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Sunday, January 21, 2007 5:22 AM


Ok this is the story page for the Firefly RPG @

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Sunday, January 21, 2007 6:27 AM


Ok part 1

Zefie ran quick and light through the dark, all the systems were off and the ship was drifting at full speed towards the station.

Like threading the needle from 4 kilometers, what the thought that ran though her head, where had she heard it before?

Luna; "Are we ready?"
Camden; "Yes luna, We'll hit them hard."
"Not to hard,"
"If you say so."

The ship slid within inchs of the station, there had been no response on the sensor to the ship.

Luna; "Power up, lets jump them."
Camden; "20 seconds."
"I'll be in the dock."

The ship came to life, lights ficked on and Zefie turned to face the station. Two blue-ish beams of coilling energy brust from the bow and tracked across the station. The Beams gave a blue haze to every system, every microchip was demagnetized and temporally neutralized.

Camden; "lets tear them a new one."

The ship eased forward and two arms came out of the dorsal of the ship, these lached onto the station and pulled the ship too. A docking walkway cam out of the Zefie and upon making contact melted through the station bulk heads.

Freddy; "lets go some,"
Woody; "Bet i get 50,"
Stacia; "Captain wont like that,"
Luna; "No she wouldn't,"

They all turn to look at her

Woody; "Sorry captian but we gota do what we gota do right,"
Luna; "Right, but try not to kill, we're not Alliance."

Fry; "we're ready to roll."

They marched on the station covering each angel as they moved.

Woody; "Clear,"
Fry; "engineering would ho,"

They tracked through the corridors, appearing to be deserted until they reached the secondary engineering.

Fry; "Ok folk no resistance no killing got it,"
Woody; "We're blood thirsty pirates, Shinny?"

Luna; "Get the fuel cells and stop playing around."

A man lept up pointing his gun at Luna. She let off a shotgun blast as both Fry and Woody let shots into his body.

Luna; "I didn't want to do that."

She pointed her weapon over the crowd in the left of the room.

Luna; "Lets be friends ok."

The rest of the party took out the fuel cells and using trollys starting to move out. They had taken four members of the station crew as proof they could leave the ship.

Camden**; "Captain i'm picking up a mass of signals approaching and they don't look very happy to see us."

Luna**; "Power us up, get ready to run, we got the cells."

She lifted her gun off the crowd and ran after the rest of the party.

This could get fun


Sunday, January 21, 2007 9:17 AM


Xavier sat in his quarters reading and generally clearing his thoughts when a chip sounded from the intercom on his desk. Leaning over he depresed the button to respond.
"Go Ahead"

From the speaker came Sonya Li's voice, "This is the bridge. We've recived a distress call from a station , they report that they've been ambushed by pirates. "

"Set a course. I'll be right there. Go to general quarters."

"Aye, sir"

Getting up from his chair, Xavier left his quarters and hurried to the birdge. Stepping on to the bridge, he saw that the battle watch had already been set. Sitting down in the command chair, he looked at Johnathan Maury, the first officer.

"What's up"

Maury looked up from the display he was reading. "We don't know much, captain, it seems to be an auto distress call."

Punching his com panel, Xavier called Roland McCallister, the flight wing leader. "Nitro"

The reply came through the speaker, "Here, sir"

"Are your pilots ready?"

"Well gee, sir, lemme check." A brief burst of static as the com channel changed. "Captain wants to know if we're ready. Are we?"

Massed voices answer, "Sir, Born Ready, Sir"

Xavier laughs inwardly, "Alright then"

Turning to where Marine Commander Vlad Breckenridge stood he asks, "And you?"

"Hoorah, sir" the big marine replies, hefting his personal weapon.

The officer of the deck, Sonya Li, spoke up then. "Captain we are in range of our long range sensors. It's definetly pirates, a cruiser by these readings."

Xavier spoke to the bridge at large. "All right, people, this is what we've been practicing for. Weps, lock torpedoes and cannon, prep the EMP, Ops extrapolate most likely route those pirates would take to escape, OOD, be ready for hard brake, Comms, order that vessel to heave to and make ready to surrender whatever they've taken, Marines to stations, Chief, inform the crew we're going into combat". Activating the intercom, "Engineering , we're going to need as much speed as you can give us, Sick bay, be ready to recieve wounded." Pausing for breath he ends, "Nitro, launch fighers." Settling back into his chair, Xavier thinks "And so we begin"


Tuesday, January 23, 2007 7:52 AM


Luna; "Status," as she Stumbled onto the bridge

Camden; "No to shinny cap mama birds coming home."

Luna; "We good for a run," Catching her Breath

Camdem; "They'll catch us even if we burn it,"

Luna; "Dam, not good huh... pull us off and get a signal lock on the nearest joker."

Camdem; "Got it."

The ship thrust off the station pulling the arms and dock inside after it. Zefie rolled and shoot forward just clear into sight of the carrier the cloud lit behind it giving and surreal violet glow.

Wolf; "What you planning little miss?"

Luna; "You'll see?" Under her breath, "just try me."

The seconds ticked by and the fighters came closer, chatter was picked up on mulitiple waves.

Radio; "You are ordered to surrender to the cargo you have taken and your ship to the independent fleet...."

Wolf; "shut up," flicking off the radio

Camdem; "Captain these are older modle fighters we could hit them with the gattling,"

Luna; "No we don't need to fight yet, broadcast on all channels,"

Camdem; "Aye,"

Why do they respect an eighteen year old girl ?

Luna; "To the captain of the carrier vessel, it would seem to be shame if the alliance were to find this station wouldn't it. How’s about this you let us go and we skip the unpleasantries, we’re locked onto the nearest alliance beacon.”

The standoff…

Thats why


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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 3:03 PM


On the Bridge of Iconia

"Clever girl" thinks Xavier. "Comms can you jam the frequency?"

"I don't think so, sir"

"Ops, how far is that beacon they're locked on to?"

"3 klicks, sir, out of range."

"To us, maybe." Activiting an encrypted channel through his console. "Nitro, three klicks away, bearing 253 elevation angle 14, there's an Alliance communications beacon take it out. But be subtle about it. Make it look like a malfunction if you can."

"You got it, sir"

Looking to the Operations station, Xavier orders, "Ops put out false echos in all directions make it look like we're bringing in additional ships to surround the cruiser. That should distract the pirates"

"Aye sir" Michaels answers.

Weapons officer, Michael Stuart spoke up then, "Sir, I may be able to focus our EM weapons into a very tight beam and take out their long range comm suite, without disabling any of the other systems"

"Do it, but hold fire until we hear from McCallister. Comms, open a channel"

"Channel open, sir"

"Pirate Cruiser, your vessel signature identifies you as the Zefie, formerly of the Alliance Spacelift Command, currently operating as a pirate raider. If you're planning to infrom Alliance forces of the location of the station you just raided, you would be making a tactical blunder. Which would Allied HQ find more interesting, the location of a new station, set up to preserve confidential company secrets, owned by one of the most respected corporations in the Rim, provided by you; or the location of a Pirate cruiser directly identified in numerous raids, provided by me? If you would like to infrom the Alliance you would be simply signing your own death warrant. If you would like to make a purchase, that could certainly be arrainged. But attempt to flee with stolen items and you will quicky be surrounded and find yourself outnumbered, outgunned and outmanuvered. You and your crew will be aprehended , handed over to the Allied Police and will be hung as pirates. Surrender and live or fight and either be killed in a battle you cannot win or by the hand of an Allied hangman. Your call"


Wednesday, January 24, 2007 6:21 AM


Camden; "Were running right Captain?"

Wolf; "Get a shuttle ready i'll pay show them what for,"

Fry; "Captain?"

Luna paused

Luna; "It's no fun when they don't play nice, get that shuttle ready and send it with surrender frequency,"

Wolf; "I'm not giving up," Luna cut in

Luna; "Nor am I, yet. Take the ship behind the station and bound a flash signal on that beacon, we'll scare them."

Wolf; "Targeting the ships as they come into range,"

Luna; "No, offer for us to stand down if they withdraw, and consider their terms."

Wolf; "This is yellow little miss we can take them,"

Luna; "I'm not a brown coat i don't fight losing battles, yellow looks go on me don't you think?" She smiled, "We'll play, we'll play for now."

Zefie drifted behind the station blowing two EMPs into it as it went.

Luna; “Echo the location of the ship around the station,”

Camden; “The shuttles ready, and we’re like eggs to them now.”

Luna; “I’m going down to the loading bay, Fry hold the fort,”

Fry; “Aye,”

Luna; “Keep the ship here,”

She left the bridge and wove the winding corridors to the landing bay.

The shuttle blew off the Zefie a green trail in it’s wake.

“This is where it gets fun,” Luna thought to herself.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007 8:27 AM


"Captain" Michaels called out, "there's a shuttle breaking off from the pirate cruiser, they may be surrendering."

"Comms anything?" Xavier asked

"A short 'flash' signal from the cruiser, they appear to be trying to raise the alliance beacon"

"Nitro, what have you got?"

A burst of static from the com panel, "Easy as pie sir, just had to bump the thing. Purplebellies can't make anything reliable. It'll look like it got hit by an asteroid."

Li spoke then, "Sir, I just picked up weapons fire."

Stuart, the weapons officer, answered "I can confirm that, sir. Two EM blasts aimed at the station."

At Ops Michaels replied, "I think they may be trying to use the station as cover."

Maury, spoke for the first time in a while, "Recommend we bring the suttle in and have the fighters surround the cruiser."

"Agreed, OOD, take us up through the plane of the system over the station. Weps, keep a lock on their engineering spaces and their com suite." Activating his com panel, Xavier raised the fighter wing, "Alpha wing, escort the shuttle in to the bay. Bravo and Charlie wings, flank the cruiser." Turning to Breckinridge, "Vlad, take two squads down to the bay and meet any 'guests' the priates may have sent"

"Aye sir" Breckinridge answered


Friday, January 26, 2007 6:51 AM


Camden; "Their casting a net,"

Fry; "Will they see us?"

Camden; "Could do, the stations SOS beacon is buzzing,"

Fry; "Can we hide?"

Wolf; "Don't say your with the captain we aren't that low,"

Fry; "You want to die?"

Camden; "Sir there’s a fuel dock on the underside if we get in there it'll take hours to find us with all the EMS's around."

Fry; "Do it, where’s the shuttle?"

Wolf; "Little miss is at the front door, She's out of it ok were all goina die if we just sit here."

Camden; "He's right, we can't hide forever,"

Fry; "Captain said stay we stay, she knows what's she doing."

Wolf; "I say fight, Camden says run we naught staying,"

Luna; "I'm still in command,"

Camden; "What.. cap weren't you on the shuttle,"

Wolf; "Little miss is isn't so dumb huh,”

Fry; “Captain, but the shuttle,”

Luna walked and took her seat in the bridge, putting her hands in her lap.

Luna; “You see,

The shuttle came into the ships landing deck,

Luna; “We used the autopilot that Hope built,

The shuttle touched down with a slight bump,

Luna; “And we had a few to many fuel cells to store so we gave them back, plus a little extra.”

She looked over at Wolf,

Luna, “They wanted us to play,”

The shuttle fired off EM pulse into space, and then…..

The wave sent ripples though the shell of the Iconia the fire spilled out the dock as chunks of ship and plasma flew into space. The damage was mainly on the outside of the ship and to the right hand dock.

Luna; “Any kid knows that if you open a fuel cell you get a mass of EM bouncing off everything, they can’t scan for us. Lets keep to the station’s shadow and see if we can get out of here, they wont be to happy.

Camden; “Yes captain,”

Wolf; “You aren’t so yella after all,”

Luna looked over at the fragments of ship that were sailing out into space,
Luna; “They made us do it, they never try to play fair.”

The fighters flew over the top of the Zefie but she was out of sight, most had moved back to cover the Iconia.

Camden; “Want to try to run?”

Luna; “Not just yet, it doesn’t feel right.

Wolf; “There’s a communication, boosted over the EM

Fry; “Whose?”

Wolf; “Like I know,”

Luna, “Put it on,”

“This is the Freidan, of the Federation of Allied Planets, every vessels is ordered to stand down and wait for the EM Field to dissipate.”

Wolf; “Who called the Feds,”

Luna; “No one, they came by them selves.”

Camden; “So we run right, this time we run.”

Luna; “Not yet, it’s not fair.”

Fry; “We’re pirates not goraming brown coats,”

Luna; “We still try to play fair, if they die it’s gonna be partly our fault

Battlecruiser the Freidan, the Cruiser Birmingham and the Frigate Trish, sat in space drawn by the signals coming out of the area, waited for the EM to dissipate so they could scan the ships. Leaving the EM would mean being seen.

(Cat and mouse on a whole new level)


Friday, January 26, 2007 7:49 AM


"Damage Report!" Xavier demanded as Iconia rocked with the EM blast.

Regarding his pannel Maury answered, "Reports of minor shock damage in several starboard sections, some hull damage, but the starboard docking bay recived the brunt of the blow".

From the intercom came Dr. Tamerlane's voice, "We've got a few wounded coming in here, captain. Mosty 1st and 2nd degree burns with some minor trauma. Looks like the marines took the brunt of damage. Overall, though everyone should be fine."

"Good to hear, Doctor." Xavier answered, relieved.

Stuart spoke from his station, "A couple of our cannon are down, sir but we still have EM and Torps."

Michaels at Ops, "Sensors won't function in the EM cloud, we're running on proximinty detectors"

A voice from the interom, "Bridge, Engineering"

"Go ahead, Amy"

"We're a little rattled down here, and we blew some auxillary lines, I wouldn't recommend going flank until we make repairs."

"How long?"

"20 minutes, sir"

"You've got 10"

"Aye, Sir"

"OOD, where's the cruiser?"

Checking her panels Li answered "I can't tell through the cloud."

Suddenly, through a burst of static came a voice over the com, "This is the Freidan, of the Federation of Allied Planets, every vessel is ordered to stand down and wait for the EM Field to dissipate."

Xavier pounded his armrest, then appeared to calm himself, "Comms, make this a broadcast, I want those pirates to hear too"

"Aye, sir"

"This is Xavier Williamson of Freeport Space Industries, to whom am I speaking?"

An image sprang onto Xavier's personal viewer of the birdge of an Alliance battlecruiser with a young officer centered in it. "I am Commander Jonas Halden of the Cruiser Friedan. We detected a large EM surge in this area and came to investigate. Is there a problem?"

"As a matter of fact there is a problem, Commander Halden. Despite your good intentions, You have distupted a shakedown of a new prototype my company is designing for possible future use in the Alliance Fleet. We were just in the process of testing the EM resistance of the prototype's systems. I am terribly sorry that you were not informed ahead of time, I shall personally see to it that who ever made this oversight is terminated from my employment. I do apoligize that this incident has caused you to deviate from your assigned patrol route. I hope it was not too much of a disruption?"

"Not at all, Mr. Williamson, it gave my crew something to do, we've been out for some time and it gets rather monotonous. Your ship appears damaged, do you require any assistance with repairs?"

"No thank you, Commander Halden, my station will be more than capable of handling this, it appears that this design needs more work."

"Ha ha" Halden laughs "Very good, Mr. Williamson, we'll be on our way."

"Good Journey to you, Commander" Xavier signs off.

At the conn, Sonya speaks up, "Sir, the cloud is clearing, the Alliance ships are resuming their previous course."

The air pressure on the bridge rises as all the officers breathe a sigh of relief.

"All right, open a channel to the cruiser"

"Channel Open"

"This is Xavier Williamson aboard Iconia, I just saved both our hides. Let's talk about ending this. Please Respond."


Friday, January 26, 2007 12:44 PM


Camden; "The Carrier is broadcasting on a boost, grainy but we’re getting a feed,"

Wolf; "This guy is tryin to piss me off"

Luna; "Put it up, prep the engines."

Xavier; *"As a matter of fact there is a problem, Commander Halden."*

Wolf; "Here it comes,"

Luna; "He wont, he would have called them if he wanted their help,"

Xavier; *"I hope it was not too much of a disruption?"*

Fry; "We could latch onto the battle cruiser and get out of this mess,"

Luna; "No, Wolf get Roxy, Woody and Hope ready, you get a trip, Fry get Freddy, Stacia and Duke ready. Camden in 5 minuets take the ship out towards them, broadcast a tracker so they can see us."

Fry; "This is in anyway a good idea, we blew a hole in his ship."

Luna; "If he wanted to kill us he would have got the alliance to do it, he wants to talk i'll do it face to face, if he want to kill us then I’ll kill him face to face."


Battle royal II tomorrow at 23;45


Friday, January 26, 2007 12:44 PM



Friday, February 2, 2007 6:05 PM


Li spoke up, "Recieving a locator signal, it's the cruiser."

Maury, "Think they want to talk?"

Xavier, "They might, but we won't be caught again. Weps, keep a solid lock with all weapons; target priority is still the engineering spaces, but anything comes within 100 meters, EM the living daylights out of it. OOD, take us to 20 kilometers. Comms, open a channel."

"Channel open"

"This is Williamson, you've shown extreme resourcefulness, but it's time to end this. I have a propisition for you. I sometimes have need of "freelancers" to perform certain activities that I or my associates cannot engage in. If you would be willing to occasionally provide the services of your ship and crew, I would pay you well, make repair facilities open to you and allow your crew to take shore leave aboard the station while your ship is in refit.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007 10:19 AM


The shuttle kept a steady distance from the Iconia the wake as it retreated buffered the strait path of the craft. Luna eyed over the controls looking out on the behemoth that was before them.

Luna; "Their pretty big, I don't think much of this speed though."

Duke; "It's a brute, alliance are the only ones with ships that big."

Stacia; "And who do you think he works for?"

Luna couldn't be bothered to correct her, she took the lens cover off the camera and positioned herself on the pilots chair.

Luna; “This is Luna-Maria Hawk Captain of the Zefie, if wish to talk to me I’ll be landing on the right dock in about 5 minuets if it’s not to much trouble. I’m guessing that it’ll be pretty cold out there so I’d wrap up warm.”

The shuttle kept is course, cut speed up so it was gaining on the Iconia rapidly, The widening mouth of the burnt out right dock got ever larger.

Hope; “This is kids play, it’s like it’s not even got secondary override codes.”

Wolf; “What part of me is meant to care?”

Roxy; “I think you should, Luna’s plan wouldn’t work without Hopes help.” Pirched on a railing

Wolf; “And you help how?”

Hope; “Done, Wolf she did pull a bullet out of you, back on Shadow.” Packing up her tools.

Wolf; blowing off hope remark, “load up ladies we got to find some cover.”

Woody came running up the corridor, his AK strapped to his back.

Woddy; “You’ll never guess what I found.”

Zefie came out of the underbelly of the station and was bathed with the glow of the Iconia’s engines, they powerd at the same speed with the shuttle cleanly seen to the aft.

Camden; “you ever get the feeling your left out?”

Fry; “The captains plans, she leaves everybody out, she loves to take us by surprise.”
Camden; “Well I don’t like this plan, to much can go wrong.”

Fry; “You think the captain’s going to let you die,”

A button flashes on in the cockpit.

Wolf; “You guy are going to love this.”

Woody; “think you can get it to work?”

Hope, “It already works, it’s just needs some tuning up.”

Wolf, “Can we launch?”

Hope; “Give me a few seconds… what about that big ass door?”

Roxy; “The ships closed off, why would they just leave it laying here,”

Woody; “Who cares, it’s ours now.”

Hope; “I’ve cut them out,”

Wolf; “Can you power it up?”

Hope; “Who do you think your talking to?”

The Aura cruiser gave out a hum as engine came online, the closed station masked it from the outside.

(The Aura)

The shuttle landed in the right dock, Luna stepped out in a suit followed by Freddy, Stacia and Duke. They looked round the walls were burnt and wreckage was strewn around.

Freddy; “No place like home, huh.”

A door opened at the far end of the hanger.

The story is what we live, life is what we write and what will be remembered about us


Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:49 AM


The Taskforce encounter a light patrol ship the Birmingham

The towers of the Alliance ships gleam with the green at the windows, and the engines burning through the power cells.

Guan;**"There is no tests of any ship in this sector and this Xavier Williamson of Freeport Space Industries has never worked for the Alliance."

Commander Halden;** "I'm sorry sir he had a good story, I’ll go right back and arrest him."

Guan**"No fall in with the fleet, this doesn't set well."

Guan looked over at the command consol.

Guan; "look lively we’re going to high alert,"

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007 1:41 PM


maenwhile, just a few sectors away from the spacestation, the little ship, the salvager, run into some trouble

darren: Whats Going on?

jane: we've been hit bad!

darren: nick! we need you to fix this ship! nick where the hell are are you?

darren runs to the engine room, just as he opens the door a huge rush of smoke comes pouring out. darren backs off a few steps, waving the smoke from his face and coughing badly. he pulls his shirt over his mouth and continues in

darren: nick! nick!

after shouting his name he finds his mechanic unconcious on the floor

darren: damn it!

josie runs up behind him

josie: oh my god! what happened?

darren: i don't know! i need you to help him

josie: sure thing, i need help moving him

darren: butch! where the hell is he?

darren runs to butch's quaters to surprisingly find him still asleep, even with the alarm going off

darren: Btch wake up you lazy good for nothing...

butch: wha..? i'm up, i'm up! whats going on?

darren: in case you hadn't realised, we're in a spot of trouble, now get your ass to the engine room and help josie carry nick

butch: all right, jeez man

butch slowly walks away, still trying to uncramp his neck from the awward position he slept in

darren runs to the bridge

darren: so john, got any ideas?

john: you sure do have a lot of people after you don't you?

darren: just keep your mouth shut and tell me how we're gonna get out of this one

john: not sure we can, the blas we took knocked out our EMP doors, if we launch them they'll blow up inside the ship

darren: what about our grappels or our gattling guns?

john: the gattling guns won't do anything against a ship the big, light dents in the sheild, thats all. and i doubt you wanna get closer to a ship of that size, so grappels are out of the question

darren: well your meant to be a decent tactical advisor, figure something out!

john: we can manually load up the EMP into the escape shuttles, and launch the shuttles into the ship. that would knock down their power long enough to escape

darren: then what are you waiting for?

john: well there is a very small chance this will succeed, after all, there is no aiming system on the shuttles, and if we're on target, they could blow the shuttle in mid space

darren: well figure something out, in the mean time i'm gonna check on nick

darren runs straight past the medic bay where nick is being held and straight to one of the escape shuttles, he gets in and launches it in the diredtion of the space shuttle, not knowing about h battle taking place there

jane: johnathon, look at this!

john: how many time do i have to tell you, call me john

jane: sorry john,but look at this, darrens done another runner

john: damn it! that coward!

jane: he's blocked off all communications, what are we gonna do?

john: load the remaining shuttles with the EMP's, if this works, then we're going to get darren back


Wednesday, February 14, 2007 10:38 AM


The Pompeii straddled by the other ships drifted towards the Salvager, who had only a few seconds earlier been EMPed before they could escape.

Stap; "We've got them sir, shall we open fire?" A young officer stood in front of Guan, he looked no different from anyone else on this ship.

Guan; "Let them go, but not to easily, send out a wing."

Stap; "At once sir,"

The pods came towards them but at such a low speed gunners couldn't miss.

The Salvager powered up and ran, bursts flying past them as they went, but nowhere near a close shot.

Guan; "Let a rat run it goes strait back to the nest, move us up at the same speed."

Stap; "Sir their heading in the same direction as our target."

Guan; "Two birds with one stone,"

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 11:13 AM











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