Twelve days before Christmas : part 11
Thursday, December 22, 2005

On the eleventh day...


On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me eleven pipers piping

Jayne stood watch while Kaylee worked on the conduit. He was standin’ concealed in the bushes while she was out in the open crouched by the fence. He didn’t like it. But it had to be done, they needed to get to the port and grab a ship. Once out of atmo and in the black they could send a wave to Serenity.

He knew the captain would be lookin’ for Kaylee, wouldn’t have given up yet. It was his job to get her to a spot where the captain could find her.

Before she started workin’ he’d done a bit of scoutin’ and been dismayed to find so many guards posted round the perimeter.

He was too big to be standin’ out in the open; although they was facin’ the other way, any of the guards alongside the fence perimeter might see him, open fire, alert security. Kaylee in contrast was hardly visible, layin flat on the ground to work, her brownish clothes givin’ her natural camouflage. But he worried ‘bout her, wanted to be with her, constantly.

Watchin’ her now he could see that she looked real tired, neither of them had slept much the previous night. Jayne was feeling too sick to sleep well and beside he couldn’t keep his eyes off Kaylee.

Kaylee would drift off then wake again shakin and upset. Dreamin’ again. He tried to keep her close, give her comfort. Kept checking she was there. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to let her out of his sight again. So he sat there and watched her sleep.

Now he was watchin’ her work and hopin’ that they’d be leavin’ this rock today.


The captain had waved first thing this morning to tell them to be ready at a moments notice; he had a plan half-way worked out. So Wash was staving of boredom by walkin’ round the boat checking her readiness. He hoped that for once the plan would work, that Zoë and the others would be alright, and that Kaylee and Jayne would be rescued and they would all return to Serenity.

The boat was as ready as it could be, so he turned to his other duty. River had thrust into his hand a written list of vague directions complete with illustrations which directed him to complete the Christmas preparations. As he struggled with lengths of tinsel which threatened to trip him the doctor approached again.

Go se he was going to have to talk to Mal about being left with Simon so much. First the man had driven him mad with questions he couldn’t answer and now Simon was stretching his patience by worrying about Kaylee and Jayne’s possible relationship.

“Do you think that Kaylee…?” began the doctor

Wash interrupted impatiently “Simon, I don’t know what Kaylee feels for Jayne. But I think you need to realise something.”


“The girl has been throwing herself at you for months and you haven’t done a thing in return.”

When Simon opened his mouth to protest Wash held up a hand to stop him. “A couple of almost kisses, half telling her she’s pretty, don’t count. You’ve hurt Kaylee’s feelings more than once. She knows she doesn’t come first with you. With Jayne she does, we’ve all seen that. If Kaylee chooses to be with him you’ll have to accept it. Dong ma?”

Simon nodded half resentfully “Dong ma.” He agreed

“Good” said Wash “now do you think you can help me with the gorram decorating?”


The captain was trying to formulate a plan. One that would work, not get them into more trouble. Of course they were placing a lot of faith in Jayne. That he would do what they believed. But if there was even a chance that Jayne and Kaylee would be at the fence today. He needed to help them.

“You said that there are guards all along the fence?”

“Yes sir, all armed. The fence is electrified, and there are electronic sensors all over. ”

“Where’s the main control then? Down at the port?”

“I don’t think so” said the shepherd “I believe that the main control area is in this building. I located a whole sealed off section when I was wandering around. It is very heavily guarded, which can only mean that it has some importance.”

“Do you think that the guards might look more favourable to two beautiful women ?” questioned the captain


Red was watchin’ them; it was obvious they had a plan. He didn’t know how they thought they would get past all the guards, or where they thought they might go. He just knew that he was going to get them. Neither the girl nor the big man knew he was there, and that was how he liked it. He was going to surprise them. Kill them. He cursed the day he had ever decided to snatch them.


Zoë swayed her hips and smiled in satisfaction when she saw the bodyguard’s eyes widen. Beside her she noticed River copy her gesture exactly to attract the other man. Behind them they heard the unmistakeable noises of a fist fight break out. It appeared that the Captain’s diversion was working.

The noise of the brawl intensified. The bodyguards passed them, moving forward to assist with stopping the fight. Zoë brought up her knee to catch her target’s face while River stiff armed the man passing her. The two men taken care of River and Zoe picked up their weapons and headed down the hallway toward the control room.

As they systematically swept the hallway, River indicated with a nod the room to the left of them. Zoë had been unsure about takin’ half-way crazy girl with her, but had to admit that so far River had held up well, was making a good partner.

Cautiously Zoe opened the door observing the lights were off. She was startled when the door was jerked from her hand and the lights came on blinding her.

“Well ladies” the man sitting behind the desk was pointing a gun at them, two other men surrounding them “welcome to my office.”

“You run this place?” questioned Zoe her gaze steely.

“I own it, built it, and run it. Perhaps you could tell me what you and your friends” he gestured to the screen where they could see the captain and Book brawling, “hope to achieve by this?”

“You snatched our friends, bought yourself a pack of trouble when you did that.”

“The hun dan that’s cost me a lot of money and the pretty girl, they’re your friends?” He growled at her nod. “You deserve to die then.”

“Nobody deserves to die” said River raising her gun and shooting so fast that everyone in the room was caught by surprise. Zoë recovered first, shooting the man to River’s left as the girl ran to the console.

River’s fingers flew over the console tapping in directions. She turned to Zoë, her face lighting up with a smile. “Power off.”

“Alright girl, now we gotta run.”


Jayne hoped that Kaylee would be finished soon and they could get movin’ again He was worried that he might not have enough strength to get them out there if it took much longer.

He had never felt so sick before. At first he thought that his fever and such were a ‘fection. But it’d been too long, and he was too sick for that. Maybe the tranqs had had bad chemicals in them, were poisoning his system.

“Nearly finished Jayne” Kaylee’s voice broke into his thoughts just as the hum from the electrics stopped.

“I didn’t do that” Kaylee was panicked

“Don’t matter, let’s run.” Jayne raised a rifle to his shoulder and headed through the gate, Kaylee following.

Their dash caught the nearby guards by surprise and although both fired, the shots missed their targets. The shots attracted more attention from both guards and port security who had come running when the power went down.

“Keep ya head down and stay close to me Kaylee” Jayne yelled over the gunfire handing her a handgun.

She nodded following him as he ducked behind some cargo crates. “Are we trapped here?”

“Maybe for awhile”

They both ducked reflexively as another barrage of gunfire sounded and a voice yelled “Jayne, Kaylee?”

Jayne grabbed Kaylee’s arm to prevent her standin’ up. “That you, Mal?”

“Me and Shepherd Book, we’re coming in, don’t shoot us.”

When the captain and Book reached them Kaylee couldn’t contain herself any longer, standin’ up and flingin’ herself at them to hug ‘em.

Jayne was standin’ up slowly hardly believin’ that the crew were here when he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and felt somethin’ slash into his stomach.

He heard yellin’ and gunfire as he fell, felt Kaylee at his shoulder hands clutchin’ at him frantically, then everythin’ went black.


Thursday, December 22, 2005 5:39 AM


GAH! You're all... with the cliffhangers... and God, you can't do that!!! You can't leave it there. Put the next part up quick!!!


Thursday, December 22, 2005 5:40 AM


All the things good about Firefly - Great characterizations, excellent story. Thanks!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 5:49 AM



Don't leave it there!!!

And, well, I don't think I've ever loved Wash more than here, when he was telling Simon what's what.

As if you needed to throw in more tension. You've already got us hooked.

Thursday, December 22, 2005 5:51 AM


Brilliant, bookaddict!!!

Looks like Simon will have a chance to help Jayne even though he knows Kaylee might have chosen Jayne over him.......

.......a chance for Simon to come out of this with a little dignity.....

....IF he allows Kaylee to be with the man she loves..........

I wonder if that will be the way this story ends...........

Thanks, bookaddict, for keeping us on tenterhooks until the very end!!! You have really written Kaylee, Jayne and Simon so well & the tension has been exquisite from the beginning right to the end (I hope!). Good job :) ;) :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005 6:27 AM




Oh man, do I love it. Jayne growing weaker and weaker and still doing what needs doing. Doesn't ever even enter his mind to give up.

Wash and Simon were excellent. River and Zoe too. Them working together was a thing of beauty.

Only one chapter left? That's not enough!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 6:38 AM


This was the best chapter yet! Shiny shiny and shiny!

Everyone was just spot on! I loved Wash telling Simon just how it is, and oh man, River & Zoe! Good work!

I couldn't even wait for lunchtime, I had to read early! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2005 9:47 AM


You Are Evil! Ahhh. Another cliffhanger!

Very good. Loving the Zoe River one two. Loving matter of fact Wash. Loving everything especially you!

Make tomorrow come faster!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 11:58 AM


NNNOOO!!! Not another one! You.Are.Just.Evil! GAARRR! Great chapter though, especially loved Zoe and River.

Saturday, December 24, 2005 9:32 AM


jayne!!!! remember what i said about the not daring? you better get simon to fix him up good next chapter...or else *menaces*



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