Google Group Up for Margaret Weis's tabletop Firefly RPG

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Saturday, February 21, 2015 9:22 AM


For anyone who's interested, I have created a private Google group messageboard for playing the Firefly RPG by Margaret Weis (not to be confused with the earlier Serenity RPG). Got the Core rulebook and Things Don't Go Smooth supplement from Drivethru RPG. May also get the new Smugglers Guide to the Rim supplement if I get enough players. Looking for around 4.

The group has six premade characters and ships, if you want to skip character creation (or don't know how to make them) you can grab one of each. If you want to roll an original ship or character, let me know and I will walk you through the process. Knowledge of the Cortex system used in the Firefly RPG helpful, but not necessary as I can run most of it myself.

Being a tabletop game, there will be some behind the scenes rolling of dice and character management, if that's your thing. The Cortex system is simple, yet powerful for creating dozens of character and ship concepts. It's not very gamey, but allows for interesting and unpredictable turns to the story.

I have the free to distribute character and ship sheet PDFs that are form fillable if you need them. I will plan on running the first adventure in the core rulebook. It involves the crew being hired to rob and ruin the boss of a mining company that unjustly incarcerated the crew's employer.

Posting frequency should be at least 2-3 a week, ideally more. If interested, contact me at for an invitation link to the group, thanks.


Saturday, April 9, 2016 10:13 AM


Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m interested in playing Firefly. I’ve done a couple of pbp with the Serenity rpg and have all the Firefly rpg. I’ve also played using teamspeak which is fun but the group couldn’t always meet at the same time. I’d encourage you to get Ghosts in the Black if you’re thinking of getting another book. It’s got all the character and ship distinctions, signature assets, and a great story. I would plan on daily posts as long as the story and other players are keeping up to date. Thanks for considering me to join the group.






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Google Group Up for Margaret Weis's tabletop Firefly RPG
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