The Toilet Paper Apocalypse... Panic, cures coming, wash your hands but No Full Lockdown? US President Trump is probably doing the right thing with Corona

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 19:01
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Sunday, March 22, 2020 5:48 PM


People rushed to the stores, people nervous about in spreading across the Olympics in Japan, the shops in parts of Europe would start to sell out.

It could have been a disaster
in some parts of the world it will be a disaster but maybe the USA can get it under control. Yes America will face threats and issues.
and terrorism is a threat but historically is not the greatest to America, major wars have killed more, in other parts of the world an 'invention' like AK-47 developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov has helped fanatical war lords and dictators kill thousands upon thousands but the bigger killers on Earth, the forces of nature, rocks punching into our Earth at speeds of thousands of mph from space, major tsunamis and a volanic eruption changing the enviornment could make life hell and kill far more than a terror attack, thankfully this major events from nature and space can be rare in a human lifetime. The Heart disease deaths are current and real, Accidents at home and deaths in the world place, the smoker generations the Chronic lower respiratory diseases, Cancer deaths all major killers of the American people
and historically its the smaller particles, the bacteria and virus, right now AIDs continues to kill millions, the Flu, the Black Death the Bubonic Plague, Malaria and other diseases have killed millions and millions.

A conspiracy might say Germany's Merkel is dying from it or it also spread like wildfire in Canada and South America or Iran sees it arrive or a Big Pharma Forum ran Coronavirus Outbreak Simulation and how to make money and profits, someone will make money?

He declared it a disaster, shut down travel to places that were spreading it, gives States access to Federal Emergency funds if needed.

The old WW2 generation, the Boomers, Generation X and some of the early and older part of Gen Y are his voter base, even if a President personally and internally doesn't really get moved by this stuff if a President takes action he is giving the public the view that he does care and he is concerned

In China there are 3,000 plus Deaths, the Chinese have open trade but parts of Chinese life show the have a collective communist dicatorship, in a ways this might have helped them fight the virus as they could take drastic actions and big police and military moves that some in the West would not accept as it would take freedoms, another point to consider Asian people are typically stand off -ish they do not hug so much, if it spread rapidly there it could spread rapidly in other places.

Italy, the center of the virus moved out of Asian into the Italian regions, they are more socialble as people, they great big hand shakes, sometimes a kiss on the cheek, small homes and multi generation kids and granpa, grand mother all in the one roof. A number of 4,825 was the last body count I seen and rising rapidly, maybe Italy was an example of what NOT TO do.

Stocks and markets do bounce back, they go up and down all the time.
as long as the shutdown does not stay too long, counting there will be a social and economic recovery and bounce back, as long as local States do not screw this one up

Trump will have done the right thing

btw I don't think this is the end, it is one chapter in a long story, these bugs will be a forever thing and virus and more virus keep getting stronger and evolving and more weird

One day maybe we will see a super-virus maybe close to something out of Outbreak movie or those almost Doomsday style scifi films
maybe mankind like the accidents of Chernobyl, Three mile Island and Fukushima maybe mankind itself in its own supidity and greed will have made a mistake of engineering such an incident of death, engineering such a virus

The good side to all this is it might help America put a bump and knock back those crazy people in that rush for globalism , it might help us rethink greed and pollution, suckering other nations and stealing and add meaning and spiritual mortality, the local food produce, local manufacturing, what is showing in your town your city and your village the local arts and writers and film makers, the crafts men and farmers and skilled workers, maybe its a wake up yes trade is good but a wake up to be more self reliant, self sufficiency.

the bathroom panic... the TP rolls, hoarders toilet paper thing shows the power radio, news paper, youtube, facebooks and the MSM has over minds.
in an ironic way, this was a test run for the big one
in a real apocalypse the panic could have been worse...Trust nobody, EVER, would it have gone like that tv show the 'Walking Dead'?
the crazy panic, and another 50% people who want to get the toilet paper stuff before panicking retards take it all.

a positive?

People need to be aware and will be aware of the spread of bugs and disease.


Sunday, March 22, 2020 7:30 PM


"You gotta be able to laugh at life." ~Aubrey Seymour

Do Right, Be Right. :)


Monday, March 23, 2020 1:16 AM



Originally posted by JAYNEZTOWN:
People rushed to the stores, people nervous about in spreading across the Olympics in Japan, the shops in parts of Europe would start to sell out.

It could have been a disaster
in some parts of the world it will be a disaster but maybe the USA can get it under control.

WHHHHOOOOA, Kemosabe, We're a whole two minutes into this thing, maybe wait until minute 6 or 7 before you make predictions??

Also, has anyone ever told you that your posts read like run-on topical word salad??

Maybe try to find one or two really important points you want to communicate and narrow them down?? If that's possible

PS. Trump hasn't done a single thing RIGHT yet. My kid could have managed this thing far more effectively.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022 7:01 PM


Hurricane Ian chaos with panic buying and shelves stripped bare ahead of storm

The Psychology Behind Coronavirus Panic Buying


Originally posted by WISHIMAY:

PS. Trump hasn't done a single thing RIGHT yet. My kid could have managed this thing far more effectively.

He gave Biden vaccine cures?






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