The Private Pt3
Sunday, May 7, 2006

The continuing Adventures of the private. We finally know her name.


After about two more weeks the doctor finally released me. I was a civillian again. I left the hospital with all I owned, uniform, coat and duffle bag. They must have matched it with my tags and stored it. I also had 3,000 Alliance Dollars to start over with, it rounded out ta 500 per week. Not bad for for layin inna bed. I caught a public transport down ta the docks. People are always needed ta work on ships as spacers. I started down the line of ships, lookin for a good one. I was gonna leave this rock for good! Then I saw her....the lady from Serenity Valley, and she had a ship! "Excuse me," I said as I came up behind her. She turned around her eyes widened with suprise. "Hi, I'm Teri and ya never did tell me your name." "Zoe" she said "and its good to see ya up and around." About then the man that was with her came down the ramp. "Come on Zoe, we've gotta find a crew." He said as he walked past me. "Sir," I began "could I sign on?" He stopped, turned around and came back. He looked me over and walked around me. "Name soldier!" He commanded "Teri Baxter, Sir!" I replied "Former Private Independant Forces." "Well what do I need you for?" he asked. "Security when you and Zoe are away from the ship." I replied "and anything else...within reason." "Why my ship?" "I remembered you and Zoe from Serenity Valley and thought ya might be able ta help a fellow BrownCoat find a job?" "You did, did you now!" He said as he got all sargent-like. "My name is Captain Malcolm Reynolds and this is my boat! My word is law on Serenity! Ya got that Baxter!" "Yes Sir!" I replied. Captain Reynolds walked around me one more time, then said "Zoe, sign her on and show her to her quarters. Catch up with me at Purple Thistle." He walked away and left me and Zoe standin there. Zoe went in and I followed, we went through the cargo bay, up some stairs and down a hall, till we came to a door. She pussed a button and it opened ta reveal a ladder goin down. "Here's your quarters, get unpacked and stand guard at the cargo bay doors." She said as she left me there. I tossed my bag down the hatch and climbed down inta a 15x15 room, not too big, but it was mine for the time bein! As I was unpackin I found my gunbelt and service revolver. At least I was armed now, I felt better. I looked at my clothes and realized that they were all old uniforms! Yuck! I hoped the Captain would give an advance and time ta buy some real clothes! I strapped my gun on and headed on out ta the cargo bay. So there I was on a ship named Serenity, waitin on my fellow BrownCoats ta show back up, hopefully with more crew. Oh well things could be worse!


Sunday, May 7, 2006 5:42 PM


I like it, blaze, I hope you'll do more so I can see what happens next.

Monday, May 8, 2006 8:27 AM


I really like this fic, despite the formatting issues :D

Will there be more soon?

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 7:43 AM


The last comment was from me Blazie.


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The Private Pt3
The continuing Adventures of the private. We finally know her name.

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