The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 4
Monday, November 21, 2005

I hear and obey. Take this Jaylee and shove some feedback at me, will ya?


The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 4

The top of Jayne Cobb’s head blew clean off. That’s the only way he could describe it as it happened. People talked about having their mind blown, and this had to be what it meant. Since the biggest part of his brain tended to be located where Kaylee Frye’s mouth was working at that very moment, it was a doubly accurate description.

Right after she had tenderly and thoroughly dried him down with a towel, she’d knelt down, ordered him to turn to face her and she’d started on wettin’ right specific parts of him. His eyes took it all in like he was sighting down Vera’s sleek length boring down on a potential kill. A living breathing all-over perfect wet dream was mucking up his ability to think straight so he simply stopped thinking, left everything on auto-pilot while his body went on a field trip.

He couldn’t take his eyes offa her head, her pretty hair, the small hand that alternately gripped him hard and circled up soft to where her mouth held him, then back down to where his cock rose up from its moorings at his groin.

She took him in deep, hand resting at his base, then pulling suction wet and hot, taking giving, back up to the purple head of him, fingers pulling toward her mouth, running all along his length to just in front of her lips and back down again. Her hand knew the pace, the squeeze, the rhythm and pulse he needed, god damn, she was the best he never knew could be. How’d she get to know this dance so friggin’ well?

Who cared? He sure didn’t care. Would be all luh-suh of an idiot to really have any need to question the gift of this. Couldn’t no-wise bring himself to care about anything just now, what with the move and sway of Kaylee’s mouth on him, her hand a graceful ministering acolyte praying service to him alongside her mouth, her tongue.

Her other hand didn’t lack for terrain ripe for torture neither. She plied it all soft and long up behind his low back, then ranged beneath him, running fingers along his ball sack, now slyly pinching the bit of excess flesh not yet strung tight to his balls up against his body. Restless as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs, she touched, held him there lightly, playfully, seeming to know just the right handling he’d take.

‘Wa ch-ao, she held his eggs like she’d had a pair to learn on all her life. And he knew that wasn’t the case, for hadn’t his own hand’s fingers played over her nethers, stroked inside her folds, tested her pinkness last night when they’d made love in his quarters, in his gorram bunk?

Right now in the shower room, the girl was a miracle of tenderness, of caring planted right at his feet, mouth leaving his cock to hotly, leisurely kiss her way to his scrotum, lips gently tugging one covered ridged oval and then the other.

He hissed through mouth and nose, coiled snake of a man stretched up taut beyond bearing, het up on all manner of engine overload. Before he lost any shred of control, Jayne took another deep breath and exhaled her name in a plea for her to stop. “Kaylee girl. Awwwww, no I don’t want you to, but you gotta stop.”

His eyes registered her compliant attention, cessation of the blow job of his life, and his body called his mouth a gorram fool.

Kaylee’s water-misted face turned up to him, eyebrows raised in a question that her eyes couldn’t find answered in his own. She used the back of the hand that had lately held his manhood, slowly wiped across her mouth before she stood to face him.

She was trembling, realizing the horror of her latest mistake.

Hell, the whole story of her and Jayne that’d come down during the last few days was a stupid mistake, and she was the author, only one to blame. He didn’t want her, couldn’t want her. Had to think she was a tchen wa, a desperate slut, throwing herself into his bed last night and attacking the man in his shower this morning, ordering him around, putting her mouth where it weren’t no way welcome, not even useful enough to tolerate her on him...

“Jayne, I’m sorry. Sorry I’ve been so stupid. I thought I’d just let it all lay, give me and you time to even things out and simmer down after last night,” she moved back from him a step. “It didn’t work for me, the giving time, the simmering down. I’ve been no good to anybody, and worse, no good to Serenity’s needin’ work like I should.

And it’s because of you. You’re running around in my head, nekkid and muscly and screwin’ with everything I’m supposed to be concentrating on. I quit working on tuning up the engines this morning on account of you. Left it on hold, figuring maybe if I stopped avoiding you, found you in your cabin and sat down to talk, really talk about it, maybe I’d get free to get back to normal.”

She turned her back to him then, not wanting to see his face when she finished. “When Mal told me you were in the shower, all I could think about was not thinking. Not needing to think, just needing to do. And when I saw you in here, sweet Buddha, Jayne, it was a relief, a glorified relief to stop thinking and let myself take you in, hold you tight, let that answer some of the questions that’ve been rattling around in me. No need to talk, just to touch ya.”

“Kaylee,” she heard his voice easing out deeper, smokier than usual, felt the air shift a bit when he stepped a little closer to her. Out of the side of her eye she saw his hand reach to turn her back toward him but she couldn’t have that. She stepped away again, slid sideways to the door, urge to escape the undeniable inevitable dismissal he was surely about to give over-riding anything else.

“I’ll…I’ll talk to you later, Jayne. I’ve gotta go, shouldn’t have left the engine room a mess. Captain’ll kill me, will be askin’ me about space monkeys tearing things up again, so I’ve gotta get there and finish up before he sees red.”

Jayne hated himself for having no gift with words. Words to fling in anger, speech to make her stay. Chinese curses worked in whorehouses and taverns, sure. Sarcasm sharp as the big pig-sticker sheathed on his belt, yeah. Words pretty and charmifying to combat Kaylee’s hurt, well, nothing like that appeared in his arsenal. Especially not now when he needed them, when SHE needed them.

All he did was clear his throat in helpless confusion as she turned to go. That and he wrapped a towel around his waist in belated modesty. The makeshift kilt didn’t do a thing to ease the congestion of a dick that kept pointing accusingly up at the pie-hole that’d told the glory that was Kaylee to stop ministering to him.

Amazingly, his cock twitched a bit toward her direction as she turned to leave, threatening to follow her out the door, would his uncooperative feet please just assist in the carrying of it in her wake. The mindless piece of meat left off veering toward her exit and began pointing up at him when she closed the door. She’d flown away from him, from it.

“Wo cao ni ye ye de sao pi yan!,” he yelled, uncaring that Kaylee was sure to hear his anger expressed in the filthiest mandarin he could dredge up as she strode down the corridor outside. He slammed the flat of his hand up against the clear plaz of the shower door with all the strength of considerable frustration. It came off its moorings at the force of it, swinging crazily back and forth. “That’s just great,” he mumbled. Something that needed fixin’ quick-like before the next person came in.

Some innocent would come in here for a shower, see the broken limping door and make some crack about him not knowing his own strength, or maybe sayin’ he was too weak to stand up proper, musta leaned on the door and broken it, and he’d hand them their gorram teeth in payment. He knew he would.

And after he administered the dental work, Mal’d treat him to a non-stop economy flight out the airlock without a moon suit. Things was bad right now, but no need for more bad just because he was all hell of a twisted up wang ba dan. He’d have to work quick before someone came in and reaped bodily injury they didn’t nowhere near deserve.

The next person to take a shower would be lucky. They’d get all he’d wanted, a nice long pleasant shower. Oh sure, theirs wouldn’t be complicated, interrupted by a sweet little love slave’s mouth all wrapped warm and willin’ and pulling on their nethers… Gorramit! What’d he done? Why did he have to be such a gan ni niang’n fool?

He kicked at the bottom of the door, rewinding its crazy canted swinging. Now his big toe hurt too and that was actually good news, because the stinging singing pain took his mind off the tightness of his testicles, the throbbing of his prick’s disappointment unrighteously-wrought.

The big man yanked open the storage closet and found a little box of sundry tools on the bottom shelf. He grabbed what he needed and went to fixing the damaged shower door with a vengeance ordinarily only shown by him in a bar brawl, controlled anger vented somewhat on the work at hand.

He finished the job quickly, put the box back in the closet and ripped the towel off his waist, tossing it without a thought on the floor despite Zoe’s sure-to-be-repeated lecturing on a body’s need to respect a space used by his peers. At this moment he refused to see any path of reasonable thought due to the obscuring red haze in his head.

Like an alpha wolf raked bloody by its mate, seeking only to find and vent frustration on the cause of his pain, he let only instinct guide him toward his next move.

“Whadda I do now?,” he hissed. Looked around the room as if the answer lay there. ‘Stick to essentials,’ he thought. Since he couldn’t go after her buck-naked, he thrust his still damp feet into clean khaki army-issue pants, dragging them up over his rearing cock and struggling to button the fly strained nigh to bursting by what Kaylee’d left behind as a souvenir. Shoes weren’t strictly necessary for tracking down his tormenter and neither was a shirt, so he left them in a pile on the bench where he’d tossed them when he came in to shower an hour or maybe a year ago. Hell, time’d stood still while she’d been at him, on him.

Sufficiently garbed for government work, the big man took huge hurrying strides to the exit and slipped, slid unstopped by his bare feet on the wet floor. On the way down he grabbed at the door handle for support but lost his grip and fell down hard on the tiles. Seeking purchase on the door meant that his hands were no help in bracing for impact so his right hip and gunshot thigh met unyielding floor and, lastly, the side of his head impacted with a double thud that echoed all along the corridor outside.

Not soon enough for Kaylee to hear it though since her running feet had taken her half-way to the engine room by the time the floor rose up to meet him. The lights went out for Jayne as he lay cold and alone in the shower room.


Inara’s still small smile was testament to the good she felt she’d done today. A life sold to the Companion’s Guild sometimes honed one’s ability to provide counsel regarding relationships, a sort of working woman’s amateur psychology. That was a side effect of years spent perfecting one-on-one (or sometimes one on two) intimate relationships for a living.

Her profession was perfectly suited to what she knew in the very bottom of her soul was her love for people, her need to be of use and help to them. By doing so, she helped herself. Some people did not, could never understand this. Didn’t acquaint what she and her carefully chosen clients did with the societal service it truly was.

One person in particular refused to see how ideally suited Inara Serra’s craft was to her inner self, how necessary it was for the continuance of her existence both physical and metaphysical. His refusal to try and understand left the serene lake of her reserved calm choppy and nearly foaming in the wake of his jarring insults. It was as if he reached one strong long-fingered hand inside her, stirring up her waters.

Malcolm Reynolds trod all unheeding inside the house and property of Inara’s soul. And just as a plumber’s house tended to have leaky pipes, the lovely Guild-registered Companion found the captain to be the evidence of her failure at home on Serenity.

He was her sole unsuccessful foray into working relationships. The man was infuriating and charming beyond belief. He could work miracles of hope in her and then cover her in crushing defeat all in any particular uninvited visit to her shuttle. The unfeeling tyrant held her beating heart in one hand and squeezed, throttled into V-fib for his own amusement and she let him, seemed to encourage it somehow she couldn’t understand. She didn’t know why.

She was the consummate Guild Companion yet Serenity’s captain tore her down bit by bit. But experiencing the months of this bloodless conflict were perhaps useful in providing the small lesson of help to Kaylee today. Help for Kaylee to find herself in Jayne. Inara certainly clung to the hope that she’d assisted in the best way, that she’d done the right thing sending her little friend running to Jayne’s arms.

She thought back to the exchange she and Kaylee had shared not much more than an hour ago.

“Should I go change clothes, ‘Nara? I’m grimy an’ sweaty in my work clothes, even though I left off the underwear like he asked me to.” She was so interested in hearing Inara’s answer on the changing clothes issue that Kaylee didn’t bother to feign embarrassment as she spoke. Figured the Companion wouldn’t be fazed by anything related to foreplay.

She was right, the no-panties statement had barely even lifted a corner of Inara’s perfectly painted lips. “You look adorable, Kaylee. You always do. I’ve seen the way he looks at you when you come to the table straight from engine work tattooed in oil. And when you came to Serenity's dinner table on Christmas day wearing the ball gown from Persephone I marked well his seen his eyes on your face and form. Both forms of dress appear to cause him to look at you the same. I suspect it’s not the state of your toilette that attracts him, mei-mei, it’s the simple fact that he craves you.”

Kaylee blushed, hoping Inara was right, hoping the craving might ignite into a burning need in Jayne for her close company on a long-term basis. It needed to be if it was going to match what she couldn’t help feeling. Inara’s next words bolstered her friend’s hopes, “I do believe the man wants you more than he wants to get paid, more than he wants anything at all, if the accrued time spent ogling you is any indicator. Now if you really want to move on, to exorcise the Jayne-centric circuitry you’re in the process of overloading, go just as you are. Find out where you stand and go from there.”


Kaylee came through the door into her engine room after fleeing what she’d done to Jayne. She stood, chest heaving with twin causes of flight and shame evidenced by a full-on blush from throat to hairline. She stared unseeing at the turning gears. Walking idly around the room, she berated her own stupidity, kicked herself from the core to the border of the black and back. She called herself a fool in all the considerable incarnations of a country girl’s native vocabulary. Then she switched to Mandarin.

Her most recent encounter with Jayne hadn’t brought her any further toward parsing out what was worth saving and what to throw away when it came to her and him. All she’d done was add an un-wanted (albeit unplanned) blow job to the total mistake of a one-night stand. He’d showed he didn’t want it, actually told her to stop and lifted her away from him. She couldn’t do nothin’ right. Out of practice in the ways of it, and no wonder, considerin’ the long dry spell with nothing to practice on.

Today’s result was that she was worse-off’n she’d been when ‘Nara had brought her a sticky bun for breakfast. When she’d asked the Companion what to do and her answer had been, “Go talk to the man.”

Kaylee’d meant to do that, oh, she’d tried to do that, but when she got there, when she found him there all naked and wet and swai in the shower, her powers of speech had fled along with her inhibitions. She’d been lured like a sailor to a siren’s call.

No. No thinking on it. Enough already. That way lay madness and more pawing of him by her. Ticking the pawings off on her fingers, she cited aloud, “I jumped him in his bunk last night, not even bein’ asked first, I kissed him on the mouth knowin’ he don’t like it, and now today I latched onto his nethers like a calf to the teat. ‘Least this time he jerked me up and showed me good and proper how wrong I’ve been.”

It wasn’t ‘Nara’s fault, Kaylee owned it all on her own. Things woulda worked out better if she’d just talked to him like her friend suggested. She’d have followed that to the letter, alright, if he’d been anywhere but the shower when she’d found him. Coulda left him in peace in the wet too, she had the choice to walk right past the door, saving herself the current agony that raced all through her, toes to hairline. Good lord, what was wrong with her?

She sighed heavily, eyes downcast and caught a glance of the sugary breakfast treat where her friend had left it peeking out under a silky napkin partially covering the little saucer it perched on. An uncomplicated hunger to break her fast struck the physical side of the inner-tormented girl and she leaned up on the wall, slid her back and butt along it, scooching down to sit in a huff on the floor next to the plate.

A note of gratitude rose in her at the saving grace of a body’s simple need to eat. She grabbed the plump edge of the bao underneath the napkin and took a big wholesome bite.

“Mmmmm, strawberry…”, she exhaled the words. Chewing slowly and swallowing, she reached over to the insulated thermos of canned hot chocolate she kept percolating where the engine heat was mildest. Swigging the chockie goodness to wash down the strawberry-sopped bread, she weighed her options, whatever she might have left of them at this disastrous juncture.

It all boiled down to simple needs. a.) She needed Jayne. b.) She’d needed to tell him this, but her way of tellin’ it was by way of jumpin’ him when he least expected it. c.) He was as close to the manly side of manliness a guy could get, which meant he needed to take it however and whenever it was offered, but he wasn’t ‘xactly falling all over himself to do the askin’ himself. And that brought her to d.) She needed to leave him the hell alone instead of making a damn fool of herself. She chewed and thought, chewed and sipped and thought some more.

In the deepest part of her heartache, she heard a beloved baritone voice in her recent memory say, “I couldn’t no way dream it up to be as good as it turned out to be."

Jayne’d told her that, said that to her after he’d finally let her withdraw from where they were tethered up together, after her body slid away and off the linchpin of him long and long till they were back to being two people instead of one. She was standing, had just finished dressing to leave, and he had told her.

He had, hadn’t he? Since waking this morning she’d been focused on her mistakes where he was concerned, on her ignorant slutty ways worked on him. She’d forgotten the kind little lovely words of him that so properly, gently decorated with a cherry the time they’d shared. It had affected her so that she’d stopped mid-stride in leaving, hauled ass back over to where he lay on the bunk, squeezed his muscled bicep to steady herself and kissed his mouth quickly, knowing it was all manner risky to do it. She’d turned and fled out of there like a bat out of heaven before he could lay into her for that intrusion.

Never one to fool herself, at least not for long, Kaylee thought over her latest exit not 20 minutes ago. She’d tucked tail and ran, not looking back for a second. Now that her heart rate was approaching normal and her face’s flush was back to the usual roses and cream, she realized she’d solved nothing by running away. In fact, she needed to run back. Deal with the questions and answers, no matter what they turned out to be.

Dusting powdered sugar off her hands and rubbing them down the material on her leg for good measure so as not to pollute Serenity-parts with corrosive elements, she then picked up the few parts on the floor that still needed installing in Serenity’s cooling mechanism. A few deft turns of a wrench, a torque here and there, and she was done.

Dirty rags went in one box, clean in another and that was that. The monkeys in space excuse she’d told Jayne was just a way to get away from the interrupted oral pleasuring with the shreds of her dignity intact.

The reorganized mechanic checked her face in the shiniest part of Serenity’s silver plating, licked at a crumb and wiped at some grease and chocolate traces, then headed out into the corridor outside. Her steps were sure, firm, her travel plan was simple. Destination: Jayne.

A few minutes later she stood outside his cabin door. It wasn’t locked, she peered inside, then climbed part-way to have a better look. No hunky man inside. Headed for the kitchen where she’d often find him cleaning the tools of his trade. Uh-uh. Just Simon and River playing dominoes, heads together conspiratorially, not even noticing when she poked her head in the door.

His shower was over and done with by now, surely. ‘Less he’d gone back in for a cold one to even out the raging hard on she’d left him. Kaylee headed back to the scene of her latest attack, figuring either way he’d have to be dressed by now. Maybe he’d be willing to talk to her.

Just one talk was all she needed out of him. She’d start with an apology, a single apology for all three encounters then she’d lock sincere chocolate eyes on his steely ones and ask how he really felt about her. If she had to sit on the floor and hold onto her own knees to keep from running away before it was over and done, she would. Answers were needed here and now. Enough of the not-knowing. Time to lay it all out and move on with life, whatever form it took after the talkin’.

Her motivational speaking to her inner child ran out just as she got to the shower room door. She knocked twice, quietly. No answer brought another knocking, a bit louder now. She edged the door open and softly called, “Jayne?” Nothing. She pushed the door hard and it bumped against something hard but yielding. The something yielded a loudish groan.

The door was opened enough for her to get her head around the edge to see Jayne laid out flat on the floor. His calves were the impediment to her entry but another small push slid them back away enough to get inside the room.

Not bothering to close the door, all worry and concern for Jayne directing thought, she knelt down at his shoulder and looked him over for injuries. She whispered his name again and again, checked his breathing, then turned his head gently to the side to look for blood and the worse possibility of popped stitches. No blood, just a smallish lump on the back of his head, far enough away from the site of his last injury to be a relief to Kaylee.

She ran her fingers along his clothed right leg, taking care not to mash his gunshot thigh wound, then leaned up over him to reach down his left one, searching for fractures. No need to run along his arms since she could see right then and there that they and his broad chest were completely bare.

Sitting back up on her bent legs, she put both hands alongside his strong jaw and leaned in close to him. He was breathing deep and regular, not much harm done, she figured. Must have slipped on the wet floor and knocked himself out.

Though she was a little disgusted at herself for not resisting the oft-emerging desire to take advantage of the man when he was dead to the world, she closed the gap between her lips and his, careful to not impede his taking air in through the nose.

His mouth was hard. And soft too. Her lips slowly took his lower one between her own, tugging just a little, tongue running along inside and back to test the outside. She kissed the corner of his mouth, then treated his top lip to the same behavior granted to the lower.

He tasted good, smelled good, like copper and warm breezes coming out of clean hay bales. She’d thought the excuse he voiced to the entire crew that time, his statement that he’d not kiss women on the mouth might have been due to a case of horrible bad breath, but she could now testify to the non-value of that theory.

She inched her kneeling position a little more parallel and bent down almost double at the waist to play her lips sideways over his. Kaylee let out a groan of need and frustration at the realization that her needful pussy was thickly wettifying due to her mouth’s roaming at Jayne’s own.

Funny how the wondrous exercise of kissing the man had barrelled-in directly southward on her body, a good two feet down. As she took her pleasure at Jayne’s mouth, Kaylee squirmed where she sat on her bent calves, writhing back and forth a tiny bit to ease the ache and flow inside her lower body.

“Uhhhhmmn,” sound traveling out her mouth sealed over his and down into his own throat and chest. She held his head between her hands and plundered him, swept his warm mouth, edged her tongue up under his lax one and, oh gods in heaven and in hell, he felt so…

He swam back to concioushess, felt her on him, in him, locked gratitude-to-gods onto his mouth, all purposeful movement and sway, kissing him like she was starving and he was strawberries.

He slolwy opened his eyes to see her own closed tight as she took her pleasure of him. Her mouth felt like glorified heaven, tongue feasting at his open mouth’s offering. He forced an uncommon stillness on him, on his own tongue wanting to stir, driven to tangle with hers.

This was one helluva kiss, fit to make a man give up all pretense of avoiding the activity. He wondered what lil’ Kaylee’d do if he started participatin’ rather than him being just a greedy spectator. He lowered his eyelids, feigning sleep, reminded his mouth and body to stay still and abruptly, purposefully groaned aloud into her mouth, still unmoving.

She slung her mouth up off of him. Looked down into his still face, his closed eyes, and stood guard staring hard, willing him to wake now that she had two safe feet of space between their lips.

His mouth pinned by her gaze opened the barest bit and he said something she couldn’t make out. Hearing enough to tell that he was repeating something, she held her hair back from her ear and leaned closer so as to suss out what he was saying. Was it something about her he was whispering?

“Kiss me, Kaylee, ohhh, kiss me.” Her name on his swai kiss-swollen lips was irresistible to the woman. Even if he was unconscious, the request had to mean that some part of his mind sought her out, wanted her, wanted the connection with her. She pivoted her head back to face him and softly parted his lips once again with her own.

Strong hands quickly reached up cupping her head bringing her down onto his mouth urgent, alert, hard, sweeping, taking over, no hesitant softness allowed. She let out a surprised sound that just as quickly became a non-verbal guttering purr as he imitated her earlier slant-wise attack, plying her own with the effective tactic.

As she relaxed into him, swallowing as she was being swallowed, Kaylee felt one of his hands leave her hair to press into her middle back as he turned her over atop him like otters mating underwater, then with the force of his strong hand and arm, his waist and hers crossed as he slid her half under him on the cold tile floor.

Supported on one bent arm and hand planted beside her head, Jayne pillaged, plundered the strawberries and cocoa of Kaylee’s wanting mouth. His other hand left her head to join the other supporting his weight as he bent down to lay some of his chest’s surface on her own, suddently needing to feel her breasts through her clothes pressing against his bare torso. That need temporarily sated, he arched up off her and angled his zipper-captive cock down into the place her thighs met, loving, craving the contact of her there.

Kaylee nearly lost it then, her will to have the conversation she’d come there for absconded on the jetstream of wanting Jayne. Of realizing this weren’t a one-sided thing they had here. Hell no, he wanted her, and bad. She had to stop it now, stop their maddening toe-crossing, waist rubbing, mouth absorbing travels, or she’d get no answers, would have no respect for herself after. Learned her lesson last time; sex with Jayne was a drug that tended to leave her high and speechless.

No power in the 'verse could make her end this as long as his mouth was on hers, it was so very, very right but he had to come up for air, disconnecting long enough for her to gain some small measure of control, enough to do what she had to.

Self-talk bolstering her just enough, when his lips finally left her own to nip, teeth covered, along her soft jawline, she arched her neck to give him the best access and said his name.

“Jayne? Ummm, listen.”

“Unnnhh, yeah?”

“We need to talk, okay? We’ve gotta stop and talk about this, about us, dong ma?”

“Uh-uh. I don’t dong ma anything, Kaylee. Lemme do this right, do it like we talked about last night in my bunk, neh?" His mouth continued the path, making slow progress down her neck, pausing between words at the place her shoulder met her throat. "You don’t have to do nothin’, just dong ma that I’m gonna do the gorram ridin’ this time. ‘S all I can think about anymore, playing you, breaking you, you ruttin' breaking me all to the outside of the sum of our stored-up carnal knowledge and back again.”

He straightened his bent arms slightly to raise up and look into her eyes, hoping his words or the kisses would work to find a firm “go” there. This had the equal and opposite effect of pressing his groin more firmly into the perfect western saddle of her woman-parts.

Kaylee’s eyes closed for the barest instant in wanting panting cantering lust, but she forced them back to his face so as to reinforce what might just be all on her to bring a stop to. A stop right here and now was needed if they were ever gonna try to make the right start that'd bring them as much of this and more in days ahead.

She pushed her abdomen up into him eliciting a pained and painful groan out of the big man. She pulled her arms from between his and took the wide-jawed face into her hands. “Jayne Cobb. You take yourself offa me now before I do something we’ll both regret.”

“What you gonna do down there, bench press me?”

“Nope. What I’m gonna do if you don’t dismount right this minute is,” she looked her fill from where his hair curled slightly down over his forehead to the hard lightly-furred chest shadowed by his body cocked over hers, to his beltline where a fine arrow of hair pointed the way to the answer to her prayers.

“Kaylee? Come on. You’ll do what?”

“I’ll let you take me hard and fast here on the floor, with the door open while half the crew takes notes on our progress.”

He wheeled over half off of her and shot a glance out the open door. Zoe, Mal and Inara were all there, somebody in the motley group interrupting an embarrassed silence with a politely clearing throat.

The End of Part 4

gorram – god damn or gosh darn wang ba dan – bastard tchen wa - slut wo cao ni ye ye de sao pi yan – fuck your grandfather’s piss stinking arsehole gan ni niang’n – motherfucking wa ch-ao! – holy fuck!


Monday, November 21, 2005 10:23 PM



Oh that was priceless. Hot, and priceless.

I loved this: “What you gonna do down there, bench press me?”

Monday, November 21, 2005 11:47 PM


So... Kaylee has a coma fetish?

What are you waiting for? Finish the gorram thing, Kaylee's gotta be about busting by now.

And, heee, to the others watching.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 2:42 AM


Loved that the others were watching. Real hot, need more please keep writing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 2:51 AM


There's no chance of me holding my breath now, what with the panting and all. ;P

Can't wait for the crew's reaction. Well, actually I can, if it's going be as good as this was. See? I can be patient. For a little while at least...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:06 AM


“I’ll let you take me hard and fast here on the floor, with the door open while half the crew takes notes on our progress.”

::gigglesnort:: Poor Kaylee must be climbing the walls in frustration right about now. Can't wait to see what happens now that the crew knows!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 10:58 AM


You really are gettin better the more you write. I'm really invested in this story now. You've created a great arc here and you had better damn well git to writin. Please.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 11:46 AM


Oh my! Kaylee really does have a thing about taking advantage of that poor man, doesn't she? :D

Two teeensy inconsistencies- Door to the engine room is level; no ladder. And Inara wasn't there when Kaylee returned from the ball. She was teaching Mal to swordfight. But these are just tiny inconsistencies in a hecka tasty fic!

Cannot WAIT to hear what Mal's gonna say! Lordee. He may just put them BOTH out the airlock!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 4:11 PM


Thank ya all for the great feedback! Cheered me up considerably after coming home from a tiring day. And I appreciate the help with the oopses. I need you folks to help me get it right, like it deserves to be.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:30 AM


Got it fixed now, the inconsistencies of dress and ladders are no-more. Loving the feature where writers can edit their posted fics. It's a safety net that makes a world of difference!

Thursday, November 24, 2005 11:14 AM


BWAH!!! *falls off chair* that was just too good!!!! i am now a member of itsawash anonymous...hi, my name is bellona and i've been an addict since day 1


Thursday, December 8, 2005 1:43 PM

PRINCESSNIPNIP all of us hate and how all of can't avoid it at least once or twice in our lives! LOL!!!

And this part 4 has a lot of uncertainity involved for Kaylee, even though it's been a subject matter brought up in all of this series.

>>>Deal with the questions and answers, no matter what they turned out to be.>>>

And this very statment sums up this installment in a nutshell.

Loved Inara's inner thoughts on Mal!

>>>And just as a plumber’s house tended to have leaky pipes, the lovely Guild-registered Companion found the captain to be the evidence of her failure at home on Serenity.>>>

I thought it was smart to have her so able to give advice on Kaylee's predicament but unable to hash out her own, even though that was right in character with the show.

It was just neat to read her inner thoughts on the man she so highly loves!

I want Inara's advice!

And then ending this on all things, having Mal find them! Priceless but a sign of a good writer when they hook you to the next chapter!



Thursday, April 27, 2006 6:50 AM




Love the inclusion of some Mal/Inara details as well as the main storyline here, and it the last one as well.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 3:04 PM


Some of your best writing Washie, I love how you get into Kaylee's head and the confusion she has regarding her needs, and feeling for Jayne. And how she does, I wanted to kick him in the nuts myself when he let her get away.

‘Wa ch-ao, she held his eggs like she’d had a pair to learn on all her life. *betting she would, and treat them just like that, eggs...great description.

Jayne hated himself for having no gift with words. *Nope, he doesn't, but he's lucky you do.

He kicked at the bottom of the door, rewinding its crazy canted swinging. Now his big toe hurt too and that was actually good news, because the stinging singing pain took his mind off the tightness of his testicles, *LOL, loved it, saw it, laughed and laughed at the thought.

She was the consummate Guild Companion yet Serenity’s captain tore her down bit by bit. *Mal has a way of doing this, I'm glad you chose to bring it up here.

The door was opened enough for her to get her head around the edge to see Jayne laid out flat on the floor. His calves were the impediment to her entry but another small push slid them back away enough to get inside the room. *I love the thought of Jayne all, layed out after takin a dive on a wet floor.

‘S all I can think about anymore, playing you, breaking you, you ruttin' breaking me all to the outside of the sum of our stored-up carnal knowledge and back again.” *And again, Jayne, and his great ability to move a woman, with his pretty words. Oh, so pretty, and sensitive and the like.

Listen, can't say much except wow, the sex, leadin up to sex, thinkin' about sex, and kissin' before more sex, then a small contingent of crew, walkin' in on the almost there sex, lovin' it.

Part 5


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