Mal's First Battle - Part 2
Saturday, February 18, 2006

A continuation from Part one. Read that first


Mal chose the only route he could take. He started to walk along the line, with no real destination in mind. He walked for a few minutes, past the half destroyed independent positions. A few soldiers called for his help, but he was still dazed from the loss of his squad and ignored them. He didn’t hear the Alliance troops come up behind them. As the enemy fired, he dropped out of his daze and started to run. He didn’t look back he just ran. He fell into a spell. When he dropped to the ground out of pure exhaustion, he saw that night had fallen. He was on a hill overlooking the battlefield. The sight he saw brought tears to his eyes. The independent assault had failed. Explosions dotted the plain, and small pockets of men, maybe even men he was supposed to lead, were being herded into groups and killed. Malcolm felt sadness welling up inside of him. He had failed. If he survived, he would never be able to support his company again. Mal didn’t really care about after the battle. He knew he wouldn’t survive without a miracle anyway. He decided to try to make it to the nearest town, Tekmel. Maybe he could get off planet from the port there. He stood up to leave, but as he got up, he noticed a glint of metal from a thicket on the side of the hill. His curiosity getting the better of him, the young sergeant made his way down to the thicket. Mal got up to the branches and cautiously pulled them open. The sight he saw lifted his heart and elated him. In the clearing there were five independent soldiers. Up until now, he thought he was alone. Maybe, with these soldiers, he could strike a blow against the alliance, and maybe turn the tide of battle. Mal stepped into the clearing, and saw five weapons pointed towards him. One of the soldiers, a woman, stepped into the clearing and introduced herself. “Corporal Alleyne sir, Zoe Alleyne. Also, Privates Michaels, Kelly, Christiansen, and Hikeen.” “Give me a sitrep.” Said Mal. “It don’t look good sergeant. We’re one of the few units that made it out alive after the air strikes. Even though there are probably more groups like us, we can’t contact them. We do have a radio and have talked to command.” “What do they say?” asked Mal. “They have two regiments ready to send into the base. Unfortunately, the troops are sitting on their gorram asses until those fighter are gone. They would tear the transports apart.” Said Zoe. “Well, at least we have a mission now.” Said Mal. “A mission,” said a confused Zoe, “What mission?” “Command needs those fighters gone, so we make them gone. Everyone knows that the alliance is paranoid of air attack ever since we started bombing them. So we sneak behind their lines and get into a SAM battery, and kill the fighters. Then the reinforcements can kick the Alliance in their gorram ass!” Mal finished his sentence, and a new fire spread through him. Just twenty minutes ago, he had thought all was lost. But now, he felt like he had a fighting chance.


Saturday, February 18, 2006 6:33 PM


Awesome! Please continue this story, I want more:)

Sunday, February 19, 2006 5:40 AM


Oh yeah, love this! Mal fighting back is excellent and love him meeting up with Zoe and a couple of other independents to get the job done. Ali D :~)
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