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Monday, May 8, 2006

Simon has a discussion with his daughter that he doesn't want to have. Best to read Good Intentions Part One-Epilogue or you will not get the story! S/K


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, just writing for fun

A/N: Here is a little story that was asked for so nicely by Leiasky. She helped me with it and so I give credit to her! Thanks:) It has the mention of lesbians in it so, if you are not comfortable with that, please don't read. You will not get the story if you haven't read the Good Intentions series, so I reccommend you read that first.

Molly crawled into bed while Simon picked out a new story for them to start reading. He looked back lovingly at his little girl while she settled herself amongst the pink fluffy bedspread and pillows she and Kaylee had picked out together just a few weeks ago. She pulled up the covers and smoothed them across her lap, creating her own little order in a sea of ruffles and lace. Her little dark braids hung on each side of her shoulders, her hands placed on her lap, waiting patiently for her father to pass over the data pad. He settled himself on top of her blankets, sliding his arm around her shoulders as she nestled against his side. Her hands looked so tiny as she held the data pad. Molly focused on the words in front of her and then turned her face up to look at her father, "Daddy?" Simon took in the inquisitive look in her eyes and smiled adoringly at his daughter, "What, li shu?" She cocked her head to the side before she let the words spill from her mouth, "What's a lesbian?" Simon swallowed the lump in his throat that had formed the instant the words left her mouth, looking at Molly with as much composure as he could muster, "Where did you here that Molly?" She smiled at him, her eyes shining with the innocence of her years, "Yi ma Inara said it about a yi River, when you all were on the back porch, Daddy. Remember? On my birthday.” Simon actually blushed at his daughter’s words. He was sure she had been out of hearing range. Ta ma de, he thought as his brain raced to come up with a suitable excuse to get out of this discussion. “Li shu, why don’t we discuss this in the morning,” Simon took a deep breath, praying to Buddha, God, he’d even take Satan at this moment, that his daughter would take this offering. Molly‘s pretty little mouth turned down at the corners as she protested, “I asked Mama, but she said that you would tell me tonight.” Simon’s eyes squinted, “Did she?” Molly shook her head with alacrity, “Uh-Huh!” Simon sighed as he held Molly a little closer to him, “She was mistaken, Molly. We’ll discuss it in the morning. Now I think we should start reading before it’s time for you to sleep.” “You promise, Daddy?” Simon kissed the top of her head, “Yes Molly, in the morning.” She nodded her approval at finally getting a time down when she could figure out what all the fuss was about this stupid word in the first place. With that settled, she held up the data pad again and began reading off the words to her father.


Kaylee tried to contain the fit of giggles that had been trying to escape her mouth as she leaned against Molly’s door intent on hearing Simon’s reaction to Molly. Her hands flew over her mouth when Molly had broached the subject, but when her daughter had ratted her out to Simon her eyes widened. Go se she thought to herself as she began to creep away from the door. She decided to wait in their room, when she heard his footsteps coming she could hop in the shower, maybe give herself a little more time before she would be most assuredly confronted by a pissy Simon. As she settled herself on the bed, the side closest to the bathroom, Kaylee rested her hands on her burgeoning stomach. As if on cue, the baby growing inside gave her a hearty kick. She rubbed her belly trying to soothe the baby, closing her eyes for just a second.


“Kaylee.” Simon’s voice held none of the ardor that it usually contained when he spoke her name in their bedroom. She opened her eyes slowly, his voice washing over her groggy mind, “Sweetie?” Simon kept quiet as Kaylee shook herself awake. It then dawned on her foggy mind why Simon was being so quiet. His face was passive but his stance betrayed the annoyance he was feeling at that moment. He was so swai when he was mad. Kaylee focused on him from where she had been slumbering, her lips twitching with laughter. She threw her hands up to her face, stifling the snorts of laughter that she could not contain any longer. Simon just stood above her, his arms crossed against his chest, “I find no humor in this situation, Kaylee.” Kaylee pushed herself off the edge of the bed, the giggles still coming out of her mouth as she reached up to take Simon’s face in her hands, “Oh honey, I’m sorry, I just...I couldn’t help myself.” The giggles took over for another minute before she reached up to kiss Simon’s cheek. Her lips trailed softly along his cheek, moving from the soft skin up top to the downy hair of the beard he had grown before they had left Serenity. She moved along to his neck, to the spot right behind his ear, the one that drove him crazy. “It’s not going to work bao bei.” She slid her arms over his shoulders, locking them around his neck as she continued to kiss him, softly sucking at the skin, “What’s that, Simon?” Simon kept his arms crossed, standing stock still, trying his best to ignore his body responding to his wife’s wiles. When she nipped his ear lightly with her teeth he lost all resolve. He uncrossed his arms and slid his hands along her extended waist, moving them to gently cup her backside as he pulled them both down on the bed. “You’re still in trouble, you know this, right?” Kaylee just kept kissing him as she began to slide off his shirt, “Ummm hmmm.” “There are going to be consequences for your actions.” “All kinds, honey. I promise.”


Molly was sitting at the kitchen table, hands resting clasped in front of her as she waited patiently for her parents to come in for breakfast. She sat in her nightgown, kicking her legs underneath the chair, silently willing her parents to enter the room. Her ears perked up as she heard the shuffling footfalls of her mother, followed closely by her father’s. Kaylee entered the kitchen holding Jared in her arms, his head resting against her chest. Molly beamed at her mother, but focused all her attention on Simon as he walked in, “Hi, Daddy!” Simon was startled to see her at the table. He had secretly hoped he could sneak out of the house before she woke up, but after last night he hadn’t been able to wake early enough. He wasn't sure but he had a notion that last night's activities may have been pre planned. He leaned down to kiss the top of her head and began plotting some way of getting out of this particular conversation, “Good morning, li shu.” “Mornin’ baby,” Kaylee greeted her daughter with a gentle smile, seating herself next to Molly at the table while Simon made them some morning tea. “Morning, Mama.” Jared snuggled against Kaylee while she yawned, covering her mouth with her hand. Molly just sat quietly, waiting, her hands still in front of her as she watched her father mill about the kitchen. Her patience began to wear thin when he sat the tea cup in front of her mother and then took the seat at the head of the table. “Daddy?” Simon looked up at his daughter from the rim of his mug, his eyebrows lifting while he took in her determined stare. He finished his sip of tea and set the mug down. Simon took a deep breath before answering her. “Yes, Molly.” She kept her gaze intent on her father. “What is a lesbian?” The doctor’s voice in his mind took over as he tried to think of the most clinical and benign way he could explain this concept to Molly with out it getting explicit. He opened his mouth yet before the words could exit his lips, Kaylee butted in, “You know how your daddy and I are married and we love each other, right?” Molly nodded her head in answer to her mother. Kaylee smiled back as she continued, “Well, baby, it’s justa word grown ups use for describin’ when a girl loves another girl.” Molly cocked her head to one side and thought about the answer before turning her eyes to her father, “So that’s it?” Simon stared disbelievingly at his wife and back to his daughter, “Umm, well...yes, that’s exactly what it is.” “Oh,” Molly turned to face Kaylee, “Mama, can I have some juice?” “’Course ya can,” Kaylee gave Molly a bright smile and deposited Jared into Simon’s arms, his eyes still wide with how painless the whole explanation had been. While Kaylee busied herself in the kitchen Molly pushed her chair out from the table and hopped down, hurrying over to her father’s side. She laid her hand on his arm. “Daddy, am I going to be a lesbian?” Simon shook his head with conviction, “No li shu, when you get older, you’re going to be a nun.” “Simon!” Kaylee gave him a contemptuous look as she hurried back to the table. Just then Jared reached up to touch his father’s face. His eyes were bright when he opened his mouth and yelled out, “Lesbian!” Kaylee extricated Jared from Simon's lap as the little boy began making up his own song to the new word he had just mimicked, kissing her son's cheek as she placed him in his highchair. Molly ignored the juice Kaylee had placed in front of her on the table, resting her chin in the crook of Simon's elbow. Simon tried to shut out his son's sing song babblings and focused on his daughter. "Daddy?" Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, "Yes, Molly." Her eyes twinkled with inquisitiveness, "What's sex?" Simon turned his gaze to his wife, who was busy ignoring his pleading look while making breakfast. Simon looked back at his daughter, "Where did you hear that word, li shu?" She beamed as she answered him honestly, "Jayne." In Simon's head he began to go over the many ways you could kill some one with out there being any medical evidence that it was a homicide. He took a sip of his tea and then another deep breath, "Go ask your mother." "Oh no, sweetie. I explained lesbian. The sex talk is all yours. You're the doctor, after all." Simon wasn’t sure when his headache had begun, but in his humble medical opinion, it was sure to last all day. He set his tea mug down on the table and pushed his chair out. He then picked Molly up and set her on the counter next to Kaylee, "We'll discuss this later. I have to get to work." "Don't you want some breakfast?" Kaylee smiled genuinely at Simon while she handed Molly a piece of apple she had been cutting. He shot her a scowl before kissing his daughter's cheek, "No, I'm running late." "All right." Simon went over to his son, kissing the top of his head and escaped the kitchen as quickly as possible. As he closed the door he couldn't help but hear the roaring laughter of his wife.


Molly ran up to her mother as all the children were filtering out of the school. There, pinned to her uniform on the collar was a note. "What's this, baby?" "Sister Joan wanted to make sure you and Daddy got this note, so she pinned it to my shirt." Kaylee set Jared on the ground and Molly instinctively grabbed hold of his hand while her mother unpinned the note. The little game she had been playing with Simon that morning was starting to have some consequences to it, and not the ones to her liking she feared. As she opened the note, she took Molly’s hand and began reading as they made their way down the road back home. Dr. and Mrs. Connors, Let me first say that it is a joy and pleasure to have Molly in my class. She is extremely bright and very well mannered. It has come to our attention that Molly has been somewhat forthcoming about ideas regarding sexual orientation with other classmates. Though we are a progressive sect and have no issues with what has been discussed, we do fear that school may not be an appropriate place for her to voice her opinions about the subject. If you would like to discuss the matter at any more length, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Sister Joan Kaylee stuffed the note in the pocket of her dress and then looked down at her daughter, who had been walking along with out a care in the world. “Molly, how was school today?” “Good, Mama.” “Anything fun happen?” “Played at recess.” “Did ya talk about anything interestin’?” “Nope.” “Molly?” She turned up her soft, pretty eyes, “Yes Mama?” “Did you say somethin’ ‘bout what we discussed this mornin’?” Molly thought for a second, “Yeah, at lunch. Keira and I were eating and I gave her my piece of cake, cause I was full. She hugged me and then I asked her if she loved me, she said she guessed so and I told her she might be a lesbian.” Kaylee held back the gasp that was itching to escape her throat and gulped visibly, “You did?” “And she didn’t know what that was, so I told her, and then Aimee asked about it too, 'cause she heard us talking. She's real nosy, Mama. So I told her, and then I guess she told everyone else. She does that all the time.” Kaylee silently cursed the evil little gossip, not because of what had been said but because Simon was going to kill her when he got home. Molly turned to her mother as she finished explaining, "I don't like her that much." Kaylee sighed and quietly muttered to herself, "Me neither."

__________________________________________________________________________ "SHE WHAT?!" Kaylee traced the line of his ear, snuggling closer to her husband, "Now, honey, don't get too excited 'bout it all. She just was tellin' her little friend 'bout it and it kinda...escalated." "Kaylee, I don't want to even think about.... ," Simon sighed deeply as he tried to will away the whole day. Kaylee turned a loving smile at her husband as he stared at the bedroom wall, "I'm going to kill him." "Who, honey?" Simon sneered as the one word spilled from his mouth, "Jayne." "Oh?" Simon looked at his wife intently, the image of his hands clasped around Jayne's neck filling his mind, "That man should be sterilized." Kaylee let forth all the laughter that had been welling up inside out in heartfelt guffaws, falling back on the bed because sitting up had become too much of a struggle. Simon leaned over his wife as the tears rolled down her face, "Kaylee, this is not a laughing matter." The laughter just shook her body as she tried to compose herself. One look at her husband's irritated face sent her back into a fit of giggles. She was glad she told him after they had made love, otherwise he might have been so tightly wound she was sure his head would've exploded. Kaylee settled herself down a bit before reaching over and kissing her husband deeply. His look of bewildered exasperation just melted her heart, "It ain't nothin' to get excited 'bout. I promise ya. All this curiosity 'bout the whole thing is cause she's still excited 'bout seeing everybody. It'll wear off soon 'nough." Simon pushed her hair behind her ear and gave his wife a long suffering look, "I hope it's soon. I don't think I can take much more, bao bei." "Awww, honey!" She pulled her husband's face down to hers, kissing him soundly. Kaylee whispered into Simon's ear as her lips left his, "We'll talk to her in the mornin'. Now how 'bout those consequences ya was talkin' 'bout last night?" Simon traced his hand along her bare side, causing goose bumps to pebble her skin. "I think I can think of something." Kaylee wrapped her arms around his neck and drew her mouth close to his. "Oh, I'm all ears, honey." When he leaned her gently back into the mattress and fastened his lips to hers, the baby kicked, startling them enough to part their clinging mouths. Simon flattened his hands over her swollen belly and smiled down at her with such affection she felt her tears prick her eyes. "I love you, Kaylee." Before she could answer, he kissed her again, and all she felt for the rest of the night was how good it felt to love and be loved by Simon Tam/Connors.


Molly bounced into the kitchen for breakfast only to find her father waiting at the table for her. "Hi Daddy!" Simon pulled out the chair next to him and motioned for her to sit down, "We need to talk, li shu." Molly sat herself down demurely, biting her lip at her father's tone and clasping her hands in her lap. She turned up her face up to look at her father, the large pools of her hazel eyes staring innocently at Simon. Simon steeled himself against this first line of attack. He wouldn't let his resolve be beaten down by his little girl, no matter how sweet and precious she looked. "Molly, I want to talk to you about what is and isn't appropriate to be talking about at school. Now, I know you were very curious about those...words we were discussing yesterday morning, but sometimes you shouldn't repeat the things we speak about at home." "But you and Mama always tell me to be honest. I just answered a question, Daddy? Was that wrong of me to tell the truth?" Simon took a deep breath and tried to tread carefully through the landmines that were coming out of his daughter's mouth. "No, it was not wrong to be honest, but I think for all that it is worth, you did broach the subject first. Am I correct?" Molly thought about it for a second, then sunk her shoulders in defeat, "I guess so." Simon felt his chest puff with victory. Although he would never truly admit it to himself, he was glad that he was finally winning a conversation with his overly bright five year old. "I believe your mother said that that word was used by grown ups, yes?" Molly nodded her head in agreement, staring down at her hands fixedly. "So let's make a new rule, if you ask us about something, we will answer honestly, but if we say it is a grown up subject, you must keep it to yourself." Molly thought about the rule and then nodded enthusiastically, "Okay, Daddy, I can do that." Simon got up from his chair and kissed the top of Molly's head, "Good girl." "Daddy?" "Yes, li shu?" "What's sex?" Simon's head began to pound as he sat back down and closed his eyes, "Well...when people grow up-" He was interrupted immediately by another question that popped into Molly's brain, "When will I be grown up, Daddy?" Simon smiled down at his daughter, "When you are fifty, xin gan."


The End :D


Monday, May 8, 2006 5:50 PM


This is so hysterical. I could see Simon's genius child asking all of those questions and Simon having difficulty answering them. And Kaylee just laughing over his reaction because she (presumably) grew up in a society less strict about discussing such things.

I'm glad you wrote this and I hope you do more in this little series in the future.

Monday, May 8, 2006 6:05 PM


LMAO! Oh, lovely. Brilliant. So funny, good characterization, and just wonderful! Molly is so cute and precocious. Poor Simon. *snicker*

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 5:34 AM


I can completly see all of Simon's reactions though I would have thought being with Kaylee would have worn down some of his reserve and popriety.

>Maybe with Kaylee, in private, but as an overprotective father, I think Simon would still be flustered by his daughter's inquisitive nature, and still adhere to some aspects of the culture he came from.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 4:04 PM


"When you're fifty."

My dad said that to me when I asked when I was going to be a grown up.

Ah, fond memories!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 5:51 PM


*Dies laughing*

Thursday, May 11, 2006 5:32 AM


I wanna find this completely hiliarious (and I do think that), I just get a sense of...malaise from thinking on how we Browncoats missed out on even seeing the earlier stages of this relationship or others with our Big Damn Series getting Foxed:(

Still...great work here, Leigh:)


Monday, May 15, 2006 3:10 AM


That is exactly how the entire situation would have gone if Joss had written it. Oh Simon...

Monday, May 15, 2006 12:31 PM


This was incredibly well written and very funny to read!

Thursday, June 15, 2006 4:02 AM


LOL @ Molly being told she would be a nun.

Molly telling the other girl she might be a lesbian was hilarious.


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