Recurrent Verse : part five : Dreaming
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

A meeting with Monty and Jayne and Kaylee sort some things out


A Jaylee story originally started as part of the Lyric_ficathon at LiveJournal.

Lyrics provided by ceslas oh please lover lay down, spend this time with me, together share this smile from Dreaming under the table by the Dave Matthews Band

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The Captain had got them a new job, a legitimate one, on a decent planet and best of all they’d be workin’ with Monty and his crew.

Kaylee smiled at the beautiful sight of the two Firefly ships docked close together. ‘Course Serenity was the most beautiful, but she and the Falcon looked so comfortable like that. Sorta like their crews, she reflected.

Whenever they got together they had a real fun time. If they stayed overnight there was always a party. She loved Monty’s tales of the Captain durin’ wartime and the Captain’s counterin’ yarns. They drank moonshine, cooked over an open fire and Jayne played the guitar.

The Captain always asked for the Browncoat song that got him and Monty all choked up while Zoë sat stiff and let Wash cuddle her.

Tonight it bought tears to Kaylee’s eyes too and she wanted nothin’ more than to go rest her head on Jayne’s shoulder and snuggle up. But since her words to him in the engine room the mercenary had closed up and moved off.

She’d been tryin’ to get them back on the old friendly footin’ they’d always been on, but so far she’d had little success.

Kaylee still felt she’d been exaggeratin’ things, blowin’ things outta proportion. Chasin’ Jayne away cause he made her feel uncomfortable and confused. He’d only touched her like that once and she was pretty sure it didn’t mean nothin’. In spite of what Zoë said, she couldn’t see any indication that Jayne had any feelins for her and she weren’t sure she felt anythin’ beyond friendship for him.

She didn’t know whether to go over and sit with him or not. As she hovered uncertainly, Dan, the Falcon’s mechanic came over.

“Hey Kaylee – I got a problem with the engine, will ya come look at it with me?”

“Sure Dan,” she grinned in relief and followed him up the ramp into the ship. It’d be better to talk to Jayne privately when they were both sober she decided. “And I bet ya got some captures ya want to show me too!”

“Always do,” he nodded fishin’ in his pockets. “Always do.”


When Kaylee disappeared into the Falcon with the other mechanic, Jayne gritted his teeth and doggedly kept playin’.

He knew they got along real well and it weren’t none of his business, he reminded himself savagely, chuggin’ back another drink. Kaylee was grown and knew what she was doin’, who she wanted, and it weren’t him.

It didn’t stop him countin’ how long she was gone and feelin’ relieved when she finally came back.

But then Kaylee was smilin’ at the guy and he had his hand on her shoulder and Jayne wanted to go over and rip it right off.

Gulpin’ down the rest of his drink he grabbed the bottle Mal was offerin’ eagerly. The captain was drinkin’ himself into a happy mood; Jayne may as well join him.


Kaylee had watched Jayne and the Captain settle into serious drinkin’ with a sigh and taken herself to bed. Wouldn’t be any use talkin’ to the man then, she knew.

Comin’ into breakfast late she hoped to find him there, but he weren’t. When she went lookin’; he and the Captain were still outside, sprawled, still asleep, under the table.

“Somethin’ happen between ya and the big guy?” Monty’s voice made her jump and she stared at him like a moonbrain as he settled a friendly hand on her shoulder.

Why did everyone think she and Jayne had somethin’ goin’? First Zoë and now Monty were assumin’ things bout them.

“Why would ya think that?” Kaylee asked genuinely curious. Till lately she’d never even thought of Jayne as anythin’ other than a friend.

“How many times since both of ya joined Mal have we met up?”

“Maybe five, six times.”

“Every time, except for last night, ya sat next to him.” Monty grinned at her, “even though ya were crushin’ on whoever Mal’s got hidden on that boat, it was Jayne ya ended up with.”


Kaylee was lying on his bed all naked and beautiful; she held out her arms invitingly and smiled.

Never able to resist, he sank into her embrace, buryin’ his face in her neck and kissin’ behind her ear. The girl ran her hands over his chest, fingers rakin’ through the hair and latchin’ onto his nipples. Groanin’ Jayne moved his own hands till one was at the apex of her thighs and the other behind her cute little behind. Dippin’ his head toward her nethers he was rewarded with her moanin’ his name in a breathy voice that hardened him further. “Jayne.”

“Jayne!” Groanin’ he slowly opened his eyes and glanced up into her concerned ones. How’d she get up there? How come she had her clothes on?

Jayne sat up with a jerk. “Ow! Ruttin’ table,” he rubbed his head.

“Keep it down to a dull roar, will you.” The captain husked out from beside him. “Somebody tell me why I’m getting woken up so early?”

“Ain’t early Sir,” his second in command answered. “If you recall, you wanted to be loaded and gone by afternoon.”

“Don’t you ever get tired of being right?” Mal moaned and rolled over. “Jayne, let’s get moving.”

Crawlin’ out from under the table, Jayne lurched to his feet, jerkin’ away when he felt a small capable hand slip under his elbow.

“Don’t shake me off. Please Jayne.”

Kaylee’s voice was all manner of wavery and cursin’ himself again for makin’ her unhappy, he let her warm hand stay there as she guided him toward the kitchen.

Thankful she weren’t actin’ so nervous of him; he threw himself into a chair with a moan and watched as she bustled round gettin’ coffee. He knew her signs well enough to know that the girl wanted to talk.

Sure enough she handed him his coffee, plunked down beside him and got straight to the point.

“Can we go back to bein’ friends?” she asked him hopefully, eyes all serious and solemn. “I weren’t expectin’….that is….Ya confused me some that day is all, and I said things I didn’t mean.”

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Jayne said surprising both himself and her. He’d do anythin’ to have her smilin’ at him again. “Friends it is then.”


Monday, August 21, 2006 6:46 AM


Wonder if the alcohol in Jayne's body was enough to affect him while he was dreaming? Cuz that would be a sure sign of something;)



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