Twelve days of Christmas
Monday, December 12, 2005

On the first day...


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree

Kaylee had been thinkin’ on Christmas for a while now. She always got real homesick at Christmas time, remembering the good times with her family; and this year was worse than ever. She thought everyone, even the captain needed a bit of lift right now. They were still tense from the disaster with Early and she at least was missin’ ‘Nara.

So when they hit planet side she approached Mal ‘bout it. He was, as usual uncooperative. “We really don’t need a celebration do we?” he asked He always thought that Christmas or any other celebrations were more trouble than they were worth. But he could see that Kaylee had her heart set on some sort of fun. She was lookin’ at him with sad eyes, lips trembling, all set to start beggin’. He couldn’t stand the beggin’ and the tears that followed.

The crew could probably do with a bit of a break he decided. “Alright mei mei, but you’ve only got three hours. Then we gotta get going. Jayne’s got my list; you’d best go with him.” He grinned at her and ruffled her hair. “Don’t be spending too much money.”

“I won’t Captain.” Great, she knew the beggin’ look would get him. Kaylee stood on tiptoe kissed him on the cheek and sped away to find Jayne before he could change his mind. “Hey Jayne” Mal heard her call “Captain says I can come shoppin’ with you.”

Kaylee didn’t mind going shoppin’ with Jayne she reflected as they walked through the markets. Aside from Inara, who weren’t with them anymore, he was the one she’d choose to shop with. Wash was fun, but hopeless with the shopkeepers. Zoë weren’t that interested in siftin’ through all the pretties. She felt that Simon was always lookin’ down at things. When River came, ya spent so much time watchin’ her that no shoppin’ got done. Mal was just plain impatient.

Jayne was more indulgent than the captain. He didn’t mind goin’ into dress shops with her. ‘Cause the girls in the shops always ogled him and he liked that. He’d stand round for hours while she talked ‘bout parts with other mechanics. When it was time to haggle he’d loom up beside her and scare the shopkeeper’s so she’d get a good bargain. He didn’t even have to talk, just stood there, hand touching his gun, mean expression on his face, just like he was doin’ now.

“That was great Jayne” she was thrilled “We got lessn’ half price. Now I’ve got extra money to spend for Christmas.”

He raised his eyebrows at her “Christmas?” he should have known she was plannin’ some sort of foolishness. She’d been hummin’ some happy little song all mornin’, always a sign that Kaylee was up to somethin.’

“Captain said we could have a celebration.” She bounced along beside him happily. “Ain’t that shiny?”

“Shiny” he agreed. Christmas didn’t mean much to him no more but in his opinion anything that made her that happy lookin’ was shiny. “Best we finish Mal’s list first, dong ma?” “Dong ma.” She smiled


“I found a perfect candidate, a real moneymaker” announced Nate “come look.”

He and Red headed out to the streets of the marketplace. “Over there” he pointed.

As Red looked he started to grin, the big man stood head and shoulders above most of the crowd in the market. He had a fighters’ body and was well armed his visible weapons were a sidearm and a knife and was carrying a crate on his shoulder with effortless ease. “’Bout time we caught a break. Ya picked real well, Nate” he said “That ‘un will give us a good show and we can make us some coin”.

“Looks like he’s got a partner “said Nate gesturing to the girl at the big guy’s side.

“Bring her too, might be some added value in two fighters.” mused Red.


Mal was pacing up and down in the cargo bay “That hun dan Jayne, he’s late. I need Kaylee “back here fixin’ the engine.”

“He don’t usually keep Kaylee out sir,” said Zoë “Maybe somethins happened?”

“What’s happened is Jayne’s of on some scam of his own and taken Kaylee with him” Mal snapped, “or he’s off whoring somewhere”

“That’s not likely Mal” protested Wash “He wouldn’t take Kaylee with him if he was goin’ whoring.”

“Or involve her in any scam” added the shepherd tryin’ as usual to make peace.

“Who knows what he’d be stupid enough to do” Simon was scathing as usual when talking about Jayne.

“Wash stay here. You too Simon keep an eye on River” Mal ordered “Zoë, Shepherd come with me. We’re goin’ lookin’ for them.” He strode out the others following.

Three hours later Mal was more annoyed than ever, but coming round to Zoë’s way of thinking. “He’d been everywhere that he thought Jayne and Kaylee would go to fill the list he’d given them. As far as he could tell, they had done what he’d asked. The last shopkeeper he spoke to said that the pair had been talking about a drink at a bar. After lots of asking around he found the bar they’d had a drink and game of pool at. He knew it was the right one cause there was broken chairs everywhere and some of the patrons looked the worst for wear. Seems Jayne had taken exception to some fool who touched Kaylee.

“That was ‘bout four hours ago” he told the shepherd when they met up “Far as I can tell no-one’s seen them since.”

“I did ask at the whorehouses” said Book “no-one there has seen Jayne.” He grinned ruefully “Though several of the girls asked for him, seems he’s quite popular.”

As Mal laughed Zoe contacted them on the communicator calling them to the other side of the market. They found her in a less populated area on the route back to Serenity.

“This is their stuff alright” remarked Mal surveying the pile of shopping, parts and weapons scattered all over the alley. They picked up all the gear and headed back to Serenity.

“What the hell happened sir?” questioned Zoë “Jayne doesn’t trust anyone enough to let ‘em get that close.”

“And no way would he drop his weapons” added Wash

Simon was doubtful “you’re sure he’s not just gone off somewhere taking Kaylee with him for some reason?”

“Never without his weapons” said Mal “Specially Vera, and all his other gear is still here. We have to think somethins happened to ‘em. We got to find ‘em and bring ‘em back. And since our best tracker is lost, we’d better get goin’”


Monday, December 12, 2005 5:22 AM


eep! jayne! oh, yeah...kaylee!


Monday, December 12, 2005 6:30 AM


Oh my!

I love it. Great set up! I can't wait to see what comes of it. And yay! JAYLEE!

At least, I hope it will be. :-D

Monday, December 12, 2005 6:37 AM


Oooh, those nasty sneaky vermin capturing Jayne and Kaylee though I have to say I'm surprised they could get the drop on Jayne. Must'a cheated somehow. Can't wait for our gang to go rescue them and hopefully treat the miscreants a lesson. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, December 12, 2005 11:33 AM


Can't stand the suspense!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 2:31 AM


I was thinkin' that the only way Nate & Red could have got the drop on Jayne was if they nabbed Kaylee first and used her as a hostage. He still wouldn't have gone quietly though, hence the scattering of stuff in the alley.
What happens next? Is this some kind of underground gladiator thing? 'Cause I can totally see Jayne doing something like that.


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