Unspoken Shadows:: 4 --Sleep Well, and Dream Easy--
Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mal, Zoe, and Simon have been captured by the mysterious blue-gloved agents. Except for River, all of the crew has been taken prisoner. What will become of the crew? Will Jayne survive this one? We all have an idea of who the blue-gloved agents are, but who are these other "Dogs" that seem to follow them, and do their dirty work. Read and find out. Enjoy :)


(Memory) The road was bumpy and a might unfavorable to the five brown-coats that were riding in the rust-bucket of a jeep. The battle of Du-Khang was over and had cost the Independance a great deal of good folk. However, it wasn't the battle that weighed heavy on Mal's mind, it was more the single assault by that Shadow that kept his attention drawn else-where. "Sir.. Sir.. SIR!" Zoe shouted at Mal. She was sitting across from him and had been watching him stare into the black like a man who just saw a two-headed cow split down the middle.

"It don't make no sense Zoe. It seems like everytime we sprout our heads, the Alliance is right there; waitin' to pick us. So why do you reckon they needed this.....thing.... to do it for'em?" Mal said as he turned his deep thoughtful glare towards Zoe.

Zoe just sat there, quiet. For the first time ever she had no answer, nor a whimsicle guess to give the Sgt. . "Sir, we have to stay focused. None of this seems right, but we can't stray off course." Zoe was finally able to coast the words from her mouth.

"We're almost to the Ship-Site." The driver hollerd back to the other's.

One of the Privates' in the rust-bucket looked over to Mal and Zoe. "Good. Can't wait to get off this'er gorram *diyu* of a **********"

The Privates' words were cut drastically short as the left front tire of the jeep rolled over a Searring Land-mine. The explosion sent the jeep spinning twelve-feet across into the air, and barrelling down a small holler. The five inside were tossed all wich ways. Mal looked over to Zoe, and Zoe to him. As their eyes locked, the roof of the jeep slammed onto the base of the holler; it was a crash that echoed throughout the pitch black night.

****** (Present) Back on Serenity Inara, Kaylee, and a very beaten and battered Jayne, remained tied to one of the posts in the main hanger. Six out of the seven Alliance soilder's walked around the hanger; almost as if they seemed to own the boat themselves. Their calm and laxed nature was a complete anti-fill to the rough and angered nature of the tall Russian, Aeru`Khai. He had just been ordered by his supererior to return to the base-camp and wait further instructions.

"Aeru`Khai, I believe I told you to return. Did I not?!" The calm, yet sharp, voice of the blue-gloved agent spoke annoyingly to Aeru`Khai.

"Da." He replied. "I be more use If I remain here." His broken english made the agent shake his head.

"You have been given your orders. There is nothing more for you to do here. Go!"

The Russian turned around, gave one last look back at Inara and the others and with a snarl in his lip he began to walk past the Agent.

The agent place his right hand on Aeru`Khai's very large and toned right forearm. "Remember. We are the master's, you, Hitori, and the other's are nothing more than brute, rabid, dogs." He took out a small tube like device and looked up to the Russian with his ice-cold glare. "Understand?"

Aeru`Khai closed his eyes and nodded. The Russian was very susseptable to the device that the agent possesed. The memories of past tortures with the device flooded his mind.

"Inara." Whispered Kaylee, who was tied with her back to the Companion.

"Yes Kaylee?" She whispered back. Her eyes on the soilder's.

"J...Ja..Jayne ain't movin'. I can't see'em movin'." Tears began to form in her eyes at the thought of Jayne bein' dead.

"Shhh shhh *bao bei*. He's still alive. We'll get him taken care of. He may be a *shu guan* of a man, but he's very strong. He'll be fine.

Kayle kept the tears at bay. Everything seemed to be happening so fast for her. It was like all that was known to her was falling apart, violently. Just then the seventh soilder walked into the main hanger from the medical ward, descended down the stairs, and made his way to the leading officer.

"Sir." He saluted.

"Yes? Report! Have you found the other girl?"

"Sir, no sir. I have ran a complete run through of this vessel sir, and have found no trace of the seventh crew member sir."

The leading officer saluted the scout, placed his hands behind his back, and made his way nervously over to the agent.

"Sir, I regret to inform you but, we have not found the girl."

"The man looked harshly at the officer. Yet, his calm was still evident. "Captain. I am to have all the crew member's of this ship in my possesion by night fall. It is now dusk an............." He cut himself short as his eyes began looking around.

"ummm sir?" The officer didn't want to interrupt, but needed to know what the agent was looking at.

"She's hear......... I can......hear her...." The agent began to storm over towards Inara and the other's.

"You!" He pointed to Kaylee. "You will come with me and will help me find River Tam."

"*Zu shu mai ong* I will not." Kaylee argued with a hint of fear in her voice. "I will not help you, *dong ma?!* "

"Oh, you will." He said as he leaned down and grabbed Jayne's broken arm. He squeezed and pulled it hard. Jayne awoke in a hellish scream. "If you do not help me. He will die."

Kaylee bowed her head. "ok.... .please let'em go..." She sadly said. "good... Let's go."

****** (Memory) " *Shenme?!?* " Zoe shouted as she emereged from the bottom of the wrecked jeep.

Mal soon followed out from the other side of the jeep. They had been the only survivors of the wreck. They looked around, they could see the landing lights that marked the ship-site.

"Zoe, what'cha got in ammo?" Mal asked as he cracked his neck and straightened and dusted off his brown coat.

Zoe checked herself. She looked back into the rust-bucket and pulled out her saude-off. She cocked it. "We'll have to make a run for it capn'. I reckon they know we're out here by now. With that explosion n'all"

Mal nodded and the two began to run up and out of the holler. The site was straight in view. The two ran as hard and as fast as they could.

"hehehe.. There it is Zoe, look't her, bright as a burnin' bush in the black." Mal kept going. "Zoe, show some enthusiasm, we're almost there.... Zoe..?" Mal turned around, only to find Zoe's throat held tight with the two right handed fingers of the same shadow that attacked him.

Zoe couldn't move. The shadowy figure's left hand was pressing against the lower base of her spine. Mal pulled out his peace, and took aim. "Let her go....I said let....her....GOOO!!!"

****** (Present) "NOOO!!!" Mal shouted as he came back to consiousness.. He laid in a fetal position in a twenty-four by twenty-four square room. The floor was cold and metal, as was the rest of the room. Nothing but grey and cold. A single light shined down, but offered little light.

His hands and feet tied together, Mal looked around. "Zoe.... Simon.."

"Welcome back sir." Responded Zoe. She had sat herself against one of the walls near the one window door. "Tryin' to get some sleep'in cought up?"

" *Zhe wangquan shi yichang zainan* where are we?" Spoke Simon as he to was just waking up.

"As far as I can spec, we're in a holding cell. And gorram my ears are 'a ringin'" Said Mal as he sat himself against the wall across from Zoe. Footsteps could be heard echoeing down from the corridor. "Wei!" Said Mal as the three waited to see who would emerge through the door.

The door opened, blinding white light filtered into the cold, dank, room. In the door way stood an average height man in a well talored buisness suite, with a pair of blue gloves on his hands. "Well, Captain. Reynolds. You have caused me a great deal of trouble in my finding River Tam."

"Yeah? Well ain't that somethin'. I guess we just aim to misbehave. By the way, where's that slant eyed *bia jui* who caught us? I like to have a few minutes of gorram fun with that *ding wu chu*"

The man stared coldly at the three. "He is mearly a dog of mine. Now, Captain. We have your ship, and your crew; with the exception of one. Where could she be hiding?"

"You think he'll tell you?" Spoke up Simon as he tried to stand.

"Well." A loud, sharp, scream of pain echoed down the corridor from another room. "Yes, I believe he will.


Sunday, January 22, 2006 12:58 AM


This story is good but a beta would be very helpful in correcting the spelling mistakes. Look forward to seeing what happens next. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, February 12, 2006 10:00 AM


Nice turn of phrase..."like a man who just saw a two-headed cow split down the middle"


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