak. She slumped forward onto the exam table, breathing raggedly as she pushed back, trying to take Simon even deeper. He felt so incredible inside of her, filled her so well and completely, stretched her exquisitely.

Simon leaned in as Kaylee slumped down over the table, his tongue delicately darting out to trace the curves and contours of her shoulder blades. He stilled inside of Kaylee for a moment, just wanting to feel her around him, to feel every inch of her core. When Kaylee began to push back against him, however, Simon pulled back slowly and thrust in again, impaling her well and truly with his length, feeling a forceful shudder go through her as she cried out. She was so sensitive, so responsive and it always served to spur him on.

God, she felt so good around him. He closed his eyes, breathing hard as he continued to thrust into her with a rhythm that combined both the love and ferocity that they so desperately craved. Kaylee tried to bite her lip to keep from crying out, but found it was futile. It just felt too damn good. Simon was thrusting into her so deep that she was sure she’d be sore the next day, but it would be so worth it.

Simon was getting close, so incredibly close. Seeing and feeling all of Kaylee’s reactions to his ministrations combined with the feeling of her core tightly enveloping him and her flesh pressed against his was driving him mad with sensation. He wouldn’t last long, not the first time, not when it was so intense. At the same time, Kaylee was thinking along the same lines, as well as she could think, in any case. Simon felt so good thrusting into her deep and hard that she was going to climax at any moment.

Kaylee felt the familiar pull in her belly and panted, even her sweet cries of passion becoming unable. She gripped the opposite edge of the exam table tightly, trying to last as long as possible. The way Simon felt inside of her was the way she wanted to feel forever. She never wanted him to stop. She began to clench around him; firmly, rhythmically.

Simon recognized the familiar pulsing deep inside of Kaylee, he’d felt it many times before. He knew she was close and he wanted to push her over the edge with such amazing fervor that she would scream to the heavens and to anyone who would listen as she came. He himself was going to come any moment; he could feel the pull at the base of his spine.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind did he feel his body tense as his climax hit him. He tightened his grip on Kaylee’s hips and thrust hard into her as his seed spilled into her core. In turn he felt her spasm around him, holding him inside of her as she screamed and bucked her hips, coming to her own fall.

Simon slumped over Kaylee’s back as both of their climaxes drew on and tapered down. His eyes were still closed and he was trying to catch his breath, as was she. His hands slipped from her waist up to her sides, gently stroking her skin, relaxing her. He turned his head, pressing his lips gently to the back of her shoulder, trailing a few kisses up to her neck and nipping at her earlobe.

Kaylee felt so incredible after her climax. She could feel the warmth curling low in her belly from Simon’s seed and the complete and utter relaxation gripping her body. She felt like a puddle of jelly, completely hopeless to be able to stand up on her own. She swallowed thickly and shifted a little, feeling Simon move inside her just the slightest bit, making her whimper pleasantly again.

“I love ya so much, Simon,” Kaylee said softly.

“I love you too, ai ren,” he replied.

They stayed still for a few minutes before Simon could trust his legs to hold him again. He straightened up and slowly slipped out of Kaylee, hearing a soft, belated moan of protest from her. He pulled her hips back away from the table lightly, his hands resting there, urging her to straighten up as well. When she finally did, he turned her to face him and wrapped his arms around her.

Kaylee clung to Simon for a long moment, taking comfort in the heat of his body against hers. She loved being so close to him, feeling him pressed to her, his chiseled abs against her rib cage, his hardened chest against her breasts, rubbing against her nipples, making them pebble from the sensation. She could feel his softened length pressing against her belly as they embraced and she didn’t want that to be the case. No, she was far from finished with Simon.

Reaching around from where her hands were knotted at his Simon’s lower back and down between their bodies with one of her hands, Kaylee took his cock in her hand, gently beginning to stroke him with a slow, steady rhythm. She could feel more than hear his groan of complete pleasure as it resonated in his chest, which she was still effectively pressed up against. She could feel his body’s response as his cock twitched in her hand while she stroked him up to full hardness again.

Simon slipped his hands down to Kaylee’s hips, digging his fingers into the flesh there as she stroked him. He leaned in, burying his face in the crook of her neck, letting himself enjoy what she was making him feel. Her hand was so skilled, so expert that he couldn’t help but submit to her ministrations.

Kaylee wanted to feel Simon close to her core so badly. She moaned softly as she rubbed him, feeling him slowly grow harder in her hand. Standing on her tip toes, Kaylee pressed her hips into Simon, pulling his half hard length toward her core, lightly rubbing herself against his hardness. She could feel how he responded to it, hardening more quickly.

Simon had his own ideas on how to get himself ready for Kaylee again. He reached between their bodies, prying her hand away somewhat reluctantly and holding it in his, reaching around behind him to take her other hand as well. He slowly stepped forward, forcing Kaylee to step back until she was standing up against the diagnostic bed. Simon let go of her hands and settled his hands on her hips once again, picking her up and settling her on the table.

She was curious as to what he was doing as he took her hands, stepping back with her. When Simon picked her up and settled her on the table, Kaylee gave a mingled cry of surprise and giddiness. She bit her lip coyly, reaching out to settle her hands on his shoulders, massaging the muscles there gently. She wanted him back inside of her already, never wanted to let go of him.

He paused for a moment to look at her, taking in the curves and lines of her body before reaching out to lightly push her back down against the diagnostic bed. The sight of her so relaxed and ready for him made him groan softly. He could see where his seed mixed with her slickness coated the insides of her thighs in a sticky sheen. He wanted to take her again right then but he needed just another moment. That thought in his mind he leaned in and pressed a few light kisses to her collarbone, trailing them down to her breasts.

Simon took his time, lightly brushing Kaylee’s nipples with his lips, taking them in his mouth and suckling them exquisitely. He rested one hand on her hip to keep her from arching up off the table as his other hand lightly teased the nipple which his mouth was absent from. Her breasts were so sensitive that Simon couldn’t help but pay attention to them to elicit those delicious reactions in her.

Kaylee whimpered pleasantly as Simon’s tongue swirled around her nipples delicately, making her squirm and writhe. She gripped the edges of the exam table firmly, trying to keep herself from going insane from the sensations. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see, just to feel. It felt so good, what Simon was doing, and it drove her so close to the edge of reason.

He knew that she was close, he could see it in her body, feel it in her, and he wanted to make it last as long as possible. With that thought in mind, Simon slowly continued trailing his kisses lower, brushing his lips over her ribcage, her belly. He swirled his tongue lightly around her navel, letting it dip in a little, tickling Kaylee pleasantly. He knew exactly how to make her crazy, what she liked best.

Simon continued lower, his hand slipping from Kaylee’s hip down to her thighs, parting them slowly so that he could continue exploring her body with his mouth. She moaned in the meantime, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps. He was the only one who could even begin to create such a response from her body, each and every time he touched her, and she loved it. She squirmed a little, willingly parting her thighs at Simon’s gentle coaxing.

He gently stroked her inner thigh for a moment before giving into his desire and tracing his fingertips along Kaylee’s slick, sensitive folds. She groaned softly and arched her hips, wanting to take his fingers inside. He finally slipped them inside of her a moment later, stretching her and filling her, pushing in as deep as he could. At the same time his lips trailed down towards her core to meet his fingers where they were buried.

Kaylee cried out as Simon slowly, maddeningly teased her with his fingers inside of her. She wanted him to take her, but at the same time the prospect of his mouth on her most sensitive areas excited her to a higher level, keeping her from simply pulling him up on top of her and having him slip into her. She had to fight to keep from going insane.

Simon looked up for a brief moment, seeing the expression of complete and utter contentment coloring Kaylee’s features. She was so incredibly beautiful, even more so when she was flushed and her skin was glowing from the ecstasy like it was just then. He smiled lightly and looked back down, finally giving in and lightly teasing her sensitive nub with his tongue, suckling it delicately, making her buck her hips and cry out his name.

He inhaled sharply at Kaylee’s cry, feeling a pull of pure male pride right at his nethers. He continued to tease her, tasting her, tasting himself on her, the scent of her intoxicating him, making him almost dizzy. He lapped at her folds delicately, making sure not to miss anything, to pay particular attention to all of her so that she was well and truly pleased.

Kaylee couldn’t take it anymore. She needed him to stop, needed him to replace the fingers he was using to fill her so exquisitely with something else. She reached out with one hand, digging her fingertips into his shoulder, gripping it tightly, trying to get his attention.

“Simon...” Kaylee whimpered.

By then Simon was fully ready to take Kaylee once again. He smiled softly and slowly pulled his fingers from within her core, feeling the slickness coating them. It looked like she was ready, too. He leaned in over her as he slowly climbed up onto the exam table with her, gently pressing his lips to hers, kissing her softly. He wanted her to know, to feel just how much he loved her when he took her this time, so he carefully positioned himself, took both of her hands in his and pressed them down to the table on either side of her head as he kissed her still and he slipped inside.

The kiss was broken as Simon slipped inside of Kaylee, both of them gasping at the sensations; Kaylee at being filled so completely and deeply and Simon at feeling her sensitive, hot, silky flesh gripping him and holding him inside. Simon stilled for a moment, his eyes fluttering open and looking down to see that Kaylee’s had opened as well. Clear, periwinkle blue met shining hazel as they allowed themselves a moment just to feel. Simon could feel Kaylee’s warm breath against his lips and he leaned in to kiss her softly once more for just a brief moment.

“My xiannu, Kaylee,” Simon said softly. “You are so perfect.”

Tears welled up in Kaylee’s eyes at Simon’s words. She felt them beginning to trail down out of the corners of her eyes, slipping over her temples and into her hair. She gave Simon’s hands a squeeze and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him even deeper, if possible. She let her eyes flutter closed again slowly as she leaned up just enough to kiss Simon once more. His lips were soft, delicate and he tasted like strong green tea. She kissed him until her breath came short and slowly pulled back.

“You’re too good to me, Simon,” Kaylee said breathlessly.

Simon smiled softly, shaking his head as he slowly, gently began to pull back, setting a delicate rhythm for them. He wanted it to last this time, wanted Kaylee to feel completely satisfied and taken care of. He thrust slowly, deeply, leaning in to bury his face in the crook of Kaylee’s neck and lightly kiss the flesh there. She was gripping him so tightly it should have almost been too much, but somehow Simon hung on, driven by Kaylee’s soft noises of complete euphoria and ecstasy.

Kaylee slowly moved in tandem with Simon, intensifying what he was already accomplishing so well and thoroughly. She relaxed completely, feeling so safe, so full and content. She felt like at the rate they were going they could be there all night, and she loved the idea. She liked taking it slowly like that sometimes, being loving and completely devoted to Simon like he was devoted to her. It was the perfect union.

They moved together like that for a spell, the sweet rhythm just enough to satisfy them both but not so much as to bring them to a premature fall. However, soon their passion began to creep back in and before either of them could do anything to prevent it, their rhythm changed, increasing in tempo, becoming a little more frantic and fervent. They both gasped softly as it continued to escalate from there into more and more still.

Kaylee began to cry out softly each time Simon thrust into her, piercing her so deeply that she was almost sure it should have been painful, and yet it was exquisite, still strangely gentle and oh so fulfilling. She thrust back up to meet Simon’s movements, tightening the grip she had on his hands as he held them to the exam table with his own hands at either side of her head. Her eyes fluttered in ecstasy as he leaned in closer still as he thrust, causing his chest to rub up against her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples magnificently.

Simon couldn’t hold back any longer. The faster and harder their rhythm became, the more he craved to feel. His breathing became ragged and he punctuated the kisses he was lightly gracing over Kaylee’s collarbone with a few nibbles as he pinned her to the exam table and closed his eyes, thrusting into her so hard that he thought his resolve might crumble away and he might climax at that very moment. Kaylee’s cry of pleasure just served to intensify the feeling.

It didn’t take long. It felt like perhaps it should have, considering how they’d started, but they’d both gotten so incredibly sensitive and passionate in the midst of their lovemaking that they came crashing to a climax quickly near the end. Simon had come first, spilling his seed inside of Kaylee, filling her up. Kaylee had followed only seconds after, calling out his name like he’d called hers while she clenched around him and bucked her hips, her nails digging into the backs of his hands.

He collapsed onto Kaylee, the strength of the climax fading from his body, leaving him completely, blissfully powerless. She followed him in total relaxation moments after, moaning softly at how he felt inside her with how sensitive she was after such a powerful orgasm. Simon shifted slightly with Kaylee, never pulling out from inside her even the smallest bit, moving so that they lay side by side, bodies pressed tightly together, on the exam table.

They lay together, hands untwining so they could wrap their arms around each other, feeling utterly content and delightfully exhausted. Kaylee leaned her forehead against Simon’s, a light smile gracing her lips, mirroring his own. She’d sexed him plenty of times in the past, since they’d officially been together, but she was still always surprised by just how happy he always left her. It was something she hoped she never got accustomed to; she always wanted it to feel new and different, completely perfect each and every time they consummated their union.

Simon reached up with one hand, brushing a few damp strands of hair away from Kaylee’s eyes. She was always incredibly, beautifully radiant. The way her skin glistened with a fine sheet of perspiration in the bright infirmary lighting was a source of unsurpassed marvel to him. He loved just holding her close in his arms like he was, feeling her warm, soft body against his, feeling her heart beat in tandem with his own. It was truly incredible.

As they lay there together, Kaylee sidled up to Simon slowly, curling herself into him, nuzzling into his neck. She breathed in his scent, her own scent clinging to his skin. A soft smile graced her lips as she let herself rest a moment, lulled into relaxation by Simon’s arms around her, his softening length still inside of her as they lay entwined in each other’s arms.

Neither of them wanted to move, to have to let go, but they couldn’t stay in the infirmary all night. Odds were that someone would find them in the morning, and it wouldn’t be a pretty picture. Simon was the first one to move, propping himself up on one arm a little, pulling slowly back, slipping himself out from inside of Kaylee. He leaned in, pressing his lips to hers in a gentle kiss to cover any sort of moan of protest she may have made. If he heard her protesting, he wouldn’t have been able to resist just staying there inside of her.

Their kiss was broken a few moments later, reluctantly on both their parts, and Simon sat up slowly, looking down at Kaylee. She stared back at him with those big, innocent, contently glazed eyes, willing him to lie back down with her. He wouldn’t and she mock pouted up at him as she slowly joined him in sitting up.

“Just for that I ought to make ya sleep in your own bed,” Kaylee said lightly.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Simon chuckled.

He slipped off of the table and knelt, picking up her pajamas for her. Kaylee watched him, the sight of his pale, completely sexed body bending to get the clothes was like eye candy. She smiled as he handed her the pajamas and she began to slip the shirt on over her head while he started to quickly get back into his uniform so they could make it to Simon’s bunk with some measure of decency.

“Naw,” Kaylee replied. “I wanna fall asleep in your arms. Does that make me selfish?”

“If it does then I’m guilty, too, because I want to fall asleep with my arms around you,” Simon said softly.

Kaylee smiled a bright albeit tired smile as she hopped off of the examination table, feeling some of her and Simon’s essences making their way down her thighs, making them pleasantly sticky. She was just about to pull her pajama bottoms on when Simon snuck up behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her firmly back against him. She gasped in pleasant surprise as his free hand reached around her as well, trailing down to the valley of her thighs, gently wiping away their fluids with a soft, damp cloth. She moaned lightly when he rubbed up against her sensitive little clit, making her writhe in his arms.

Simon gently cleaned the sticky mess off of Kaylee’s thighs with the cloth, making sure not to miss anything. He kissed her neck while she still stood in his arms, lightly pausing to nip at the crook of her shoulder. He pulled away moments later once he’d completely cleaned her off and quickly rinsed off the towel, leaving it in the sink to throw into the laundry with some other things the next day. He’d already managed to dress and had the pleasure of watching Kaylee as she pulled her pajamas up along her long, shapely legs.

When she was dressed, Simon reached out, looping his arm with hers and making his way slowly out of the infirmary with her, turning off the lights as they opened the door and headed towards the passenger dormitories. They reached his room quickly and Kaylee slipped in ahead of Simon, letting him close the door behind them. She was feeling so exquisitely sexed and thoroughly happy that she barely had the strength to strip out of her clothes.

That was remedied a moment later, however, when Simon stepped up to her. His hands came to rest on her hips, fingertips fluttering just under the hem of her shirt. He slipped his hands up slowly, exposing more of her skin with every moment. Once the shirt was slipped up to her breasts, Simon gently prompted her to lift her arms. Kaylee did so, letting her eyes flutter closed as he pulled the shirt up over her head and tossed it onto a chair at the side of the room.

She was just going to reach down to slip off her pajama bottoms when Simon knelt before her, his hands coming to rest at her hips once more, this time gently pulling the bottoms down. He leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss to her belly, just above the soft patch of her curls. As he did so, he slipped the pajama pants down all the way to her ankles, pulling back just a little so he could get her to lift her feet. Once she was free from the confines of her clothes, Simon stood, tossing the bottoms aside and gently pushing Kaylee back towards the bed.

Kaylee willingly allowed herself to be forced back, easily falling back onto the bed when her legs bumped up against the frame. She looked up at Simon, reaching an arm out to him. She smiled softly when he took her hand and leaned in over her, slipping his free hand under her knees and scooping her legs up from where they hung over the edge of the bed. He turned her gently, stretching her legs out for her before pulling the covers up from the foot of the bed, covering her up. Kaylee looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Are ya comin’ to bed?” She asked.

“Of course,” Simon replied.

That being said, Simon quickly unbuttoned the top half of his uniform, slipping out of it and laying it on the chair where Kaylee’s clothes were already piled. His bottoms soon followed, as well as his boxers, and not a minute later, Simon was completely bare. He smiled down at Kaylee, that shuai smile of his. He stepped towards her, peeling the covers back a little so he could slip under them when he joined her on the bed.

Kaylee resigned herself to Simon’s arms, nuzzling up against him when he was finally settled. She smiled softly and let her eyes flutter closed as he embraced her. She felt all of the day’s tension just melt right away, leaving her feeling light and comfortable. As much as she didn’t want to fall asleep, not yet, she felt herself drifting off.

“G’night, Simon,” Kaylee whispered.

“Don’t let the space bugs bite,” Simon replied quietly.

He smiled softly and pressed his lips to Kaylee’s forehead gently for a moment. He pulled away and looked down, watching her as she drifted off quickly, feeling her soft, warm breath against his collarbone slow. He closed his own eyes soon thereafter, feeling sleep beckoning him as well. As he drifted off, his last thought was that he’d definitely have to insist on Kaylee coming to see him for regular physicals...



baobei: sweetheart ai ren: sweetheart/darling xiannu: beautiful woman xin gan: sweetheart ta ma de: fuck me blind shuai: adorable/cute


Monday, May 15, 2006 4:07 AM



*incoherent noises*


Mei-mei, my hat is off. This was brilliant, hot as hell, but with romantic undertones that are just so sweet and lovely.

*needs to reread it now*

Monday, May 15, 2006 4:54 AM


You already know I love this, but I'll comment publicly too:)

That was more than hot, just steamy! Doctor knows how to use his - tools . . .

GUH isn't enough praise but its really pretty much all my brain can come up with at the moment.

Who wouldn't want to play doctor with Simon after reading THAT?!


Well done, Jules. Now get to writing the next one! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006 7:27 AM


Oh My Goodness! Okay... ummm wow! Yeah , I just love when you post! And this one was so long! Great Job and I will be recovering from this for the rest of the day!:)

Monday, May 15, 2006 4:50 PM


Extremely NC-17. Hmmm, that's putting it lightly. LOL.

This was an amazing short piece. I have got to give you and other authors who can write equally steamy scenes, major props. I try to write smutt, but I just think that when it flows from my fingertips that it sounds all wrong. I haven't yet written one for the Firefly universe, but when I do, I'll be looking to this piece for inspiration.

Yeah, it was smutty (not that it's a bad thing), but you also managed to include the emotional feelings that they feel for one another, and that just makes it even better.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 8:42 PM


That's hot, really, really, hot

Saturday, May 20, 2006 6:25 PM


That was very well done. You captured the little looks they gave to one another in the midst of it all very well....those glances were for me the grabbing point that firmly planted me into the vignette and settled me in for a lovely ride. Thanks

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 2:59 AM


After some training and vacation and catching up, I am finally back to finish your assembled works. Looking forward to this one (I comment as I read in case this sounds weird).

*They’d gotten lucky and the job had gone off without a hitch*

I'd be more worried in this case, were I on the crew. :)

*God, how thoroughly he wanted to examine her*


LOfreakinL at playing doctor.

Simon's self-control while examining Kaylee was very intense.

I'm gonna go with the others who have commented in offering only a heartfelt GUH! at the rest of this story. Good stuff.


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