What could he do? 2
Wednesday, January 4, 2006

A second helping of Jayne/Zoe. A 'tad fluffy.


“Gorramit River! Who the hell let her pilot anyways!”

River had taken a sharp turn. He was just upset because some of his guns on the rack next to his bunk fell on him as he was taking a nap.

“No sleep needed. Complicated dreams ensued. Why two females at once? Is one not enough?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to, River. And trust me darlin, you don’t want to know.”

She accepted this answer from her captain and concentrated on the black ahead of her.

Now that he was awake, he might as well lift some weights. After all, he had some extra energy to burn…

Zoe smirked, hearing the commotion. Hadn’t quite gotten over the compliment from Jayne a few days ago. She wasn’t all better, but it was what finally made her realize that there were still people in the ‘verse that cared. Strange that Jayne would be the one to remind her of that. She stood looking over into the cargo bay watching the man-ape lift weights. She had been so upset when Mal offered him a spot on the crew. Not as upset as she was when he hired Wash…Wash. Her husband. Gone. Her heart was like a stone. She felt nothing. On their last job she got shot in the arm and didn’t realize it until Jayne had so lovingly pointed it out by grabbing by the same arm and pulling her onto the mule. Come to think of it, Jayne had been acting a little unusual lately. Was he actually trying to take advantage of her mourning and get into her pants? He’d get an ass kicking, that’s what he get… No, he wasn’t that dumb. She’d cut off his John Thomas and hand it to him if he was.

“Zo, get down here. That arm’s lookin’ at tad flabby there. You could use these weights more than me!”

With such a charming invitation, who could resist? She made her way down and he watched her as she lifted.

“This was you and the preacher’s deal, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah well…(changing subject)someone’s gotta keep you in shape and alert. You’re the only one who can deal with Mal and his hissy fits.”

As they worked in silence, they heard Simon scurry into the kitchen, grab some things and head back to Kaylee’s bunk. They both chuckled softly.

“It’s a shame it took what it did to get them two together.”

“Yeah, at least it got Kaylee off my back. I swear, ‘fore Lord Fauntleroy got on this boat she was about to jump me! Not that I would have refused her, course.”

This was no different than regular Jayne-speak, but it sent Zoe into peals of laughter. She dropped the barbell with tears in her eyes and held her sides she was laughing so hard. Jayne stood there, unable to control himself, and started to laugh with her. It felt good. It felt so good to let go.


Good ol’ protein was on the menu for dinner, with a few greens left over from their last visit planet side. Few words were exchanged during the meal as usual, but it was good to sit at a full table. Well, mostly full. Afterward they all went their separate ways. River sat back at the controls, Mal went off to contact Inara to let her know their next destination, and Simon and Kaylee went back to banging the snot outta each other.

“Jayne, you got clean up.”

He grumbled as he grabbed up the dishes wishin he could just break em all. Zoe lingered a little.

“Wish we had one of them dishwashers. I got better things to do.”

“Like what? Make love to Vera?”

“Look, just cuz you ain’t getting any don’t mean you can remind those of who ain’t getting none neither.”

Zoe turned sharply to face him. Oh shit. Jayne backed up against the sink, wishin he had somethin with him…his knife, Vera, something! She stalked up to him, not more than 2 feet from his face… and twisted his ear until he was bent over on the ground.

“If anyone else were man enough on this ship, I’d get all I needed.”

“Help! Gorramit someone! She’s flipped!!”

Zoe let him go. And he stood there, rubbing his ear like child. Why, that gal coulda taken it clean off she twisted so hard!


After saying that, she gave a curt nod and left. Jayne watched her as she sauntered out. He’d done good. He stared after her for a while before getting back to the dishes.

She’s back.


Wednesday, January 4, 2006 5:02 PM


I never thoguht I'd like a Zoe/Jayne ship, but I love this, keep up the great work!
*bows to your superior genius*

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 5:03 PM


thought- it's spelt thought. I'm sorry I haven't slept in a couple of days

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 5:04 PM


Yup! I can see that! Zoe just doin' what she does to put Jayne in his place.

And just imagining the look on Jayne's face, too. Big oopsie!

Friday, January 6, 2006 10:04 AM


“If anyone else were man enough on this ship, I’d get all I needed.”

meeow!!! i like bitchy zoe!!!



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