The Best Deceptions: Ch 5
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fun with sling shots and cows. Things get a little heated. So do the eggs. Jayne/Kaylee.


Part five: the rest of the fourth day.

Previous chapters to be found: one, two, three and four.

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Kaylee walked into the shop and let her eyes linger on the familiar surfaces. She'd spent an inordinate amount of time in here, pestering her dad when she was very young to let her help and eventually, when he finally relented and let her work here, pestering him to let her go a little early.

"Thought you were nearly finished in here?"

There was no one visible on the work floor, which meant he was somewhere melded inside one of the machines and she wasn't about to start looking through each and every one.

"So did I." Frank stuck his head out of a nearby Capissen, his eyes smiled a welcome, but his face frowned at her. "We got some new engines in. Thought I told you, you weren't to be workin' while you was here."

"Daddy." A slight chide in her voice, she could feel him melting already. "It's nothin' too big. Just a favor I said I'd do."

"Yeah, well." He pointed off to the left corner. "They delivered it this morning. That one's yours."

"Thanks." A quick peck to his cheek. "Usual tools in the usual place?"

He scoffed at her.

"Where else would they be?" Frank placed a hand on the back of his daughter's head and let it linger. "You takin' care of yourself, are you? Really?"

She smiled and jostled her shoulder into his.

"'Course I am." The air was warmer just in this room, between them, she could feel it. "Wait 'til you meet 'em, daddy, you're gonna love them."

"Well, if they're anything like Jayne, can't argue with you."

Another tight squeeze in his arms and he was gone, leaving her in a flurry of blushes and secret smiles. That was about as much as she was ever gonna get from him saying that he approved. Hell, it was more than she expected.

"I'm learning so much out there, just like I thought." Couldn't help but tease him as she collected the tools she'd need. "There's no way I woulda been in a gunfight stayin' here."


"Yup. More'n one." She nodded breezily. "And there ain't no Reavers here. Or fancy balls with swordfights. Or dead mean comin' to life. I even stayed in a whore house once."

"They took you where?"



Jayne looked around the abandoned shed. Sunlight filtered in, with little flurries of dust mites spiraling in the shafts that landed haphazardly over the floor. There were piles of machines and tools sitting on their haunches, just waiting for someone to come play with them.

"Anyone here?"

There were shuffles coming from two sides of the room and, at the same time, two heads poked out from underneath two very different machines. He blinked.

"Jayne!" One of them was eager to see him and she had a bright smile to boot. "What took you so long?"

"Um...?" He gestured back towards the street. "That lady, Maura... somethin'."

"Heh." Frank chuckled. "You left him alone with her? I'm just surprised he made it out before sundown."

"With his ears all whole an' everything." She winked at him. "You didn't kill 'er or nothin' to get away, did you Jayne?"

She scrambled out from the engine and he saw her fiddle with her hair, tucking it away before she looked up at him. Made him grin just a little.

"Nah, didn't know that was an option. She weren't that bad, not really..."

"Jayne." Suddenly she was glaring at him and his hand stopped in mid air, he realized he was about to reach out to touch one of abandoned bits of machinery. His fingers curled underneath themselves into a fist. "What's the rule aboard Serenity?"

He sighed.

"Don't touch the engine and don't push any buttons if'n I don't know what they do."

Her eye brows raised.

"An' what do you think the rule is here?"

He sighed again, deeper this time.

"Don't touch the engines and don't push any buttons if'n I don't know what they do."

Her eyes glowed a deep pride as she turned to her father.

"See? He learns real quick."

Frank wiped his hands on a nearby towel. There wasn't a speck of grease anywhere else but on that little piece of cloth. Jayne couldn't help looking over to Kaylee, where a dark smudge had found its way to her neck and a suspicious looking stain had formed on her shirt. Her hands weren't fairing any better.

"Not a mechanic then?" Frank laughed. "You gotta be real bad for her to make that rule."

"I stick to my strengths." Was Jayne's answer as he walked over to Kaylee. "Stayin' mean, guarding the ship and keepin' this one out of trouble."

"Oh, well." A laugh. "That's a full time job right there."

"Daddy." Kaylee glared across the room, but her hand wove its way around Jayne's waist as he did the same to her. "You ain't supposed to pick on me, we're pickin' on Jayne."

"An' you ain't supposed to be working." Came the retort. "Guess we're all breakin' the rules today."

"Fine." She walked over to a small shelf that held boxes and began digging around. "We're leavin' then. You can spend the day alone, if you're gonna be like that."

"Won't be alone. Your mother's comin' in to bring me lunch."

"Really?" Her eyes practically glittered. "Then we're definitely gonna leave you alone."

Jayne couldn't help laughing when she looked over to him, rolled her eyes and made a disgusted face as her hands mimed kissing.

"Where we goin'?" He asked her, looking down at the sling shot she'd grabbed out from behind the box. "You got a plan for that thing?"

"Maybe one or two, we're goin' fishing." She grinned, then turned back to glare at her father. "I been gone two years, you ain't cleaned up enough to find this?"

"What can I say? I'm lazy and unmotivated. How I get anything done is a mystery." Frank shook his head in defeat as he walked over to hug Kaylee goodbye. His hand closed over hers, holding up the weapon. "By the way, I tightened the band, you weren't gonna hit nothin' the way it was."


"What're we doin' here?" He whined low. "I don't see no fish."

Kaylee nudged her shoulder into his and motioned for him to be quiet as they crouched down behind a tree. She couldn't help the grin that fought to stay on her face.

Her pocket was full of small stones she'd picked up on the way and she picked one out, fitting it snugly in the sling shot.

"You ain't aimin' to hit one of them cows, are ya?" Jayne frowned as he whispered and she rolled her eyes. "Kaylee, I never picked you for bein' mean like that, you can't..."

"Shoosh!" She hissed. "I ain't gonna hit no damn cows, you fool."

"Then what...?"

She held up her hand to cut him off, then pointed to the far left of the field. It didn't hurt that he had to stretch his neck to see what she was pointing at, he had such a nice neck, the way the tendons pulled his skin out, made it stand up so she could track each and every bristle that threatened to grow back into a beard.

Way to get off target.

"What're they doing?" She whispered.

"Sittin' there." Jayne whispered back. "Looks like they're talkin'."

Sure enough, when she craned around him, pushing him back against the tree and pressing her chest into his, she could see both Mick and Mike saddled on their horses, talking amid the herd of cattle around them.

"'kay, then." She grinned. "Watch an' learn."

The shot hit home exactly, knocking Mick's hat right off his head. That's all Kaylee saw before she pulled Jayne back down to the ground and out of sight. The sound of a horse snuffling told her that her target had begun moving.

"First one's always the easiest." She whispered. "But now they're on alert."

Jayne looked at her and she wasn't sure whether that look in his eye was a new found respect her for aim, or a slight wariness of what was possibly the craziest woman he ever knew.

"We know you're out there!" Came a voice.

"Here." He grabbed the sling shot out of her hands. "You watch'n learn."

It was quick, the next shot, he barely took time to aim, but she knew by the low hoot that followed that Mike had lost his hat as well.

"Oh, I see." Mick called. "You got help now, Kay, don't you?"

"Only makes it easier for us." Mike sing songed. "Don't think you can hide that bulk 'round here for long."

Jayne brought his finger to his lips and Kaylee giggled as a cow lowed. What followed was a series of hand gestures that she'd seen him use with Mal and Zoe and she had no idea what it meant.

She leaned in close to his ear.

"I think it's against the law to do that to the cows, Jayne."

"Oh ha ha. You're a bloody riot, you are."

He glared and then closed his hand around her waist. It was warm, the space between his fingers and her thin shirt, and she found herself being pulled even closer so he could whisper back to her.

"We gotta keep 'em in the field." She breathed before he could. "That's the point."

"You go left an' I'll go right then." She closed her eyes to listen to the sound of him, to feel his breath blowing against her lobe. "We'll take turns. Give em' about five minutes between each attack and keep movin' in the meantime. Got that?"

"But?" She shifted, turned so that her mouth was close in on his neck and she could smell the salt on his skin. "Wouldn't it be better to stay here?"

The hand at her waist squeezed a little, a small little flutter that echoed all through her. It rose quickly, his fingers spidering their way up her back underneath her shirt and she gasped as her bra was unhooked and threaded through her sleeves.

"It's temptin'." Then he released her and she found herself sitting in the dust, watching him crawl away with the purloined cloth. "Don't get yourself caught."

"I won't." She hissed back, grabbing the slingshot. "I been playin' this longer'n you."


"They still there?"

Mick looked down at the ground, trying to adjust the angle of the hook as it dangled next to his hat. The point of it stubbornly refused to catch onto the rim. They'd gotten Mike's hat fair enough, but his was eluding them.

"They're on the move." Came the answer. "Damn near made me blush though, the two of 'em."

Gorram stupid hook. He was out of practice, that was the problem. Hadn't played this game in years and he'd just gotten slack. There was a time when ten minutes was all it took to get his hat back, steer his horse out of the herd and find Kay, hunkered down out of sight behind some tree.

'Course, that was before she enlisted outside help.

"Rules've changed I guess. Why don't you make a feint for him?" He grinned as the silver of the hook slid neatly under his hat. "I'll flush her out."


Kaylee watched Mick reel the hat back up. She raised the slingshot and took aim. The small stone hissed through the air and she could tell it was a little off center even before it hit.

The hat swayed with the impact, beginning an arc on the string, but it didn't fall off and she could see Mick's face shine in triumph. She had to choose whether to switch positions or take a second shot and leave herself open.

A second shot rang out and the hat flew off the hook and fell to the ground amid some Chinese curses. Kaylee looked over to see Jayne winking at her and she grinned back.

It was good to have a partner.


He'd found the perfect spot, a ridge of earth that covered him from sight, but allowed him plenty of angle to shoot well. Far as he could tell, Mike was tryin' to track him and that was fine, 'cause if there was one thing Jayne was good at, it was not getting tracked.

Kaylee, on the other hand, was doing all but jumping up and down, waving her hands about and yelling out loud. He knew where she was, directly across the field from him, and he knew that Mick knew where she was too.

It was a good thing the girl was such a good aim with that sling shot, 'cause he didn't get nowhere near the edge of the field with his hat bein' shot off left, right and center.

He'd never really thought about how much fun this kinda thing could be if'n there weren't no one's life in danger.

When he looked over the mound again, he saw only one brother still sitting there, trying desperately to reel his hat back up, and a horse standing quietly without a rider just outside of the field.

Jayne cursed and crept away.


"Mick!" She gasped, dropping the slingshot as she was pulled out . "You cheated!"

"What?" He crowed. "I got my hat."

A quick look to his head confirmed her suspicion.

"That's Mike's hat." She pouted. "You baited Jayne."

"An' he fell for it, too." He laughed, sitting back on his heels. "I thought you said he was an expert tracker? Fell for the oldest trick in the..."

A rope, lying loose in the ground where Mick had been kneeling, suddenly jumped and tightened in a lasso around his middle. Mick gave a huff of breath as he fell sideways and was dragged off.

Standing by the abandoned horse, Jayne kept pulling on the rope.

"Kaylee." He winked. "I think I caught one."


"Stop laughing, brother." Mick seethed. "And help untie me."

"I can't help it." Mike chuckled as he reached into the picnic basket for another sandwich. "They got you good."

"S'this what you guys do all day?" Jayne looked pointedly out into the field. "Ain't you supposed to be, like, herding or some such?"

"They're cows." Kaylee opened a canteen. "They just stand there most of the day. An' farmers're only allowed to graze herds once a week, today's the Murphy's turn. The fields don't generate that quick, so it's pseudo-grain the other six days. The boys just need to watch 'em, make sure they don't wander off."

"Gotta make our own fun." Mike nodded.

Mick growled off to the side.

"Keepin' me tied up an' not letting me eat isn't fun!"

Kaylee choked on the water she was drinking.


It was late afternoon before they got back to the house. The day had flown by quickly, too quickly for Jayne, as they'd laughed, joking and talking with the twins.

He'd been able to sit back and listen to their stories, jumping in now and then when Kaylee got it in her head to start telling tales about their life aboard Serenity. Their life or, as Kaylee managed to imply, their never ending magical adventure of non stop thrills. Way she talked, a person would think Serenity was a ruttin' theme park ride.

Somebody had to set the record straight.

"And then ten men..."

"Three, Kaylee, it were three men."

And then...

"... with special auto laser tracking armor..."

"Regular guns, woman, there weren't nothin' special about 'em."

And finally...

"Jayne saved the day!"

"I didn't save nothin'. Doc drugged me up. Were you even awake?"

"You shot that guy's leg!"

"Gorram it, how many times I have to tell ya? I was aimin' for his head!"

If felt kinda nice to be like that, almost like they were naggin' and eggin' each other on, but in a good way. In a way that made her smile that billion credit smile just for him, in a way that made him grin back. Didn't even matter that the twins'd just laugh at them, nudgin' each other an' exchanging looks of their own.

He'd been waitin' all day for some time to ask her about that boy, but it just never seemed the time. She'd had so much fun playin' around and then he didn't wanna bring it up in front of the boys and now she was yabbering on about lunch with everyone in just a few days time.

They stepped up onto the porch and something crawled up Jayne's spine.

"Hey." He reached out to hold her back. "It seem kinda quiet to you?"

"What?" Her eyes lost some of their sparkle. "Jayne, you don't gotta get all merc out here. Nothin' happens on this planet."

"I been here four days, Kaylee, and not once has it ever been quiet in this house."

"There isn't nothing here." Her eyes narrowed.

"Listen to me." He couldn't help himself, he had to hold her elbow, pull her back a little. "This is what I do. You just let me check it out."

"Jayne." She was frowning, but he saw something else in there, a small spark of fear, a plea and he hated himself for causing it in her. "This is my home. Nothing bad ever happens here."

"'Course not." He patted her shoulder. "Now just you wait out here, dong ma?"

"Jayne." She rolled her eyes. "You pullin' out a big gun when you say that don't exactly inspire confidence."

"What?" He looked down at Cassie. "She's not that big."

"Just..." She hissed it. "Go check whatever you need to, 'kay?"

The door opened easily and he swept the room with his eyes. There wasn't a single person in the house, he could feel it, his ears strained to hear any kind of movement, there wasn't even a breath. Only Kaylee outside the door.

His eyes picked up a piece of paper on the table.

"Kaylee?" He called out. "You can come in now."


She looked around the door and he gestured to the note. Giving him a confused look, she went to pick it up. When she read it, her face screwed up in anger and she punched him on the arm.

"Ow!" He winced and moved away. "What're you hittin' me for?"

She followed him, chasing him around the table.

"Jayne!" Whack. "Don't you scare me like that again!"

"I didn't..." He maneuvered them so that she was on one side of the table and she was on the other. "... do nothin'!"

"Yeah well." She gave him another glare then waved the paper at him. "Seems like Ma got the idea that she needed to take Daddy, Joe, Betty an' Lilly over to their place, start some sorta ritual Christmas cookin' of some kind."

Jayne grinned.

"That means we're alone, yeah?"

"Yeah." Kaylee batted her eye lids. "Just you an' me, all night. Well, least ways 'til Mick and Mike show up an' you know they will."

"'Till then." He grinned even more. "We're still alone?"

"Yes we are." She smiled, lifting her chin just a little, only a little, but enough for him to get suspicious. "Which means you can cook dinner."

"Me?" He nearly choked. "Why me?"

"'Cause." She shrugged. "We were back on Serenity, it'd be your turn to cook."

Jayne thought about it for a second.

"'Kay then." And then thought some more. "You should know, though, I can only cook one thing other than molded protein with rosemary."

She looked interested.


Jayne winked at her.




Kaylee blinked down into the skillet, watching as the little pieces of onion skidded about on the heat. She felt Jayne come up behind her and then a handful of bacon pieces landed and sizzled.


She turned to smile at him, a little bit sheepishly, as he whisked some eggs in a bowl.

"You really did mean breakfast." When he frowned at her, she felt the blush heat her cheeks. "I... I thought you were bein' cheeky."

"Oh." Then he grinned a little. "Can be that, too, if you want."

She didn't answer him, just blushed some more as she turned back to the skillet and let her eyes follow the sizzling pieces around. It was odd, very odd, to have suddenly turned all shy on him, a big knot just twisting on up in her stomach.

Kaylee wasn't shy. It wasn't in her nature. She loved people and she loved it when they loved her back. And this was Jayne. Just Jayne. She knew him, he knew her, there weren't nothin' to be shy about.

'Ceptin she was and she didn't know why. He had those eyes, she couldn't understand why she'd never seen those eyes before, they were like little needles that poked into her skin, branding it. Like he knew everything there was to know, but still wanted to learn more.

She had to get a hold of herself. He was makin' her feel like she was thirteen again, gigglin' and flippin' her hair as she leaned against the fence of ol' man Murphy's yard, battin' her eyes at the man they'd hired. Ye soo, but he'd been big with muscles all over and, she realized now, much too old for her. Certainly old enough to know better than she had.

"You alright?" Jayne was standing behind her again, placing his hand right at the small of her back. "You been kinda quiet."

"Yeah, 'course I am." But she'd shifted away from him and she knew that he'd noticed. "Just thinkin'."

"You know." He didn't blink, just picked up the bowl and began pouring the beaten mixture into the skillet. "We don't have to do nothin', just 'cause we got the house to ourselves."

"What?" She picked at a strand of hair next to her cheek as her eyes refused to meet his. "I don't know what you're talkin' about."

"Yeah, ya do." He didn't make a big deal about it, just shrugged down to the pan. "Pretendin' for folk is one thing, doin' it for real, that's another."

"Oh." Damn if he hadn't just nailed it right there on the head. God, but he was frustrating like that. "Alrighty then."

She felt herself frowning. It was one thing for him to be so fine and understanding, letting her have her moment of absolute cowardice, but that left one particular problem she really didn't want. And a knot she definitely wanted untied.

Right, she breathed in, there was only one way to fix that.



He looked at her, standing there by the table, a frown creasing her forehead and a real thoughtful look in her eyes.


"Does...?" She paused. "Does that mean you don't wanna?"

Jayne nearly choked on his laughter.

"Hell no." The thought alone was enough to make him fall into a pile of hysterical giggles. If he did that sort of thing. Which he didn't. "You met me at all, have ya? I've wanted to for so long, guess it don't matter if we wait a while longer. Ai ya, but the things I wanted to do..."


Now, Jayne Cobb had been called many things in his life, many revolving around the word dense, but he knew what it meant when a woman got that sparkle in her eye. When she leant against the table, arms by her side and hands curling over the edge like that, so that her shoulders fell back.

"What kind of things?"

He let go of the spatula and took a step towards her.

"Now." He also knew what it meant when she answered one of his grins with her own. "I think you know what kindsa things."


His fingers twitched a little when she bit her lip, or started to. That was gonna drive him wild. The way her front teeth slipped out of her mouth to couch themselves in her bottom lip. Not pressing too hard, but not letting it go, neither.

Made him want to suck the flesh of it between his own teeth and sink 'em in real firm.

"You ain't playin' fair." He groaned, taking the last step between them and touching her shoulder. "You keep changin' your mind and I don't know what you want."

"I know you ain't that slow, Jayne Cobb."

Kaylee stood back up, pressing the front of her body against him and wrapping her arms up and around his neck. He couldn't do anything but stand there as she kissed him.

Then his brain caught up with events and his hands caught up with her ass.

"I want you." Was all she mumbled as he started kissing her back, pulling her closer and tighter against him. "That's what I want."

"'bout gorram time."

She whimpered a little as he slid his mouth off hers, to the side of her jaw, mouthing wetly across the skin there. His hands squeezed gently, then spread flat just underneath her buttocks. She was a quick study and gave a little jump, letting him lift her up so that she sat on the edge.

Her hands ran up under his shirt, fingers pressing into his sides like she was trying to count each and every one of his ribs. Her thumbs ran little circles in the sensitive skin there and he felt his belly tremble with it.

Slowly, but just not quick enough, he ran his hands around her rump, over the hourglass of her waist, and up to the sides of her breasts as the insides of her thighs pressed into his hips, grinding into him.

"Kaylee." He moaned it into her neck, licking a trail there. She tasted like grass and sun kissed, salt slick skin. The very best kind. "Gorram it, Kaylee."

He could feel his nipples tighten under her finger nails as she traced them, lightly scratching paths under his shirt. His own hands found their way up to her shoulders, his fingers splaying around her neck and gripping so he could tilt her head back, angle her mouth up to him some more.

She panted and he panted back.

"Jayne." Her voice came out all low and husky and he shivered with it.

The fingers of his right hand curled into the small, wispy tendrils of hair on the back of her neck that hadn't been long enough to put into the braid. Little baby tresses that were barely there, sitting above her bald, pink neck. Like to drive a man wild.

"This just ain't right." Her eyes flicked to his and he pretended to frown. "Next time we do this, I wanna feel your hair."

He wanted to twist his hands in it, wrap it around his fingers and draw her head back, to feel her neck thrust out at him, ready and open for him to devour. By the way she shivered against him, he knew she understood.


They were breathing hard, grasping at each other, pressing and pulling and feeling everything, too much and not enough all at the same time. He could feel her hot against him, knew she could feel how hard he was by the way she ground against him. Jayne wanted to push her back onto the table and damn everything else.

His left hand traveled down, bunching up the material of her skirt to reveal the bare skin of her thighs. He tickled the soft skin there, wrapped his fingers around the flesh and edged his thumb up the inside of her thigh.

Her hands gripped the sides of his face and pulled him back.

"Jayne." Was all she managed to gasp out before he pulled her back against him.

"Jayne!" She sounded more forceful.

"What?" He stopped still. "What's wrong?"

Kaylee looked at him for a second and he froze, scared outta his wits that he'd done something wrong, that she was gonna tell him to back off and, while he was at it, stay the hell backed off.

Then she laughed and pointed, one hand still gripping his shirt and her legs slowly falling back to the floor from around his hips.

"The eggs are burning!"


"Wasn't even that hungry."

Kaylee couldn't help giggling when he pouted even harder over his plate, dragging the fork around like a boy just been told he couldn't play. When he glared at her, she managed to control herself.

A little, anyways.

"We needed to eat, Jayne." She tried to reason. "It's not like we could waste 'em."

"They're burned." He sighed. "Sorry I didn't make nothin' nice for you."

"They're not burned." A smile, quick and easy. "They're well done. I like my eggs well done."

The way he furrowed his brow, she wasn't quite sure the smile worked.

"They ain't well done." He piled up some of the eggs onto his fork and then tipped it back onto the plate. "They gorram bounce, Kaylee!"

"That just makes 'em fun."

"Don't you ever get grumpy?" His eyes were watchin' her, real deep. "Over somethin' that doesn't matter? Somethin' real pointless, don't you ever just let it boil over?"

That didn't sound like him. Not at all.

"If it's pointless, then there's no point gettin' riled up, is there?" She knew if she kept pushing, little by little, he'd eventually stop beating 'round the bush and just cut the sucker in half. "No reason to bring everyone else down."

"That's a reason, right there."

He was testin' her, tryin' to see how far he could push her. She wasn't gonna give in that easy.

"What? To make everyone else sadder?" She stuck out her tongue. "That's just mean."

He was right, though, the eggs were burned and they were just rubbery enough that she could probably mend some stubborn leaks in the engines with 'em. But they were eaten. Had to be.

She'd been in space too long, so had Jayne, not to appreciate fresh food when she had it. Fact was, if she kept eatin' the way she'd been eating the past few days, Kaylee was gonna have to buy new coveralls.

Goin' back to pre packed, reconstituted mulch, protein oozin' outta every pore, was gonna be hell.

She picked up her empty plate and held out her hand to take his.

"I'll help ya."

He started to stand up, but she shushed him back down.

"You cooked."

"For that..." His voice carried to her as she faced the sink. "... maybe I should do the dishes for the rest of the week."

She couldn't stop the laugh.

"Don't let Ma hear you say that. I won't ever see you again."

His chuckle made her relax a little. Her stunningly accurate plan of ‘dive into the water and just get it over with’ had worked. A little too well, if the fluttering in her belly and heated echoes ghosting over her skin was anything to go by.

He’d left her breathless and needy and she’d been hoping to pick up where they’d left off after dinner. But the way he was sulking had started to put a dampener on her little itch. She couldn’t imagine his answering glares were a sign of burgeoning lust, either.

Then again, it was Jayne, she could probably kick him in the balls and he’d just start groping her breasts.

“Whatcha thinkin’?”

His breath blew warm across her ear, his body solid behind her, and his hands rested on her waist. She smiled to herself.

“That it couldn’t be too long ‘til you were in the mood to touch me again.”

“Didn’t ever leave it, babygirl.”

If the hardness pressing into her thigh was any indication, he was telling the truth. She leaned her head back, just enough for him to nuzzle his face into the side of her neck.

A herd of elephants stomped onto the front porch.

“Knock, knock!”

Mike’s voice loudly announced the twins’ presence and Kaylee twisted around in Jayne’s arm to face him. His eyes were shining and she knew he was fully aware that they’d been caught. He didn’t step back, though, keeping her trapped between him and the sink.

“Hey Kay.” Mick opened the front door.

Kaylee breathed in and looked down to the floor, ready to count out the familiar seconds of gaping silent chasm that slipped through her each time. Instead, Jayne’s hands tightened around her waist and his mouth pressed in close to her ear.


She had to close her eyes when the whisper stole her breath.

“Lee!” Mike finished.

“What’ve you got to feed us?”

Mick strode around the table towards the cooler, seemingly unaware that she had only remained calm because Jayne’s hands were holding her up. She couldn’t look away from Jayne’s eyes.

“Come on, brother.” Mike’s voice hovered by the door, softer and gentler. “Looks like the dinner bell stopped ringing here a while back. We’ll get something at home.”

“Oh.” She could hear Mick pause, could feel his eyes rake over her and Jayne and still she couldn’t look away. “I see. I get it. We’re just gonna leave you two alone.”

“C’mon.” Mike urged again. “Time to go.”

“Have fun, you two.”

Kaylee didn’t even need to see him to hear the wink in his voice. Any other time and she would have winked back at him, laughed with him. Instead, she just waited until the door closed and they were alone again, just her and Jayne.

“How did you know?”


Chapter six coming soon (I promise!)


Tuesday, January 31, 2006 2:49 PM


Worth the wait! (I didn't want to nag after you did such a wonderful job with Pieces!)

but keep your promise!

would quote the lovely lines, but there are too many and I'm still trying to cool down after they tried to fix dinner!

*sighs contentedly*

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:18 PM


Fan-ruttin'-tastic, Jacqui, as Jayne would say!

Don't leave the two of them all hot and bothered with no satisfaction for too long, will ya?

Can't wait to see what happens next..... ...
Will they finally get down to some sexin' (to quote the big man himself)? ....... or will the rest of the family get back and interupt them for a second time...... Ya see, I know how you like to tease your audience ......

Don't keep us hangin' for too much longer!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 6:49 PM


Oh how I missed this series!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Pieces series but I forgot how good this one was!

Please give us the next part and if you wanna throw in a few dirty bits, that okay with me!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 2:14 AM


I love the sling shot partnership and Kaylee not understanding Jayne's hand gestures.

I have so many favourite lines, but this one really caught me..."Now, Jayne Cobb had been called many things in his life, many revolving around the word dense, but he knew what it meant when a woman got that sparkle in her eye"

Waiting, waiting for the next chapter.

Friday, February 3, 2006 6:01 PM


Oh Jacqui, you have me on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter...
You are a brilliant writer, and I can't wait for the rest. A little Jaylee ALWAYS makes my day;)

Saturday, February 11, 2006 8:28 AM


squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! jayne can help me cook any time *wink*



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