Perspective of SERENITY dropping to #8.
Sunday, October 9, 2005

Well, it's Sunday night of the second weekend of SERENITY's release, and we got creamed. Tell you the truth, I wasn't really that surprised. You factor in the time of year it was released, the fact that genre flicks like this drop half their audience the second weekend around, the experimental marketing campaign in a time where even regular campaigns don't work and everything else, it was almost foolish to think that we'd have a $30 or $40 million dollar opening weekend.

But I'm not sad by this. If anything I find it fitting. It actually made me think of the second to last scene in one of my favorite movies, THE COMMITMENTS. It's after when the band has basically self-destructed and Jimmy the Rabbit is walking home, dejected by the whole thing, and he has this one last confrontation with Joey "The Lips" Fagin.

JOEY: Jimmy. You want a ride?

JIMMY: Piss off.

JOEY: Oh don't take it personally, Jimmy. They'll all come crawling back.

JIMMY: They can crawl up their holes for all I care.

JOEY: "Oh sing unto the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things." Psalm 98.

JIMMY: You lied to me Joey. I always bought anything you told us, and I was probably the only one who ever did. But you lied to me.

JOEY: I'm sorry you doubt me, brother Rabbitte. Look, I know you're hurtin' now, but in time you'll realize what you've achieved.

JIMMY: I've achieved nothing.

JOEY: You're missing the point. Success of the band was irrelevant. You raised their expectations of life. You lifted their horizons. Sure, we could've been famous and made albums and stuff, but that would have been predictable. This way, it's poetry.

JIMMY: It's a pisser is what it is, Joey.

And that's how I feel about the whole thing. Yes, after three years of blood, sweat and tears, we arn't the new STAR WARS or MATRIX or a $100 million dollar blockbuster. But to tell you the truth, it shouldn't matter. We managed to give Joss, Nathan, Gina, Alan, Adam, Morena, Jewel, Sean, Summer and Ron a chance to tie up loose ends and to give SERENITY one last flight. We raised expectations and hopes for everyone who knows or have heard about the show. We've shown the industry that a fan base can be loud enough to resurrect what was perceived as a dead property. If you think about it, we are a success story even without the money.

And so what even if wern't a blockbuster. There have been countless movies that have had minor success in theatres but over the years have become institutes unto themselves. Once the DVD hits, then we'll really show how much of a hit we all know it is.

FIREFLY/SERENITY is a legend as it is. And legends never die.

P.S. And on a personal note, now that Jewel and Sean are not huge celebrities with million dollar pricetags, I can afford them for when I make my indie flicks.


Monday, October 10, 2005 5:06 PM


Serenity is the best sci-fi movie ever in my opinion.After watching the Star Wars prequels I left the theater disappointed all three times.After Serenity I felt like I just got off a roller coaster.I think people are staying home from the movies now a days and waiting for DVDs to watch on their new hi definition TVs.

Monday, October 10, 2005 5:01 AM


That reminds me of a line from the series, actually.

"Tell you what, you buy this ship, treat her proper, she'll be with ya for the rest of your life."

Sunday, October 9, 2005 7:05 PM


Here here to that. So what if we're not the next Matrix (and let's be thankful we aren't)? We're mighty in and of ourselves.

Even though I try to convert people left and right, I still treat Firefly/Serenity as my little secret. So while I'm disappointed that it's not doing as well as it could, I'm almost glad that it's not doing Star Wars numbers. I mean, who wants Serenity to turn into a merchandise rally? (Though a scale playset of the ship would be wicked awesome!)

Sunday, October 9, 2005 5:41 PM


I'd like to say, "Amen".

While in some way we all want it to do incredibly well, bring back the series or a few more sequels, things don't always happen like that. And to be entirely honest, the best part for me? Was seeing the ship in the sky, still flying. If it's the last time i see it, so be it; i'll know that in the end, we did something wonderful, something impossible, and we held our valley against all odds without giving up.

To me, that's more important than anything else.


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