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Jayne/Kaylee. PWP. Seriously. Smutty Smutty Smut Smut. Be warned. NC-17.


Okay, be warned people, there is nothing here resembling a story. This was written for a friend who so very politely requested some Jayne/Kaylee D/s smut.


If this isn't your thing, turn back now.

Title: Walls.

Author: Smutty McSmutty Pornington.

Rating: NC-17 and then some. I'm warning you now.

Disclaimer: The Special Hell, I sure do hope it's comfy. By the way, I don't own these characters, in fact, I didn't even write this fic, nope, it was written by some dwarves in Tibet who stole my password and hacked into my account.

Yes, that's it.

Comments: If you haven't turned back now, I guess the only thing to do is keep reading (and don't hurt me).



Kaylee can't keep her hands still. They're actually shaking. She mumbles a dozen or so curses under her breath as she carries the tool box down towards the cargo bay. Might as well check the mule release mechanism now that everyone else is off the ship.


Five hours they've been gone. Five gorram hours since Mal gave them all eight. She's shifted from excitement and relief straight through frustration, anger, boredom and spite. If wishes were horses she sure as hell knows one man who'd be trampled to a bloody pulp by now.

At first, she waited. Then, figuring that a watched pot never boils... and, oh, how desperately she's been needing to boil lately... she'd gone to do the actual checking of the actual engine that she'd actually told Mal needed to be done.

There were only so many times to tighten the bolts of her baby, oil her parts and keep her running smooth. If she'd known she was really going to be left alone, Kaylee wouldn't have volunteered to stay behind. Not on her nelly, she had plenty of things she could be doing planet side. Plenty of things to stop her going stir crazy.

She could be looking through a junkyard and, oh, the parts she could have seen. Strolling through the market, even if she couldn't buy anything, and ogling all the goods, tasting the food on her tongue even if she can't actually eat it. Walking in fresh air. Feeling sun on her skin.

Instead, she'd stayed here, like a patsy, like...


Her name, deep and growled, makes her stop still. Vaguely, somewhere in the distance, she hears the loud clatter of the tool box being dropped to the floor. It bounces off the metal, steel on steel, tumbles down the rest of the steps.

If she looks, she can probably follow the path of it down to the bottom, watch her tools spread themselves all over the floor of the stairs and into the open space of the cargo bay.

But she doesn't look, she stays still. They have three hours, at most.

"Put your hands on the wall." It's a brief second to decide which way to turn when he speaks again. "Either side."

She breathes, relieved, knowing that any longer and she'd have paid the price. Her arms stretch out. The hallway of the stairs is narrow, small enough to force her hands forward slightly so that she can keep her arms straight as she lays her palms flat against cold metal.

Serenity hums under her touch.

Kaylee hums back.

One, two, her short breaths count out the steps as he takes them. Slowly, deliberately, loudly enough to let her feel each one pound through her. Three. Her lip trembles and she prays that he touches her soon. The agony is in the waiting.

But he knows it.

It's why he takes so long to get there, why he makes each second count as she feels his heat just behind her. So close, so large, dwarfing her. Her teeth snag her bottom lip.

"You been waitin' for me?"

She feels, more than anything she feels it, his finger catching a lock of her hair by the side of her face. Her head nods up and down, agreement, quick and sure. It's a touch that's not really there, he can feel her on his fingertips and the only thing she has is the movement of her hair, the slide of strands across her forehead.

"Thought you might." She can hear the grin in his voice. "Way you all but jumped at the chance to stay back. Damn near shameless, you were."

His breath comes hot in her ear and she leans her head back, tries to feel more.

"I like it."

A sound rumbles up and out of her throat, a purr and a moan, a little whine of frustration and need. She preens under him, his approval, stretches and winds herself to see if she can find him, accidentally slide her skin against his.

He steps back and she gasps.

"S'at what you want, is it?" She nods again and he tusks. "I said, is it?"

"Yes." Throaty and hoarse. "Yes, Jayne, please."

A chuckle sounds in her ear and he's close, so close to her she wants to cry out. She doesn't. She waits for his fingers to land, one by one on either side of her jaw.

Light little taps, like two spiders settling on her face, eight fingers resting along the bone of her chin, two thumbs finish the dance. Tight and warm, they press into the back of her neck, pulsing circles into the tendons.

Kaylee moans softly.

"Yeah." Gently, but firmly, he tilts her head backward and then she can see him, see his face to the right of hers. "You feel that, don't ya?"


She's worked hard to be able to convey many things in a single word. She's had to, she's only allowed five. His name, yes, no, please and the fifth a wild card that can be an exclamation to any known deity.

His tongue rasps from the curve of her shoulder up her neck, leaving a trail of saliva that cools in the air. She can feel the gooseflesh dimple and it's strange, strange that her skin feels chilled when there's so much heat pooling in her belly and through her veins.

A soft whisper that she can't discern, then he's blowing air, cold, along the trail. It makes her shiver, makes her tremble.

Soon his mouth latches on, sucks at her neck, mouths along her jaw, pulling at her pulse point. He's devouring her whole, eager and urgent, and his face leaves no room for his hands to hold her head, so he lets them wander to her arms. His kisses push her face to the side, opening her neck to him further.

It makes him growl.

He's all over her then, hands pushing along the straight arrows of her arms locked tight against the wall and holding her there, spreading back to her shoulders and down around her waist. He grips her hips and pushes himself against her, his whole body grinding.

A smile tugs her lips. His need overwhelms his patience tonight and she won't have to wait long.

"Where were we?"

The top left button of her coverall is flicked open and she feels the strap of it fall down her back, the front flap falling forward. One exception to the speaking rule is if he asks her a direct question she can answer.


"Three?" His tone of voice says danger as he pushes her head to the right and begins attacking the ignored, left side of her throat. "Weren't it four?"

Kaylee closes her eyes. If she agrees and she's wrong, it'll be worse for her. If she stands her ground, then she's calling him a liar. In for a penny...

"No." Her lids flick open. "Three."

Silence and she holds her breath.

“Yeah.” He unhooks the right button. “Guess you’re right.”

Her cheek caresses his as he shuffles the weight of her loose coveralls down and over her waist, lets them drop down to the floor. She steps out of them, carefully kicking them to the side.

He’s hard behind her.

“Better not let go, babygirl.”

He grasps her hips hard and pulls them back against him. She has to struggle to keep her hands on the wall. But she does.

“You ain’t gonna let go, are ya?”

He kisses his way down to her shoulders and around to center of her spine.


She hopes she’s telling the truth.

His hands float down over her hips, grasp the outsides of her thighs, his fingers pressing into the flesh there, little points of pressure that she can feel through the muscle to the bone.

Slowly, too slowly, they travel around and inwards, skidding over the soft, silken flesh inside her legs. Sensitive enough for her to jerk taut when he captures some of it between his nails and pinches tightly.

One hand comes up to cradle her belly, pulling her back into him, holding her tight. The other inches under the soft cotton there. It’s agonizingly slow. She can’t do anything but writhe against him.

Sometimes he lets her have what she wants if she lets him know.

His mouth sucks what she knows will be a deep, purple mark between her shoulder blades and his fingers twitch lightly in her underwear. Kaylee lets a moan pass her lips, tries to press down on him, but his other hand is holding her still.

And sometimes he doesn’t.

“It’s been six weeks.” He licks her back. “Six weeks, Kaylee.”

Like she doesn’t know, like she hasn’t been counting the days frantically, wishing they’d land somewhere safe enough for everyone to find something else to do.

“I figure you gotta be goin’ just about as crazy as me.” He crooks a finger. “Huh? You ready to climb the walls with it?”

“Yes.” She nods, rapidly, up and down. “Yes.”

Suddenly, without warning, he thrusts his whole finger inside her, long, thick finger driving deep and hard. Her moan is longer and louder this time, pushed out of her.

That’s how she wants it. That’s how he’s giving it, fast and frantic, desperate and guttural as she has to push herself up onto her toes to give him the access he’s demanding.

“Jayne.” She doesn’t want to, but she calls his name before too long, lets him know how close she is. “Jayne, please.”

He chuckles and gives another good, hard pump before slowly taking his hand away.

“Guess we’re down to two, now, huh?”

She trembles when she nods and he pulls her panties down her legs, kneels down so that he can lift her ankles, one after the other and throw the material aside. His breath pants out over the back of her knees.

Her eyes close and her head falls back, she doesn’t need to see him to know he’s shifting around her, coming to kneel in front of her. Doesn’t need to see him to know what he’s about to do.

His hands close around her hips at the same time his mouth closes on her clit. There’s no warning and no preamble. She can feel herself sticky down the insides of her thighs.

Her teeth bite her lip. She has to keep better hold of herself.

In her head, she tries to slow it down, tries to think about something, anything else. The fourth converter rod in the piston valve is beginning to wear. Jayne adds a finger and tongues her folds.

There’s a… a leak in… in the… something.

She’s rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, in time to his ministrations.

Possibly, she could do… something, anything… with a wrench.

“Jayne!” It’s frantic, her voice.

“And then there was one.” He pulls back and blows lightly over her trembling belly. “You’re doin’ so good, baby.”

But he barely gives her any time to recover, any time to gather herself before he’s back. He has to be impatient, if he’s finishing the game this early. She doesn’t want to believe they’re down to one. The number sounds so small.

She made quite a few mistakes early on and it’s taken her such a long time to work her way down from double digits.

It only takes half the effort to bring her back to the edge.

She barely has to say anything as she thrusts down on his face. She can see it in his eyes, how much he knows, how much he reads off her.

A strangled, garbled cry leaves her throat when he pulls back again. He’s grinning at her.

“Finally cleaned the slate, huh?” He rocks forward on his knees and kisses her belly as he stands up. “Guess you can come when you like, now.”

Her frame goes limp, but her arms remain rigid.

“I wanna feel you all over.” He says and it sounds too good to be true. “Take off your shirt.”

Her eyes meet his and she silently pleads him. He doesn’t say anything else, just watches and waits with a gleam in his eye. Frantic, her brain tries to weigh the cost of disobeying a direct order against disobeying an implied one.

Kaylee holds her breath and breaks contact with the wall. It’s a split second, the rush of fabric over her head, before she tosses it away and slams her palms back against steel.

Her eyes meet his and he grins.

“An’ you were so close.” He strokes her forehead. “Guess we’re back to three.”

She can’t help the mewling whimper.

“C’mon.” He kisses her eyelids, her cheeks, licks the salt from her face. “None of that. We still got lots’a fun ahead. You up for it?”

Kaylee holds her head up and breathes in.


“That’s my girl.”

Then he’s gone and she hears the sound of his zipper, feels him dip under her arm and step behind her. Feels him lay his hand flat over her neck and slide all the way down her spine to rest in the swell of her buttocks.

His hands and arms wrap around her again, slide over her ribs and up to cup her breasts, his fingers play with her nipples, teasing them taut and tight and aching.

He grinds at her and she can feel how hard he is against her backside, pulsing and hot, her head falls back against his neck and she feels it like a burn in the muscles of her arms.

“Yes.” It shocks her how coherent she sounds. If anything, her brain is spouting gibberish, nonsensical noises. “Yes, please. Jayne, please.”

He bends her head back further and captures her mouth in a deep, hungry kiss. She moans into him and lets him lift her hips up and back. With the speed the rest of the night has taken, it makes her dizzy how slow he slides right in.

Slow and sure, he sets the pace, hands coming to rest on her hips again, pushing her up and pulling her down on him. Impaling her from behind. She thrusts down on him, matching his increasing bucks, the slamming of his balls up against her clit.


She barely has time to grunt it out, sure as hell didn’t have time to warn him before it happened, before she forces herself to breath steady. She feels him laugh against her, inside her.

Kaylee’s so close to falling she loses count, but she never loses control.

His mouth kisses hers, long and slow and hungry as he comes.

Ai ya, Kaylee.” He pants it into the back of her neck and she leans her head further, caresses his face with it. “You’re gonna kill me one day.”

She likes this part of it, too, the long, leisurely strokes of his hands down her body, from neck to thigh, drawing deep, shuddering waves out of her. Her knees are shaking, hard enough for her to wonder how long she can keep standing.

He kisses her one last time and then there’s nothing but cold air.

“Oh, an’ Kaylee?”

She turns her head to look at him, smiling soft and dreamy over her shoulder, her eyes hooded and hazed. He’s standing there, feet away from being anywhere near close enough to touch her, but she’s still trembling.

“Come now.”

Her knees finally give way as he disappears and she moans out loud as she obeys.

Again and again.




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sat here with cursor blinking at me.....uhhhhh....oh yeah...WOW! Stunned! Ok,going away now.....

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Thank you sweet Jacqui for a wonderful story. I will not embarase my girl too much but she loved it as well.

Now, can I work the last half of the day?

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Oh. My. God. Whew...

Well, that was a nice way to take a break from work. You'll have some company in that Special Hell, I think.

I love your writing! Keep it up!

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Wow, those Tibetan dwarves sure know their stuff. I'm really hoping they hack your account again... and soon!


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