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Friday, January 23, 2004 11:46 AM


i DO aim to misbehave

Welcome to the New Characters (a.k.a. Hitchers)listing for the role-playing thread, "Adventures in Gunrunning" Feel free to read through the posts and find out who the new faces are in our little corner of the verse.

NEW PLAYERS: If you're a new character, please reply to this initial post on the thread when writing your character's bio. That way the directors will know you've got new information on board.

Damon Boster
Rosevelt "Rosie" Thorne
Brink "Slight" Helsing
Merzedez Troy
Sophia Landford
Fa-Zhou Rowan
Li-Chen Xiang
Shan Kowen
Graham Calbrax
Quentin "Hawk" Hawksworth III NEW
Robert Laing

Once your character's bio is in, please use the site's Edit feature to change or add bits as they come to you, rather than tacking on a whole new post. Editing in this case is perfectly allowable, since it keeps the thread organized and keeps any of your information from getting overlooked - dong ma?

Thanks for playing, reading, and stopping in to see what this was all about!


Friday, January 23, 2004 1:22 PM


Damon Boster

Basic: dark brown eyes, brown hair, about 6 foot, 27 years old, lean/muscular form, has a Chinese symbol for ‘Trihn’ branded onto his upper right arm, carries countless scars of whips and bullets and has handcuff scars on his wrists

Damon grew up as an only child with his alcoholic parents on one of the core planets. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 to help support the family with whatever job he could find, though his primary concern was always protecting his mother from the violence of his father.

When Damon was 17, his father sold him into slavery. He worked in an Alliance weapons/military vehicles factory for three years where he learned everything from how to assemble and/or repair weapons and engines to how to ‘accidentally’ blow them up by crossing the wrong wire. His unyielding attempts at escape constantly got him in trouble with the guards and it didn’t take him long to become a skilled fighter, with or without a gun.

When the war ended, the factory went out of business and Damon was bought by Crofton Trihn, a wealthy Lithridium mine owner with a bad rep for mistreating his slaves. Damon was immediately branded as Crofton’s property and still carries the Chinese symbol for ‘Trihn’ that was burned into his upper right arm. Damon’s rebellion continued and the guards were at a loss for how to make the boy more complacent because despite the beatings they frequently gave him, he still refused give up his attacks on the guards and escape attempts. It didn’t take long for Damon’s unruly reputation to reach Crofton’s attention. Taking Damon’s defiance as a challenge, Crofton made it his goal to break him. After five years, Damon had all but given up hope. By the time he met Xiang, only his stubborn hatred for Crofton was keeping him going. Xiang was a slave in Croton’s household who claimed to have a way to escape and offered to take Damon with him. Damon agreed, having nothing more to loose, and two months later, they escaped.

Damon was free.

However, his celebration was cut short when he realized that Crofton hadn’t given up the fight and had put out a reward for Damon’s return. Damon still legally belonged to Crofton and as long as he carried the brand on his arm, he would never be safe. Falling back on the skills he learned during his eight years of slavery, he drifted from one ship to another as a mercenary, working for whatever money he could get a hold of, always managing to stay one step ahead of the Feds. He works hard and never passes up an opportunity to fill his stomach with just about anything edible. He likes to spend his free time fixing things, preferably ones that he can sell and profit from. Until he has collected enough money to afford a doctor who can remove the brand on his arm, he is determined to keep his identity a secret and takes extra care to hide his scars. His months of freedom have only reinforced his distrust of other people as he learned that many of them would not hesitate to turn him in or take advantage of his inexperience with the verse. Having missed the entire war with little knowledge of what went on, he is still learning about the impact it had on different worlds and the politics behind it all. But despite his ignorance, nothing will sway his hatred for the Alliance for what they did to him. His sleep is constantly plagued by nightmares and memories that he occasionally fights off with as many drinks he can handle.

Now, a year after his escape, he finds himself aboard Serenity. After a very close call with the Feds, he was saved and brought aboard with a few other hitchhikers. Dependent on their medical facilities, yet unable to afford his passage, he will be working for his keep and eventually may even find a place among the crew.

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Friday, January 23, 2004 1:40 PM


Keep the Shiny side up

Great idea, Channain!

Cutting and pasting from prior backstory:

Anyway, here's 'Rosie' Thorne. He is an older man of medium build, maybe 50, but still fit and active, if a bit scarred up. He has cropped salt-and-pepper hair and is clean-shaven - looks ex-military. His right ear is missing. Wears Browncoat pants and boots, with a long black leather coat against Hara's spring chill. Carries a large blue-steel revolver on his left hip(being left-handed) and a short Tanto knife.

Thorne is a native of Hara, and was the second son of a well-off farm family which lived in Serenity Valley(where else?). As the second son, he goes into the military, which at that time meant the Alliance forces. My Avatar is his graduation picture from the military academy. (A cyber-cookie to the one that tells me who the picture actually is.) Thorne doesn't talk much about his time in Alliance service, but is a colonel by the time of the Unification war.

At the start of the war, he resigns his Alliance commission and volunteers to fight for the Independents. This is not a popular decision with his family, who support unification. Due to his prior military experience, Thorne is involved with strategic planning, but, also due to other prior experience, he spends some time on clandestine operations to obtain weapons and supplies.

After the war is lost, Thorne returns to Hara, although he now has no ties there. His sister moved off-world years ago and the rest of his family were lost in the devastation of Serenity Valley. He uses contacts developed during the war to open an import/export business that is quite successful, if somewhat less than 100% legal.

Thorne is well traveled, and at home in a variety of cultures and social levels. Somewhat of an antiquarian, he loves ancient music, literature, movies, video, and popular culture. His language is sprinkled with 600 years of slang and catchphrases. For some unknown reason he refuses to speak Chinese, but throws in an occasional word in other Earth-that-was languages, which few understand. In business he is direct to the point of bluntness, but when socializing can get quite verbose.

He likes a drink now and again, and occasionally goes on a real toot, as though he were trying to forget something. Enjoys good food (and can cook his own), although once again no Chinese. Likes women, but isn't involved with any one at this time.

Also, as noted before: about 50, good shape, left-handed, right ear missing, short salt&pepper hair, clean shaven, well armed.

"Keep the Shiny side up"


Monday, February 2, 2004 7:48 AM


Okay, guess this is going to sound weird, but hey, that's why I'm here.
Brink "Slight" Helsing is the son of Harold Helsing, who founded the Blue Sun. He's about the Captains size and build, and wears a long black trenchcoat. His hair is jet black, but his eyes are bloodred. He was a different part of the same project as River and Thorne. While they couldn't give him quite the level of brainpower (so to speak) as River, they tried to simply boost his senses, most notably his eyes. Through simple nerve crossing and such, his ability to see the world from a different angle, or "on the slight" quickly made him too difficult to deal with, and the Blue Hands tried to end his story. He escaped, taking plenty of Blue Sun funds and intelligence. He's been searching for others who got through the cracks as well, and help them destroy any failsafes the Hands might have installed. When he got word of the Tams, he began the search.

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Thursday, May 13, 2004 4:32 AM


Cap'n sez ta bump thread - this is a bump!

Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds***Currently Casting***
*Previously Played By – Humble (, Geezer (, AIM; fflygeezer), CapnRahn (, AIM & MSN: CapnRahn)*

Zoë Washburne - Astriana (, MSN, AIM: MissAstriana, Yahoo!: MissAstriana, ICQ: 9592266)

Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne – Decoy (sparks@the, AIM: DeKol FF)
*Previously Played By - ZachsMind (, Astriana (, MSN, AIM: MissAstriana, Yahoo!: MissAstriana, ICQ: 9592266),
RavenWhyteWing (

Jayne Cobb – SaintJayne, understudy (, AIM: Hlastoni)
*Previously Played By - SerenitysSon ( *

Kaywinnit Lee ‘Kaylee’ Frye – Astriana understudy (, MSN, AIM: MissAstriana, Yahoo!: MissAstriana, ICQ: 9592266) *Previously Played By – BoomerGoodHeart (, AIM: BoomerGoodHeart)*

Simon Tam - ***Currently Casting*** *Previously Played By – CapnRahn (, AIM & MSN: CapnRahn)*

River Tam – BrokenChilde (Yahoo!: LaCaitiri) *Previously Played By – TeelaBrown ( AIM: Teela Sera)*

Inara Serra – Inaraesque (contact via*Previously Played By – Ciara (; AIM: Gamestopgirrl)*

Shepherd Book - ManiacNumberOne ( AIM: MaNiAc jgb)

Adelai Niska***Currently Casting***
*Previously Played By: Kelso (, CapnRahn (, AIM & MSN: CapnRahn) *

Brink 'Slight' Helsing - RavenWhyteWing (

Damon - Squee (; AIM: Squee755)

Jubal Early – In Limbo on the Rim
Previously played By: Succatash

Mercedes 'Merz' Troy – RavenWhyteWing ( *Previously Played/Created By – MercedesTroy ( , AIM: Tampa Cyberose)*

Roosevelt 'Rosie' Thorne - Geezer (, AIM: fflygeezer)

Rowan - Channain (, AIM: Channain)

Co-Director - FrauDirektor (, MSN, AIM: MissAstriana, Yahoo!: MissAstriana, ICQ: 9592266)
Co-Director - Channain (; AIM: Channain)
Minion - DirektorsSmeagol


Saturday, May 15, 2004 4:38 AM


I decided since this thread has been bumped, to add Merzedes’ description and “some” information here to maintain continuity.

She gives her name as Merzedes Troy, but obviously prefers to be called MERZ She is 5’4” tall with an apparent weight of around 118 lbs. Her hair is a radiant platinum blond, normally worn in a braid that falls past her waist. When first seen, she was wearing a ship suit with the sleeves ripped off, a SWAT style hat with no identifiers, orange-tinted goggles and generic but well made combat-style boots.

Although she is not often seen aboard ship with these, she arrived with a harness rig carrying 4 rods of different diameters, and about 1.2 meter long and a holster carrying a cross between a pistol and multi-barrel shotgun. There is also an alicepak and a – large bowling ball bag.

There are special pockets in the legs of her shipsuit that hold a couple of telescoping rods. These she wears continuously.

She speaks mostly English, but appears to have at least some knowledge of, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Nepali, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. If she uses another language besides English, it will normally be Nepali.

Skills include hand to hand combat armed and unarmed, small arms fire, vehicle weapons fire and maintenance, small unit tactics, gunsmith, weapons tech and general engineer, escrima, field medicine and emergency surgery, stealth, acrobatics, zero-g acrobatics, and a martial arts technique that is not one single type, but a blend of everything you can think of. She is experienced in wilderness survival; can and will eat almost anything if necessary. Over the years, she has developed a taste for grubs baked in clay

She cannot pilot anything, out-atmo, in-atmo or ground. Cannot cook. Does not understand housekeeping beyond keeping her bunk and belongings squared away. She has nearly no social skills to notice, although appears to be attempting to pick that up. Many basic concepts seem to be beyond her grasp or completely absent from her knowledge base.

MERZ has admitted to being unofficially discharged on her own recognizance from a military team. She has declined to name it. She has made mention of the fact they may be looking for her, but there is no evidence to support that. She is looking for some people she considers friends, that she last saw over 6 years ago, and has no clue to their whereabouts. The last time she saw the engineers, was at BoSV, and that was from a distance.

She has not the slightest fraction of a beginning of a gleam of an iota of an idea, that she may desire to return to her former life.


Sunday, May 16, 2004 3:30 AM


Don't know if I should post here, but I'll do a little bio. Though y'all know the stuff pretty well. Jah.

River Tam is 17, rather skinny, and dances. Well, she can do a lot of things. She went to an Alliance Academy, where she sent a message to her brother Simon, saying that they were hurting her. So he gets her out. She arrives on Serenity in a cryobox, and with her brother. She doesn't fit in well. She doesn't really give straight answers. Either metaphorical or basically a string of numbers. She has a tendency to wander around the ship.

Player/Author note: It's hard to write River's lines sometimes. Cause you can't give it straight. Oh well, tis fun. Back to the bio...

The future? I don't know. I write it as I read. But not long-term future. Next few posts future. That's all I suppose.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004 3:32 AM


Saw the title. Oh well, now you know.

My reading skills in the morning: Dead.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004 11:00 AM


Felt I should fill in some blanks, while I was here. Should be fun.
Okay, continuing on the history biology and chemistry of Slight. As you may recall, Slight spent many of his formulative years under the cruel training of Harold Helsing. As a result of such tutelage, he has little patience for word games, and is often blunt and to the point. His ability to interact with other humans is marred by the mental sacrifices he made for the training, as well as his constant need for a father-figure.
Slight views himself as a less-than-human, a scientific creation as opposed to a flesh-and-blood. He's doesn't understand the importance of birthdays, or family-grouping. He was trained to be alone. He was bred to walk alone. He never trusts fully, and often has a failsafe coordinated with any dealings.
Ever since his defaction from the Blue Sun operatives, he was worked mainly as a assassin and bodyguard. Niska and Badger are among his "clients." Niska contracted him at one point to kill an Alliance official who was investigating one of Niskas front organizations, and would not be bought or threatened. Slight, in the middle of his assignment, received a different order-bring the Fed in. Niska decided he wanted to torment the man himself. Slight took out his frustration by beating the Fed into near-death, and sent the man cryo-preserved to Niska. Niska, displeased with the theft of his sadistic pasttime, sent three assassins to kill Slight. Slight "dealt" with two of them, and sent the third to inform Niska to never again be an agressor. Niska viewed the man, who was missing eight fingers, all of his toes and had had his eyes ripped out. He got the hint.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004 8:38 PM


OOC: Well here goes nothing >.<

Sophia Landford is a 17 year old psychic prodigy. Much like River she was "altered" at a young age, the only difference was her "alterations" were on a genetic level before her actual birth. She was born on core planet Sihnon. Her mother died during delivery and her father's whereabouts unkown, she was alone, orphaned at birth. No relitives and her mother's money locked away she was shipped off to the backwater planet Tennrei were she worked in a family friend's A.C. belt factory. At age 8 she ran away from her home on Tennrei to neighboring planet Noutai, a military youth training base. With money she had saved or stolen she bought her way into school. She enrolled under the name Serena Garrison the first in a long list of aliases. She learned how to fight and graduated top in her class specializing in craft flight and repair. Not long after her graduation from Noutai Military Academy (N.M.A) she committed her first felony, robbing the N.M.A of all existing funds, thus placing Serena Garrison in wanted status at age 12. At age 13 with her new found fortune proceeded to set up a “home” or rather a headquarters for herself. A place to stash all her stolen goodies. As soon as she had everything nicely tucked away and hidden out of sight Federal officers showed up to bring the wanted felon Serena Garrison into custody. Three officers were killed in this attempt and further investigation of the girl was temporarily put to a halt. At age 14 she began to attract some attention to herself when she started to contract out for Vessel theft, assassinations, Piracy, and Federal Intelligence Interception. Considered to be one of the top female criminal rouges she decides its time to settle down and start working as an honest girl. Age 15 she returned to her home planet to begin her training as a companion under the name Candy Seraph. Before you could say Wanted Dead or Alive she finished her training and yet again robbed her school blind well maybe not blind more like turned the lights off. Now at age 17 she is wanted for treason against the Allied planets of the ‘Verse, conspiracy with radical terrorists and criminals, minor theft, murder in the first, second and third degree, grand theft vessel, theft against major corporate allies, impersonation of Alliance federal agents, aiding and abetting other criminals and supporting crimes against the Allied planets. Her wanted poster reading much the same thing. She was last seen with shoulder length Lavender hair, about 5 foot 3 inches tall, eye color ranging from White with purple specks to solid Purple. She is also rumored to go by the following names: Serena Garrison, Candy Seraph, Silver Sun, Blue Daughter, Sophia Carr, Kaleido Parrish, and Aishya Twilight. Her strong points are manipulation, mind tricks (a.k.a making you see a door as being closed and locked when in fact its wide open), craft flight and repair, and hand to hand combat. The best way to identify her is to look for a double inlayed crescent moon necklace or a tattoo on her left palm of a symbol used in ancient runeology. The tattoo is shaped like a flame engulfing yet another crescent moon. So there you have it a 17 year old wonder crook wondering around the universe in search of god knows what well... other thena good time and some cold hard cash.

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Thursday, October 7, 2004 9:51 AM


i DO aim to misbehave

Fa-Zhou Rowan
Last Updated: 16June2004

Rowan is an Asian woman in her early 30s with a Chinese father and a Black Irish mother. Slim but shapely, She's comfortable in her own skin, well aware she has the kind of beauty that makes men stupid. She likes her black hair long, nearly to the middle of her back, but her most stunning feature would be her eyes, which are naturally jade green thanks to a genetic fluke from her mother's Irish bloodlines. A pair of dark brown contacts effectively covers the color and Rowan justifies their use in that an Asian woman with green eyes would be pretty easy for the Feds to identify, but her real reason is that she simply despises the color and the undue attention it tends to cause. She wears black because she likes the simple drama, and because she knows it lends a certain level of mystique. The rest, as she says, just comes naturally.

Her nine-ball nick name is "Black Dragon" and as she was born in the year of the dragon, she has all the strength and volatility of spirit that goes with it. She has a keen, companion-caliber sense of observation that has handily assisted her a successful career as a professional hustler. She's not above taking advantage of some hapless male who thinks that playing a game of nine-ball with the pretty girl might get him a chance at getting into her pants. As she sees it, if they're dumb enough to pay more attention to her than the game, then they deserve to get taken - at nine ball, that is.

Although Rowan is pretty easy on the eyes, her older sister Aislin is the true beauty of the family and was accepted into the Madrassa Academy on Sihnon when she was 12 years old to train as a Companion. Aislin currently enjoys the benefits of a Companion's chosen occupation on board the luxury liner Serene, which visits the outer edge of a nebula just off of Gamera. During her training years, Aislin often visited home and shared some of her new-found companion knowledge with Rowan, but the sisters haven't seen each other since well before the war began. As far as Rowan knows, her parents are still alive and well on Osiris, where she was born, although she hasn't seen them since long before the war ended. Her brother, Ru, went off to an Alliance school when he was 16 and never came back. Knowing what little she does about that acacemy, Rowan has little hope of seeing him again, or at least not as he was. Rowan has also lost a husband, Li-Chen Xiang, whom she loved dearly and has yet to determine if he is missing or dead.

Rowan is very spiritually oriented. Although not what you would call a devout Christian by any means, she's still very well aware that there is a God, whom she refers to as "The Almighty."

Naturally, like all passengers who come on board Serenity, she has a plethora of secrets, and a good reason to stay on the move. Although Rowan was involved in the Independent movement alongside her husband, she always worked behind the scenes and so was never imaged or profiled by the Alliance. She was wanted long before the movement for computer espionage under the alias "Exile," but she's worked hard and traveled far to stay unidentified, and she continues to keep moving in order to stay under the Alliance radar.

Rowan knows a little bit about just about everything. She's had nearly every ship-board job there is to have - short of captain, first mate or pilot - in order to stay on the move while she utilizes an uncanny skill at nine-ball to make a little spending money. Lately that skill has gone into accumulating the entrance fee for a high-stakes tournament about to take place on New Hokkaido.

One of those many jobs she's had was as a cook. She's one of those people who can throw stuff in a pan at random and have it come out edible. She's also fairly adept at systems upgrades, as evidenced by the holographic pool table at the Hera Cary Saloon, which she upgraded to the Gold version with true-table sound, and added a nice sized pile of platinum to.

Rowan certified as a medic awhile back on a Defalco T7 supply cruiser called Rembrandt on the Persephone/Shadow run--a six-week trip. She spent nearly as much time chasing the doctor's hands out from under her shirt as she did learning basic first aid, but she was adamant about it. He was in need of a medic and she was willing to learn it. Then she taught him a few things on one of the counters in the ship's infirmary, and he paid for her Cortexed certification test which she passed with high marks. A beneficial exchange for everyone in the long run.

Rowan is also proficient in the bo staff. She's not a big fan of projectile weapons, but she does carry a firearm for protection and she never misses.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004 9:53 AM


Li-Chen Xiang

He was a professor of ancient earth history at the Crown University in Osiris before the war. He disappeared shortly after the Independent declaration and rumors still persist that he was a leader of high standing in the movement. Since the fall of the Independents, there has been no record of him.

He was also Fa-Zhou Rowan's very devoted husband.

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Friday, October 29, 2004 7:45 PM


Shan Kowen

((side note: and coincidentally
Shan: dodge, evade, duck
Kou: (Koh) mouth
Wen: to ask, to inquire

didn't mean for the last name to mean anything in chinese, but it works doesn't it? lol ))

Shan (pronounced like Shawn) is a thin wisp of a man in his mid to late twenties whose 6’2” height is accentuated by his slim frame. His hair is almost too dark to be called blonde and is always kept neat and clean, underneath which two light green eyes framed by thick dark lashes peer out from an almost delicate, boyish face. He speaks in a soft, polite drawl and dresses as his background dictates; tasteful and fashionable and showing only a hint of the money he came from, but still practical for one who is frequently traveling backwater planets. Unfortunately the fuse on his temper is exceptionally short. He is almost never given to explosive anger; his manner quickly turns from soft and polite to chilly and acerbic. His caustic sarcasm is almost a trademark back on his home moon and it recurrently gets him into hot water.

He looks weak at first glance but lean muscle is evident on closer inspection, and he is relatively quick. It is normal for him to be mistaken for someone who has just spent a great deal of time in the infirmary; he is frequently sick, as he has had immune system problems since birth. Being the “sickly child” and also the baby of the family led to him being fairly spoiled, and as he grew older he learned to “play” others somewhat to get what he wanted with (usually) minimum fuss.

Shan’s most notable feature would have to be his hands. To the ordinary eye, they are normal, unremarkable hands. The skin is soft and pale, the fingers somewhat long and thin, the nails clean and manicured. He is a gambler, and without quick hands and eyes he would probably not be a very good one. Sure he knows how to find opponents’ tells and weaknesses, knows how to shoot dice… but luck avoids him more often than not, so he makes his own. The standard term for this phenomenon is “cheating”. Don’t use it around him.

Looking weak and having an acid tongue are a bad combination and since not everyone is a fan of Shan’s gambling methods, he of course must go armed. A few small knives are hidden about his person, though he uses them only in defense. He detests guns, and although he owns a small one sized perfectly for hiding in a pocket or up a sleeve, he rarely even brings it out of its case. Basically, he hates physical fighting altogether, but once he gets started verbally bludgeoning his adversary he won’t (and usually can’t) stop to try diplomacy and they rarely back away from it, thinking him weak enough to take.

Some mistake his reluctance around guns for fear, but the only thing he is truly afraid of is heights. Of all the sicknesses he’s had in his life, his dread of high up places is the only one that has gone uncured. Ladders? Forget it. Standing on an unsteady chair is sometimes enough to warrant a cold sweat and butterflies in the stomach. He does what he can to hide this fact, the mind-numbing fear being a huge sore spot with him.

As for the war, Shan of course made all efforts to stay away from fighting. He didn’t particularly care who won, though had he been a bit more invested in politics like his brother he most likely would have leaned toward Browncoat thinking. Both his parents and his sister strongly backed the Alliance.

Shan was born and raised on one of the five moons orbiting the planet Saro, called Malos. Saro is a planet just outside the borders of what would be known as the Core Planets. The planet is a well-known vacation spot for some of the richer families in the verse, with pristine beaches, spectacular mountains and forests, and a plethora of wildlife. It was of course terraformed in the years after Earth-That-Was, and was afterward sparsely populated with English, Japanese, and Chinese colonies. Not many colonists live there now, aside from those who stay year-round staffing hotels, running shops, waiting on cruise ships and shuttling tourists.

Shan was born the third child of the Kowens. Kalen, his brother, is eight years senior and heir to most of the family property, and his sister, Desa, is five years older and is now in charge of managing family money and accounts.

The five moons of Saro- Mei (beautiful), Gen (root/source), Xi (west), Sao (clean), and Malos are where most of the permanent residents make their homes. Most of Malos is dedicated to growing and exporting fresh fruits, including oranges, pineapples, bananas, strawberries, apples, and figs. The Kowen estates cover a broad expanse on the moon’s single continent on the northeastern hemisphere.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004 5:11 PM


Graham Calbrax is in his mid-thirties. He is tall, dark and not-so-handsome. He has short dark hair, usually some stubble and usually wears a lot of denim with either a black leather jacket or brown leather coat. He carries only basic weaponry, a pistol and a dagger, but is adept in the use of both.
He is extremely inquisitive, often sticking his nose in where it's not wanted and making enemies. He is intelligent and educated but his personality is not overly academic. In fact people who meet him are often surprised when he starts talking about ancient history or terraforming. He does speak Chinese, but only a little, and curiously he has a basic knowledge of Latin. He gets along well with most people, but when someone badly wrongs him they often don't live long.
He was conspicuously absent during the war. Since then he has worked as an archaeologist for the Alliance, which led to him visiting Earth-that-was and uncovering some secrets. He remains tight-lipped as to what those secrets were. Whatever he discovered, it caused him to turn away from the Alliance and become a fugitive.
He has come to New Hokkaido to visit the Re-inactment faire and meet an old ally who has information for him. Unfortunately, this ally has been arrested by the feds on trumped up charges.

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Monday, December 20, 2004 10:01 AM


i DO aim to misbehave

Robert Laing

He's responsible for introducing Rowan to Xiang. How? By pulling them both into the Independent movement. Robert and Xiang were roommates in college - Xiang being the book worm and Robert the brilliant party hound. When the Independents needed someone to do their writing for them for the now historic Declaration and subsequent articles of Constitution - that was never finished or incepted - Robert called on his friend. When Xiang needed some techo-prowess on his side to help with the propaganda program known as The Revolution, Robert was the one who went down and shot a few racks of pool in order to meet the sub-cor user known as Exile and recruit her to the cause. He didn't know the two had already met as professor and student, but he knew right away the two would hit it off. He's given himself a pat on the back more than once for introducing them, even after all hell broke loose.

Robert is a tall, dark anglo-saxon with the kind of slant to his eyes and his smile that always make him look like he's up to something - mainly because he always is. He lost one of those eyes to the Alliance during a post-war incident that he doesn't talk about. Everyone he works with these days assumes he was interrogated and he lets them.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005 5:22 PM


Up until now I have had the bio for my character in the New Hokkaido thread only on my webpage for him ...

Here is the slightly altered version for you folks to read ... comments, etc are welcome ... the link to the 1st version of the bio is below

here goes ...

Quentin Xavier Hawksworth III aka Hawk

Months prior to the Battle of Serenity Valley an Independent pilot was transferred (due to a limited number of vehicles available to be piloted)to an infantry company to be their Ground Weapons Specialist.

During the last of moments of the Battle of Serenity Valley, there was a group of civillians and the company of Independents whose job was to protect them huddled in a cave. The small group was halved in numbers by falling rocks and other debris due to the explosion of a missle which had found its way into the cave.

When the smoke cleared a man by the name of Quentin Xavier Hawksworth III looked out to see what could be seen. He saw the Independent ships pull out. Then the company radio crackled and a voice informed the radioman that the company was to lay down arms. Enemy fire hit the rock next to Quentin and we fade out on this 'happy' scene ....

Years later

Quentin had lost most of his family due to a chemical plant disaster on his home planet and received a small inheritance. He prefers the nickname 'Hawk' because it gets less chuckles than his full name.

Quentin mustered out of the Independent ranks and pursued his main job ... that of being a navigator on a space going vessel. He had learned that he had an aptitude for piloting and he learned about engineering, cooking and a few other things to varying degrees so he could fill in if need be with other jobs on the ships he served on.

Since leaving the military Quentin has served on three ships. His last post was on the Firefly Class Ship Verity. He left the Verity when her new Captain decided he wanted a younger ... and female ... navigator.

Quentin is now roaming around New Hokkaido while checking out the job opportunities.

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