Monday, July 24, 2006

Jayne tells Kaylee something she doesn't want to hear


A collection of four drabbles which are turning into a series. Originally written for ficlets100 at Live Journal, each prompt must be exactly 100 words. ________________________________________________

Right prompt #19 Hate

He was right. Why did he have to be right?

She’d asked him, and he told her, never hid a thing from her.

But why’d he have to be right?

‘Course she knew in her head that her and Simon weren’t gonna happen. But he was so shiny, so different, that she hadn’t stopped her hopin’ and chasin’ of him.

Jayne said there weren’t no future in it – so she asked Simon.

He fumbled, avoided her eyes and didn’t answer directly.

Kaylee hugged herself and glared through red-rimmed eyes. Why did he have to be right?

“I hate ya Jayne.”


Regrets prompt #55 Lies

Why didn’t he lie?

He told plenty of lies, to everyone but her.

He could of kept quiet, said nothin’, let her stay happy till the gorram doctor loused it up himself.

But no – she asked and he answered. Told her what he thought. She’d cried, been broken hearted, said she hated him. Should be hatin’ the doctor.

But she’d cut himoff from her shiny smiles and bubblin’ conversation. Wouldn’t look at or talk to him. Here she came now – ignorin’ him for all she was worth.

Shoulda lied to her, Jayne frowned at Kaylee’s retreating back.

Stupid little girl.


Puzzled prompt # 38 Invisible


“What is sweetie?” Kaylee asked from her prone position under the mule.

“Bear’s not invisible.” River watched Jayne and Book lifting weights across the bay.

The other girl followed River’s gaze her eyes hardening. “Yes he is.”

“Didn’t do anything wrong.”

“He yelled at me!”

“Doesn’t like hurting,” River puzzled over her friend’s behaviour. “You asked, he answered. Didn’t lie.”

“Should have,” Kaylee had her head under the mule again.

“You wanted lies?”

“I didn’t want him to be right.”

Kaylee hadn’t wanted to cry in front of Jayne. She wanted his comfort, she hated him.

River sighed. “Contradictory.”


Damage prompt #90 Broken

It was weeks since the stupidity started, and it had to end. It was damagin’ his calm.

He’d decided no more tryin’ to apologise, no more followin’ her around waitin’ for her smile. No more nothin’.

He’d gone years without her friendship, and could again. Weren’t as if he needed it, there were others to talk to here and he got plenty of companionship when they went planetside.

That sorta companionship didn’t judge ya and didn’t ask questions ya had to answer. Those girls didn’t cry like their hearts were broken and not let ya near enough to comfort them.


Monday, July 24, 2006 3:10 AM


God, I love your stuff.

'nough said.

Monday, July 24, 2006 2:24 PM


Oh bookaddict....this is brilliant! Knowing Joss, he would have pulled this kinda stuff had the series gone on longer;)


Monday, July 24, 2006 8:11 PM


So sweet; it's nice to see sweet.


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