Thinking things through part eleven
Saturday, March 4, 2006

Jayne and Simon have a talk


Jayne wasn’t her type. He was real familiar with what Kaylee liked, and he didn’t fit the bill.

All the fellas she decided on were more like Simon, good lookin’ in a clean sorta way, not much taller than she were, but well built, that was her sort, not Jayne. Mostly the fellas had respectable jobs, mechanics, farmers and the like. If they had a sad story, like that friend of the Captain’s or the gorram doctor, then they were sure to get her attention.

That’s how he knew that Kaylee weren’t really interested in him, his body, yes; him, no. He’d decided that he didn’t care ‘bout that no more – much.

He’d give the doc a bit of a nudge, force him to look to Kaylee, and if the man did the right thing then Jayne would be glad; for Kaylee.


Simon nearly jumped out of his skin when the big mercenary appeared at the infirmary door. The man could certainly move silently when he wished.

“Need to talk t’ ya doc.” Jayne’s face was serious, “’bout Kaylee.”

Simon sighed; Kaylee certainly had her fair share of protectors aboard the ship. The pretty mechanic was friendly with everyone. He had already answered this question for Wash, Zoë & the Captain.

“I’ve just told the Captain. Even though the cast will come off, in order to regain full mobility, Kaylee will need some physiotherapy on her arm.”

“Ain’t talkin’ ‘bout that.”

Jayne took a deep breath and a firm hold on his temper. Talkin’ to the doc was apt to make him ornery even when it weren’t ‘bout somethin’ serious. The crazy girl was sittin’ there swingin’ her legs and starin’ at him like she expected somethin’. Better get it over with.

“I want to know when ya gonna get to sexin’ up Kaylee.”

The blunt question not at all what he was expecting, Simon stared at Jayne in shock “You – what – Kaylee.”

“The girl’s been tryin’ to get ya in bed for months. When are ya goin’ to oblige her?”

Jayne was feelin’ sick to his stomach at the thought of his Kaylee and this useless sa gua gettin’ together. The man was standin’ there openin’ ‘n’ closin’ his mouth like a gorram fish. Like he didn’t know that Kaylee had been chasin’ him all this time, man couldn’t be that dense.

“Ah, I don’t think that we should be talking about this.” Simon was floundering, he knew that, feeling like the boob that his mei mei sometimes called him.

River, Buddha help him, she was listening to this conversation! “We definitely shouldn’t be discussing such things in front of innocents.”

“Leave the crazy girl outta this; I’m talkin’ ‘bout what Kaylee needs.”

“Does Kaylee know what you’re talking to me about?” Simon didn’t think so. Kaylee surely wouldn’t be so forward.

“Yes she would.” River nudged her brother.

Well perhaps Kaylee would, thought Simon recalling several incidents when the girl had embarrassed him with her frank discussions about sex. But he doubted that she knew about this particular discussion.

Jayne as usual ignored the byplay between brother and sister focusing on what needed to be said.

“The girl’s had a long dry spell thanks to ya and she needs a for real man, if ya are one, or she’ll start lookin’ somewhere else.”

The tone of Jayne’s voice told Simon something he didn’t want to hear. He thought back to what he had observed in the engine room. Perhaps the pair’s ease with each other had meant more than he thought.

“Kaylee wouldn’t – not you.”

“She’s only lookin’ so far and that’s just ‘cause she thinks I’m easy” Jayne shrugged “that I won’t get hurt when she leaves.”

River had stood up and was pattin’ his shoulder again. “I don’t get it doc. I know ya like Kaylee. How can ya resist somethin’ so fine, ya who always wants the best thing around?”

“I’m not resisting Kaylee. I just can’t rush into a relationship, I have River to consider.”

Simon saw River roll her eyes and exchange glances with Jayne. He frowned; he didn’t like the sudden friendship between these two.

“That’s just an excuse,” River’s voice was chiding him.

“Look,” Jayne was gettin’ impatient “I don’t care ‘bout your excuses. Just want ya to do right by Kaylee. Ya go see her, tell her what ya want. Work it out. Treat her good or ya’ll be meetin’ Vera.”

Jayne turned and walked out leavin’ the Doc to do some thinkin’. The man had better be thinkin’ the right things and go see Kaylee soon. ‘Cause the girl deserved to be happy.

Sa gua = idiot


Saturday, March 4, 2006 5:46 AM


Man,if Simon doesn't get the picture now,he deserves to have the snot kicked out of him by River. Ok, he deserves that anyway. Keep'em comin'!

Saturday, March 4, 2006 11:30 AM


Ahh, Jayne! Thinkin' about Kaylee's happiness before his own desires!!!

I think he really must care about the girl! (I won't say that he loves her - he wouldn't like that - but he sure does like her a lot!!)

Kaylee, when are you going to realise what a torch Jayne has for you? I think you'll find all the sexin' you could want if you was with Jayne!!! Is Simon ever going to wake up to how you feel about him?

Don't keep us waiting too long for the next paert, Bookaddict!!! Is Simon going to 'treat Kaylee right' as Jayne would say, or is Jayne going to be the one who gets all the sexin' from Kaylee??!!

Saturday, March 4, 2006 1:36 PM


*slaps the second anonymous in the arm*
Simon doesn't deserve Kaylee.
He's a bumbling toff most of the time.

Book, as always your work is a total inspiration. I love it. Keep it coming, pleeeaaasse!!

Saturday, March 4, 2006 6:15 PM


Ah, the infamous 'talk'. I'd been waiting on tenderhooks for this, and you didn't disappoint.

Simon's going to try something and get knocked back, isn't he? 'Cause that'd be hi-larious.

And once Jayne and Kaylee realize their feelings are mutual... well, that'll be an interesting day.

Loving this series. Write more soon.

Sunday, April 23, 2006 6:53 AM


*chants* jaylee! jaylee! jayle!! you SO know it's gonna happen...



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