Rivers Key (Part 2/?)
Sunday, March 12, 2006

River snapped out of her programing at the bar when Jayne grabbed her. This is everones reactions. BDM spoliers AU.


TITLE: Rivers Key (Part 2/?) AUTHOR: YmeT RATING: PG13 (at the moment) PAIRING: Jayne/River SUMMARY: AU Something else snaps river out of her assassin mode in the bar. DISCLAIMER: Joss is a genus… But I am his muse so I think I can claim credit too don’t you? Don’t own anything and not plagerising but a lot is the same as the movie because I’m going Au half way and wanted the backup.


Back on the ship everyone is gathered around the mess hall table, Jayne is sittin in one of the chairs, oddly enough, with River curled up in his lap with her arms wrapped tight around his neck, her head in his shoulder still crying and mumbling that is wasn’t her and some other nonsense.

Simon kept trying to get near her to check her over, she had a bunch of cuts and bruises all over. Every time he got close she would climb further into Jayne’s lap, not something that really seemed possible at this point, and start crying and mumbling again. “Maybe I should give her a smoother or something?”” he asked and the crying turned to whimpers and the death hold that would be chocking a smaller man tightened further.

“No,” Jayne growled. “Don’t you think that there’s been enough go se put into her system? She’s had enough poking to do 30 people.” Simon started guiltily, and backed off.

Mal was confused and worried, which added up to a pissy mood so he was about ready to crack. “What in the hell happened back there?” he asked Simon, his face showing nothing but anger.

“Do we know, was anyone killed?” Zoe asked “It’s likely” Mal says, “So again Doc, What, in the Hell, Happened back there?”

Simon glanced warily at the surrounded table, resting on River and Jayne. “The people who helped me get River out had intel that said she was being imbedded with behavioural conditioning, they gave me a safe word that will put her to sleep if something happened. I never asked what kind of something they were talking about. I brought her out here so that they couldn’t get to her.”

Mal was fuming. He wanted to take the little core bastard’s head off. “You’ve had a ticking time bomb on my gorram boat for 8 months and you never thought to tell us this?”

Kaylee peeked up at the two men now standing toe to toe glaring at each other. “So Simon if you didn’t say the safe word, what’s going on with River now? She just seems like River to me now.” She waved her hand in Rivers direction and all eyes turned to notice that she had stopped crying and was still sitting in Jayne’s lap. His big hand was making soft circles on her back. He was following the conversation and seemed totally oblivious to what he was doing. River for her part had settled down and was peeking out from under her hair at Mal and Simon.

“Mei Mei? Can you tell us what happened?” Simon asked softly moving slowly round the table towards Jayne and River, attempting not to make any sudden moves that might set her off again. He wasn’t sure which worried him more, the teary clingy River currently attached to Jayne or the ass kicking on that took out an entire bar.

River turns away and hides her face in Jayne’s shirt again.

“I think we should try and get our bearings a bit here Mal. We’re flying a bit blinder than usual here. I think we need to talk to Mr Universe” Wash suggested trying to move things along a bit. “Good idea, Wash, get on the cortex and see what he can find out. Jayne since you’re all comfortable there, your see if you can get her cleaned up a bit. Doc, get him what he needs for that and then meet us in the cockpit. There may be something of interest that you need to know.”

“Why the hell not? I’m already being used as a gorram easy chair why shouldn’t I be a damn Nurse too.” Jayne grumbled as they all left the room.

They all dispersed, Simon returning quickly with the med supplies, casting a concerned look in Rivers direction before heading up after the others.

Once they had all left Jayne sat up a bit and rearranged the bundle of limbs on top of him, turning her around so that she was almost facing him. “Let’s have a look here and see what kinda damage you’ve done.” “They’re afraid of me.” River whispered as Jayne tucked her hair away from her face so that he could get at a few cuts on the forehead with the medicated wipes the doc left. “They should be. But I’ll show them. Oh God!” Placing a finger under her chin he brought her up to look into his eyes.

“Maybe they are but I’m not. It wasn’t really you that did those thing’s River. It was the alliance. You don’t go blamin yourself you hear? You blame them.” He said. Softly wiping at the cuts on her forehead. How had this happened? This little slip of a girl had wormed her way in under his skin since Ariel. Since he found out what they had done to her. What he had nearly sent her back to. Shaking his head he moved on to clean off her bloodied knuckles.

“Showed me off like a dog. Old men covered in blood, never touched them but their drowning in it.” She rolled her head forward to lean against him again as he reached to clean a nasty looking knife wound on her shoulder. Ignoring the sting of the antiseptic. “I don’t know what I’m saying, I never know what I’m saying.”

“Do you remember anything from the bar?” he asked cautiously. “Miranda……Not mine, the memory, it isn’t mine and I shouldn’t have to carry it. It isn’t mine.” Jayne stopped cleaning at the various cuts and scrapes and just held her as she cried again.

“Jayne, Things are gona get much much worse. What if it happens again? What if they get inside me again? Jayne you should put a bullet to me. Bullet in the Brain pan, Sqwish” she chuckled mirthlessly.

“Don’t. Don’t say that.” Jayne shook her lightly. “You don’t need that you hear girl. Whatever it was that stopped it well work it out and that will fix it. Okay?”

River lifted her head to look in his eyes. Brown and blue. That saying about the eyes being the window to the soul is more true than some might believe. The brown eyes surrounded by the youthful face still marked by tears and blood swam with a depth of demons usually found in one much older.

The blue, which often seemed cold and unfeeling, hid a warmth and softness that was showing now. They also showed scares of someone hurt deeply once. Possible the reason for the touch shell usually presented to the world.

“It was you.”

Jayne shook his head to clear it. The whisper had been so soft that if he hadn’t been sittin right here he wouldn’t have heard it.

One hand had fallen to rest at her waist and the other had reached up to cradle her cheek in its palm. They were almost nose to nose now they were so close.

“What?” he asked feeling stupid, he’d been so busy staring that he hadn’t been paying close attention.

“In the bar, it was you that broke the bubble. The one that they me in. When you touched me, I could feel everything from you and… I just popped. The bubble was gone and you were there and I saw and I knew they had got inside my head again. But it was different. I didn’t kill anyone this time. I swear Jayne they all just got knocked out or passed out. I know they got awfully hurt but I stopped them from killing them. They couldn’t make me do it. And when you were there and the bubble wanted me to kill you too I just knew I couldn’t hurt you and the bubble popped. So you see it was you Jayne. You’re the key.”

Jayne realised after a few moments that his mouth was hanging open and closed it with a snap. River had finished her little ramble and snuggled up to him again and fallen asleep in seconds. Well she deserved a sleep. She had to be knackered.

Scooping her up, he settled her on the couch and dug out Kaylee’s patchwork blanket from behind the cushions and laid it out over the sleeping girl.

He couldn’t really stop himself from staring. She looked so vulnerable lying there. You would never believe that she had taken out most of a bar in under 5 minutes. Just the thought of her lithe body spinin and kicking and dropping punches… lets just say that the man in him Really appreciated the sight.

It had seemed like she was dancing. There was hardly any effort at all. Growling in frustration that the very memory of her graceful movements had elicited such a response out of his body he turned to head to the cockpit and had to restrain himself from stomping.

“So what did we find out? Did the dude have anything useful to tell us?” He asked duckin his head in and no more. The room was crowded already. Mal turned and had that look on his face. The one Jayne saw directed at him after Ariel. Hoped it was never directed at him again. It was enough to send shivers down a man twice his size.

“Subliminal message broadwaved to trigger her so that they could find her.” Mal bit out. His fists were still clenching and unclenching at his sides. ”That’s the long and short of it Jayne. She said something too. Just before the trigger kicked in. Miranda, whoever the hell she is may have some answers about what was done to River and what can be done to help her.”

“She mentioned that to me. Didn’t say much about it, just that it was about a memory that isn’t hers, and lots of blood.”

“Where is she now?” asked Simon, a slightly worried look on his face as he glanced over Jayne’s shoulder. “She sleeping in the Mess hall, I figured she deserved whatever she could get.” He shrugged.

There was a startled gasp ”Jayne” from behind him and before anyone else could blink he was back down the hallway.

When the others entered the Mess they saw Jayne on his knees by the couch River had sat up and was crying in his shoulder again as he held her tight to his chest, his hands stroking up and down her back attempting to comfort her.

“River what is it girl, come on, tell me what’s wrong?”

“I know what it is Miranda It’s a planet. Near Haven. Jayne they all just went to sleep and there were Reavers and they got me. Jayne” River clung to Jayne tightly. “Make it go away Jayne, make it stop.”

Jayne scooped her up onto his knee as he sat on the couch, tucking her tightly into him. Looking at Simon to see him glancing at the med bay, “Don’t even think it Doc, she’ll be fine in a bit once she’s calmed down. You’re the one who said that she can’t block anything off. Give her a minute to work thro’ it she’ll be grand.” He growled.

“Wash, get back up to there and see about setting us down on Haven for a while.” Mal ordered. Everyone else back to work. I want a word with these two. That includes you Doc, Make yourself scarce. It looks like Jayne took care of those scrapes so she ain’t in any danger just yet…..Scoot people.”

Everyone padded out of the room. Mal grabbed a chair from the table and dragged it over beside where Jayne was sittin with River curled up in his lap, again.

“So, Jayne. Is this gona be a common sight now?” he queried, with a slight smile, indicating the bundle of girl in his lap.

“Need him Captain Daddy, My Jayne is the key, locks the door to keep the badness out, opens the wall to let the girl in.” River said. She had stopped crying again and was shifting about on Jayne’s knee to get comfortable.

Mal’s smile grew into a full fledged grin when he saw the blush steel up Jayne’s cheeks. “And I get that that’s a good thing little witch, but what I need to know from Jayne is whether or not I got somethin to worry about here.”

“Not an issue Mal, Drop it Okay?” Jayne grumbled.

River looked Mal dead in the eyes, “Yes, Captain Daddy it is not time yet. The ingredients are here but the food is not cooked. The meal is not ready. Preparation time must be accounted for. “

Jayne grumbled again, ”Gorram it girl, now I’m hungry.” and set her on her feet. River giggled and went softly to her room, as Jayne made his way over to the cupboards.

“Captain we’ll be on Haven in before tonight.” Wash announced over the intercom. “Wash I’m goin for kip. Let me know when we get there. Gotta be all presentable for the Sheperd.”


AN: So I had the second part finishied and thought I'd post it. Don't think I'll be getting the rest done as fast but I'm on a roll so I thought I'd go for it while my muse was in the house. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the first chapter. hope you let me know what you think here too.


Sunday, March 12, 2006 10:02 AM


Honey, keep on rollin'! Love the way Jayne backs Simon down from medically messing with River. Jayne knows best! Can't wait for the next bit!

Sunday, March 12, 2006 11:52 AM


So Shiny!

Thanks, Yme, for a new take on the BDM. It's like having new episodes to watch again. Space 'em out regularly, won't you? Maybe once a week??!! Pretty please!!

I like the way that Jayne calms River down and keeps her settled, and ditto about the bit above about Jayne keeping the Doc from medicating River - so River has a chance to be herself - with Jayne's calming influence on her, too!!

Yea to River and Jayne!!! ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2006 11:15 PM


it's awsome what you've done with it.. just one suggestion, if you continue this for the whole movie.. plz don't make wash die!!! lol i love wash.. but this story is brilliant love jayne/river

Monday, March 13, 2006 2:08 AM


Great continuation. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

“Why the hell not? I’m already being used as a gorram easy chair why shouldn’t I be a damn Nurse too.” Jayne grumbled as they all left the room.

Love that line, Jayne trying to hide his softer side as usual.

Monday, April 24, 2006 8:00 AM


aww, just makes you wanna hug the big guy.



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