Rivers Key (part 4/?)
Monday, April 24, 2006

River snapped out of the trance at the bar when Jayne grabbed her. Inara comes back and we're going to haven.


TITLE: Rivers Key (Part 4/?) AUTHOR: YmeT RATING: PG13 (at the moment) PAIRING: Jayne/River SUMMARY: AU Something else snaps river out of her assassin mode in the bar. DISCLAIMER: Joss is a genus… But I am his muse so I think I can claim credit too don’t you? Don’t own anything and not plagiarising but a lot is the same as the movie because I’m going Au half way and wanted the backup.


Man; Mal can be such and Idiot. Him and Simon both. What is with the men on this ship? Jayne wondered to himself.

They had been watching the wave between Inara and Mal and seriously; those two gave men a bad rep. I mean there’s Mal and Inara, it’s a fact them being in love. A fact everyone but Mal sees. Then theres Kaylee, makin’ sweet doe eyes at the Doc boy, who’s actin’ like he don’t see it, but still goin’ beet when she talks to him.

Now Mal was ridding to the rescue when Inara probably didn’t need rescuing at all.

It was Damn sure if he ever fell in love he’d know it, and he wouldn’t mess about denying it and hiding his feelings and shit. Although he didn’t know much about it. His only recent experience being with whores and the like.

But at the time that was better. He wasn’t ready to settle down then. And that never sat very well with most women. Wait did that mean he was ready to settle down now? No, of course not! I mean it wasn’t as if there was someone he was in love with right?

He stuck his head into Rivers room to check on her and found her sitting with her legs crossed like she was meditating with her drawing pad balanced on one knee. She looked up at him and smiled and motioned him into the room. “How you doin?” he asked shuffling and stuffing his hands in his pockets, still standing in the doorway.

“Better, do you want to sit down?” She smiled up at him again and fluttered her drawing hand at the other end of the bed. He stepped further into the room and sat on the end of the small bunk, feeling it dip further under his weight. She giggled slightly when her pencils rolled towards him. Smiling slightly himself he picked them all up and set them back beside her.


River just smiled, and peeked at him out of the side of her eye.

“River I hate to ask but have you remembered anything else from the other night at the bar? I don’t know what else we can do to help without dealing with that first.” He said. His hand was resting on her knee and he had felt her tense at the mention of the bar.

“There is nothing coherent, it is all fractured and broken. She is trying to do the puzzle to see the picture but it is not finished yet. See?” she turned the pad around to him to show a very rough sketch, that was little more than lines and shapes at the moment.

“Well you let me know when the puzzle’s done okay?” He said reaching unsteadily to tuck a stray lock of her mahogany hair behind her left ear. His hand then rested cupping her jaw and forcing her eyes to meet his again, “Are you sure your okay?” he still didn’t know why this was so important to him but, .. well he’d work it out but for now he had best check with the others.

Mal should be back soon and there was always a good chance that he’d get shot.

“Not today. No tearing of flesh. Just burst blood vessels.”

“Well no girl that don’t sound too shiny neither. Sounds mighty painful and not ‘xcatly a good sign.”

“Bruises, painted skin all over.” River explained patiently.

“oh….okay,.. well I had best go I’ll see you later?”

“mmm hum” River muttered, sticking one of the pencils in her mouth and one behind her ear; it was obvious that she was no longer paying him any mind. I got up and ducked through the door way, turning to glance as he left. His hands itched to tuck her hair back again so he could see her face.

With a grunt he went to check with the Doc. According to River, Mal was gonna need some tending to.


“We’ve every reason to be afraid.” Inara says. Still trying to keep from watching Mal too closely. Watching that fight, when she hadn’t seen him in so long, her emotions were closer to the surface that they ought to be, and with Mal in the vicinity, that was never a good thing.

She needed to concentrate and clam down. Focus on the problem at hand, deal with Mal and… whatever … Later.

Every one is gathered around the common area.

“He’s a believer. He’s intelligent, methodical and devout in his belief that killing River is the right thing to do.” Glancing sadly at the girl in question, who seemed to be paying no attention to what is going on around her.

She seemed oddly at home sitting on the floor between Jayne’s feet with her sketch book, her hand racing back and forth across the pad.

Inara tried not to blink when she noticed Jayne’s hand playing with the end on Rivers hair. Running it between his fingers at the side of the chair out on line of every one else. It was unusual enough that they were comfortable enough to sit together and nobody was objecting. She needed to talk to Kaylee and get caught up. Obviously she was missing something big here.

“Did he mention Miranda?” Jayne asked never taking his eyes off the girl infront of him. Inara shook her head, confused. “No, what is that?”

“According to my little albatross, its a planet, something bad happened there, bad enough that there no record of the planet at all.” Mal informed her. Taking a moment to smile fondly at River.

“Is it some sort of threat to the alliance? Is that what this is about?” Kaylee piped in softly.

“No Kaylee, Not them. Not Miranda. Me. I’m the threat. You are all in danger. I should leave.” River set the sketch pad down ad made to get up but Jayne pulled her back into his lap. At the same time Mal quipped “Hey now, this is my boat, little albatross, you don’t run it. Neither do you Jayne.” Before Jayne could say anything smart assed. “You all are my crew and there will be no leaving of my crew. Are we clear?” A round of grunts and giggles and yes’sir’s followed.

“We’ll head over to Haven and sit this out for a while, get our bearings again.”

Suddenly River jumped out of Jayne’s lap, where she had previously got quite comfortable.

“Captain they’re going to attack. We have to warn them. We have to hurry. Quick Simon go get you bag prepped, you need everything you can take. Kaylee go see how much more we can get out of the engine. Wash, go quickly we need to get there Fast!” Mal and Zoe watched in amazement as the crew jumped to it at the girls totally lucid orders and raced to their stations.

Strangely nobody questioned it. Even Mal himself found he was surprisingly waiting for something to do. Shaking himself he scowled at River “What’s going on albatross?” he growled.

River seemed to fade before their eyes. Clutching at the front of Mal’s shirt front. “They are going to attack. We have to help them, all of them, its our fault. My fault. Its always me. They always die. I’m poison.”

Jayne came over as her knees went out form under her and scooped her up before she hit the floor, he nodded at Mal and Zoe and headed toward her bunk.

Once inside, he settled down on her bed with her curled up on his lap her head tuced into his neck and her arms tight round his shoulders. Huge sobs shaking her body, “My fault, I’m the killer, blood in a river, river of blood, my doing.”

“River girl, this ain’t you, your not the one doing this. Its those hun dans.” Jayne runs his hands up and down her back, smoothing her hair back from her face stroking her cheeks and wiping away tears. Cupping her chin he brings her eyes up to his.

“You get inside my head girl if that’s what it takes for you to believe me in this. Its not your fault. You are the innocent in all this. You are pure and good and a fighter. You remember that. Remember that, no matter what they did to you, you never did hurt anyone you care about. Even they couldn’t make you do that. You fight to save them even now. Even back in that bar, I checked you know, you didn’t kill anyone. Knocked plenty out cold, wounded some, but you never took the kill shot River. You focus on that. They couldn’t make you kill.”

You could see Jayne’s gravely words have a physical affect on River. Her sobs turned to sniffles, she tucked her face back in to Jayne’s neck and snuggled close.

Jayne continued rubbing her back and soon her soft sleepy breaths were puffing against his throat. Jayne tipped his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.


Jayne was jerked awake by an elbow in gut. Groaning, he tensed and held the squirming girl in his lap. “Hush now River girl, Its just a dream, come on back to me now, its safe here. Wake up.”

As if on cue Rivers eyes snapped open. “I know where it is Jayne, I know where Miranda is.” River climbed carefully out of his lap so as not to hurt him again, clutched his hand and they headed off to the cockpit to search the cortex.


AN: so what do you think? R&R pretty please with shiny kaylees on top?

I know its been a while but i got a new job and was tring to get settled and i've got exams etc comming up so i thought i'd try to get at least one chapter up.

feed back is my muse, inspiration etc,etc.

P.S. I dont have a beta so forgive any grammer burps please.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006 10:59 AM


Well now....been missing this little story a bit;)

Not a bad little chapter here, Yme...though a bit too rapid overall. The story seems to bounce around between the scenes (though if you''re intending to leave out the major scenes that don't get altered in your AU slant on the BDM, then things make a bit more sense). Maybe try to bring in the unchanged moments a bit more, if only in passing reference....

And if you need a beta reader, I would be happy to assist:) Just drop me a line through my profile's message box (top left hand side of profile screen after clicking my user name).


Monday, May 1, 2006 5:00 PM


Why'd you wait so long for this installment? Reading this is really fun... it's like watching the movie again, but with some connections I would have loved to see actually being made (namely between River and Jayne).

Just don't take so long for the next installment!


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