Thursday, March 16, 2006

A pre Jaylee fic written for the ff_friday challenge 112 on Heroes


A quick fic while I try & try to finish Thinking things through


“It’s not fair Jayne; they shouldn’t be treated like that.” Kaylee’s voice wobbled.

“Well there ain’t nothin’ I can do ‘bout it.” Jayne snarled at her turning his back. He was supposed to be findin’ rations for the crew; Mal would have his hide if he didn’t get it right.

“But it’s happening tonight.” Kaylee protested “I can’t stand the thought of it. The poor things don’t even have a choice.”

The girl was damn near wringing her hands, tears sparklin’ on her eyelashes, mouth tremblin’. “Please Jayne. I got a plan all worked out.”

He knew she was playin’ her tricks on him. But he couldn’t resist, never could. He sighed “alright, tell me ya plan.”


“Kaylee can you please explain why my mercenary has yet another injury.”

He pointed at the creature whose collar River was holding “What is that dog doing here?”

“He’s a hero Captain, he saved Jayne’s life.” Kaylee said, River nodding enthusiastically in support.

The dog was nearly as big as a gorram horse, covered in shaggy brown fur, fierce blue eyes glaring at you, like it was gonna take a bite any minute. It reminded him of something, but he couldn’t quite get it.

“That doesn’t answer my question. Why is Jayne lying there with a hole in his leg and why did the dog have to save him?”

“It was the dog fights captain.” Kaylee started to explain.

“Jayne took you to the dog fights?” The Captain’s voice rose.

“Hey” Jayne started up from the bed in protest.

Kaylee put a calming hand on the big man’s shoulder, stopping him in mid rant. If only he could exercise that control over his troublesome mercenary Mal thought.

“Ain’t Jayne’s’ fault Captain, I took him & River. The dogs needed rescuin’.”

Well that explained most everything; the girl could talk Jayne into anything. He listened to their rambling explanations absently thinking out his objections to keeping the dog on Serenity. He wasn’t gonna be swayed by Kaylee’s trembling lips and teary eyes. “Alright, enough talking, you all did good rescuing the dogs. But this one can’t stay here.”

“Aw Captain.”

“He’d be a shiny watchdog!”

“Can’t we keep him?” River looked up, big eyes brimming with tears, lips wobbling. She’d been studying Kaylee carefully.

“Please Captain?”


Thursday, March 16, 2006 4:04 AM


Hmmm. Big as a horse, shaggy brown fur and fierce blue eyes, huh? Sure does remind me of something... someone mayhaps? Mal's right on the money there.

Sounds like this mutt's got personality. I wanna keep him, too.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 5:55 AM


Nice story here. Jayne is such a softie where Kaylee is concerned. Hope to see a concluding chapter.

Thursday, May 18, 2006 1:30 AM


kaylee and river doing a double act? mal's got no chance...



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