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Monday, August 9, 2021 9:13 PM


The artistic talent, this Val actor, an icon of Hollywood but maybe never really made the A + + List for whatever reason. He broke into Hollywood with a wacky odd role in 'Top Secret!' back in 1984 a crazy comedy movie. Val in a ways was almost about to become an indestructible actioon hero but in this real-life documentary he's a sicker man in his late 50s early 60s recovering from illness. Val had many great roles over the years but What is his most well known movie, is it Tombstone or maybe the 'ICEMAN' TopGun? Val's best role?? it could be the many faces of disguise in The Saint or alongside RDJ in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, taking on the man eating Lions in The Ghost and the Darkness? Val has some hits and miss over the years, even when his films are not great I think he brings something interesting and unique to roles, The Traveler, Riddle, Twixt all unique and intersting in their own ways even if some of his later work became Direct-to-DVD B movie stuff...Val has some epic roles that will stand the test of time. Val Kilmer's performance as real-life gunslinger Doc Holliday is a vital part of what makes Tombstone so good.

Val is an interesting watch
Parts of this personal movie ain't pretty Val suffered throat cancer, in 2015 he tested positive for a possible tumor, he uses a feeding tube to feed himself because he can no longer eat.
Val Kilmer, through his life has used film and camera off screen and backstage to record personal moments, he has collected moments behind the scenes, intimate moments from his own life, in a ways this is like a collection of home-movie videos, a sort of fly on the wall documentary, recording and framing the life of "Val" his friends, co-workers, family, things that happened. In parts I guess its kinda raw a guy sick and tired and sleep, at Comic-Con selling pix while bills have to be paid.
There already was a lot of Hollywood gossip about Val, he has been Jim Morrison, he's been Batman, Elvis Presley, Doc Holliday, he's done Animated Disney type cartoon voice roles and done Moses, the icon of US history and writing Mark Twain...he has played many iconic roles but now his voice is changed and now has to press a valve on his trach tube in order to speak in a difficult to understand raspy growl.

My favorite, for now, Tombstone could be one of my more favorite movies but there are other amazing and charming performances.
what Val has amassed over the years is a fantastic gathering , piles of little film moments including great backstage clips, you get an amazing understanding of the guy, small snapshots of his marraige falling apart and divorce, his ex-wife Joanne Whalley also a star with a collection of work and in her own way almost a grand as Val, I remember her doing Daredevil recently. I had almost forgot what a great movie Willow is, many signs of the Lucas imagination and directed by Ron Howard, a p[lace of witches and warlocks, magical little people and how to defeat and outsmart a wicked queen and kill a two-headed dragon. Willow was a fantasy thrill but without the gore and sleaze of Game of Thrones, this Willow took place in a more family friendly time, its amazing what this film accomplished without digital graphics and CGI effects, James Horner delivered a good soundtrack re-visits other musical melody and scores, it is a big movie but it did not bring home the millions, underperformed at the box office, but it was a risky expensive film that No Studio Wanted back. 'Val' It's mostly a collection of bits of his life, the behind the scene production stuff, the intimate family personal life without any of the tabloid gossip and paparazzi pix and spin. With his old voice gone he has found a new artistic outlet through painting and art.

His son has a very similar voice to his father, the narration by Jack is surreal, it delivers powerful and carries weight and emotion.
Val I guess in its own way tries to be truthful and does try to let the audience decide to look at his life themself and take what from it.
It doesn't try to be too deep or an overly pretentious crossword of poetry, no overly complex images and cryptic messages, what you see is what you get, a guy with edits of a collection of film, cuts of a few seconds and minutes from an entire life, a very personal documentary but maybe there is something spritual or some message there if you look, you get brief moments that show us his creative process his philosophy and inspiration.

Frustrating as a story, its sad in places, its funny and at times it’s a bittersweet but a rewarding watch

It's an odd film but I give it A solid 4 Out of 5 or Eight point something out of 10


Tuesday, August 10, 2021 1:37 PM


I always liked Val Kilmer. He was good in "Tombstone" and another good movie was "Thunder Heart" where he played a half Indian FBI agent sent to investigate a murder on a reserve.


Thursday, June 2, 2022 11:18 AM


Glad to hear he has a showing in Top Gun

Val Kilmer's Dialogue in "Top Gun: Maverick" Was Read by AI he Can't Speak Anymore