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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 8:31 PM


I really like this movie. I'm not sure if I saw a trailer for it.
The first half kept reminding me how well-crafted films used to be made. In a cinemaplex chock full of cartoons, it must stand alone as tribute to excellent storytelling using actors. The scenes, the script, the character and story development, made me realize how long it has been since I've seen such work -and it used to be fairly commonplace and expected in quality film.
Much of the second half kept reminding me that Guy Pearce did a similar turn in L.A. Confidential. I am really wary of dropping spoilers. I did not foresee exactly where it was going, and I hope you also are kept guessing.

I thought I was going to just a Liam Neeson film.
But either I didn't know Guy Pearce was going to be in it, or the credits seemed like he had a bit part. If you don't finish watching thinking Memory was primarily a Guy Pierce film, then at minimum he had the pivotal role.

Liam Neeson plays his fairly familiar character, here he is a bad guy. Guy Pearce plays a man with a Badge. Lots of others in this cast have Badges, and you are left to suss who is bad or good.

I enjoyed a lot of the cast. Ray Stevenson. I don't recall work by Taj Atwal (although I must have seen her in The Protege), but she did a wonderful performance here - I found her character quite annoying, but she played it really well. Ray Fearon was also in The Protege. Harold Torres was a strong presence. All of the cast seemed to pull their weight.

If you are expecting a bunch of gun play, you'll be happy with this. If you enjoyed L.A. Confidential or Memento, I think you'll like Memory as well.






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