The Innocents
Saturday, December 3, 2005

Mal, Inara, Kaylee and Simon embark on unexpected adventure on a small private terra-formed moon. This story is a work of erotica fanfiction (NC-17, adult language, situations and sexual content including male/female, BDSM, light male slash & explicit female slash: k/s, M/s, I/k, M/I, W/Z)


Disclaimer: This story was written just for fun and is not an attempt to make money or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks belonging to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox or Universal. No disrespect is intended; imitation is the truest form of flattery. For any BDHs that might stumble across this, please know that this is a foray into fantasy with the characters we love without ever truly wanting to alter our beloved ‘verse. Anyone who might read this and consider associating the actual actors who play these characters on the screen with any of the events following should seriously consider therapy. Special thanks to Beerbad for inspiration.

This story is a work of erotica fanfiction (NC-17, adult language, situations and sexual content including male/female, BDSM, light male slash & explicit female slash: k/s, M/s, I/k, M/I, W/Z). You have been warned, so please read no further if you will be offended or are under the age of consent. For the rest of you, read on... (December 2005)

The Innocents ...By Kessa (YoSaffBrig)

Malcolm Reynolds’ voice came in strong over the cockpit intercom, “Wash, what’s the gorram hold up? I thought we were suppose to be in Sundale Estates more than an hour ago?”

“Yeah Captain, but our fuel cells’ are gettin’ real scarce. If I ride her low, we’ll get more out of her. We’re coming up on the Estates, though, so we should be good.” The pilot continued to speak into his handheld intercom, this time addressing the entire crew, “And we’re ready, people, to break atmo in five, four, three, two, one...Welcome to Sundale Estates, travelers. Local time is ten minutes past noon”

The Firefly class ship experienced a short shudder and darkness was replaced with blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Wash donned his piloting sunglasses and steered the ship toward the extremely small private moon’s only docking station. He casually took a bite out of the lunch his wife had actually been kindly enough to fix for him….mmmm, Zoe sandwich, he thought smiling.

The rest of the crew, including the captain, was in the galley, hunting down rations for his or her own self. Inara, clad in a beautiful silken robe, stood by the stove waiting for her water to boil for tea.

“So Mal, what exactly is the exciting new crime you have lined up for us for this excursion? Wobbly-headed dolls? Fun train hi-jinx? Or perhaps a high profile burglary like we executed in the last luxury estates we visited?”

Mal looked up like a deer caught in headlights, “Wha…?”

“Well,” continued Inara, “you do make it difficult to conduct legitimate business in an exorbitant number of the prosperous communities we have ‘chosen’ to visit recently.”

Mal turned toward Book, “She sayin’ I’m doin’ somethin’ on purpose, Shepherd?” But just as Book was about to respond, Mal followed up with “That last question, preacher…strictly rhetorical.”

Dr. Simon Tam added his own two cents, trying to change the subject. “I have heard this community is very selective with who it lets in and out of its environs. The people here have worked hard to establish themselves as an exceptionally exclusive society with little need for the outside world. I’m a little surprised our freighter class ship was allowed to visit at all.”

“Simon, I don’t mean this in any bad way a t’all, but how do you know so much about a minor-class moon that’s been terra-formed way out here; it’s so faraway from any of the core worlds?” Kaylee was definitely curious.

“Well,” Simon smiled discreetly; secretly glad to let Kaylee know a little bit more about his life and who he was. “When I was in med school, before I decided to work at the government hospital on Osiris, I briefly thought about being a surgeon in the private sector and this seemed like a good reputable place to start.” He modestly looked down at the deck as he spoke.

“A gorram rich place to start, you mean, don’cha, Doc?” Jayne piped up impudently. Simon winced and shrunk back farther into the galley to finish preparing some canned stew for he and his sister.

“Look, Capt’n done told you all,’ Jayne continued, “we got us some powerful respectable-like clients this time ‘round. Ain’t that right, Mal?”

“Jayne is right about that. The Mayor of Sundale Estates himself requested a freighter with a don’t ask-don’t tell policy for high-profit possibilities and that’s just what I aim on givin’ em. As the qualifications request, though, we will be in need of a certain respectability.”

“This could be where your plan starts to fall apart, Captain.” Book remarked.

Mal glared at the smiling Shepherd who could never pass up a chance to return caustic volley with the Captain.

“I’m suppose to make contact at 5:30 tonight with the Mayor at some sort of formal gala event that is suppose to last through ‘til tomorrow. He assumed when we arranged the meeting that I would be bringing an escort and I use the term loosely,… Inara….what? Again with the glaring? What is it with you people? Anyway, just a bit ago when I confirmed our meeting and that I would indeed be bringin’ someone, he immediately presumed there would be four staying over in our party now…‘My missin’ somethin’”?

“Respectability Mal. A lot of these lavish communities will assume you will have an entourage.” Countered Inara.

“What, you mean like servants?” Mal asked incredulously.

“That’s precisely what I mean.”

Mal shrugged, “Well, I guess I best get back on the horn and set him straight with that. Don’t ever ‘spect to have someone at my beck and call.”

“Sir,” Zoe, the Captain’s first in command spoke up, “if that is what they are expecting, perhaps that is what you should give them. Jayne and I could go along and keep an eye on your and Inara’s backs.”

“First all, Zoe, what makes you think I’m takin’ Inara and not you as usual on this mission?”

“Sir, it’s a contact-meeting that you said yourself is all about respectability. I was just presuming.”

“Well, you presumed wrong….”

“No, Mal, she’s right. If you need to make a societal impression to get this job, then you need me whether you like it or not.” Inara stood strong and defiant in the face of Mal’s plan.

The Captain looked around the silent room. Everyone waited to see what was next but no one except Inara met his eyes. Mal never liked being told what to do…especially by anyone on his own crew; his attitude toward the whole situation was becoming more and more fired up but somewhere in the depths of his own thick skull, even he had to admit that Inara had a point. “Fine.” He finally spat out, “Like you said then,” he motioned to his first in command, “Zoe and Jayne, you’re with us as….servants.” Mal then turned back to the food he had been eating before the whole heated debate had first started.

“Ahhh Maaal.” Jayne whined, not liking the idea of that plan.

“We can’t take them.” Stated Inara matter-of-factly.

“It’s already been decided, why we still talking ‘bout this?” Mal muttered through a mouthful of food.

“Because, that’s not how it works, Mal. Come on, common sense; strong soldierly types do not take work as servants and you know it. The Mayor would take you as a fraud as soon as you walked into the place. And worse…he might also consider that your having Jayne and Zoe along a possible act of aggression.” Inara spoke like she knew the complexity of every in and out possible for any high society configuration.

Mal knew just how many years Inara had studied to be a Companion and he also knew that her education was ongoing. If he wanted this job, he was going to have to follow her lead this time and he knew it.

“What do you propose we do then?” His voice had a sarcastic but defeated tone to it.

“There are certain ideologies that traverse through every high society. These are ideals that many cultures value but that the rich can ultimately insure: youth or youthful appearance and beauty.” She looked directly at Kaylee and Simon when she spoke.

The Captain suddenly realized what Inara meant, “Ohh no, I am NOT taking Kaylee and Simon to a rendezvous on a planet we’ve never been to with possible corrupt-type people we’ve never met. Hell, we haven’t even heard anything about them. Inara, we have no idea what the job they want us to do even is and between they’re don’t ask-don’t tell policy and their bein’ so damn secretive about the whole gorram thing…” Mal stopped yelling for a moment but his sputtering continued, “I…I just can’t believe you think it’s a good idea for me to take my most criminally-naive crewmembers into a possible situation like that.”

“Hey.” Kaylee was riled up, “Don’t Simon and me get a say in the matter? ‘Sides, Cap’n, I ain’t that naïve.” She gave her Captain an indignant shake of her head. “We need the money. We all need the money. We ain’t had a decent job in months. If this is as high-profit as they made you believe then I want in and I’ll be a damn servant for a day. Right Simon?”

“Well, I…” Simon began to stutter but Kaylee’s glower shut him up. “Yeah, I guess I’m in too.” He finished in a muted voice. His sister gave him a sarcastic thumbs-up for his lack of resolve.

“Fine.” The Captain shouted. He grabbed the rest of his food and headed out the galley toward his bunk. He yelled behind him, “We’re leaving the ship at five. Be ready.”

* * * * * * * * *

Kaylee sat cross-legged on Inara’s bed. “Where the hell is Simon? He said he’d meet us here and he’s workin’ on bein’ more than just a little late. That don’t seem like him...does it?”

“He’ll be here, Kaylee, relax.” Inara’s voice had a calming effect on the young mechanic. “Why don’t you look through the dresses I put aside to see which one of them you like best.”

“To wear? I get to wear one of your pretties? Oh, Inara, they’re all so beautiful, I’m not sure that I could choose.”

The knock on the door startled them both. Before Inara could say come in, Simon warily poked his head around the velvet curtain that shielded the Companion’s richly adorned shuttle with the cold metal of the rest of the ship.

“Sorry, I’m late. I was asking Shepherd Book if he would look in on River while we were gone.”

“Thought you might’ve gotten cold feet about our mission.” Kaylee teased him.

“No…no…well, honestly,” Simon fidgeted, tugging at his too-long sleeves until they covered half of each of his hands, “ I’m not too crazy about the idea but I know we need the money to keep Serenity in the black. So,” He said, changing the subject, “ Inara, is this appropriate attire for the occasion? I tried to pay attention to what you told me and picked out something classy but without any flash or personal embellishments. Did I keep it simple enough?”

Simon wore a tan button down shirt with a stand-up collar. The buttons were hidden by an extra flap of fabric that was the same color of the shirt but with black Chinese characters embroidered down it. He completed the outfit with black pants and boots.

“Personal embellishments?” Kaylee asked Inara as she decided upon a simple, yet elegant, marigold colored chiffon dress with a princess neckline.

“Servants customarily reflect the class of their employers, Kaylee, but typically they don’t have the resources to adorn themselves with effects such as jewelry, ties or other personal possessions…You look very nice, Simon.” Inara responded. “Oh, Kaylee…that one suits you. It will look stunning on you.” She smiled.

Inara coached Kaylee and Simon as best as she could to the proper etiquette of the servant class while the three crewmates finished getting ready. Inara packed her overnight bag for the excursion, and the three of them headed to the cargo bay to meet up with the Captain for their 5:00 pm departure.

The Captain was decked out in his most formal shindig attire. His pants were indeed a bit tighter than usual and his white shirt was taut against his chest and arms, providing for an impressive effect. The vest he wore was a bit more ornate than his standard issue and his boots had definitely been polished. He looked appropriately dressed standing next to Inara who shone as dramatic and spectacular as ever.

She was adorned in a deep red, form-fitting Chinese satin gown with gold trim. The neckline of the dress deeply scooped to highlight her assets and the gold and ruby necklace she wore completed the emphasis.

‘Let’s get a move on, people.” The Captain stressed. “There’s s’posed to be a shuttle pick-up from the docking station to the Mayor’s Mansion just down a few meters from where we’re docked. I figg’er that’s prob’ly better then pulling up in the mule.”

“I would say so, Captain.” Inara agreed smiling.

The Captain looked at Kaylee and Simon with nothing but concern in his expression, “You sure you two want to do this?”

“Yes, Cap’n, if Serenity’s gonna keep flyin’ then she needs us to do this. I’m in, no matter what.” Kaylee resounded.

Simon nodded resolutely, “Me too, Captain.”

“Alright then, let’s go impress those rich bastards….I mean them fine, upstanding high-society folk.” He grinned from ear to ear and Inara only rolled her eyes and shook her head.

As they stepped onto the planet’s thoroughfare, she handed Simon her small overnight bag to carry and nudged the Captain to do the same with his to Kaylee.

“I think I can carry my own bag, Inara.” He protested.

She glared him a reprimand and he reluctantly handed his possessions over to Kaylee who easily shouldered the piece of small luggage.

* * * * * * * * *

Anxiously, the four crewmembers stepped off the shuttle and walked the few meters to the door of the Mayor’s Mansion. The house with its attached Great Hall was enormous. Mal reasoned that most of the small planet’s population could probably fit into the estate’s massive function rooms.

Soon they found themselves ushered into an antechamber and awaiting their host. Mayor Markan Awan made an impressive entrance. He was a tall, good-looking man with a seeming ease for authority. He warmly greeted the Captain with a smile and a firm handshake.

“Welcome to my modest moon Captain Reynolds. And also to you, lovely lady.”

“Mayor, this here is Inara Serra.” Mal offered politely. He felt awkward leaving Kaylee and Simon standing there holding their bags without any kind of introduction at all but Inara had warned him not to include them in any friendly conversation if he indeed wanted to secure the illusion they were intending.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you both to our world. I do hope you enjoy yourselves tonight and take full advantage of our hospitality. I will be honest and let you know that the residents of Sundale Estates will be keeping a close eye on you this evening and I say, it will be up to them, as well as myself, as to whether or not we feel that you fit the profile for our little mission.

Presently, we’d like to show your servants to your quarters where they can unpack your bags. They will then be brought to you sometime later, after our dinner has been served. I do hope this is amenable to you.”

“That would be fine Mayor Awan.” Mal looked at Inara and then back to the Mayor before he added, “Xie xie.”

“You’re welcome, Captain and please, call me Markan.”

Two sizeable men stepped forth and ushered Kaylee and Simon out of the room, leaving Mal, Inara and Markan alone.

“Mayor, I don’t mean to be impatient or impolite…”

“Then don’t be, Mal.” Inara smiled through gritted teeth.

The Captain brushed her comment off, “ But I was hoping we could discuss a bit a’ business straight ‘way. Don’t want to waste both our time if us workin’ for you ain’t a fit for either of us.”

“You speak true, Captain, and I like that. I’ll tell you what, I will enlighten you a bit more about our mission and then I will leave you alone for awhile to enjoy our festivities and to think about our offer.”

The Mayor began to chat effortlessly on the topic as he escorted his guests toward the revelry within the Great Hall. “We are a self-sufficient and very exclusive luxury moon. We have but one major commodity that we extrapolate from the rest of the ‘verse and we are currently in need of a new supply. We do have a broker for our commodity but without any way of getting our cargo here, our association with said broker is useless. We need not only a freighter to haul our newly acquired property but a trustworthy middleman who can communicate on our behalf as well. We need to know if you are that man. If so, you will be well paid for your efforts…and extremely well paid at that, Captain. We just ask for your discretion in return.”

“So, what is the cargo?” The Captain asked curiously.

“Servants, Captain Reynolds, similar, I am sure, to the ones you have brought along from your ship.”

“Servants…or slaves?” Malcolm raised an eyebrow.

“Is there really a distinction, Captain? We’re talking about 150 menials just waiting to be picked up and delivered.” The Mayor replied dryly.

Mal was just about to give the Mayor a piece of what was on his mind when Inara took the conversation over completely.

“Thank you, Markan. It is too kind of you to trust us with even the information of such a mission. As you are well aware, there are many ways in which an operation such as this one could falter. As you suggested, the Captain and myself would definitely like time to think your offer through; so, if there is no need for immediate decision-making...”

“No ma’am. This is why I have offered you enough details to make an informed decision. I do hope to hear something positive from you lovely folks by the end of the evening. I believe you will fall in love with our little world, once you get a chance to enjoy our genuine hospitality. With that, I shall attend to my other guests. Enjoy.” Mayor Awan walked into the throng of indulging citizens, leaving Mal and Inara standing on the outskirts of the celebration.

“Are you out of your gorram mind, Inara? I shoulda’ given him a right hook for being a slaver, not a ‘pat on the back, talk to you later.’”

“Mal, I know.” She whispered soothingly, “I know how much you despise his kind. Believe it or not, so do I. But that’s just it. Maybe, if we ride this out a bit, we can do something more than just thumb our noses at them.”

Mal had a glint in his eye, “Inara, what exactly do you have running through that pretty little head a’ yours? If there’s deceit in the works, I think I might like it.”

“Seriously, Mal, I’m not just talking about getting spiteful with some good for nothing slave trader outfit, rather I’m thinking we could seriously cripple their current efforts by taking the job, picking up their so-called-slaves and instead of completing the mission, relocate all of those people to some other planet where the slave traders arm is less likely to reach them. We’d actually be doing something good, Mal.”

“Inara, your idea is a righteous one but even just feedin’ the lot of ‘em once would put a real strain on Serenity’s finances…’specially if’n we ain’t even gonna get paid.”

“Mal, we’re talking about 150 real live people here. People who have had their lives snatched away from them in a matter of moments. We can make it work, we can give these people back some semblance of their lives and well, it would just be the right thing for us to do.”

“It would…wouldn’t it?” Mal pondered for a minute. “Alright, you’re in, I’m in…you think Kaylee and Simon?”

“Kaylee would be the first one on board with this and you know it…and Simon, how could he not want to help someone in need. As a doctor he did take the Hippocratic Oath.”

“Alright Inara,” He entertained the idea with a grimace, “then let’s go and convince these wong dongs that we’re as vile as they are.”

* * * * * * * * *

The two brutish escorts directed Kaylee and Simon into the guest suite.

The smallest in stature of the two spoke to the crewmates with a condescending tone, “These are your master’s quarters.”

“Master?” Simon automatically reeled at the remark.

The larger man took an offensive step toward the doctor but Kaylee reacted quickly. She put her hand on Simons arm and spoke to the men while averting her eyes…hoping to communicate with them on their level. “I’m terribly sorry, we usually call our master, Captain.”

It seemed to have the intended effect. The larger man stepped down as the smaller man continued speaking to them.

“You can unpack your Captain and Miss Serra’s personal belongings into the armoire located in the bedroom.” He gestured to a room separated by French doors at one end of a sunken lounge area and then continued, “Your sleeping arrangements and evening meals are through that door.” He then pointed to a wooden door on the other side of the lounge area. “We will be back later this evening to return you to your party.” Unceremoniously, the two men turned and left the room.

Kaylee put her arms out and spun slowly in the center of the lounge area. The quarters were spectacularly elegant. The cushioned chairs in the lounge area were all a double-stuffed rich blue velvet. The golden semi-circular couch was also double-stuffed and longer than two bodies put end to end.

She squealed, “Simon, have you ever seen such richness?” Realizing who she had asked the question of, her squeal of delight turned awkward , “I guess maybe you have, bein’ from such a rich and important family on Osiris and all.”

Simon smiled, trying to put her at ease, “It is one of the most lavish guest quarters I have ever seen. Why don’t we check out the other rooms?”

Simon motioned for Kaylee to follow him as he headed for the French doors. He opened them and they walked into a room even more exquisite than the last. The décor was highlighted in browns and golds. The King-size canopy bed sat in the middle of one wall with an ornate bureau against the wall opposite. At one end of the room was a grand armoire with gold velvet chairs on either side. On the wall opposite the armoire, right beside the French doors, sat a beautiful, gold leaf antique washbasin and stand with a full pitcher of water and fine hand-woven linens hanging from the frame.

But both of their eyes fixated on the immense gift-wrapped basket of hospitality food nestled carefully on the large bed between the throw pillows.

“oh,” Was all Kaylee could utter until her senses returned to her. “Simon, we couldn’t…could we…no we can’t.”

Simon tried to pull his eyes away from the opulence and offer prudence to the situation. “Our escort said we had dinner in our room, let’s go see what we have.”

They crossed the suite and Simon opened the door at the other end to find a small room with two single beds in it. In the far corner was a round table with two straight back chairs. There was a place setting for each of them that included a cup of steaming black tea and a plate containing protein rations.

“They’ve got to be kidding.” Simon sighed.

He looked over at Kaylee and saw her excitement crumple.

“No,” Simon took her by the hand and led her back toward the other room, “you are too beautiful to be eating protein rations. Come on.”

Kaylee stopped abruptly in the center of the lounge area, “Simon…but we shouldn’t…wait, did you say I was beautiful?”

Simon smiled coyly and pulled her the rest of the way toward the main bedroom, “ Come on.”

The two of them climbed up onto the bed and sat cross-legged opposite each other. They were both giddy. Simon carefully unwrapped the cellophane from the basket and removed a silver plate and silver utensils. He then began exploring the depths of their soon-to-be feast.

He began with a peach. With a surgeon’s skill he cut a few small chunks out of it. The juice of the fruit ran out onto the plate as he delicately picked up a piece with the small silver fork and offered it to Kaylee. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. He fed the fruit to her very, very slowly. The anticipation was almost too much for her and when the flavor finally erupted in her mouth, it coaxed a satisfied groan from between her lips. She opened her eyes, smiling deviously, and found something in the basket to feed to him. She plucked a grape from its stem and seductively placed it between Simon’s lips. She repeated the gesture, plucking another. She again brought the grape up to his lips but just as he was about to bite down she pulled it away and, teasing it for a moment with her tongue, bit sensually into it herself. She laughed aloud.

“You….” Simon playfully scolded as he pounced on top of her pretending to wrestle the rest of the grape away.

“Just gotta be a might bit quicker there, next time Doctor.” She giggled.

Simon sat back up and raised his finger to make a point, “Or reduce your reaction time.”

He smiled as he pulled two glasses from the basket. He handed Kaylee one and put the other between his crossed legs as he focused on opening the bottle of white wine with the provided corkscrew. The cork popped out and he poured a glass for each of them.

He raised his glass, “Djin djin, lovely lady”

“Djin djin.” She returned, happier than she had been in a very long time.

They settled in on the bed and eased each other’s tensions of the day with heartfelt gazes. They both took simple pleasure in taking turns seductively feeding each other the exotic foods that overflowed the basket.

Simon attentively refilled Kaylee’s glass of wine and whispered to her, “Are you ready for the piece-de-resistance?”

Kaylee took another sip of her wine and nodded eagerly.

He leaned closer to her and spoke softly into her ear, “Close your eyes and think of something wonderful.”

“Like being here with you?” She responded.

Simon smiled, “ inhale deeply.”

The aroma was intoxicating. Her senses swam with fresh ripened strawberry and the finest Londinium chocolate. Kaylee started to open her eyes but Simon lightly touched her temples, “uh uh…keep them closed,” he whispered, “and open your mouth.” She parted her lips slightly and he teased them with the berry’s chocolate tip. She licked her lips and could taste the red juice mixed with the chocolate. Simon let her tongue touch the strawberry again and this time he held it firmly so she could take a bite. The juice from the berry dribbled slightly down her chin and Simon leaned in and licked it off with his tongue. Her eyes still closed, Kaylee reached out to outline his face lightly with her fingers. He put the strawberry down and took her hand in his. He kissed her fingers and covered the palm of her hand with butterfly kisses.

Kaylee picked up the strawberry and brought it up to Simon’s lips and he took a bite of the chocolate covered berry this time. She leaned in all the way and kissed him passionately. The taste of the ambrosian juice lingered as it mingled with both of their eager tongues. Simon took Kaylee’s head in his hands and Kaylee reached up to run her fingers through his hair. It was finally obvious that they both yearned for the other. Simon could hear Kaylee’s breathing in his ear as he felt his own heartbeat pulse strong inside his chest. He felt basic, more so then he ever had before. An irrepressible tingling claimed Kaylee’s entire body.

Suddenly, the outside door to the quarters swung open and Kaylee and Simon’s two previous escorts walked in. The larger one looked at the two of them with absolute disgust on his face, “What is this?” He demanded in a loud forceful voice. He then turned to the other and quiet words were exchanged. The second escort quickly left the room.

“Get up,” he yelled at the two of them.

Kaylee and Simon were stunned and speechless.

“I said move your gorram asses NOW!” He screamed at them like an Alliance Drill Sergeant.

Simon and Kaylee moved off of the bed. Simon tried to reason with the large man, “Look, I’m sure we can clear this whole thing…”

“Don’t speak, don’t you EVER presume to speak to me, do you understand?” He threatened Simon with a backhand as he hollered at him.

Simon just nodded and took a step closer to Kaylee who was looking quite a bit worried.

As they waited in the lounge area, several minutes went by and the silence became unbearable. “Sir,” Simon spoke humbly in hopes to appease the man’s authoritarian posturing, “I don’t want to start any trouble but what are we waiting for?”

Without saying a word, the large man’s face distorted as he drew back his hand and slapped Simon hard to the ground.

“Simon!” Kaylee screamed as she quickly knelt down next to him.

* * * * * * * * *

First thing Mal had noticed was that there must not have been any slaves at the party. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It definitely had made it easier to hobnob with the bastards all night, but he and Inara had strived to make sure there was not one minute that went by that they didn’t remember that all of these people were slave traders.

That said, the party was one of the most grandiose he had ever seen. Even Inara had said she was impressed. The food was incredible, the crowd was generally cordial and hell, he did get to have Inara on his arm all evening.

“Are you and Miss Serra having a good time, Captain Reynolds?”

“We are Markan, thank you for all your generosity.” Answered Inara.

“Sure know how to throw a good shindig, Mayor.” Mal schmoozed, shaking his host’s hand.

“Everyone I have spoken with tonight who has had a chance to meet you and Miss Serra are very happy that the two of you have chosen to accept our little proposal.” Markan remarked enthusiastically.

Just then, the escort that had left the other in the quarters with Kaylee and Simon strode up to the Mayor and exchanged words with him.

Concerned, the Mayor turned to Mal and Inara. “There seems to be a problem. Come with me.”

Mal and Inara followed their host as he hastily turned on his heels and followed the man that had conversed with him. Mal caught up to the Mayor and turned to Inara to motion for her to hurry up.

“So, what seems to be the dilemma?” Mal questioned him as they walked briskly.

“It’s your slaves, Captain….they seem to have gotten themselves into quite a bit of trouble while you were away.” Mayor Anwan stopped short, giving both Mal and Inara time to completely catch up with him.

“The two of them stole a gift basket from your quarters and desecrated your bedroom.”

“Aahhh…hmmm…can’t be that bad, can it, Markan?” Mal tried to appear good-humored.

“Bad? I don’t know how you usually deal with your underlings, but on this planet, we do not let our slaves get away with such insubordination. Captain, Miss Serra, if you indeed plan to accept our offer, than I suggest you persuade my people you are on the up and up by doing the appropriate thing and reprimand your servants in front of the entire community…as is our custom.” The Mayor turned and continued on toward his guest’s quarters.

“Yeah, umm, custom…” Mal stuttered, trying to follow his host while at the same time looking at Inara for any kind of indication as to what to do or say.

Inara took his arm and pulled Mal close to her, “We should acquiesce, Mal. It may very well be the only way to obtain the job and 150 people are relying on us to get it.”

“Inara, you’re talking about punishing Kaylee and Simon. I can’t do that.” Mal whispered uneasily.

Inara affably turned to the Mayor, “Markan, just so that we can be on the same page, what exactly is the discipline for what they have done?”

“Unless correction needs to be heavy handed for some particular reason, we do not believe in severely damaging our commodities, Miss Serra. Twenty to fifty lashes depending on the modus operandi with which the retribution takes place would be sufficient for this type of offense since it is their first transgression on our world.” The Mayor returned.

Mal whispered to Inara, “I can’t do it. I don’t care if a whole planet a’ slaves were waiting on my rescue, there ain’t no gorram way I’m gonna lay one hand on Kaylee.”

“Mal, we have to…..Kaylee and Simon would agree…if they knew the circumstances.”

“But they don’t…and there just ain’t no way I’m gonna touch her.”

“Fine Mal, then you take Simon.” Inara said softly but categorically.

“What?” Mal didn’t quite understand.

“I’ll reprimand Kaylee, Mal…you reprimand Simon. Should be easier for you, goddess knows how many times you’ve already gotten into fights with him.” She reiterated quietly.

“Yeah, ummm, ‘kay…wait…Inara, with Simon as my slave they might think I’m sly.” Mal complained.

“Who, they? This moon’s population? Mal, does it really matter? You’re never going to see any of these people again…and even if they did…” She chastised him with a disdainful whisper, “You would really have a problem with that?”

Mal tried to recapture his composure. “Nooo.” He said with a subtle grimace that wasn’t quite convincing the Companion. “Fine..but, well hell, I’m blamin’ you, if things go wrong…and they always do, ‘Nara…If’n your us; they always do.”

* * * * * * * * *

The host and his guests followed the escort into the visitor’s quarters to see Simon on the floor with Kaylee kneeling beside him.

“What the hell’s goin’ on here?” Captain Reynolds ordered.

The larger escort and Kaylee began speaking at the same time. To Kaylee’s astonishment, the Captain turned and yelled directly at her, “Bee Jway! You’ve done enough, little one…I was addressing this gentlemen.” Mal motioned toward the big man.

Simon and Kaylee waited through the man’s account of what had happened for their turn at explaining their side…but their chance never came. As soon as the escort finished speaking, their host immediately addressed the Captain and Inara.

“Shall I have my people ready them for punishment, Captain?”

Mal looked directly at the two of them for a moment but he didn’t meet their eyes, To Kaylee and Simon, it seemed like he was looking right passed them but Mal was deep in contemplation. Perplexed, he glanced over at Inara who gave him a very subtle nod.

“Take them.” They were the Captain’s only words and he announced them with the authority of a leader.

“Captain…” Kaylee tried to call to him but he turned away from her not bearing to see the disappointment in her eyes toward him, her Captain and supposed protector. She grasped at Inara’s arm but the brutish escort pulled her loose. Inara met her gaze with compassion and sincerity. Her eyes spoke to Kaylee and they said ‘trust me.’ With that one reassuring look, Kaylee let herself be manhandled out of the room and down the corridor. Simon continued to struggle against his new bonds as the other man dragged him behind.

“We’ll see you both in the public forum in thirty minutes or so, Captain. I will send someone by to accompany you to our theatre.” The Mayor nodded sociably and strode back down the hall. Mal and Inara closed the door to their quarters.

“Did you see Kaylee’s face?” He asked Inara concerned.

“She’ll be okay.” She stated flatly.

He momentarily attacked Inara with sarcasm, “You have a guarantee on that, do you?”

But Inara remained calm and collected, “I know my trade, Mal. It will make her stronger. I will make her stronger.”

“I wish I had your conviction about this. And what about our fine Doctor?” He went on.

Inara met Mal eye to eye, “Just have confidence in the act of retribution you will perform. On the ship, you are their Captain, Mal, and they are your subordinates; this doesn’t have to be much different. The only distinction is that tonight you will push him farther then he has ever been pushed before. But he’ll make it through. And when it’s done, you just need to make sure you tell him how proud you are of him. In the end, that will be what makes the difference. Trust me.”

“At this point, I have no choice.” He uttered absent-mindedly as he headed toward the bedroom.

* * * * * * * * *

Inara and Mal had freshened up a bit from the party when a man came to escort them to the public theatre.

They walked into a sizeable arena with seats all around an enclosed platform area. The seats were full of citizens still in their celebratory attire. At center stage, there was a post and an oversized oaken armoire that had been rolled within a few yards of it. The armoire’s doors stood open and revealed a vast array of flogging apparatus.

Inara leaned over and whispered to Mal, “Choose something you know you can use so you don’t fumble and you can get the job done quickly. Be focused and precise with your movements. Try not to be too heavy-handed for Simon’s sake but don’t be gentle either, they will be gauging his reactions and if it is not done right, then I would wager that that would offend them and they might send someone out there to do the task for you.”

Inara and Mal watched from the platform sideline as a still struggling Simon was brought on stage and bound to the post by black, leather wrist cuffs. Each leg was also anchored in place by black leather ankle cuffs that hooked into the floor. His back was toward the majority of the crowd around them and he was completely naked except for his restraints and a padded bit in his mouth to keep him from speaking. Mal couldn’t remember ever seeing Simon with his shirt off before, let alone completely naked. He was a lot more muscular than the Captain thought any doctor would be. Mal decided to try to remember that for the next time there was unloading of supplies to do. Simon’s back and shoulder muscles flexed against the tautness of his restraints. Mal noticed how remarkably unmarked his body was and found himself a bit remorseful in having to be the one to flaw such unadulterated skin.

The Mayor motioned for the Captain to come up and join him on stage. He introduced Captain Malcolm Reynolds to the hungry throng and they cheered. He then directed Mal to the armoire and told him to choose a type of flogger. Mal looked them over and took the only one he had ever been familiar with…a long, thin leather strap. He remembered how it felt many moons ago when a ranch hand of his mom’s had used it on him when he was found sleeping in the loft instead of doing his chores. The man had only gotten a few smacks in before being stopped by another rancher. The ranch hand was let go that night for what he did, but Mal couldn’t remember ever shirking his duties again.

He heard the Mayor behind him like he was under water, “That one will be twenty-five strokes Captain Reynolds.”

Mal approached Simon who still had fire in his eyes. He looked into the Doctor’s face and nodded to him slightly before he addressed the crowd. “I discipline my servants only for good reason. It is not always for them to understand but it is for me to recognize it for them.” He had been working on that statement in his head for the last ten minutes and hoped that it was cryptic enough for the masses but clear enough for the Doctor to realize that there was a bigger picture here at stake.

Mal stepped back and positioned himself at the right angle for flogging Simon with the leather strap. He drew back and delivered the first blow. Simon grunted primevally through the bit as he felt the first sting of leather cut into his flesh. Before stopping for even a second, Mal delivered four more strokes so that before Simon could catch his first breath he would already have five blows under his belt.

The first few strikes knocked the wind out of the doctor. He had never felt such a burn on his flesh before. His muscular back and tense body quickly dampened with sweat. Mal let Simon find his breath a moment before delivering ten more consecutive blows.

Simon felt the coarse leather bite into his skin as the Captain hit his mark with the leather strap. The young doctor thought he was on fire. He yelled out to his Captain in anger, but only grunts and groans escaped the bit between his lips. Sweat poured from his rigid body; it soaked his hair and stung at his eyes. His muscles undulated with the strain as he pulled and struggled against his restraints. He tried to shift his body away from each strike but his body was held firm. His mind fought to understand what was happening, what could have possibly gone this horribly wrong.

Then, after the first fifteen lashes had been dispensed, the whipping ceased momentarily. Simon caught his breath but the surge of adrenaline had wiped him out. His body ached, not only from the whipping but from the tension of his bondage as well. His muffled shouts turned into muted pleas as he begged his Captain to stop.

The Captain spoke to him for the first time since the beating began. He leaned in, resting his strong, firm hand on Simon’s upper back as he whispered intensely in the Doctor’s ear, “Simon, your doin’ good, you can get through this.”

The calmness and sincerity in the Captain’s voice and the imposing touch of his hand on his bare skin confused the Doctor. He wanted to detest his punisher but what he really felt was an authoritative concern radiating from the Captain…his Captain, and it comforted him, even aroused him. Simon’s body and psyche were in utter turmoil. His body was betraying him and he desperately wanted to hide it but there was nowhere for him to go. Simon’s already generous cock grew three times its previous size, as it stood erect against his desires. 'God, why do I feel like this? I should hate him right now…why can’t I hate him…perhaps,' he thought anguished; 'this is what it feels like to be River.'

Mal noticed the Doctor’s reactions to the beatings and to his touch. He never thought the Doctor could get pleasure from something such as this. Mal uttered a resonant, “huh” as he drew back the leather strap to continue on with five more strokes.

Reality forced Simon back from his senseless musings as he bore the sharp cuts of the strap once again. All fight was leaving him and he focused on just trying to stay cognizant. His back was criss-crossed with welts and streaks of blood. His body stung not only from the cut of the leather but also from the sweat that seeped into the deeper slashes. His taut, bound body glistened and trembled. He felt unconsciousness flirting with him.

Simon heard Mal’s voice again but it was as if he was now very far away, “You hang in there. Simon, you hear me? You need to be conscious for the last five strokes.” Mal touched Simon’s shoulder, “Come on, son, answer me.”

The Captain’s touch again sent electric shocks through Simon’s body stirring him back into consciousness. Simon found himself trying to obey the gentle yet commanding voice. For reasons he couldn’t comprehend, he wanted his Captain to be proud of him. He slowly opened his eyes and painfully nodded his acquiescence.

The Captain was surprised with himself. It wasn’t that he really enjoyed the act of flogging his crewmate, but he had to admit that the reaction the whippings were evoking out of Simon was giving him an amazing feeling of domination and control. It was a power he previously only enjoyed when he was at his best commanding Serenity as her Captain and it made him feel completely alive.

The crowd cheered as Mal delivered the last five strikes, sending Simon’s body into fervent muscle spasms. Once over, Mal swiftly turned to the Mayor and asked for his men to release Simon. He informed them he would be taking his servant back to his quarters where they were not to be disturbed. Mal felt gawking eyes follow them but he paid his attention only to Simon. .

“Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.” He whispered into the Doctor’s ear. In a tenderly fashion, Mal grasped a gentle but firm hand around the nape of Simon’s neck to keep him steady. Simon didn’t fight him. The Captain’s warm hand felt pleasurable on his skin; it felt real to him. He yearned for the solace.

Mal led Simon back to the room and sat him down on one of the over-stuffed chairs. He then went into the bedroom and poured Simon a glass of wine from the new gift basket the Mayor had had brought to their room.

“Sit there…I’m gonna get a cool bath goin’ for you, Doctor.” The Captain said in a low caring voice.

Mal went off to draw the bath while he considered the evening. The surge of authority he felt and was still feeling was undeniably enjoyable. Likewise, he had definitely been impressed by Simon’s ability to endure. It reminded him a bit of Wash when Niska had tortured them both. He had a good crew…a very good crew. Then he remembered Inara’s words and he knew he had to tell Simon some of what he was feeling. He walked back into the room to find Simon still sitting in the chair staring blankly.

“Doc, you don’t need to listen to it all right now but I need you to know there was good reason Inara and I did what we did tonight…I just want you to know how impressed I was and am with you. You stuck with it….you didn’t break…you stayed conscious….that’s somethin’….that’s a lot a’ somethin’ Doc. Can’t say I’ve been any prouder to have you as part of my crew on Serenity.”

Mal wasn’t sure if Simon was listening or if he was in a daze so he knelt down on one knee beside him and touched his arm tenderly. “You’re a good man, Simon.” Mal looked Simon in the eyes and noticed they were welling up with tears. He took Simon’s head in his hands and pulled it close to his chest. “It’s okay, Doc.” Mal caressed Simon’s hair and cradled his crewmate’s head under his own chin as he gently rocked him, “Simon, it’s over, it’s okay…you did good.” Simon looked up at Mal and attempted to give him a halfhearted smile.

“Come on,” the Captain realized he was having a bit of trouble ending his subjugation over his crewmate, “let’s get you cleaned up.” Simon willingly followed his Captain’s lead.

Mal brought Simon into the bathroom and helped him into the tub. He knelt down beside the bath and spoke soothingly to his crewmate, reassuring him again that it would all be all right. Simon was tired and still confused from the evening’s events. His head hurt from the dichotomies running rampant through his brain and he sunk his head against Mal’s solid chest. Mal lifted the wine glass to Simon’s lips and let him take a sip. The wine was warm and it pleased his insides; the bathwater was cool and felt good on his aching body. The Captain continued gently speaking to him, accounting all the events that had happened that day. As he spoke, he took a washcloth and gently washed away the sweat and blood from Simon’s back. The Captain was enjoying playing the role of caretaker; it was meaningful, it was powerful. Part of Simon wanted more comfort, wanted even more from his Captain…but that was not really like him or Mal. He realized that the release of tension in his body and in his loins would not be soon in coming. Simon scooped the cool water onto his face and over his head. His head began to clear and his senses seemed to begin to return.

“Kaylee….Captain, what’s happening to Kaylee?” Simon said in a panic.

“It’s okay, Simon.” The Captain put his hands on the doctor’s fatigued shoulders, “She’s in much better hands than you. Inara’s disciplining her.

* * * * * * * *

Inara watched as Kaylee was brought out onto the platform next. Like Simon, she was completely naked. The guards bound her to the center post with the black leather wrist cuffs and her legs were secured to the floor with the ankle restraints. Unlike the doctor, she had no padded bit to inhibit her from speaking but she appeared to be willingly obeying her oppressors.

From the sidelines, Inara took her first glimpse of the young mechanic’s fair and smooth skin, as the restraints held her taut. She was not particularly muscular, but the activity in her work kept her physically toned. Kaylee’s body was slender and her curves were well rounded. Her breasts were ample and firm with small brownish-pink areolas and her butt was remarkably tight and round. Kaylee fought with her psyche to remain composed, but Inara noticed the young girl tremble apprehensively.

Inara momentarily closed her eyes and took a slow, deliberate breath. She let the Companion side of her consume her, allowing her senses to adjust to the mood of her surroundings. She opened her eyes and locked onto the Mayor who signaled for her to join him on stage. He introduced her as Miss Serra and the crowd cheered as she elegantly advanced toward the center of the platform, effortlessly dominating the limelight. She stopped by the armoire and gracefully picked out a black, leather riding-crop.

“That flogger calls for a full fifty lashes, Miss Serra, you may want to reconsider your chosen means of retribution.” The Mayor presumed to advise her.

Inara smiled patronizingly at him and continued onward until she stood next to Kaylee. She slowly circled around until she stood directly in front of her crewmate’s face.

Inara whispered persuasively to her young friend, “The Captain and Simon are no longer here, Kaylee…the crowd we are amidst are insignificant….it is just you and me….look at me, mei mei….” She took Kaylee’s chin in her hand to make sure she met eyes with her, “You must trust me,” she said compellingly.

Inara followed seductively with a repetitive question, “Do you trust me?”

Kaylee nodded.

“No, mei mei, say it…do you trust me?” She again repeated.

“Yes, I trust you,” Kaylee trembled again.

“It is just you and me, Kaylee….remember that…..just you and me.” Inara reached into a secret inner pocket and pulled out a silk blindfold. She effortlessly secured it and stepped around behind Kaylee.

Kaylee felt the coolness of the crop’s flat leather tongue lightly trace the arc of her back. Inara outlined the curvature of her ass and reached between her and the pole to faintly tickle her outstretched belly with the tip. The effect awakened Kaylee’s senses and she tried to anticipate Inara’s next move. The young mechanic wasn’t quite ready for what came next.

Inara deftly flicked her wrist and slapped the rod of the crop hard onto Kaylee’s exposed bottom. The stinging connection of leather rod to skin provoked a high-pitched grunt to escape from the young girl’s lips. She whimpered as Inara brought the crop down onto her butt nine more times in quick succession.

“Do you trust me, mei mei?” Inara whispered powerfully.

Kaylee stumbled over her response, conveying fear and hurt, “I…I…want to.”

“That’s not good enough, love.” Inara commanded.

Kaylee squealed as Inara smacked her hard across her ass ten more times leaving well-defined red welts. Then, just as suddenly, the Companion gave Kaylee relief by returning to her earlier tender, featherlike touches with the crop’s tongue. She followed the swollen mounds of Kaylee’s breasts with the tip of the crop. Kaylee’s senses reeled, not sure whether to love or to hate her torment. The mechanic felt the gentle roughness of the side of the leather tongue as it coaxed her nipples to hard little buds. Inara slapped at her breasts several times with the flat of the crop. It smarted enough to force Kaylee to pay close attention to the moment, but it did not sting like the heavy-handed blows on her backside. The Companion ran the crop over her nipples again and Kaylee felt the tickle of butterflies in her stomach. A lower pitched groan escaped from Kaylee and Inara smiled, knowing that it wasn’t pain that forced the moan from between the young girl’s lips.

“Do you trust me, mei mei?” Inara asked again with authority.

Kaylee’s answer was almost inaudible, “Yes, Inara, I trust you.”

Inara reached the rod of the crop between Kaylee’s legs and ran it’s rough leather casing against the girl’s vagina. She flicked the tongue of it around Kaylee’s opening and patted the outer rim of her labia with the flat leather tip. A clutching sensation in the young girl’s yoni grew and grew until she could hardly contain it.

“Inara?” she moaned.

“Not yet, little one.” The Companion stated firmly.

Inara brought the crop down on Kaylee’s bottom and thighs ten more times. The bite of the flogger caught Kaylee off-guard and she once again cried out in pain but Inara stayed with her task at hand. The Companion took her free hand and fondled her crewmate’s bare bottom. Kaylee’s ass was on fire. The warmth of Inara’s hand both inflamed and soothed the stinging, sending Kaylee’s sensations, once again, reeling in two directions. Inara gently stroked two fingers on the inside of the girl’s legs to find her pussy wet and engorged. From experience, Inara knew that Kaylee was probably feeling betrayed by her own body’s reactions.

Inara leaned close and whispered encouragement into her friend’s ear, “Kaylee,…you’re doing fine….you’re body is right where it should be…right where I want it to be.”

Kaylee quivered and suck in her breath as a sudden gripping sensation coursed through her nether regions.

Inara brought the crop level with her friend’s butt cheeks and flicked her wrist again to deliver ten more cutting blows. Afterwards, she again dispensed pleasure by sliding the horizontal rod of the crop in and out between the girl’s legs. She pulled the rod further up into her vagina and let it rest there a moment. Kaylee involuntarily shuddered with pleasure. The Companion slowly removed the crop from Kaylee’s yoni and brushed the tip of it against the girl’s face. Kaylee could smell her own juices mixed with the scent of leather and it made her dizzy.

“Do you still trust me, mei mei?” Inara asked.

“Yes, I do, Inara, I do trust you.” She breathed heavily, whimpering her words. She wanted it to end but wanted it to continue even more.

Kaylee groaned again as Inara slapped at her backside with the crop ten last times. The young mechanic’s ass and thighs were fiery red with horizontal welts rising darker and darker from her usually otherwise fair skin. Kaylee felt jittery. Her whole body had never been awakened to such height. She was sexually aroused and tittering on the edge when Inara snuck in between her legs with the tongue of the crop and rhythmically pushed it against her clitoris. The throbbing inside Kaylee’s sex climbed and climbed until the release came full intensity. Kaylee jerked against her restraints as she cried with pleasure.

Inara stepped back so the crowd could watch Kaylee twitch in her throws of ecstasy. Kaylee caught her breath and moaned for her confidant, “Inara?” The young girl was spent and physically exhausted.

“I’m here, mei mei. I’m proud of you. You were wonderful.” She said to her friend.

Inara untied the blindfold from around Kaylee’s eyes as she motioned for the guards to release her from her bonds. Once released, Inara took Kaylee’s arm and tenderly lead her offstage. The crowd grew boisterous, giving the two women a standing ovation. The Mayor smiled contentedly. It was one of the few times he could ever remember that happening at the arena. He felt confident that he had chosen the right crew to represent his people and was very glad that Captain Reynolds had irrefutably accepted the offer.

Inara led Kaylee a short ways down the corridor toward their quarters. She stopped in the hallway when no one was around and removed her Asian silk overcoat and placed it around her friend. She lifted Kaylee’s hair gently and smoothed it out over the shoulders of the jacket. Then, she took Kaylee’s face between her hands and brushed a piece of wayward hair from her eyes.

“You okay, mei mei?” She asked affectionately.

“Yes.” She murmured. “’Nara?…You’ve done that before.”

“Yes, love…in some forms…it’s always different.” She put her arm around Kaylee and they continued to walk toward the room. “But tonight, mei mie, it was more than different…it was very special.”

Kaylee rested her head on Inara’s shoulders as they walked the rest of the way to their quarters.

* * * * * * * *

When Inara and Kaylee walked into the main lounge area, their chambers appeared empty at first, but Inara noticed the bathroom door was shut and low, muted voices were coming from within.

Inara guided Kaylee into the main bedroom and gestured for her to rest on the bed. Kaylee lay down on her belly and propped her head with her hands to watch as Inara poured her a glass of the already opened wine and affectionately handed it to her. Kaylee sipped the warming amber liquid from the glass as she watched Inara intently, wanting desperately to see how the evening might unfold.

The Companion walked over to the bureau to where her overnight bag sat open and rummaged through it until she found a small bottle of lavender massage oil that she laid on the bed next to her young friend. She then went over to the antique washbasin. Kaylee watched as she slowly and captivatingly poured water from the pitcher into the basin. Inara dipped the fine linen washcloth into the cool water. As the Companion leaned in close to Kaylee, the young girl watched each graceful movement in anticipation of what was to come next. Inara reached in and tenderly drew the robe from Kaylee’s shoulders and arms and let it fall into a pool of silk onto the floor. As the wine worked its magic and Kaylee gradually began to relax, Inara studied the sensual curves of the young mechanic’s naked figure. She gazed down at the indentation of the small of Kaylee’s back. She followed the natural lines to her hips and trailed them as they curved into her voluptuous buttocks, still warm from the evening’s events.

“The welts are already fading.” She smiled down at Kaylee. “That’s why I chose the crop…the marks are quick to heal and they don’t leave anything permanent.”

The Companion sat down next to her friend on the bed and brushed some hair out of the girl’s face. She wanted to comfort Kaylee and she felt the same need emanating from her good friend. Inara wanted Kaylee to be able to take something with her from the experience of the evening. She wanted her to explore new heights and sensations of pleasure. The young girl had endured pain, now Inara wanted to immerse her in ecstasy. She held the washcloth over Kaylee’s back and slowly squeezed the cool water onto her friend’s lovely form.

The cool water felt good on Kaylee’s skin as her friend attentively bathed her whole body. Kaylee drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly sending away much of her body’s tension as the droplets of water trickled down her sides. Inara gently washed away any negativity the girl had previously endured. Then, Inara poured oil into the palms of her hands and gently began to massage the wonderfully scented elixir into Kaylee’s mending skin. The Companion knew how to work the young woman’s muscles and kneaded her body into relaxed surrender. Kaylee was in rapture as she felt Inara’s warm hands manipulate the knots from between her shoulder blades. The Companion skillfully rubbed down the sides of her spine towards her lower back and worked the muscles deep in her buttocks. Kaylee moaned as the pressure unleashed muscle-relaxing spasms throughout her body.

Inara stepped away from the bed and unzipped her form fitting dress. She shimmied it down her body and nimbly stepped out of it, draping her elegant attire over the plush chair near the armoire. Kaylee gazed wide-eyed at Inara’s exquisite figure. The young girl licked her lips dreamily as she imagined her friend’s skilled hands touching her skin once again. As if Inara read her mind, she climbed back onto the bed, this time smoothly straddling the young woman. Inara leaned over and brushed Kaylee’s hair away from her back.

Kaylee could feel the heat emanating from her friend and sensual mentor. She felt Inara’s warm plump breasts and erect nipples rub against her back as the trained woman nuzzled the nape of her neck and flicked her tongue enticingly into Kaylee’s ear. Kaylee groaned for more and Inara teasingly bit the young girl’s earlobe. Kaylee wanted to turn around and embrace Inara, but the Companion stayed on top of her and continued to kiss and lick the girl’s well-oiled body. The mechanic moaned again as Inara reached just below her waist and snuck in to flutter her tongue in and out of the hollows of her hips. Reflexively, Kaylee spread her legs, inviting Inara to explore the depths of her body without reserve.

Inara smiled, knowingly. “Turn over onto your back, Kaylee.”

Kaylee eagerly did as she was told. She gazed longingly into Inara’s eyes. Her friend spoke quietly, and offered the young woman tender words from her heart. “You are so special to me, mei mei. You are beautiful and free and joyful. Don’t you ever lose that, Kaylee…it is who you are. There are unkind people out there but you are surrounded by people who love you…I love you… I will always love you, mei mei.”

Inara leaned into Kaylee and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. The moist and sensual contact sent butterflies fluttering all through the young woman’s insides. Inara motioned for Kaylee to rest her head back onto the pillow. She closed her eyes and anticipated each of her mentor’s moves with utter excitement.

Inara covered Kaylee’s body in soft, gentle kisses. She burrowed into the girl’s neck and kissed and nibbled her way down to her firm and supple mounds. Kaylee’s nipples stood erect with pleasure, tingling with each tug of her friend’s gentle bite. At first, Kaylee couldn’t help but wonder a bit about whether or not the activities before them would interfere with she and Inara’s friendship but, completely trusting in her confidant’s experience, she willingly and ultimately gave herself over to the ecstasy.

The Companion worked her way down the girl’s toned stomach and soft thighs and flicked her tongue against the outside of the lips of her vagina. Inara tasted Kaylee’s ambrosia and circled her tongue in to draw out more of the sticky sweetness. Kaylee savored the moment, breathing rhythmically as Inara plunged a finger into her well-lubricated yoni. A pulse shot through Kaylee’s innards; making her crave more with every ounce of her being. Kaylee pushed down harder onto Inara’s finger, steadily pumping up and down to meet the pulse raging through her own body. Inara deftly opened Kaylee’s aching walls with a second and third finger as she simultaneously sucked on Kaylee’s clit and rolled her tongue around the girl’s sensitive nub. The Companion breathed in the young girl’s musky scent.

Kaylee threw her head back, overcome with sensations. A primal groan escaped the young woman’s lips as Inara thrust yet another finger inside her friend’s dripping pussy and sucked even more powerfully on her pulsating clit. Kaylee felt the energy build and rise within her as a wave of white heat flooded over her entire body. She screamed and bucked as the undulating spasms overtook her but Inara didn’t let up. She rolled and licked her tongue against the girl’s quivering nub and drove her fingers deeper into her spasming core. Tears flowed as Kaylee lashed about, crying aloud in complete and total liberating ecstasy.

As the young girl’s quivering subsided, Inara slid up along side Kaylee to caress her face. Her breathing was still heavy and her body shone with perspiration. Inara reached over and picked up the washcloth. She once again rubbed it over Kaylee’s entire body. The coolness felt good on the girl’s hot skin. She looked over at Inara, satisfied and exhausted.

Inara smiled down at her, “You look sleepy.”

“I don’t know why.” She said dreamily, smiling back at her friend.

Inara pulled back the covers and gestured for Kaylee to climb inside. “Sleep here tonight, love.”

Kaylee snuggled under the blankets and Inara tucked her in. She kissed the young woman’s forehead, “I love you, mei mei….friends?”

“Forever, Inara.” She said drowsily as she drifted off to sleep.

Inara quietly donned her silk nightgown and robe; she grabbed the opened bottle of wine and the glass and turned off the light. She gently closed the bedroom door and headed into the main lounge.

* * * * * * * *

Mal steadied Simon as he climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist. The wine and the bath’s relaxing effect had finally caught up with the Doctor and he found he had to rest most of his weight on the Captain as they made their way out of the bathroom and into the main lounge.

Inara looked up from her magazine as she sat elegantly on the long, overstuffed couch. She was beautiful in the dim light. Her hair was completely down and fanned around her shoulders. She wore a knee length golden silk and lace nightgown with a plunge neckline and a matching silk robe that cascaded over her body and onto the throw pillows beside her. She took a sip from her glass of wine and placed it on the small table next to the couch. She then stood up and walked over to help Mal with Simon.

The Companion affectionately put her hand on Simon’s cheek, “Are you okay?”

“I will be.” He answered the Companion a bit feebly but gave she and the Captain another one of his half-smiles. “I would feel more comfortable with my drawstring pants on though.” He said as he readjusted the towel around his waist.

“I’ll get them,” Inara volunteered, “are they in your overnight bag?”

Simon nodded.

Inara retrieved the grey flannel pants and handed them to her crewmate. “Why don’t you put them on in there,” she motioned to the main bedroom, “Kaylee is asleep in there and it’s a big bed. I’m sure it’s more comfortable than the ones in that other room.”

Simon hesitated but was too tired to argue. Inara was right, it was the most comfortable place in their quarters and he could really use a good night’s rest. Kaylee was asleep after all and she probably wouldn’t mind if he slept in there anyway. He would be a complete gentlemen….he always was…it was really all he knew how to be.

He acquiesced and Mal helped him over to the door.

“You and me, Doc…we’re good?” Mal whispered to his crewmember.

“Yeah, Captain, we’re good.” Simon replied groggily.

The Captain gently but firmly took hold of both of Simon’s shoulders and looked at him more tenderly then the Doctor expected. “I am proud of you, son.” Mal gave him an affectionate smile and nod, “Now go get some well-deserved sleep. We’ll see you in the morning.” Mal opened the door and ushered the young Doctor through, closing it gently behind him.

Simon’s eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness as he made his way over to the bed. He climbed under the covers and rested his head on the pillow next to the young mechanic. It felt good to lie down but his sleepiness was soon replaced by distraction. He stared blankly into the darkness as his senses began to reel. He was a gentleman…he knew he would be able to sleep next to Kaylee without too much inner-turmoil because it was the right thing to do, so why then was he so helplessly and completely aroused. He took a deep breath to try and relax and then realized that the entire room smelled of sex…of Kaylee. Having not seen any earlier release, his loins ached exceedingly. He looked over at Kaylee. She was captivating even while asleep …only inches from him…but he was a gentleman.

Simon rolled over, agitating the wounds on his back. The evening’s events began to play over in his head. Kaylee, Mal; pain, pleasure; dominance, submission…the dichotomies again overwhelmed him and he saw no release in the near future for any of his torment. Simon wanted to be brave. He wanted the Captain and Kaylee and the whole crew to be proud of him. He could and he would hold himself together, and hold it all in…but just this once, just tonight he would let himself quietly cry to sleep.

* * * * * * * *

Mal walked over to where Inara stood, anger in his voice “You still thinkin’ this was a good idea, Inara?”

“Good idea, Mal? I never thought that. Necessary to help rescue those slaves? Yes. I won’t apologize for any of this, Mal. We all got through it and time will get us even further.” She turned to walk away and Mal grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“I’m not finished.” He said sternly, grasping for the argument.

“Yes, Mal, you are. Now let go of me.” She returned.

He purposefully gripped her arm even tighter and she slapped him hard across the face with her free hand.

He took hold of her other arm and pulled her into him. They stared each other down a moment before Mal made his move and kissed her harshly on the lips.

Inara pulled back but didn’t appear startled, “Mal we can’t…we shouldn’t...not now.”

“I know…just….we’re lot alike, you and me.” He replied uncomfortably as he eased up on his grasp of her arms.

“You really think so?” Inara asked sincerely; warmed by his attempt to connect with her.

“You don’t?” He tenderly caressed the spots he had grabbed her and then let go.

Inara took a step back and crossed her arms, “I never, I mean…I guess in some ways, yes. You do certainly keep me on my toes.”

“And you, mine, darlin’.” He replied with a cocksure grin.

The two of them shared in a moment of nervous laughter as they dimmed the rest of the main lounge lights and headed off together toward the two single beds in the servant’s quarters.

* * * * * * * *

~One Week Later~

Mal and Inara sat side-by-side, halfway up the metal frame staircase that stood inside the cargo bay. They looked down onto the sea of freed slaves that were taking up temporary residence on Serenity, all with little else than a bedroll to their name. Simon, Kaylee and River were among them, cheerfully working together to help the ones that needed any type of medical attention, Book was down there spreading the word to them that needed it and Jayne was drinking and making friends.

Inara looked over at Mal, “Thanks to us, these people will have a fighting chance at a real life once we’ve relocated them,” she smiled knowingly, “and I seriously doubt we will hear anything again from Sundale Estates seeing as they so earnestly want to keep such a low profile. It’s a good thing we did, Mal”

Mal grinned contentedly, “We did do good, didn’t we.” He added in his usual sarcastic tone, “Why, I do believe I feel all shiny inside.”

Inara rolled her eyes at him.

The two of them heard footsteps and glanced upward. Overhead, they caught sight of Zoe and Wash walking hand in hand across the catwalk from the cockpit towards their quarters like a couple of school age kids.

Inara and Mal both knew in their hearts that that would be the kind of relationship that they each wanted for themselves but neither of them knew how to even begin to tell the other. They both looked down at the throng of people aboard the ship again and sat together, alone, in uncomfortable silence. ~Epilogue~

It wasn’t about coyness or teasing or dominance or submission or power of any kind or lust…maybe a bit about lust. It was about mutual respect and finding your soul mate and expressing the passion that radiated straight from the heart.

The door closed and Wash turned to Zoe as though he could not wait another moment. He took her face into both of his hands and kissed her eagerly.

“You are my goddess, Zoe, my wife, my lover, my partner for life.”

“And you are my god, my mister, my wonderful, wonderful man, my forever love.”

They embraced each other passionately. Zoe caressed Wash’s face with her hands as he took hold of her whole body in his strong, unfaltering arms. He carried her over to their bed while their heated breathing blended into rhythmic union. Still gazing into each other’s eyes, they leaned in and consumed each other with feverish kisses meant only for the rarest of true loves.


Saturday, December 3, 2005 9:42 PM


Whew! I don't know how many will be brave enough to leave feedback due to the subject matter, but I want to be sure to applaud you for your bravery in going where few FF fans will. Also want to say you gave very good warning at the top of the story.

That said, I liked some of the voices in the fic, you have a great way with Wash, in particular. And you set the scenes very well, not too much description nor too little. Good job with humor too. The gift basket scene was both funny and hunger-making. Keep flying.

Saturday, December 3, 2005 10:29 PM


Warning! The following feedback might not be suitable for young children or those with a stick up their pigu when it comes to sex:

Holy....shit. Now this is some Grade A, prime quality erotic fan fic! A brave new world has been entered here, cuz this stuff is both disturbin' and arousin' at the same time ;)

Gotta agree with ItsaWash here....voices in this fic are great. Gotta wonder though if the later thoughts and statments made by the BDHs would be what Joss & co. would have them speechify with if they had gotten a chance to take the series to a level bordering this (cuz the only way this would have gotten on air intact is if Firefly had gotten moved to Cinemax or HBO for later seasons).

Honestly, I could have seen the lovely people at ME going towards a less...graphic version of this concept, possibly as a arc storyline for a hypothetical season 3 (story idea seems like something you would get about midway through a Joss Whedon creation if left to run long enough. Anybody have thoughts like this?


Sunday, December 4, 2005 5:03 AM


wow. kinky or what?!? *grins* good work!


Sunday, December 4, 2005 7:00 AM


This was some powerful writin'! Awesome job telling the story without going over the edge into PWP! Poor Simon, though, not getting to experience the final ecstasy!

A couple of nitpics: in the 7th section "The seats were full of citizens still in there celebratory attire." That should be "their celbratory attire." And in the 9th section "Kaylee lied down on her belly..." That should be Kaylee "lay down..." or even "laid down..." Definitely not "lied down." You did such an awesome job everywhere else that those two instances just jarred.

Keep writing!

"I love my captain."

Sunday, December 4, 2005 7:25 AM


Thanks to you all for your kind words. (Please keep them coming). I am glad those of you who have reviewed it have liked it. I aim to please... and misbehave. :-)

to Lvs2read: as you stated,
"celebratory" is correct. But I will edit the "lied down" to "lay down"...thanks.

-Kessa (YoSaffBrig)

Sunday, December 4, 2005 3:37 PM



~ ;)

Friday, January 27, 2006 9:47 PM


Awww, why couldn't Simon not be a gentleman for one night...that was very well done...but I was looking forward to some poor fulfillment for Simon - and not at Mal's hands! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:41 PM


Thanks again for all the nice comments!

Please keep a lookout for the sequel coming very soon. It will be called Finding Solace and is all about Simon...and Mal (and the powerplay between them) - sorry Leiasky ;-) but I hope you will give it a read anyway.

I should have it up by the end of this coming week. In the meantime...

Aim to Misbehave!
~Kessa (YoSaffBrig)

Sunday, February 5, 2006 6:39 PM


The sequel, FINDING SOLACE is posted!!!

URL Link:

Aim to Misbehave!
~Kessa (YoSaffbrig)

Sunday, April 2, 2006 8:09 PM


the f/f stuff is what I have been waiting for and it was worth it

I'll be in my bunk


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