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An expansion of a scene in my earlier fic 'Finding Serenity.' Definite AU!! Mal and Zoe have a wedding, of sorts... NC-17


Zoë sighed. They finally made it.

They waited nearly five hours to see the Justice of the Peace. The officials had daggers in their eyes, on account of Mal and Zoë wearing coats that were kind of a brownish color. But in the end, they got what they wanted. It was official. Mal and Zoë Reynolds. They both held it together, not getting emotional when all was said and done. They knew they would have their moment later, in private.

In prison, Mal had gotten word of a safe house for former…current Independents. The newlyweds boarded a train and spent the next hours holding each other close until they reached their destination. It was when they pulled up. The building had no special or distinguishing markings. It was a large motel, near the outskirts of the city. Both Zoë and her husband entered cautiously, noting all possible exits and the number of people in the lobby, as was their way. With few words exchanged between Mal and the desk clerk, a key and directions were given. They were granted 2 weeks free stay and 2 meals a day until they could find work. The extra week was on account of their just getting hitched, the clerk said. Even gave them a half a bottle of real whiskey.

The room was small and stark. It held a bed, a dresser and a cortex screen. As Mal checked the windows, Zoë investigated the bathroom. She fell in love. An enormous sunken bathtub sat in the middle of the room. Four faucets lined the tub and it was complete with built in seats for…relaxing. She started to strip off her clothes immediately. The water gushed out of the jets, steaming hot.

Mal had secured the room. Old habits die hard. He had scoured every nook and cranny of the tiny place, checking for anything from bugs to explosives. The bed squeaked a little when he sat down. He finally felt like he could rest. He and his wife were safe. Speaking of his wife…


Zoë called for her partner. Mal walked into the room and caught his breath. Zoë stood in the bath like a roman goddess. Her dark skin glistened with drops of water as she beckoned to him. Her dark curly hair hung dripping wet around her shoulders, barely brushing the tops of her breasts. She was like love personified. Mal couldn’t resist. He stepped into the bath, fully clothed, and took Zoë into his arms. He couldn’t find the words to express his feelings, he hardly ever could. So he did the next best thing. It was the one of the few kisses they had ever shared. Her lips were the sweetest fruits he had tasted, yet. He caressed them with such tenderness; nevertheless, a hunger overtook him. The kiss became deeper, more longing. She moaned underneath the weight of his starving mouth. His grip tightened around her as he squeezed her flesh, his hands pulling her to him as if he were trying to cement their bodies.

When they finally parted, Mal was pleased with what he saw. His wife’s voluptuous lips swollen even greater from his passion and her eyes exposed her lust for more. He took of his soaking clothes under the attentive eyes of his wife.

“You could move a little faster, soldier.”

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m still the ranking officer. So I’m giving the orders.”

One look from Zoë let him know he was clearly mistaken. This was her time to command.

Zoë pushed her husband against the tub, making him sit on the ledge. She straddled him, feeling his hardness thick against her thighs. She smiled. Soon enough, cowboy, she thought to herself. Running her fingers through his hair, she pulled him down as she arched her back, bringing his mouth to her chest.


Never one to disobey an order, Mal eagerly took to his task. He ran his mouth through the valley surrounded by her breasts, nibbling and sucking as he journeyed. His tongue led him to her peaks, and he was rewarded with his name in soft moans. Her voice, like a melodious chant, placed him in a trance. Her nipples were assaulted with his mouth as he alternated between the two, determined to give each one equal attention. He felt her bucking on top of him, massaging him and keeping him on the verge of entry. Zoë guided his hand across her smooth stomach to the aching inside of her thighs. Mal slid two fingers past her lips and eased into her tightness. He called to her, bidding her come with the motion of his fingers. The delicate flesh at the base of her neck captured the concentration of his mouth as she whimpered sounds reminiscent of the syllables of his name.

When she could take no more, when she needed more, Zoë grabbed his hand away and thrust herself onto him. They both cried out with shock. He gazed up at her, in awe of his wife’s strength as she gripped him between her muscular thighs. She rode him slowly at first, allowing them both time to savor the oneness of their bodies. Eyes locked on each other, their breaths came in ragged gasps as they reveled in the pleasure they gave and received. He stroked her back with one hand, the other hanging on to her waist. She let her head drop back in ecstasy. The water around them splashed with noisy delight, providing a soundtrack their sex. Bliss overtook Zoë as her body tensed and shuddered. This gave her husband means to release as well. Their exquisite le petite mort shook them with such intensity. With a great expulsion of breath, Zoë collapsed onto her husband’s shoulder. Still seated, he wrapped his arms around her, guarding his most precious entity.

“We still haven’t had a wedding, you know.”

“You mean with a whole bunch of useless frippery and such? What’s the purpose in that?” He got a swift smack for that.

“I meant vows. We ain’t exchanged any. A piece of paper don’t mean we’re married, just means we’re legally bound to each other’s problems. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Mal thought about what she said. He remembers a time before the war. His notions of marriage consisted of a little church, a preacher and his family. All those were faded memories of a distant past.

“Why don’t we exchange ‘em here. Now’s as good a time as any. We’re all we need and we’re all we’ve got. Bare as the day we were born with nothing to hide.”

Zoë slid off of her husband and sat opposite him.

“Alright. Give me a minute to think of what I want to say…”

“No, just let it come to you. Don’t think, just speak.” His eyes sparkled with that boyish charm she loved.

“Malcolm Reynolds. I love you. My heart and my body belong solely to you. With you I feel safe. Wanted. Loved. I would give anything for you. You fill my days and warm my nights. You are my life and my heart. I am yours forever.”

“What, no honor and obey?” Another smack. He loved the abuse.

“Don’t push it.”

“Zoë Alleyne. Zo. My right hand. You’ve saved my life more times than I can count. You were always prepared in battle, guns blazin’. Never without your wits about you, which is more than I can say more myself. You kept me together, during those hard times. I owe you my life and I dedicate it to you. I love you. Don’t have a ring, as such, but--”

Mal jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and ran to his sack on the bed, rummaging through it. Zoë toweled off and followed him.

“While you were asleep on the train I fiddled with this and made you a necklace. Aint impressive, but it serves it purpose.”

He pulled out a long string of leather. It had notches on the ends, giving it a slightly frayed look. Zoë stepped forward and he tied around her neck.

“One loop for the years before the war, one for our encounter during the war and one for our new life together.”

“Mal…” She was speechless. Never had so little meant so much. She vowed never to remove it, fingering it lightly. He watched as her eyes got wet with joy. Zoë tried to turn from him, not wanting to show her emotion, but she knew he was the only who deserved the sight. Tears fell as she allowed him to wrap himself around her. He shed a few himself, content in his actions and his eternal love.

Mal lifted her up and laid her on the bed, flinging the clutter on the floor. He eased the towel off of himself and his wife. Her naked body glowed in the moonlight filtering through the window. He propped himself up on his elbow next to her, running his hands over her entire body as if her were trying to memorize each and every curve and crevice.

“I love you.” Zoë cooed into her husband’s ear. Her fingers got lost in his thick brown hair; it was one of her favorite features.

“Mmmm…are you gonna brush it next? I aint had a good hair-brushin’ in years.”

“No, but given the right motivation I might do some pullin’.”

“Even better.”

He kissed those lips he loved, covering her body with his. She felt her legs spread with help from his knees. He maneuvered down to her breasts, kneading them and covering them with kisses. He traced a line down to her navel with his tongue, excited about his final destination. Zoë gave him a little push southwards, impatient at his pace. Straight to the point, that was his woman. His lips were inches away as she arched herself to his mouth. Mal gave his favorite part of her body the oral devotion it deserved.

Zoë was in heaven. She covered his hands with hers, already on her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his forefinger and thumbs. She gazed downward into his eyes. He was watching her as worked, tasting her. His tongue slid along her opening, and he lapped up what he found. He was selfish though, giving her just enough to please, but not enough to push her over the edge. After a few minutes he came up, much to her disappointment.

“Can I help you?” She was tense, impatiently waiting for him to get back to what he was doing.

“As a matter of fact, you can.” Zoë could just kick him. She rolled her eyes in mock exasperation and pushed him over onto his back. She attacked his neck, biting and licking. Her wild mane almost smothered him. He pulled it a little, giving her reason to intensify her attack. Similar to his earlier path, Zoë made her way down. He almost fully upright and she gave him the extra help he needed. She teased him with her tongue, running it up and down his shaft. His engorged head was kissed and nuzzled. Zoë took her time, she loved watching him squirm. Finally her head went down as she took him into her mouth, sucking hard on her way back up.

“Holy…ahhh…” She was good at what she was doing. Mentally Mal gave himself a high five. Beauty, brains AND… He considered himself the luckiest man alive. Most definitely. His thoughts ended there. He actually forgot his own name for a minute. Damn. He had to push her off or he felt as though he would burst.

He pulled her up and tossed her on her back. He raised her legs and entered her with a grunt. Mal worked his hips, grinding and stroking the amazon underneath him. They achieved a deliberate rhythm, together with their moans and utterances of affection. Zoë came first. And again a short while later, as did her husband. Dripping with sweat, he laid his body on top of hers, knowing she could take the weight. Wife gently massaged Husband’s back as they drifted off to sleep.

le petite mort – French colloquialism for orgasm


Monday, February 6, 2006 8:57 AM


Is this going to be the first in a series? There is very little Mal/Zoe fanfic and this was excellent. I was amused to see 'le petite mort' described as a French colloquialism for an orgasm as I have mostly heard it used to describe sleep, 'the little death'. I am hoping you will continue the thread you have started in this AU story. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 1:49 AM


i love cowboys *wink*



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