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This is not Sci-Fi, and not really thrilling heroics in the Jayne Cobb mold.

The story is primarily of the well-trodden topic of whether to immerse gifted children in academia, or let them be kids and have a childhood. This time, 2 evil witches are thrown into the story as well, as often happens. In broad terms the title refers to several people in the film, but he focus is on a 7 year old girl.

It was 3 hours after I had left the theater before it dawned on me that my suspension of disbelief had been complete, practically absolute, at least in terms of the title character. Played by McKenna Grace as a 7-year-old, I am tempted to say it was a tour-de-force, except that I cannot tell when the character starts and the actress ends. It was a seamless performance. Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Elizabeth Marvel may have been treading water in comparison, I couldn't tell.
Her performance seemed as smooth as Chloe Grace Morentz in Kick-Ass.

For me personally, knowing in advance that the teacher was going to dive for her calculator brought back memories, humorous to me (truth tell, I thought she was diving for the calculator the question or 2 prior). As with Little Man Tate, Amadeus, and Midnight Special, I was no at any point yanked out of my reverie by incongruous situations.

One point of confusion for me was how is a 7-year old girl enrolled in first grade in Florida? After 12 years she would graduate aged 19. Does Florida not have a sensible enrollment policy?

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The twist at the end I did not see coming, largely because I did not expect to have a twist - and that is the reason this is in spoiler hiding. The twist did bait the greedy ego of the evil witch, while at the same time betraying the trust, will, and last wishes of the one he honored and held dear.






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