Thinking things throught part 6
Sunday, January 22, 2006

The captain gets involved and things are progressing slowly for Kaylee and Jayne


Kaylee opened her eyes and groaned. The light was so blindin’ ‘n’ Serenity’s engine was poundin’ in her ears. Her head ached ‘n’ her innards were rollin’ round like marbles. Yep she’d had too much to drink last night.

On the plus side at least she’d managed to make it to her bunk. Unsteadily she sat up; somehow she’d even got herself a pillow for her arm and a blanket too.

Wished she could remember more of last night. She remembered bein’ so mad with Jayne that she’d gone out intendin’ to find a willin’ man.

When she started dancin’ she’d found plenty who were willin’, willin’ and able. Swai too, a couple of ‘em. In former times she would already have left the bar and got her needs tended to. A little sexin’ up, a little fun and no thinkin’ to worry her.

But she’d been nervous of lettin’ ‘em too close, didn’t want ‘em touchin’ her, kept thinkin’ of Early. Kaylee had thought herself over that; she really wanted to be over that.

So she’d taken a couple more drinks and danced all the harder. She loved dancin’ ‘n’ knew men were attracted to her dancin’. Sure enough more of ‘em had joined in, she had her pick. And that’s where her ‘not-thinkin’-‘bout-Jayne’ plan fell down. ‘Cause none of them were him. None of them were as big, as ornery, as clueless, as muscle-bound, and as thick as the man she wanted.

Dancin’ wasn’t fun anymore, so she went ‘n’ joined Mal at the pool table instead. They made a good team her and the Captain. Fellas usually underestimated her pool playin’ skills and the Captain took advantage of that. They always made a little extra coin. ‘Course playin’ pool with the Captain usually meant drinkin’ more than they should so that was the last bit of the night she remembered with any clarity.

The long shower she had still didn’t clear her fuzzy brain and she certainly didn’t feel like breakfast this mornin’. Even sittin’ at the table would make her sick. She’d just go up and check on the engine, maybe her memory would come back then.

When she arrived at the engine room, Kaylee was dismayed to find the main object of her thoughts already there leanin’ against the wall coffee cup in hand.

“What ya doin’ here Jayne,” that came out a lot meaner than she intended. “Don’t think I need ya help no more.”

Jayne looked at her hard “think ya can do all the work with one arm do ya?”


“Stop!” Mal was getting tired of this. Here he was breaking up a yellin’ match between Kaylee and Jayne again.

“Kaylee the way you’re yelling your head must be splitting. I know mine is.”

The captain caught the swift look Jayne shot at Kaylee seeing the quickly concealed concern and worry in the man’s eyes. “Jayne I need you to go down and tidy the cargo for a bit.”

He was surprised when the mercenary didn’t argue, just turned and left. “Don’t you know better than to anger that man when he’s so twitchy?” The Captain shook his head “he’s going stir-crazy being on the ship all this time. You know how antsy he gets.”

“Jayne would have gone out last night Captain, lookin’ for girls like he always does.” Kaylee didn’t want to think ‘bout that and how jealous it made her.

“Jayne didn’t go looking for girls Kaylee. Zoë said he was here all night waiting for us. I know he was here when we got back cause he put you and me to bed.”

“It was Jayne put me to bed?” Kaylee groaned, she hoped that she had behaved herself, not done anythin’ more embarassin’.

The captain sighed, he really didn’t approve of shipboard romances. “You’re going to try again, ain’t you?”

“Can’t not try Captain, I want him bad.”

“Well just remember one thing Kaylee or two things really.”

“What are they Captain?”

“Jayne, me, hell everyone on the ship thinks you’re hankering after Simon. Till you sprang this ‘pass’ thing at me I had no idea you’d changed thinking.”

Kaylee looked at the deck “didn’t know my ownself for a while. Simon and me didn’t click much as I wanted. Jayne, well he’s different. I feel different ‘bout him, even get jealous.”

She laughed “never been jealous in my life. It’s real uncomfortable. But ya said two things captain, what’s the other?”

“Jayne ain’t tame. He ain’t like the doc or any of the boys you been with. Hell he ain’t even like the fellas at the bar last night. He’s had a hard life ‘n’ done hard things; he won’t always react the way you want him to. That story he told you the other night…”

“Ya were listening?” Kaylee was shocked.

“Yes I was. That story was probably the least harmless he could think of to tell you.”

“Harmless! Captain he was seventeen ‘n’ they were goin’ to hang him.”

“That’s my point mei mei, his other stories might be worse. Probably are worse.” He put his arm around her shoulder. “I don’t want you or him getting hurt because of that.”

“I’ll try my best Captain.” Kaylee was more determined than he was used too. “But I ain’t givin’ up. I think we could do real good together. Now could you send Jayne back up here? I know I got some apologising to do.”


Jayne was taking out his frustration on the cargo when the captain found him. He was angry with hisself for feelin’ all offended when Kaylee told him she didn’t need help. Was feelin’ guilty ‘bout arguin’ with Kaylee when she was probably still sick from last night. And ai ya he was frustrated from dreamin’ ‘bout teddy bears and sunflowers sittin’ pretty, just where he wanted his hands to be.

And now here came the Captain lookin’ all kinds of judgemental.

“Girl says she made a pass at you.”

“Yeah Mal.” Jayne gave him his trapped look

“And you said no.”

“Yeah Mal.”

“Why?” the captain would keep talkin’ “You ain’t exactly known for your restraint round women. And most men can’t resist Kaylee in full flirting mode.”

Mal caught the look of murderous fury that flashed across Jayne’s face “I said most men. Not me. Kaylee ain’t never flirted with me. But you she flirted with, and you said no.”

“I ain’t about to have a one night stand with Kaylee, just cause she had a fallin’ out with the doc.” Jayne growled at him.

“So you’d have one some other time?” The captain was intrigued by the situation and Jayne’s reaction, never thought the man had that much self restraint. He wondered if his mercenary knew what he was feelin’ for Kaylee.

“No” Jayne was adamant “not with Kaylee.” One night wouldn’t be enough for him. He didn’t think he would be able to let go when she wanted him too. He’d get all possessive, hurt her lose her friendship, get thrown off the ship. Wasn’t gonna go there.

The man was clenchin’ and unclenchin’ his hands and worryin’ the captain. He hoped he was doing the right thing with these two. “Jayne.”


“Time to go back and help Kaylee in the engine room.”


“Dui bu qi Kaylee.”

Jayne’s voice startled her, he moved so quiet. He was apologisin’ and he hadn’t done nothin’. She had started both arguments out of frustration and nearly got Jayne in trouble with the Captain.

“I’m sorry too Jayne.”

She was angry at herself to for not noticin’ that Jayne needed to get off the ship. He more that any of them, got restless bein’ shut up for so long, without some sort of release he got real explosive. The captain sayin’ Jayne wasn’t tame hit the nail right on the head, but she kinda liked him that way. She needed a different approach, he knew all her tricks.

“The engine don’t need much work at the moment,” Kaylee unobtrusively gave Serenity a consolin’ pat “One of the fellas last night told me ‘bout a river nearby, with fish. Maybe we could go fishin’ instead.”

He grinned at her relaxin’ a bit. “That’d make a change from everlastin’ protein.”

“Well come on then.” Kaylee started out the door “we gotta find us a fishin’ pole.”

Ai ya = damn dui bu qi = I’m sorry/forgive me


Sunday, January 22, 2006 5:22 AM



Now this part does a girl's heart good. It really does.

You're going so slow with them, it's really good, but very frustrating for the reader.

I like that you've got Mal seeing a lot more than either of our stubborn couple.

Keep 'em coming.

Sunday, January 22, 2006 6:28 AM


This is such a gorgeous fic, I love how you have had these two circling each other, it's making things awful tense on a ship who's name sake means other wise.

Keep 'em comin!

Sunday, January 22, 2006 7:11 AM


Very sweet!

and Mal being the go-between

I really like Jayne's voice and how his reactions aren't what Kaylee expects

Sunday, January 22, 2006 8:29 AM


I love it.

Lots and lots.


good way to start the morning.

Sunday, January 22, 2006 9:33 AM


This rocks all the harder the more of it I read, bookaddict.

Fave line: "And that’s where her ‘not-thinkin’-‘bout-Jayne’ plan fell down. ‘Cause none of them were him. None of them were as big, as ornery, as clueless, as muscle-bound, and as thick as the man she wanted."

Oh lords, I see him just that way too. And he's every bit as addicting to me as I'm happy to see he is to Kaylee.

Nobody writes these two quite as swai-ly as you do, book, and I'm all kinds of glad when I see a new chapter of your Jaylee come about.

Get back to writing, as often as you can. You've got anxious fans to continue satisfyin'.

Sunday, January 22, 2006 9:35 AM


Oh! And another thing: I've got some of those awful experiences you mention that Jayne can't tell Kaylee heating up in The Way of Jayne. Working on my next part, but the part after that will take our boy places even I'm scared to go. And he's only 14 right now in my writing clutches. We'll see how that plays out...

Sunday, January 22, 2006 10:27 AM


Awww!! I'm loving this story, bookaddict.

Going slow, keeping us readers interested, and a little frustrated as we wait for Jayne and Kaylee to get together........

Hey, are you flirting with US, like little Kaylee flirting with Jayne??!!!

Don't keep us waiting too long, or we may need to go find us sone trim!!!! We want to wait for YOU, but that flirting's getting us hot & bothered and we may have to read other fanfic for fictional satisfaction whilst we're waiting!!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2006 11:53 AM


Excellent! People are always underestimating Jayne and I can see him developing feelings like this for Kaylee. I also loved it that Mal pointed out to Kaylee that Jayne isn't like other fellas she's been with, that he ain't tame because that hits the nail too. Love how you are not rushing this story, that elevates it even more. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, January 22, 2006 3:40 PM


I love protective, guidance counsellor Mal. He's very insightful about his crew at times, and they really needed his input here to give them that little shove forward. I like that he's kind of reluctant about giving that shove, too.

I'm also glad that both Jayne and Kaylee are coming to realize that there's something deeper than just lust goin' on - although there is plenty of that! ;P

And now fishin'. Yay! Someone gonna fall in the creek? I love me the idea of a soaked-to-the-skin Jayne...


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