Unspoken Shadows-3::Twelve Misty Mountains part-1
Friday, January 6, 2006

A train heist finds the Serenity crew cornered by a New Alliance threat.


The sounds of loading ammunition could be heard all over the main-bay of Serenity. Leather straps being tightened, knuckles and necks being cracked; smell of fuel emitting from the mule's open gas port. All these sounds had become a regular on-board Malcom Reynold's boat. Jobs had been boasting well for the Capn' and his crew. So much so that they even managed to buy their way out of a bit o' trouble on the last heist that involved an Assasin prostitute. Mal ascended up the stairs to the cockpit where River was just gettin' ready to set Serenity down.

"Ok. Now, let's go over this again, lil'bit. You set us down, you pick us up. We ain't lookin' for much of a fire fight from *diyu*. But reckon trouble's bound to follow us, I'll be needin' you to swoop down and get us out."

River nodded, her face wiped clean of emotion. In fact, the whole crew was silent. Not a word was said. It was another train hiest and they had come to hate train robbing, each time they had done it something always got spun about. "It's ready Sir."

Said Zoe as she handed Mal the remote to the Mule. The Mule had been rigged up with a Black blast shield that covered the top of the hover-craft, and two remotes. One remote was to fly and control the craft without a living pilot. The second was a detonation remote. The mule had been jacked up with fifty-five pounds of C-4c explosives.

"We're comin' up on it now Capn'." Kaylee's voice came over the intercom. Mal looked over to the other's. Zoe, Jayne, and Simon looked set. "We will probally not be comin' back." Zoe looked up as Mal Spoke. "Please Sir. No goodbyes. We need to stay focused."

" Right" He replied.

"I told Kaylee. I know I did." Simon didn't realize he was thinking out loud. He looked up to see everyone looking at him as if to ask, *Told her wha?*

"Oh. hehe. Sorry."

Not a sound was to be heard. All was silent. All the sounds of loading weapons and strapping gear were cut quiet. They were waiting for serenity to land. This mission, this job, would probally be the one to bring them all to their maker.

*Bai joi-ung miershin!* "What in the 'verse is that smell?" Simon asked while using his left hand to cover his nose. "Oh yes. What done up and died?" Zoe followed.

Mal held his nose, his face looking more somber as if to make a sarcastic coment. He knew exactly what the smell was, and were it was comin' from. He looked over at Jayne; who was whistling and looking up at the cieling with his hands behind his back.

"Wondered how long it take 'til that reached ya'll."

"JAYNE! No!. Bad time... What in the hell did you eat?!" Mal noted of Jayne's little gas situation.

"Yep. Trained Gorilla, minus the training." Whispered Simon. Appauled by Jaynes fowl and disgusting habit to fart at the worst of times. Yet, he found humor in the scenario.

"Hey. Kaylee yells beans, I come'a runnin'." Said Jayne as he smirked at the other's.

Serenity finally landed. Zoe opened the main-bay doors, and the four set out. They walked behind the now active Mule while Mal piloted it. River had landed the boat on a small cliff that over looked a train track and small station. The station was, and had been, deserted for quite some time. The job was a similar one to the crew. There were goods on the train, the Employer needed the goods, he paid half upfront, they get the job done and get out. But, something was different. Dangerously different. There were no guards to meet the train. Nothing to protect it when it came in.

"Here Zoe." Mal handed the pilot remote to Zoe. "Take'er in right on the track. I don't want any folk meetin' their maker today. An' as long as Jayne don't go near'em, this might go off smoothly." "I don't think it will be all that easy sir. If a down-wind catches, that smell will blow straight down, and kill anyone who smells it" Said Zoe.

"No no. Heat rises." Joked Simon.

"Hardy har har." Jayne remarked as he laid belly down behind a bush on the cliff; the tip of his sniper rifle's barrel just sticking out of the bush.

The sound of the train seem to echoe a bit as it made its' way along the winding trail of train tracks. The region was very landscaped with tall hills and forrested mountains. Not much could be seen down through the holler where the train was comin' through. This place was known for its soup like mist.

"Now I see why they call it Twelve Misty Mountains." Said Simon. "You can barely see the tracks.

"That's not it. The folk 'round here speak of ghosts' n' such roamin' these parts. They say that the mist itself is a cauldron of spirits."

"Sir. I've got it. The Mule's on the tracks." Zoe said as she kneeled down to a crouch position.

"Good. Let's see if they're smart enough to stop."

Mal kept his finger on the detonation trigger for the C-4c. If the train didn't stop, he would blow the mule and he and the other's would high-tale it back to Serenity and hope to get away. The goods they were after were to be disposed of. The Employer wanted to do so himself, but informed Mal to do it if the goods were unobtainnable. The train neared closer, Mal's left index finger on the button. Mal watched intently, as did the other's, to see if the train would hault or meet its doom. Screaching brakes could be heard. Shimmers of spark lights could be seen as the brake clamp hit hard in an attempt to stop the locamotive. Finally, it stopped.

"That's it. Let's go!" Mal ordered as he put on his brown trench-coat and led the descent to the train. "Jayne, you see anyone tryin' to stop us, off'em. "

"Ohhhh. Off'in. Finally, the good part of my day." Stated Jayne.

"Captain, what again am I doing here?" Simon asked while following behind the well armed Zoe.

"Simple Doc. You're the only one who's got Gas-Thinner. If they're usin' Sulfain Gas to keep their cargo safe, we'll be needin' you."

The train was suprisingly small. Only three cars behind the main locamotive. Mal ran to the left of the second car, Zoe slid underneath to the access panel.

"Found it." She said as she located the opening access panel and proceeded to enter the codes that were given to the via their Employer.

"I don't get it. Shouldn't a team of Alliance guard have gotten out to check the Mule?" Stated Simon as he kneeled down infront of Mal, his syringe at the ready incase the gas-trap sprung while Zoe was openeing the panel.

"Not quite Doc." Remarked Mal. "This cargo is actually waste. Not supposed to be of no use to no one. Alliance reckons ain't no folk gonna need waste material for anything other than........" Mal was cut short by the door opening right where he was standing. He stepped back, pistol cocked and ready, aimed at whatever may try to come through that door. Zoe rolled back out from underneath. "Looks clean sir." She said.

"Jayne, anyone near us.?" The captain radioed Jayne as he cautiously stepped inside the car. "Na Capn'. We're clear" Jayne replied.

The three searched for only a matter of minutes until they came across a long rectangular chest that was about four-feet in length, and two-feet in width. Zoe looked around for a locking mechanism.

"Sir. This ain't right. There's nothin' here but a combonation pad." Zoe said as she looked back up at Mal. Her gaze struck with confusion.

"Crack it open." Ordered Mal.

Zoe took the but of her saude-off and banged it against the pad. With only four solid hits the lock busted off and the front latch let loose. Zoe slowly opened it. The waste was very toxic, but was wrapped, heavily, in led casings. The three looked inside to find six four-foot long cylinder rods inside the chest.

"Alright. We've got what we've come for. Let's get the hell off this gorram train." Mal said as he looked around the car.

"Trap?" Asked Zoe.

"This is all been way to easy. There should be somethin' here. Zoe, take care of the Engineer of this train. If ain't no trouble, tie'em up. If he is trouble. Tie'em up and knock'em on the head." Mal ordered as he exited the car. The three emerged from the car, Zoe making her way to the main Locamotive. Simon just happened to turn his gaze up in Jaynes direction. He noticed he couldn't see the glare from Jaynes sniper scope.

"Captain. Where's Jayne?" He asked while still looking up.

"Jayne.....Jayne where you at?" Mal radioed Jayne, but got no answer. "The boat! Zoe!" Mal shouted as he began to run to the hill and back to Serenity.

"I wouldn't if I were you." A voice spoke.

Mal had just started to run to the hill when he heard the voice, stopped, and pulled out his gun to aim it toward the the voice. Zoe walked out from the door of the main locamotive. As she descended down the three steps it became clear that she was being coaxed out by the tip of a katana blade tipping at her back. As she got to the first step she was violently kicked in the back and sent flying into Mal.

"All to easy." Said the voice. "I expected far more from you, Malcom Reynolds."

The voice was oriental in nature, as was the man who emerged from the train. He stepped down the stairs from the lead train. He was dressed a pair of black trousers, black polished dress shoes, a solide black turtle neck with thin body armor underneath, and a long brown trench coat similar to Mal's. His hair was jet black, and done in a short style, parted in the middle, with the front tips coming just to the tip of his nose. He held his katana in his right hand, and a small cup of tea in his right.

"Have the other's given you any trouble?" He asked as he pointed his blade right at Simon's chest as Simon came to attack him.

"A bit sir. They have River Tam aboard; but she has yielded. Seems she wants the other two women to be safe." A voice came over the ear-piece the stranger was wearing in his right ear.

"Good good. Now, Captain Reynolds. Let's discuse....." The man was cut short by the sound of another voice coming over his com-link. This one very deep, with a Russian accent.

"I've got the other one. Heh, he tried to shoot me. Silly." The voice said.

"What do you want? River?" Asked Mal as he and Zoe stood to their feet. He didn't want to shoot the stranger, in fear of what might happen to the other's.

"Oh please. If I wanted River Tam, I would've killed her when you were docked at Jiangjin. No Captain. I want.......well........I want you and yours... Now, come along, or your entire crew will, Die." Mal stood there, not sure what move to make. For the first time in a long time he was at a stand off he couldn't win. What could he do?


Saturday, January 7, 2006 3:31 AM


Ooooh, what the gorram is this? My first thought was Niska setting them up as Mal didn't seem to recognise the other 'Browncoat'. Can't wait to see where you are going next though had that been me? That whole lot of empty at the station and such would have had me on my toes long before the gorram train stopped. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, February 12, 2006 9:46 AM


Much better structure in this chapter than the previous two.

Also... your villain is suitably creepifying.


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