Showin' Steel
Friday, September 15, 2006

When push comes to shove, Simon takes a stand to make an impression on Kaylee. Post BDM. (NC-17, Some Powerplay)


Synopsis: When push comes to shove, Simon takes a stand to make an impression on Kaylee. Post BDM.

Disclaimer: This story was written just for fun and is not an attempt to make money or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks belonging to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox or Universal. No disrespect is intended; imitation is the truest form of flattery.

This story is a work of erotica fanfiction (rated NC-17; some power play; Simon/kaylee; Wash/Zoe). You have been warned, so please read no further if you will be offended or are under the age of consent. For the rest of you, read on...

Showin’ Steel By Kessa (YoSaffbrig)

Simon had treated patients down by the docks that day. He didn’t collect much in payment; the people in need of medical attention in Eavesdown just didn’t have it to pay, but it was a bit more change in his pocket than before and it had been enough to take Kaylee out for a decent sit down dinner.

They were on their way back from the restaurant when a man, not too much bigger than Simon but a whole lot gruffer, stood in their way.

“’Wife said you couldn’t help her headaches, Doc.” The man spat out accusingly.

“I’m sorry, who,” Simon was caught off guard and stumbled over his words. He brought his hand up to his mouth to think, “I’ve seen a number of patients today.”

The man was noticeably upset and getting more belligerent by the second, “The one with the headaches….she gets every day. Thought you was some kinda doc. What? She ain’t good ‘nough to help? That it?”

“Whaat, no…I told her she needs glasses. She’ll need to see someone who can write her the correct prescript…” Simon was interrupted.

“We ain’t got that kinda gorram money…thought you smart ass hwoon dahns was suppose to help people.” He poked at Simon with his finger as he spoke, pushing the doctor backwards.

Kaylee tried to get in between the two men, “Simon did all he could do, just, please, leave us alone.”

The man callously pushed Kaylee hard to the ground and then tackled the doctor. He rammed Simon into a nearby wall and started punching him in the ribs. Simon tried to escape the blows but he didn’t fight back.

Kaylee yelled for the man to stop. Jayne, heading back to Serenity from the saloon down the street, heard her pleas and immediately came running. In an instance, he pulled the man off Simon, throwing him aside like an old discarded rag doll. The man staggered to his feet, sized up his odds against Serenity’s muscle, and took off in the other direction.

“You okay?” Jayne asked worriedly to Kaylee while throwing Simon a cursory glance and pulling him up off the ground with one arm.

“Thanks, Jayne.” Kaylee gave the big man a hug.

“Yeah, thanks.” Simon uttered as he straightened his clothing.

“Sure. Good thing for you I was close by.” Jayne taunted good-naturedly.

Not realizing Jayne was mocking him, Simon looked up at the big man and smiled, “Yes, it was. Thank you again.”

But Kaylee’s face held no smile, “Yeah, good thing.” She uttered the rest under her breath, “or Simon sure as woulda’ gone and got his own self in need of a doctor.” She turned and began walking back toward the ship alone.

Jayne smirked at the doctor who stood alone for a moment, dumbfounded, before chasing after her, “Kaylee...wait!”

* * * * * * *

“Kaylee, I don’t understand. Just tell me what’s wrong.” Simon trailed after the mechanic pleading as she briskly walked onto the ship and headed straight for her quarters. Zoe, Mal and River watched as the two young crewmembers scurried through the holding bay.

“What’s that gorram brother of yours done now, Albatross?” The Captain uttered unenthusiastically.

“It’s what he doesn’t do that finds him trouble.” She answered in her usual cryptic fashion.

Kaylee pushed open her bunk door and was about to climb down when Simon gently put his hand on her arm.

“Please, Kaylee. Why are you mad at me?” He asked tenderly.

“I’m not mad, Simon…just…I don’t get you sometimes and…look, just never you mind, I’m sure everything will be shiny come mornin.’”

Simon didn’t want to let it drop. He hated the idea of her going to bed upset with him. “If you’re not mad then what? What don’t you get?”

She sighed aloud, “Why it is you can’t ever seem to show any steel? You let people walk all over you and just brush it off as bein’ proper...well, Simon, there ain’t nothin’ proper ‘bout lettin’ someone beat up on you without so much as a lick of fightin’ back.”

It was more the tone in Kaylee’s voice then her words that made Simon understand, “You’re disappointed in me,” he said softly.

“I really care for you, Simon, just wish you’d show a bit a’ backbone and take control of situations a might more often.” She bent forward and kissed his cheek and descended into her quarters. “Goodnight Simon.” They were the last words he heard as she closed the door behind her.

Simon could feel the emotions he always kept under lock and key welling up inside of him. Fear, sadness, anger; tonight they were mingled with disappointment and rage. Simon raced off to the infirmary. He locked the door and pulled the privacy shades before throwing a utility cart across the room and letting out an anguished roar.

Hours went by before Simon collected his thoughts. He straightened up the infirmary as he reflected on Kaylee and her utter disappointment in him. His lack in showing steel had come up before and once again, he felt like he had failed her. Simon Tam hated failure. He paused a moment and looked around. The infirmary was immaculate but then, it always was. Why, he asked himself? Control. He was in control. He was the ships medic; he was a skilled emergency surgeon. He had been trained to always be in control.

He took a deep breath and pushed a hand through his thick, dark hair as he watched himself in the infirmary mirror shift from fretful back to his regimented self. He cared a lot for Kaylee and he needed her. He was going to win back her respect if it was the last gorram thing he did. She wanted him in control, she yearned for him in control….she would have it and a whole lot more.

* * * * * * *

Simon was up and working in the infirmary early the next morning. He had already taken stock of the infirmary meds and had made a list for the Captain as to what needed to be purchased in town that day. He had handed the Captain the list and as usual, the two of them quarreled, this time about who was going to pay for the medical supplies needed for the ship. Mal thought Simon was asking for far too much when there was engine parts needed that wouldn’t get bought this time around. Simon disagreed and even went so far as to try to make the Captain feel as though he might be culpable should the need for the supplies arise. That didn’t sit well with Mal and the two parted, extremely aggravated with each other as was so often the case. Mal stormed out of the infirmary nearly barreling into an obviously physically sore Jayne.

Jayne’s lower back was bothering him and he wanted to make sure that he would be able to make the supply run Mal had planned for he and Zoe that day. Simon ushered him in and began checking him out to make sure it was nothing serious before giving him a shot to dull the pain. In the midst of attending to Jayne, Kaylee stopped by. Wanting to smooth things over with Simon, she thought an invitation to the breakfast she was going to go prepare in the galley would be the answer.

“As you can well see, Kaylee, I’m a little busy at the moment.” He said with reserve.

Kaylee smiled and countered cheerfully, “Oh, Jayne don’t care, Simon, long as I save him some fresh baked bao.”

Jayne grunted, “Damn straight…Ow, doc, that hurt.”

Simon continued in the same detached tone, “Regardless, Kaylee, you’re disrupting my exam. Wait in the lounge area and we will discuss this when I’m finished.”

Kaylee wasn’t sure of how to react to Simon’s coolness, “Yeah, um, sure, sweetie…I’ll be in the lounge area then.” She bounced on her heels a moment waiting for a response that never came. She then quietly backed out of the infirmary and closed the door.

A few minutes later, Jayne emerged. “Thanks Doc,” he yelled back as he stopped a moment in front of Kaylee. “Your turn…but don’t take too long….I’ll be waitin’ on that bao you promised.” He gave her a friendly wink.

Kaylee stuck her head into the infirmary, “Hey you….now can I interest you in some breakfast?”

Simon’s piercing blue eyes narrowed, “Come in and shut the door.”

Kaylee’s smile grew wanton when she noticed the privacy blinds were drawn. She did what he asked, “So what did you have in mind, Doctor?”

Simon desperately wanted to return flirtations but he remained in control, “Kaylee, you knew I was busy seeing a patient when you stopped by. I want to know what made you think it was alright to disregard any privileged patient/doctor discussion I might be having by thoughtlessly interrupting me?”

Kaylee turned speechless, “I, um,…I guess I wasn’t thinkin’ Simon…I…I’m sorry.”

“Come here. Stand next to the exam table and bend over.” He insisted.

Kaylee was taken aback, “What? Why?”

“Are you really going to make me tell you a second time, Kaylee?” His voice sounded stern.

“I just don’t understand…” She started to petition but Simon cut her question short by pointing insistently to the exam table. Kaylee stopped searching for an answer and tentatively did as he instructed.

Simon firmly put his hand on the flat of her back and gently kicked open her feet with his boots. “Spread you legs further apart…there, that’s better.”

Kaylee was apprehensive, “Simon, I don’t…”

“Stop interrupting, Kaylee. You’ve done enough of that today. You are about to be reprimanded for doing just that and I do not expect to hear anything more from you unless I ask it of you, dong ma?”

Kaylee’s mind was whirring. She wanted to say more but she felt Simon was serious about what he had said. She was uneasy as to what was to come next but strangely giddy and somewhat aroused at the same time.

She had taken too long to respond and Simon repeated his last question in an even-keeled yet even more domineering tone, “Dong ma?”

Kaylee’s nethers dampened involuntarily in reaction to Simon’s commanding tone.

“Yes,” she answered almost inaudibly.

“Yes what?” He volleyed assertively.

“Yes, sir.” She responded; her cheeks blushing in hearing such obedient words escape from her lips.

“Now, Kaylee,” Simon continued with authority, “I want you to repeat something and continue to repeat it until I tell you to stop…do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” She replied again submissively.

“I’m sorry for thoughtlessly interrupting others and promise never to be disrespectful to Simon Tam again. Say it.”

Though fully dressed, Kaylee’s body shivered. She didn’t know if it was the chill of the air in the infirmary or because she was both scared and excited at what was to come next. She did as she was told and repeated the sentence.

“I’m sorry for thoughtlessly interrupting others…” Whomp. Simon slapped her hard on her ass with the palm of his hand. She looked back at him, meeting his gaze. She was uncertain as to how she felt but she couldn’t make herself move away from him. Her eyes instinctively welled up with tears from the sting but she found herself utterly respecting her punisher’s position. She blinked away the wetness, stared blankly ahead and continued, “and promise never to be disrespectful to Simon Tam again.” Whomp

She looked back at him again. He nodded his approval and in the same domineering tone said only one word to her, “Again.”

She repeated the phrase and the spankings came faster and more intense. She stood on her tiptoes and stuttered her avowal but she held her ground. Her ass stung raw from attention and her nethers ached from abandon.

“Again.” He repeated five more times.

Even through her coveralls, Kaylee’s ass felt like it was on fire. She was thankful he had not asked her to remove them.

After the seventh repetition, Simon moved to end her punishment, “Straighten up, Kaylee,” he commanded.

The young mechanic stood up from her bent position over the exam table and Simon took her chin gently into his hand. “Are you okay?” He inquired compassionately.

Kaylee nodded.

“Now do you understand?” He asked with genuine concern.

Again, she nodded.

He tenderly played with her bottom lip with his thumb, “Do you love me?”

Tears welled up again in her eyes and she spoke, “Yes, Simon, I do.”

“Do you respect me?” He questioned.

Kaylee whispered emphatically, “Yes”

“This type of disrespect won’t happen again, and if it does, you will be reprimanded again. Dong ma?”

She nodded again but he stopped her by firmly grabbing both sides of her face, pulling her to him and enveloping her mouth in the most passionate of kisses. She could feel his warmth as his tongue reached in to explore her moistness. Her nethers throbbed. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the muscles in his back undulate through his clothing. He ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing a fistful, and gently but assertively pulled her even closer.

Simon worked his hands down to her coveralls. His slender surgeon fingers deftly unbuttoned them. Pushing her clothing down past her waist he let it fall in a heap to the floor.

Simon gathered Kaylee up into his strong capable arms and placed her gently on the edge of the cool exam table. He let her eyes focus on him as he undressed himself and stepped in between her parted legs. He tenderly but firmly clutched her hair in his hand again as he pulled her face closer, once more kissing her fervently; his other hand stroking his lingum to its full length and guiding it to her waiting yoni.

Kaylee groaned softly as his slick shaft entered her. Simon moved his hands underneath her to grasp her tight butt, pulling her up to him and beginning a cadence in rhythm to their quickening heartbeats.

Their heat mingled as their breaths grew heavy and their bodies dampened with sweat. Simon never seemed so powerful, so ardent. Kaylee couldn’t think straight, her mind was full...full of Simon. He had claimed her and she was completely his. The pulsing in her nethers rose until the pressure was too much. Simon pushed harder and released a low growl. Kaylee moaned as they both reached climax together.

They held their embrace a moment before Simon pulled back, kissing Kaylee lovingly on her forehead. “I think I’m ready for that breakfast you promised.” He smiled at her, his eyes narrowing with a warm, playful spark to them.

“Think Jayne is still waiting on his bao?” She laughed.

“I’m sure he is.” Simon winked.

Kaylee hopped off the table and bent down to pick up her clothes. Simon reached over and tenderly caressed the cherry marks across her butt cheeks. She looked up at him and smiled, “You do have a way for getting my attention Simon Tam.”

* * * * * *

Jayne waited around just long enough to grab some bao for Mal, Zoe and himself to take with them as they headed out for supplies but Inara, River and Simon enjoyed Kaylee’s morning feast together with her. River and Inara, both adept at reading others, watched with curiosity at Simon and Kaylee’s slight change in demeanor. They noticed that Simon seemed to direct some of Kaylee’s actions in subtle ways that had not been evident before but neither was really willing to investigate further and Kaylee seemed to be a willing participant.

Soon after breakfast, each went their separate ways for the day. Simon needed to head into town to try and locate a few medical supplies that needed to be replenished that he knew would be hard to find; Inara had one of her client meetings; Kaylee needed to get the ship ready for a next day departure and River, as was now routine, kept to the cockpit, pouring over star charts and piloting manuals to better learn the ways of the black and the 03-K64 Firefly class transport that navigated them through it.

It wasn’t until dinnertime that the crew convened once again in the galley for a family-style meal. Inara had made it back to the ship early and had gathered ingredients for supper. After their run, Zoe came in to make some coffee and stayed to help Inara with the meal preparation. The rest of the crew was called over the intercom when dinner was finally ready.

Kaylee promptly dropped what she was doing in the engine room. She was excited at the prospect of seeing Simon again. She had been musing about their morning escapades all day; feeling the intense sensations of Simon’s power over and over each time she had to scoot on her backside to get into Serenity’s inner workings; fine-tuning her for their next flight.

Kaylee practically skipped into the galley. Zoe, Inara, Jayne and the Captain were already sitting at the table with their food. The Captain gestured sociably for Kaylee to join them.

Kaylee grabbed the chair next to the Captain and loaded her plate up with some of the delicious, genuine food they had stockpiled while in port.

Simon and River soon joined the group. Simon claimed a chair at the far end of the table.

Dinner was the first time Simon and Mal had encountered each other since the quarrel they’d had in the infirmary early that morning. Mal glared at Simon as he entered the room and took a seat. Simon immediately focused on Kaylee sitting next to Mal and decided he wanted her that moment all to his own. Perhaps it was not the best idea he had had all day, but he was going to ride with it.

“Kaylee.” Simon said her name with a bit of an authoritative manner as he motioned for her to move to the seat next to his.

Simon’s imposing attitude with his ace mechanic rubbed Mal the wrong way and created even more friction between he and the doctor.

“Kaylee’s fine sittin’ here, doc. Leave her be.” Mal returned in his captain-y voice.

Kaylee stood up with her plate and looked at Mal, “It’s shiny, Captain, really.”

“Sit back down, li’l Kaylee,” Mal gestured amiably to the young girl, but with an air of being in charge. “No one orders the crew around on this boat ‘ceptin’ me.”

“Kaylee will sit next to me, Captain” Simon resolutely announced while pulling out the chair next to him. Mindful of the looming situation, Kaylee slowly got up to move her seat. She knew the situation had escalated quickly and that there was now a threat to Simon’s respectability involved and she surely had no intention of showing any disrespect to him or to her Captain if she could help it.

Inara could feel Mal tense up next to her. She put a hand on his arm and whispered, “Mal.” But anger had already overtaken him and, shrugging off her touch, he stood up briskly, his chair skidding from underneath him.

Mal leaned over the table onto his knuckles, posturing the moment, “Don’t even THINK about telling me how to run things on my ship, son.”

“I am in no way telling you how to run THINGS on your ship, Captain. You seem to have cornered that subject in its entirety. I am not, however, going to let you dictate what I should or should not say to my girlfriend.”

Kaylee smiled inwardly as the word ‘girlfriend’ escaped Simon’s lips.

“Kaylee’s a big girl, doc. She don’t need some hutzi da peegu of a boyfriend tellin’ her what to do.”

“No, I suppose that’s your job.” Simon came back at him sarcastically.

Mal lunged, attacking Simon and throwing him onto the table by his collar. Simon swung his fist but before it made contact, Mal grabbed his wrist and slammed his hand hard against the table. Simon winced in pain but held his ground. That any crewmember should even try to pull a punch escalated Mal’s fury even farther. He drew his arm back ready to teach Simon a painful lesson. Kaylee quickly moved to interrupt them.

“Stop it, just stop it you two!” She shouted, “Ain’t nobody gonna fight on my account. Cap’n…Simon. I’m right here….listenin’ the whole time. And I think I can make up my own mind. Thanks Cap’n for savin’ me a seat; it was real shiny of you, but I think tonight I’ll sit next to Simon…right here.” She patted the chair next to Simon’s as a calming gesture before sitting down.

The Captain’s anger was undeniably raised and it was obvious, things as they were, that if the situation continued, things would not go well…especially for Simon.

“Sir, can you help me in the galley a moment, please. We forgot the potatoes.” Zoe interrupted respectfully but assertively.

“You say somethin’, Zoe?” Mal was looking to pick a fight with anyone not with him on the subject matter.

“We need potatoes, Sir.” She said in a louder voice.

“You needin’ help with potatoes, Zoe? What the hell is this ship comin’ to?” Mal knew that was her excuse to take him away from the circumstances at hand. He respected her and figured she had her reasons so he reluctantly went along. He kicked a chair out of his way as he followed his first in command into the kitchen.

Turning, he yelled at the doctor before heading out of earshot, “This is NOT over, Tam.”

Mal was annoyed with his first in command and interrogated her sarcastically, “What Zoe? Potatoes? Really?”

Zoe addressed the Captain in a loud whisper, “Sir, I don’t mean any disrespect but you’re having a bit of trouble seeing a fact that’s right in front of you. Simon is Kaylee’s boyfriend here, Sir.”

“Don’t give him the right to boss her around none.” He whispered animatedly back at her.

“Don’t give you that right neither, Sir.” She offered acerbically.

What the gorram hell is that hwoon dahn tryin’ to pull anyway?”

Zoe was stoic. She usually never bothered with any of the psychological high jinks of any of her crewmembers, but she felt unusually drawn to the present drama. “Maybe he’s just trying to find his way, Sir.”

“Through the woods?” Mal answered.

“No Sir.” She looked at him puzzled for a moment. “With his new relationship situation. Kaylee’s got a lot of water flowing under the bridge here on Serenity and with you as her Captain. Maybe he’s just trying to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the current. Makin’ some waves for himself as it were, Sir.”

“Like hell he is,” Mal paused a moment, “….You really think…?”

“Doesn’t matter what I think, Sir. It matters what Kaylee thinks.” They both looked over and Kaylee and Simon had moved on and were laughing together about something or other over their food.

“Don’t make sense.” Mal shook his head.

“It does, Sir.” Zoe’s military demeanor suddenly dissolved and Mal saw a beautiful, sad woman in front of him, “I missed it the first time ‘round. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t gorram get it. That’s all Wash ever wanted. He and I fought about it so many times and I never saw….He was struggling against you, me, our missions, the ship and all he wanted was to make me his in his own way. Please Mal, I understand it now…please, let Simon make Kaylee his in his own way.” Tears stood in Zoe’s eyes but she didn’t let them fall.

In all the years Mal had known Zoe, through all the war and bloodshed they had endured, he had never seen her come even close to crying. She had made it through the Reaver attack directly after her husband’s death, had made it through Wash’s funeral, all without a tear. This moment was important, Mal didn’t much care for the doctor on more than one level but for Zoe, for Zoe he would bend the ‘verse if he could.

Mal put a hand on Zoe’s shoulder and bowed his head, “Okay. Maybe I got myself a bit feverish on the subject. Just, Kaylee means a lot to me…to all of us.”

Zoe smiled at the Captain’s feeble but honest attempt at back peddling, “She means a lot to Simon, too, Sir.”

Mal nodded. He turned and slopped mashed potatoes from the pot on the stove into a serving bowl before heading back to the table.

“Potatoes anyone?” Mal blurted out with a forced smile on his face as he rounded the counter and headed back toward the galley’s long wooden table.

* * * * * *

The rest of dinner had gone reasonably well. Kaylee thought she even overheard an invitation from Inara for Mal to join her sometime for a traditional tea ceremony. The thought of the two of them finally getting together after dancing so much around each other for so long gave Kaylee butterflies inside. When Kaylee watched Mal with Inara, she always noticed how adlepated he got; it was certainly the only time her Captain ever seemed to have trouble coming up with something to say.

Since Zoe and Inara had cooked earlier, Simon and Kaylee volunteered to clean up after the meal. Inara excused herself first. She had a function she had to attend that night and regretted she would be getting back very late.

Zoe found herself unusually tired, not so much physically as emotionally. So shortly after dinner, she headed back to her quarters and closed the door behind her.

She began to undress and that was when the flashbacks of Wash started playing over and over in her head.

She lied down underneath the covers and closed her eyes. The dreams overtook her and soon she was not only thinking about him, but she was seeing him, smelling him and feeling him. Wash jumped out from behind the closet door and pounced on her in bed. She let out a deep gasp and a belly laugh as his weight pushed the air from her startled body. He knew it was the only way he could ever sneak up on her and even then, it only worked some of the time.

“You know one of these days I may maim you by accident, sweetie.” Zoe laughed.

“It’s a risk I am personally willing to take, lamby toes. Besides,” He rolled off next to her and started to play longingly with her hair, “it does always insure I get your undivided attention.”

She grinned at him and snuck out the words, “It does at that,” just as he regained ground and swooped in for the kiss. She giggled underneath him.

Wash’s touch felt very real to her. He caressed her face and nibbled his way down her neck and across her breasts. His light kisses and licks across her belly made her scrunch up her face to keep from laughing.

“Are you making faces at me?” He said with a serious tone but with absolutely no serious intent whatsoever.

“I would never.” She replied with a certain teasing to her voice as she tried to remain straight-faced with obvious difficulty.

Wash shook a finger at her, smiling devilishly, “Oh, you will pay.”

Zoe cackled a half-hearted, “Nooo!” Before her laughter completely overtook her.

Wash respected his wife’s habitual terseness and vigilance, but more than anything he loved to feel his beautiful wife shake with glee underneath him as she began to let herself relax and become overtaken by the lighter side of life. Wash pulled his head under the covers and took Zoe by the thighs. He pulled her down a bit and grabbed hold so that she would have to really wrestle with him in order to free herself.

He breathed in her sweet ambrosia as he nuzzled his nose against her warm yoni. He parted her labia with his tongue and tasted her. The delicate sensation tickled Zoe and she bucked underneath him. Wash held her tight as his tongue continued to explore her inner walls. Soon she nestled into the pleasure and began to ride the currents that radiated from her yoni, riding up through her belly and coursing throughout her whole body. Wash drank in her juices as her stickiness flowed. She felt the wave build and build as her husband’s tongue maneuvered inside her. The feeling was intense and she soon crested; her body releasing every little bit of tension within her. Zoe shuddered and moaned as her barricades tumbled.

Wash poked his head from under the covers and looked up at her with a glint in his eyes, “How ya’ doing there, love muffin?”

“Oh, just fine dear.” Zoe said dreamily.

Wash snuggled up next to her and kissed her temple.

Zoe spoke to him sleepily, “I think I’m going to fall asleep on you, hon.”

She felt Wash kiss her again gently, “You already are, love.”

Zoe stirred slightly in her sleep as a single teardrop fell onto her pillow.

* * * * * *

The kitchen was dimly lit and Kaylee and Simon were the only ones still there. Kaylee finished washing the last bowl and handed it to Simon to dry. He wiped it down thoroughly and handed it back.

“Put it away.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Why should I?” Kaylee laughed, “You put all the others away?”

“Don’t argue.” His tone became more demanding and he raised an eyebrow at her.

Kaylee felt a stirring in her nethers and a flush overcome her cheeks at the sound of Simon’s assertiveness. She obediently took the bowl back from him and turned to put it in the cupboard above her head. As she stood on her tiptoes and settled the bowl back into its resting spot, Simon snapped the rolled up wet dishtowel solidly against her butt making her jump. Kaylee quickly spun back around.

“Next time, don’t make me have to ask twice.” He said in a deep, even whisper as he stepped in so close to her that she could feel his breath on her face.

Simon put the towel down on the counter he had backed Kaylee against and reached up to kneed her soft breasts through the coveralls she was wearing.

“Simon, someone might come in.” Kaylee said blushing as she looked toward the galley’s entryway.

“Shhh. Don’t speak.” He commanded her as he lifted his knee and firmly pushed it against her cunt. A current coursed through her body and Kaylee felt her nether region moisten.

Simon moved one of his hands to Kaylee’s neck and brushed her hair over to one side. His free hand then took hold of her shoulder to steady her as he firmly nuzzled into her, kissing, fondling and taking his fill of her. Kaylee closed her eyes and dropped her head back, heady from his overpowering touch.

Simon unzipped Kaylee’s coveralls and pushed them down around her waist, leaving her completely bare from her mid-drift up. He breathed deeply as he traced her toned muscle line from along side her stomach down into her pants.

“Take it all off, bao bei.” He ordered decisively.

“Simon,” her eyes looked dreamily at him and she whispered seductively, “Why don’t we go back to your quarters or to the infirmary and play.”

“Kaylee,” He asked sternly, “are you telling me what to do?”

“No, Simon, just…”

“Just what?” He interrupted. “Seems to me someone is talking when they were asked to be quiet. Do you think you need to be reprimanded?”

A shudder of excitement surged through her body at Simon’s suggestion, “No, really,” She continued but with less vehemence, “I just…I just don’t think it’d be proper if someone were to walk in on us here in the galley...I mean, they eat here is all.”

“Miss Kaylee Frye,” Simon smiled wickedly, “did I just here the words ‘don’t think it would be proper’ escape your beautiful mouth?” Kaylee remained quiet, not sure of how to respond.

“I have a better idea,” Simon asserted, “let’s just continue this little scenario right here where we started it and just see where it ends up. Now I believe I asked you to remove your coveralls, my love.”

Kaylee gave a cursory glance around the dimly lit galley and then compliantly unzipped her clothing the rest of the way, letting it fall to a heap on the floor by her feet. She stepped out of the mound and stood there with only her socks and ankle high work boots on.

“Only you could make that look completely sexy….come here.” Simon hadn’t moved that far away but Kaylee took the two small steps into his open arms.

He was warm and his touch was incredibly tender despite the preceding sternness in his voice. He nestled into her hair for a moment and ran his hands adoringly over her entire body. He touched her slit and felt her inner heat mixed with sticky wetness. The young doctor reached down and gently pushed one of his skilled surgeon fingers into Kaylee’s well-lubricated yoni; the mechanic moaned. Deftly, Simon pushed another finger up inside her and then a third. He felt her pump against him, her inner walls throbbing as his fingers opened her blossoming yoni. Simon rhythmically worked his fingers against Kaylee’s thrust. Her breathing grew harder, her eyes closed and her face turned flush with pleasure. She looked as though she was just about to climax when Simon released his fingers from their enticing hold.

“No, please, Simon…don’t stop.” She begged in a heated whisper.

“But someone might come in.” He teased. Kaylee looked utterly frustrated and a bit disheartened.

Simon smiled and took her hand warmly into his. “Come here, I’m just joking, honestly. What I really want is to be inside of you bao bei.”

He led her over to the long wooden table that served as the ship’s main social hub and bent her over one end of it. Kaylee heard his pants unzip and felt his thick, warm cock slide effortlessly into her well-slicked, yearning nethers. Simon grabbed onto her waist as he pumped in and out of her, easily finding the cadence to their cresting passion. The sweat from their hot bodies and the stickiness of their flowing juices mingled together in sultry ambiance. It wasn’t long before the passionate couple reached their climax together.

Simon slipped his cock out of Kaylee and turned her around into his embrace. He kissed her forehead and then bent down a little to fervently kiss her plump lips.

“Simon, I’m sorry I ever doubted your strengths. Tweren’t right of me.” She said in a moment of sincerity. “I really think you’re everything a man should be.”

Simon looked down at her tenderly, “I love you, Kaylee Winnet.” He said sincerely. “You are a remarkable woman.”

Kaylee wasn’t sure what to say. She had finally heard the words she had always yearned for him to say and all she could do was smile up at him like a schoolgirl having just experienced her first kiss.

“Perhaps you better get your things back on before someone does decide they are a bit hungry for an after dinner snack.” Simon grinned.

Kaylee donned her clothing. She grabbed a bottle of water and a box of cookies from the cupboard and the two headed back to her quarters, turning the galley light off behind them.

* * * * It was late at night, Persephone time, but it seemed like no one on the ship was actually asleep. River hated these nights. She just wished each one of the crew would shut down their minds so that she, too, could get some sleep. Instead she laid her head back against the pilot’s chair and stared out into the night, letting the rain of everyone’s thoughts pitter pat down into her, soaking her thoroughly. She gracefully got up to head toward her bunk, deciding to tour the ship before trying her hand at lying down in her quarters.

She passed shuttle bay one. Inara was still out. She knew the Companion would much rather be here on Serenity than at her high society function. Recently, River often felt Inara’s mind wandering on what might come to pass if her occupation was not so much in the way.

River kept walking one foot directly in front of the other. She felt the cool metal stairs underneath her bare feet as she descended into the cargo bay. Jayne was in the far corner, lifting weights by himself. She had assumed his mind would be occupied as usual by sex or sweat or probably both but she was taken aback to discern that the energy he exerted was a release of grief. His thoughts were on Book. She never realized how often they had spotted each other on the weight bench. They were good friends, as good a friend as Jayne might ever have. He heard her rustle and looked up. Their eyes met a moment before she turned respectfully and headed on toward the galley, leaving him alone with his memories.

The galley was dim as she entered it. She reached out and ran her hand down along the long wooden table, stopping at the spot where Simon had bended Kaylee over it. Both of River’s hands caressed the top of the table as she dropped her head back and closed her eyes. She always liked Kaylee. She smiled dreamily; knowing everything for the moment between the two of them was good, as Kaylee and her brother lay snuggled together in Kaylee’s bunk above.

River continued her tour of the ship and headed toward her quarters. In the corridor she heard a sound above her. She looked up at the ceiling and like she could see right through it, she knew it was Mal. She felt the bottle of rice wine, warmed in his hand, as he headed for the light that shone from the not quite shut door to Zoe’s room. Mal didn’t quite have her reader perceptions, but he did have a sixth sense when it came to his First in Command and when she was in need of a friend. But they would never talk of grief; instead, they would reminisce of past jobs and old missions, of war stories, and of good-humored hi-jinks.

It was a complex crew and they often made River’s mind spin in several different directions, sometimes all at once, but they were family and she knew that Serenity was very much home to everyone who flew with her.


Friday, September 15, 2006 6:15 PM


you = my love

Friday, September 15, 2006 9:10 PM


wow... that one was really good. i really liked when Zoe talked to Mal about the whole Kaylee/Simon thing. I love Zoe, I wish people would write more about her and Jayne... can never get enough of Jayne. I liked River's perspective too, overall good story.

Friday, September 15, 2006 10:13 PM


In case I didn't make myself clear, I think this story is absolutely amazing. And HOT. xoxo!

Friday, September 15, 2006 11:05 PM


What to say...Seemed kinda out of character but that didn't stop me enjoying every second of it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:54 AM


Holy Hell...this blew my mind, YoSaffBrig! It was all kinds o'smutty...but it had plot and character rock! Definitely wasn't expecting Simon to go all kinky on Kaylee...just finally be willing to get the living shit beaten out of him in a fist figh:D



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