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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sex. Jayne and Kaylee. If'n you ain't likin' reading sex involving those two, don't read. If you want to give it a try, please do and comment, if you will. Thanks for looking.


The Pleasuring of Kaylee by ItsaWash Sunday, November 13, 2005 21:04 Times Read: 1206 Rating: 9

More Jaylee. Kaylee prepares to see what last night's mamboing means to her and Jayne today. This will read like a sequel to The Measure of a Jayne, Part 5. You can find that easily if you click on the ItsaWash profile (in light yellow just below the fic title above). Look to the right when you get to the profile.

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The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 1

The morning after.

Kaylee woke up and streeeetcheddd herself out in luxurious cat-like motions, a smile on her face and sleep dust in the corners of her eyes. She rubbed at the crusties, stretched again and felt a small sort of pleasurable twisting ache twixt her nethers.

“Jayne,” she said in a tone he would have surely loved to hear. ‘Probably will, too’, she thought as the smile grew bigger and her lashes lowered. He’d measured up to her fantasies right fine last night, and, if their love play and coy talk before, during and after was any indicator, he’d hear a dang sight more than his name purring from her throat when he finally gained full healing and recovered strength to do the ridin’ ‘stead of bein’ the rid-ee.

Anybody looking in on Kaylee’s open honest face during these thoughts would see a secret look of recently pleasured woman, a hint of embarrassment mixed with joy, dimple deepening along with the rosy flush at her cheekbones. After running a friendly hand down to stroke the curls at her thighs’ juncture, she checked her chron and realized it was time to rise, gauging that her internal alarm clock had left her time for a shower before breakfast.

The lithesome woman whipped back the sheet, only covering she ever needed during sleep, and stepped naked from the bed, feeling the pull and tug of muscles she wasn’t all that used to employing that nevertheless had gotten a pretty good workout last night.

As she strode toward the shower, she used her left foot and toes to pluck up the clothes on the cabin floor where she’d shot them after leaving Jayne’s bunk. Strong leg bent at the knee next, toes surrendering to her hand each item of clothing one at a time so she could drop them in a wicker hamper for later laundering. Kaylee hit the shower’s hot/cold settings to get the temp right, a little hotter than her usual selection, so as to spread tightness out, get limbered and loosened for the rigors of the coming day. And maybe night, if things worked out right. ‘Haveta see how Jayne’s faring, hope he ain’t worn out,’ she had questions to ask his body such that last night hadn’t even begun to answer sufficient-like.

Tossing her head downwards and bending at the waist, Kaylee smoothed her hair into a topknot, twisted once and pinned in place with a chopstick, a lovely and effective maneuver she’d copied from ‘Nara. Hair safely ensconced, companion-style, Kaylee stepped into the shower, mindful that it wasn’t thrifty to let water run wasted down the drain. Not at the price of it and the price they’d all pay if they ever ran out.

As she let the flow wash over her neck and shoulders and wetted, soaped a cloth, Kaylee thought about the day portion of her plans. Serenity was due for a tune-up, and the few days ‘tween now and their next set-down planetside made for prime fixer-upper time. She kept the ship in great shape even when things got hot and busy, but a surplus of time for unlimited care and maintenance like this was ideal.

Brow slightly furrowed as she catalogued the stuff needed for the care and feeding of the big ship’s heart, Kaylee quickly soaped her face and neck, then raised up and rinsed her eyes afore they had a chance to burn.

She used the sudsy cloth to cup and cleanse her breasts, all thoughts of maintaining the welfare of her metal and wire girl fleeing, replaced by body-memory of her man. She rubbed smoothly over and under each mound, pausing to cup them, thinking on Jayne’s holding them just that way while she was astride him last night. Yesu, but he did that right. Just as if he'd owned a pair all his life making him know how a woman wanted, needed them to be held.

She thought that she’d like to handle a man’s balls that way, fondle them with the right measure of heft and movement, like as to how he’d handle them himself. She’d been sultry witness to enough men at their self-pleasuring while she did likewise to know already, but wondered if seeing was enough. Could be this point required some askin’ and answerin’ next time she spent some quality horizontal time with her big swai lover.

Jayne-thinking continuing, Kaylee squeezed out a bit of soap onto her palm and washed up the her and Jayne from between her legs. She used her fingers to lightly probe the folds and furrows echoing the feelings brought by the man who’d been there, had eased himself inside her there, from her body's portal to womb’s own, so well, so good. Oh so good. Wuo de ma, good didn’t even begin to touch it.

The hard deep ebb and flow of him, the meeting and pulling back of their bodies, her on top, then side-by-side with him slamming her skittering demanding hauling him in hard and still for her little death. He’d obeyed her in the requested stillness, bless him. She liked that in a man. But when he knew her need for quiet was over, lord almighty, he had bulled through and taken the last of his pleasure in the sure knowing sheathing-and-un that’d near set her off again. What a man, what a night.

Liking the taut readiness her hand, the hot water and heated Jayne thoughts brought to her lower body, Kaylee cocked up one leg to wash away the last of the soap and concentrate the spray where she needed it most. Coming to completion in the shower wasn’t on her agenda this morning though so she clamped down on the thrill ride and switched off the jets. A stepping onto the mat and a quick toweling and she was ready to get dressed for the day. A new day. A new woman with new feelings, unsure of which area of the ship she ought to get to first: her Man's cabin or her Engines. The shower with her hands and fingers standing in for the invisible man’d left herself with a pleasant tumescent set of nethers, was the reason for her temporary inability to keep her mind on business. She knew that a day begun that way tended to be a deposit into her body’s account.

A deposit that’d pay off big later that night when she got down to it, whether she had a man to walk up to the counter with her or if she just did it herself.

Was Jayne her man? This was the second time she’d thought of him so. The promises for more they’d made to each other last night seemed to say so, neh? But after so long a dry spell, so long spent longing for Simon to notice her, and then finding the dividends of her recent Jayne-obsession, Kaylee’d never given a lot of thought to what would happen after the first horizontal mambo with a man on this ship. Gorramit, had it been a year or more since she'd had any? No wonder she didn’t know where to go from here. Out of practice. Never thought she’d see the day.

Could she feed this almighty craving for the ship’s biggest protector and could she do the work needed to keep the ship firing on all cylinders too? Did she want to? Hell, this might be a relationship she was contemplatin’ here. But projectin’ ideas too far into the future was no gorram good to anybody. It was just getting ahead of things. Wasn’t of any use ‘cept to make her of no use either to Serenity or to her level-headed half of the romantic equation that appeared to be forming up.

Kaylee put on a plain cotton bra and a green ribbed tank top that stopped at her belly button. Reached for a pair of green panties, but stopped and smirked, remembering Jayne’s “Don’t wear no panties when you come see me tomorrow.” Ever obedient when compliance would benefit not just the requester but herself as well, she patted her own bare rump and wiggled into a pair of coveralls up to her waist. Loosely tying the arms of the uniform to hang on her hips and dangle at the backs of her thighs completed the outfit.

Catching a quick glimpse of her face and hair in the mirror while she pushed her feet into flip-flops, Kaylee decided to leave the honey-brown mass up, chopstick and all. ‘Nara had hinted one time that her hair looked good up. She’d see if Jayne thought so too.

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wuo de ma: mother of god yesu: jesus neh?: yeah?, yes or right, usually a question gorramit: god damnit or gosh darn it gorram: god damn or gosh darn

The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 2

Serenity’s handmaiden sashayed up the ladder from her cabin to the corridor outside, one hand giving the little white lights arrayed around her door a playful cat’s paw pat. She slowly walked down the hallway toward Jayne’s quarters, smiling to herself and feeling the cant and sway of her bare rump inside the coveralls draped around her hips, the light brush of the arms tied low cupping her back end.

“No panties, Kaylee”, he’d requested last night and she’d been awesome-happy to comply, leaving the underwear in her drawer for today. Goin’ commando wasn’t exactly a new thing for her anyhow, it was a pleasantly sexifyin’ way to spend an occasional day, if not done so frequently that it became a boring habit. What she liked about it was the knowin’ of a secret nobody but her had knowledge of. That, plus the knowing little smile on her face now and then throughout the day brought on by the feel of it, pleasant slide slip pull of material without the buffer of underwear.

So going without undies was nothing new to Kaylee for her own delectation, good for a little sexual tension relief. But shucking undies and walking around for the express purpose of pleasing a man, well that was of the new.

She smiled at the thought of pleasing Jayne, of the pleasuring they’d worked on each other last night. Felt a twinge of anti-expectation, wondering if it maybe the night’s pleasures was just a one-time thing. Found herself wondering if there was more, if there could be more than just that hard sweet mating, a one-time only. What if, after sleeping on it, Jayne had woke up feelin’ like he’d gotten in and that was all he really wanted?

The conditions were just right last night, maybe, an all-systems-go kinda deal, and perhaps it no more bore repeating than the likelihood of reinstallin’ that Rey coupling she’d disconnected her first day on Serenity. That coupling was the little bit of guess work mixed with instinct, the first bit of mechanic-ing she’d ever done for Mal, the one that’d got her this job. And got her Jayne too, you might say, since one didn’t come without the other.

So was this destiny here or just a passing need for her and him? Shiny purely happily- ever-after kinda destiny was what she wanted, what she’d always wanted. Could it be that Jayne came wrapped up in that kinda packaging? Big posturing bull-headed knight errant on a gorram alabaster charger? She laughed out loud as she walked on in the direction of his cabin, corridor and stairs echoing softly with the sound all along her way. It wasn’t that the idea was stupid, just that it was…contradictory, didn’t seem go with the man she was just barely getting to know. Heck, other than in the biblical way, she didn’t really know him at all. Before yesterday she’d a’ never pegged Jayne as a shiny prince to her damsel. She’d been thinking on his parts, sure, but the question of whether he was more than a good bio-mechanism for sexual exercise hadn’t come up till he’d well, come up inside her. But when they got to it they’d tangled up so nice and elegant and all, dancing as pretty as any of the gliding gentlefolk twirling at the fancy ball on Persephone.

Not smart to confuse an hour of mutual lustful consummation with projecting on him and her many years of happily ever after. She knew the truth, the folly of such wishes, but the girl who wore the pretty pink confection made o’ ruffles and fluff at the ball was bound to lay her heart’s desire on something more long-lasting than lust. Nothin’ wrong with lust, no sirree, but what’s a greasy mechanically-minded Cinderella to do after the ball’s done and gone?

More than half-way to Jayne’s quarters, Kaylee made an about face and headed toward the engine room instead. No questions awaited her there, no prickly ‘what ifs’ more complicated than what goes where, and she knew all of that, knew Serenity’s heart like she could never know Jayne’s. What waited there in the engine room was security, safety and acceptance of a sort she’d never found in the short life she’d lived before Serenity took her aboard. Acceptance and security were guarantees that might not necessarily come with Jayne, and maybe she was afraid to find out that was the case. At least for now.

Jayne’d have to wait. He might have to get good at waiting. He wasn’t going far, even if the night’s sleep had taken him to full recovery, which wasn’t likely, he had no choice but to be a captive audience. Only so far a big studly limping cussing mercenary could get to when he was fenced in by ship’s bulkheads all around. And anyhow, nobody bought any merchandise when there was plenty of it on the shelf right there in front of their eyes. Nope, they bought a thing when it looked to be in short supply. So she’d make herself scarce for awhile and do her job that needed doin’, let Jayne realize that she was of value through scarcity. Best not to be too damn available to the man.

A certain-sure problem with her last-minute decision to turn to Serenity instead of continuing on to Jayne’s cabin was the pleasantly full feeling that thoughts of him had brought to her lower abdomen. Khaki overall cloth between her legs and nothing else there ‘cept the memory of Jayne-on-Kaylee had left her aroused without recourse. Curse the man and his wiles. Blast his request and her dim-witted following of it. ~~~ Jayne woke up groaning. Frowned and scratched his scrotum idly. “Ohhhh, yeah,” groan turned into a big satisfied growl, for all the world akin to a mountain lion in full-bore pleasured-up purr. “Kaylee, for true. No prick-teasin’ fay-fay d’pian of a vision-Kaylee, not this time.” But a still small voice asked him how he could know for sure? After all, the Kaylee he’d had in, on and around him while he was bleeding to death and hallucinatin’ walked and talked and screwed and…. “Gorramit!” He had to pee like a bastard.

Jayne exited the bunk barely giving any care to his gunshot thigh. He hadn’t let the smart-ass doctor give him any shots for pain last time he came around waving a needle and picking a fight, ‘cause he didn’t need that shite. Was proud of his ability to do without it, come right down to it. And as he stood up straight, holding on to the wall by the bed in case of wobbling, he realized he had almost no pain, was damn near ready for active duty. A trifle weak around the knees and noggin, maybe, but that was just the result of immobility and lack of substantial or prolonged eatin’.

Good thing he had some decent mobility at a time like this, or he didn’t know if he’d have been able to speed-limp to the recessed toilet in time. He pulled the bowl down, put both hands up on the wall over it and threw back his head ready to enjoy a long slow satisfying piss. A morning voiding was satisfying beyond belief, always had been, the release was so tah mah de-ing good. Not so good as the release of the other fluid supplied through the same conduit he was fixing to make use of right now, but mighty fine all the same. Right then he felt his bladder give up the furious leaving fullness he’d been waiting for.

Which was exactly when a cataract of urine commenced spraying every which way, in all directions but down into the toilet bowl for a length of three feet all around. “Wo cao ni ba bei zi zu zong!” grated the merc as he raked one hand down from the wall to get his reckless phallus under control. Pushed downward where it surely already knew it was supposed to be, it did its work obediently and properly. But an irked Jayne wondered what in hell woulda caused it to…

Furrowed brow relaxed immediately as the corners of his wide mouth pushed up in a beatific grin and a hearty “gorram.” Proof.

He knew it well enough, but it was a fine enough explanation that it needed him to say it out loud: “A man’s stream’ll do that the mornin’ after he’s had the ride of his life.” Or in this case, the ridin’ was more accurate. She’d done all the riding, as a matter of fact. Pushed him back down when he’d tried to get on top, he wanted to get on top, his favorite position would be his body plowing down into her, hard and long betwixt her shapely legs. It all rushed back to him then, in living loving laving color, her smiling at him as she slewed all graceful and awesome-beautiful atop him, saying something about him bein’ allowed to do the ridin’ next time when he got to feeling better.

He had looked his fill of her cream-skinned body hovering over his hardness as she teased him, tried him, as she let him wait it out and wonder when she’d take him inside. Her breasts rose up as she teased, raising her arms high, stretching, private dancer, coyly looking back down at him, watching him watch her tits rising up, re-shaping from planetary globes already high on her ribs to jutting pears right there in front of him. Right there on top of him. Right there in his gorram bunk. With him. For true.

When he could look and not touch no longer, his hands had rushed to her, rushed to take her beautiful breasts in hand, to test their weight, god, he’d waited so long, but he remembered his first teacher’s lesson well and reined in the hot lust that would have made his grip too harsh, too fierce. He’d slowed down his hands’ move on contact, cupped her in palms flush against her ribcage. He’d smoothed his calloused fingers over her supple balcony softly, pushed the sides in easy, then slid both thumbs over strawberry nipples till he wanted to just die right there, right then.

No, the dying ought to, please god, it had to, wait till he got it inside her, shoved it up inside Kaylee wet, Kaylee heat, ahhhh, Kaylee-girl…

It’d been better than a dream, better than his perverted imagination ever offered him. And his imagination was a stage all manner of kinky burlesque. In the real production of Jayne and Kaylee, not his own screenwritten pornucopia version, letting her direct the dance had given him more than he’d have thought he could take. But after it was over, tasty as it was, it still wasn’t enough, not near enough. He had a powerful need to give and take all manner more of the same. Or different, actually, if it could come to that.

His Kaylee-starved mind had a whole catalogue of different to do with her. To do ~to~ her. And get done to him. Hell, might be hard to decide who could be teacher and who’d have to play student next time they got together. She looked to be able to school him right proper her own self, and wouldn’t it be fong luh wonderful to be teacher’s pet to that whirlwind of clenching moisture and wanting he’d had in his bunk last night?

Where was she anyhow? Jayne grabbed the khakis near the sink where he’d shucked them the night before and wiped down the piss that now streaked the area that served as his cabin’s head. After getting the place sufficiently de-wetified by the pants used as a rag, he called the clean up good for now and stuffed the smelly garment in a box hamper. After kicking the toilet back into its recessed wall unit he turned to look around his quarters hoping to find more and better hard proof of Kaylee’s having been there. Had she left them panties on the floor or taken ‘em with her?

No panties on the floor. No panties on her today either, if the god of fornicatin’ monkeys happed to be smiling on Jayne. He’d asked her to leave off the panties under the coveralls next time she showed. The smile she gave him in answer to his request seemed to promise she’d come through for him.

He limped over to the bed and eased back down, feeling an ache start to hammer in his head. Laid himself fully back down, pulling the sheet and then a blanket up over his long frame and closed his eyes. Bone weary but not tired enough to stop his restless pleasured brain from Kaylee-thoughts, he thanked his un-earned great good luck for what he’d had, for what he might have again. A real gorram wu de tyen ah night torn through with hot wet pure-d bonafide love-making. Such like as he’d read in the best spank books.

Nah, better’n that. And more to come, Buddha grant him the wit and wisdom and charm to see that he did what it took to see that more DID come.

Jayne drifted off to sleep like a kid who knows Christmas will be there when he wakes. The smile on his lips was peacefully happily mei shi, not something anybody on the ship had ever had occasion to see on the man. A shiny thing to see, the mark of a man who had reason to hope not to be so lonely anymore.


Kaywinnit Lee Frye squatted next to one of the Gerslers, the cooling mechanisms for Serenity’s main engines. She had a soiled soft rag in one hand and a long thin metal shaft in the other putting them to good, if tedious use, cleaning and prepping the cylinders for max operational status. She’d been steadily working for a good two hours now and it was hot tiring work. There were crevices cattywampused up inside the tubes that were tetchy to get to so Kaylee had to trade the metal shaft for a thin wire and gauze pad every minute or so. The switching off acted as a deterrent to repetitive motion aches, but it made for damn slow going.

The cleaning solution she used would leave no odor behind, mostly alcohol based, so as not to pollute the airflow to Serenity’s corridors and cabins, but it was powerful smelly and eye-watering to the little mechanic as she toiled. This had to be done, and it had to be done carefully.

If she didn’t treat the task with the precision demanded by Simon’s own work, she stood to damage the Gerslers beyond any chance of repair or re-use, and unless she had at least six per cooling drive, things were apt to get mighty uncomfortable for certain oxygen-breathing primates on board. Without the G’s being clean and ready, her girl’s primary artery function would fail and they’d all find it a mite more difficult to breathe air.

She remembered telling the interrogating Alliance Fed about the Gerslers when he’d grilled the whole crew about their jobs back when the colossal Alliance cruiser had locked Serenity down and they’d been boarded. The formal and systematic question process had been a small price to pay for the treatment that saved Shepherd Book’s fading life, but the experience of one-on-one with the Fed had been far from pleasant. Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.

She’d been honest with him about the Gerslers when he’d pulled her in to impose his questions about her job. She knew he was trying to catch her in a lie, to find that a little slip of a country girl like her could in no wise know anything about mechanic-ing anything more complex than a cherry pie for dessert. The stern uniformed man had sat across from her at the long table trying his best to intimidate Kaylee, unbelieving that she was up to the job she said was hers.

Falling back on what she knew best had saved her, even though she was nervous and downright scared facing the handsome, perfectly put-together, spit and polished inquisitor. Her knowledge of Serenity and the running of her was second-nature. Well before she’d exhausted her encyclopedic store of knowing, the Alliance’s best and finest had yielded, utterly convinced she was what she said she was.

If she’d done her job of explaining right, and she suspicioned that she had, the poor man was all feng-du bored in the bargain which had the added bonus of shortening the encounter. She was used to folks’ eyes glazing over within a few minutes of her starting in on things mechanical. That particular technique was useful when a girl wanted to get untangled from most unwanted clinches even though it was hard to see how anybody could find motors and wiring boring. It interested her all manner of fine, but nobody else had ever come close to her level of fascination.

Kaylee was all over today’s planned tune-up task list, could do it in her sleep, matter of fact. She could and would do loving chores for Serenity any day, any time with pleasure. It was what made her life worthwhile. It was amazing to her that it paid too. Well, sometimes it paid. At least it kept her traveling far and wide, like she’d always yenned to do, kept her fed and flying Mal’s sky, kept her smiling and now it had brought her…Jayne Cobb.

Back again to Jayne. Her train of thought seemed to have only one persistent stop anymore. All roads led to Jayne. She figured it was muscle-memory at this point. His muscles and her muscles all coiled up together in his bunk. And ever since the mingling of them, her own musculoskeletal system couldn’t stop remembering and wanted another go.

The maddening middlin’ meddling way of this repeating refrain in her head was getting downright impossible to tolerate. Was starting to disrupt her concentration. She worked carefully but a little more quickly on the last of this phase’s cylinders, anxious to get done with it so she could work on something more absorbing. Something more needful of her attentions, a task that might take her head away from Jayne and toward what she needed to get done today.

Sitting legs crossed, back against the wall facing the main engine, head down over her needful Gerslers, Kaylee wouldn’t have noticed another person was approaching if it hadn’t been for the lightest scent of jasmine and ginger penetrating and softening the cleaning fluid odor coming from the cloth in her hand. Inara’s lovely form appeared in the engine room doorway. “Kaylee? I thought I’d find you here. You are remarkably easy to find, you know.” Kaylee looked up briefly, ‘Nara! Hi. How am I easy?”

“One may find you in your cabin, the kitchen or the engine room, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and the cargo bay if there’s a game of hoop and ball afoot,” laughed Inara.

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Inara gave the seated girl a searching glance, mentally asking her to look up from ther work, “There was a time not so long ago that I’d know to look for you in the medlab or anywhere else Simon might be, but not so much anymore.”

Kaylee didn’t raise her head, didn’t answer.

“You hungry? I brought you a sweet bao, your favorite kind. Might even have some strawberry filling inside. Had to grab it quick before Mal piled it on a plate already full buns he was taking to Jayne.”

Kaylee, grateful for the thoughtfully delivered breakfast but still preoccupied, answered, “Thanks, Nara. I’ll get to it later. Kind of busy right now.”

“What’s wrong, Kaylee? You know, except for you and Jayne, we were all at breakfast this morning, Mal, me, Wash, Zoe, Simon…”, the lovely woman eyed Kaylee to see how the mention of their handsome young doctor hit her, “In fact, Simon asked after you specifically.”

“Yeah? Well I’ve been kind of busy,” said Kaylee, still not looking up, wiping and swabbing away industriously at the metal part in her overalls-clad lap.

Inara slid the sweet roll plate down on the floor near Kaylee’s pants leg, tucked her own royal blue sarong to the side and sat cross-legged next to her busy friend. “Tell me something,” she begged.

“Sure,” Kaylee replied, hesitantly.

“We’ve grown to be quite good friends, haven’t we?”

“Yeah. There’s River, but she’s more like a needful little sister. I don’t know what I’d do for a real sister if you weren’t here,” Kaylee said, finally looking up at her good friend.

Inara noticed moisture brimming at the edges of the worried girl’s eyes. Kaylee saw that Inara noticed her coming tears and quickly hid, looking back down again. She blinked frantically once, twice in a vain attempt to push them back far enough so the evidence of grief would not well over. Tear drops came unbidden anyhow, unable to be denied, tumbled over a small grease spot on Kaylee’s cheek, her latest accidental but self-placed beauty mark.

“Friends can’t really remain close unless they talk to one another, keep up with how they’re doing, how their world is looking, wouldn’t you agree?”

Kaylee quickly but hurriedly put the part aside on the floor atop the rag, slid the cleaning fluid safely against the wall and turned her teary face fully to Inara. “It’s awful, ‘Nara, just awful!” Inara leaned toward her and that was all it took for Kaylee to give up and fall into her perfumed grasp.

“It’s okay, Love. Just breathe. Take your time and tell me what’s wrong.”

Kaylee began, “It’s just, it’s umm… it’s all messed up and I’m….so confused and I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. Just don’t know what to do,” wiping her nose on the thin strap of her own tank-top. “I don’t know if I want to say how I., …don’t know how to say…,” she finished lamely.

“Talk around it, Honey. Just talk around it and I’ll get what you mean.” Inara smiled as she heard herself speak this phrase effortlessly, remembering where she’d first heard it. Her Guild friend Sonja had used that phrase replying to the wave Inara’d sent to her some weeks after Inara’s first day aboard Serenity.

Inara had been stumblingly trying to explain to her friend about her convoluted feelings concerning Malcolm Reynolds. The more Inara jittered and stuttered, the less she’d been able to make herself understood. But when Sonja calmly urged her to just talk around it, ‘twas as if a sorcerer wove a spell of plain-speaking in Inara, one that let her get the words out smoothly and understandably.

She told Sonja that the captain was handsome of face and form, with ugliness inside him, coming out when he constantly demeaned her profession, called her a whore and worse. His many other faults included being reckless with his own life yet careful with the lives of those under his care. Brave at keeping them all under control and afraid of speaking to Inara for more than a few minutes at a time, always running from the chance of an argument.

The man was a mystery wrapped in an enigma, clad in the leanly muscled skin of a swai swaggering broad-shouldered space cowboy. Inara couldn’t quite find a way to speak to him or be spoken to by him that didn’t end in an untenable uncomfortableness that lasted for days. Buddha, it was probably a good thing their bursts and starts of conversation didn’t last long or she couldn’t possibly have lived on the Firefly ship with him underfoot.

Sonja listened patiently and long, a trained Companion well versed in such skills. When Inara finally came up for air, her friend laid it out clearly and simply, “He loves you, ‘Nara. And you need to take a minute for that to sink in, then tell me what your body’s response is to that realization.”

The eruption came a full 57 seconds earlier than Sonja had recommended as a waiting period. “The zhu tou posturing pongoid can walk right here and quin wode pigu!” an incensed Inara had bitten out. Sonja laughed lightly, “Language, my dear Companion! Wouldn’t our tireless Guild senseis be appalled! But I can’t blame you, really. Not a surprising reaction when somebody tells you what your heart doesn’t want your head to know.

Perhaps if you had waited the minute I recommended, your answer would have been something else entirely.” She couldn’t resist adding another aside, “And as to your inviting the pig-headed monkey to kiss your lovely ass, I am quite certain he wouldn’t mind starting there, should the possibility exist that the two of you could stop talking long enough to use our learned skills of non-verbal communication, Companion friend of mine.”

A minute or more went by as Sonja filled Inara’s heavy-breathing silence with those observations. After taking in her friend’s meaning, the raven-haired Inara’s considered response changed to, “Cao! What a sha gua I am, a fruit for brains. You’re correct, of course, he and I have feelings for each other. My god, what am I going to do…”

Her friend gave her the answer she needed, “The standard two choices to the horns of any dilemma apply. You may act on the attraction, or do your best to pretend to yourself and the good captain that there’s nothing between you.” Sonja’s client was due to arrive any moment so she wrapped up her advice-giving. “To keep on pretending, to do nothing is a valid option, Love. But if you choose that route, you’ll have to work on stoic acceptance. So choose. And know that whichever you decide to do, it will be the right choice. I believe in you.”

“Namaste,” two lovely voices chimed in unison in their usual goodbye to one another and the wave was over.

Most women’s problems seemed to boil down to men or money and Inara sensed that Kaylee was about to spill a man’s name so she brushed away the cobwebs of her own unresolved Mal issues to listen intently as Kaylee’s small cries at last gave way to intelligible speech.

“I slept with Jayne.” There. It was out, big, bald and awful to say. She hoped ‘Nara wouldn’t slam up off the floor and fly as far away from Kaylee’s shame as she could get. Didn’t dare look at her friend for fear of seeing Inara wanted to do just that.

Seeking clarification before going any further, Inara ventured, “Jayne’s been incapacitated. Mal said you’d been of much help to his progress, easing Simon’s load too, helping Jayne take nourishment, staying nearby while he slept. Did you, errr…sleep beside him to help him to get warm?”

Kaylee blurted out, “Noooo, well yeah. It kinda started out like that. But it hit me that he’s all alone and I’m all alone without a man, without Simon ever sparing me more than a bare word or glance now and then, and I slid in beside Jayne last night and…it sort of happened.”

Mei-mei, did he… Did you… Was it something you both wanted?”

“Oh yesu, yeah, Inara,” Kaylee nodded vigorously as she swiped one bare forearm across her eyes and then nose, clearing the way for some good forthright girl talk.

“He’s, errrr, he’s a strong figure of a man and simply exudes sex, Honey, it’s not that I don’t understand you’d be attracted, but, ummmm, Simon? Do you still have feelings for Simon?” “It’s funny how it came on me. And it ain’t that I don’t still think Simon’s all swai and gentlemanly-fine, but Jayne and me… we just fit. Boy, did we fit, ‘Nara. And I’ve been grazing the skin over my knuckles in here working all morning trying to quit thinkin’ on how well we fit, and on what he’s gonna do, what I’m gonna do when we see each other again.”

“How long do you think you can avoid a guy that big in such a small ship, Kaylee love?

Fresh tears welled up, “Not gorram long enough. Not long enough for me to start sussing out what I want. Or figuring out what I’ll do when I see him the next time and he tells me he does NOT want.” Kaylee pulled a fresh rag out of her pocket and swiped at her eyes, blew her nose. “I’m a wreck of womanhood, ‘Nara, my wires are all crossed up. Dunno which direction to go. I feel like a weather vane in a windstorm.”

Inara thought about her own choice about her and Mal, about unrequited love, or at least lust, put on terminal hold for her and him. She held the little mechanic at arms length, met her eye to eye. “Kaylee, you need to find out what you want. And the best way to do that is for you to find out what Jayne wants first. You get that information, then you go from there.” Her gaze was direct and urgent. “Don’t let the chance for something good pass you by, dong ma?”

gorram – god damn or gosh darn fay-fay d’pian – big fat lie tah mah de-ing: mother fucking wu de tyen ah – dear god in heaven mei shi- free, without problems fong luh - crazy wo cao ni ba bei zi zu zong – fuck 8 generations of your ancestors feng du – bored zhu tou- pig headed quin wode pigu- kiss my ass cao! - fuck sha gua - stupid melon namaste – a Hindu farewell or greeting. “The Divine in me meets the Divine in you.”

The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 3

Malcolm Reynolds met Kaylee while she was walking head down and concentrating in the corridor outside Jayne’s quarters. She looked to be dirt-smeared but cute in a spring-born lamb kind of way. “Hey, Kaylee. What’s news?” His mechanic stopped short and squeaked in surprise, putting out one hand against the hallway wall, “Uh, hi, Cap’n. Didn’t see you, I musta been wool-gathering.” She shifted from one foot to the other, placing hands on hips. “Ummm, how’s Jayne doing?”

“Good, real good. Doc’s been to see him so I know the verdict ain’t just wishful thinking. According to Simon and Jayne, it seems your good works’ve been part of the cure. Benefits of that’ll be paying off in credits if my plans for ill-gotten gains go shiny. Jayne’s gun-hand representing our little group looks to be a key element so his bein’ healthy’ll be the difference between paid and broke.”

He smiled at her absent-mindedly, thoughts locked on the further workings of The Plan. “Inara told me you took him something to eat this morning. Did he get it down alright,?” she asked, making conversation but also wanting to find out if Jayne still needed her to bring him something to break his fast.

Trucking a meal down to him yesterday had been a means to communion between them. Might work that way again. Doing for him today might be a good way to get said what needed saying. There was talking to be done. Inara had been right to suggest it. A quick ripping of the bandage and then she (and he) could go on from there. Which ever way the wind blew them. No matter what happened, Jayne’s little lover was tired of the waiting, the wondering and the wounding it brought to her mind.

“Ate four strawberry baos, some powdered eggs Book liquefied and scrambled up for him and downed two cans of milk,” Mal answered, one side of his mouth smiling at her as he spoke. “I’d say he did alright, inhaled it all as if it was air and he was suffocating from the lack.” No meal-taking then. Answer received, Kaylee put small talk aside, had her own purpose in mind and wanted to get to it. “Is it okay for me to say hi to him, or is he sleeping?,” she asked.

“Simon and I just walked Jayne to the shower, he needed some help making the trip. Insisted he could get there on his own, but Simon wasn’t taking no chances on a fall sending the patient back to the infirmary. Funny, nobody’s ever accused Jayne of being worrisome over personal hygiene before. Maybe the rap on his head’s done us all a favor if it brings us a cleaner-smelling man.”

“Shiny. Thanks for the update, Cap’n,” Kaylee delivered this as she headed toward Jayne’s last known location ma-shong. She needed to face him before her courage fled, and that meant now, no matter whether the surroundings included steamy water or not.

The sole object of her attention was still inside the shower when she reached there. The outside door to the small room was closed but not latched. She stood outside, forehead pressed to the portal for a minute, then walked on in, closing the door silently behind her and facing the shower in the corner, girded up for the encounter. She needn’t have worried about making a little noise or about confronting him just then.

Jayne’s back was to the room, his shoulders rising above the water vapor that shifted all around him like a lover’s hottest breath. He was soaping his hair, face turned up into the spray, then shook his head like a terrier as he rinsed. Seemed content to let the water’s force pound the back of his neck after that.

Kaylee swallowed and followed the line of him down from otter-sleek head past heavy mountainous terrain of shoulders and back. Her gaze passed over the inhospitable mist-covered areas and settled on one hard buttock that played peek-a-boo through the flumes. She swallowed again. Took a large dry linen towel down off a rack and settled into a stance of watchful waiting.

There was plenty to watch and she’d never mind if the waiting lasted for a week. He soaped under his arms, then turned this way and that to allow water to cleanse away the soap.

Her eyes were adhered to the man as he stepped a little back from the shower head, took the cake of soap and vigorously lathered his genitalia. She couldn’t see it, exactly, but knew that to be his destination due to his spread legs, slightly bent knees, elbows jutting back and forth as he laved himself clean, then rinsed.

Grateful for something to lean on, Kaylee edged her way nearer to a storage closet a few feet from the shower under an exhaust fan that was currently switched on. She had keen need of something to lean on at that moment, and it would provide a handy place to duck beside when he turned around to face what he had every reason to expect would be an empty shower room. Just as she moved to the cover, he about-faced, rinsing his back, eyes forward. Didn’t see Kaylee, wasn’t looking for anybody, although his mind had been seeing Kaylee all the previous night and all of today too.

Woulda liked to spend some quality time with her now, even if only in his head, allow his hands to work himself imagining it was her. Mal’d told him to hurry, though. He wanted to talk to Jayne and Zoe ‘bout the shanghaiing of a payroll. Truth to tell, Jayne was in a hurry his own self to get back to earning his keep. A flush money bag was a thing o’ beauty and a joy for-fecking-ever, but also might be a help to getting Kaylee something nice.

She liked nice things, even though her job left her in work clothes and smudged most times. He liked what he saw her in, no matter what it was. Liked her even more nekkid. Had seen it with his own eyes in his own bunk so he knew what he was talkin’ about.

There it went again. He turned off the hot and cold water, shoved the nekkidness of Kaylee outta his gorram mind and opened the shower door, looking down at the threshold so as to not trip while getting out.

The steam from the open door rolled out onto something standing on the terrycloth bath mat just outside. Jayne jumped, hands reaching for weapons that weren’t on his wet naked hip. “Kaylee!,” he yelped at the sight of her, linen towel in hand, chestnut hair fluffed around her pretty face from the room’s humidity. “I didn’t, ummm, I wasn’t…”

She didn’t say much, and her expression said even less as she grated, “Turn around.”

He did.

Complying with any Kaylee request was becoming second nature to Jayne. He didn’t even have to think about it, just did whatever she asked because what she asked him was for his good. His back was safely to her now and he searched for something to say, anything that might be charming and calm-producing at a time like this. Nothing came to him. What would Simon say? Jayne’s brain function revved up a notch toward guilt, thinking her request for him to turn around might be on account of her embarrassment at the bold sight of him, pure overhead lights of the room limning his swingin’ cod, hanging out there all to hell and back. He thought to cup his privates from view, but trashed the thought.

He wanted, needed to see where this would go and no more hiding might be the way to provoke some kind, any kind of conversation. She was all he’d been thinking about and talking had to be the way out of his current mental predicament.

He took a deep breath to start in on saying something, even if it was wrong, when he felt the first firm gliding touch of her hand through the linen cloth. She toweled the back of his head and neck, moved on to the breadth of shoulders and dipped in at the small of his back.

He should have been cold, the water on him cooling as the room’s temperature penetrated through the open door of the shower. He was red hot though, not a shiver to spare.

The big wet man let all his breath go at the first touch of her, leaned on his bent arms on the shower wall while involuntarily and simultaneously pushing his body out toward her reach.

She took the cloth up to his right armpit, “Raise your wing,” dried under there, moved to the other side, Jayne, the quick study that he was where she was concerned, raised his other “wing” without needing to be asked. She turned the dampening cloth over and smoothed it over one of his hips, then the other.

His head turned as far around as it could to look down at her, trying to catch a look at her expression, but she was bending down to kneel at his heels. He faced the wall, afraid to look anymore, frankly fearing he was losing his mind again, happily hallucinating his heart’s, his body’s desire made flesh right here and gorram now.

From her kneeling position on the bath mat, Kaylee reached the cloth up to his firm buttocks, rubbing as if they were stepping stones to be lightly polished. He flexed a bit and she smiled, pulling her cloth-covered hand down to the juncture of his thighs, hesitating just the tiniest instant, then plowing down one of his legs and up the other almost before his upper thighs had a chance to part in vain hopes of further delving toward his balls and staff. Surely THERE was a wet place in need of some industrious drying.

Jayne’s shower assistant made the slightest pleased “mmm-ing” noise deep in her throat at his eager reaction, but Jayne was breathing so hard and loud that he’d never heard it.

If he could see her face just then, he’d not be worried so much about what he needed to say in order for her to find him charming. Non-verbal communication was working a goddamn miracle.

The back of him all properly dry, she uttered, “Turn around,” again and he did. And his cock nearly hit her in the head.

He bent down a little as if to raise her up by her arms but she stopped the motion-- hell, stopped his breath-- by cupping his cock and balls in her linen-swathed hands.

Well, somebody throw him a squirrel and let him ride a cab to nut town. He was about to go completely insane and it looked to be a very good place to be.

Kaylee was looking straight up into his stunned face as she worked the towel beneath him, above him and around him, drying his nethers off. She carefully gently slowly and easily took the towel’s edge to behind his nutsack and slowly swept it back under it and over it, and cupped first one ball, then the other. She had a need to dry him off especially carefully in this area, prior to an even stronger need to re-wettify them herself.

Inara was wrong. Words weren’t what was needed here. Kaylee and Jayne had not exchanged more than a dozen words here in the shower room. Talking was over-rated.

She filled her eyes with his face and form, filled her sinuses with his soap-clean smell, with the underlying leather and tobacco smell of the man. Filled her ears with his hard-won breathing, a difficulty she was the glad cause of, and filled her hands with the lovely weight of his jutting manhood.

And just in case there was any possibility that Kaylee might actually need to do some speaking, just because she didn’t want to voice any words since she didn’t have anything pretty to say, she stopped the need for speech by flipping the damp towel over one shoulder, gripping the base of his shaft in her hand, balls in the other and filled her mouth with Jayne.

ma-shong – on the double gorram – god damn, or gosh darn

The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 4

The top of Jayne Cobb’s head blew clean off. That’s the only way he could describe it as it happened. People talked about having their mind blown, and this had to be what it meant. Since the biggest part of his brain tended to be located where Kaylee Frye’s mouth was working at that very moment, it was a doubly accurate description.

Right after she had tenderly and thoroughly dried him down with a towel, she’d knelt down, ordered him to turn to face her and she’d started on wettin’ right specific parts of him. His eyes took it all in like he was sighting down Vera’s sleek length boring down on a potential kill. A living breathing all-over perfect wet dream was mucking up his ability to think straight so he simply stopped thinking, left everything on auto-pilot while his body went on a field trip.

He couldn’t take his eyes offa her head, her pretty hair, the small hand that alternately gripped him hard and circled up soft to where her mouth held him, then back down to where his cock rose up from its moorings at his groin. She took him in deep, hand resting at his base, then pulling suction wet and hot, taking giving, back up to the purple head of him, fingers pulling toward her mouth, running all along his length to just in front of her lips and back down again. Her hand knew the pace, the squeeze, the rhythm and pulse he needed, god damn, she was the best he never knew could be. How’d she get to know this dance so friggin’ well? Who cared? He sure didn’t care. Would be all luh-suh of an idiot to really have any need to question the gift of this. Couldn’t no-wise bring himself to care about anything just now, what with the move and sway of Kaylee’s mouth on him, her hand a graceful ministering acolyte praying service to him alongside her mouth, her tongue.

Her other hand didn’t lack for terrain ripe for torture neither. She plied it all soft and long up behind his low back, then ranged beneath him, running fingers along his ball sack, now slyly pinching the bit of excess flesh not yet strung tight to his balls up against his body. Restless as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs, she touched, held him there lightly, playfully, seeming to know just the right handling he’d take.

‘Wa ch-ao, she held his eggs like she’d had a pair to learn on all her life. And he knew that wasn’t the case, for hadn’t his own hand’s fingers played over her nethers, stroked inside her folds, tested her pinkness last night when they’d made love in his quarters, in his gorram bunk?

Right now in the shower room, the girl was a miracle of tenderness, of caring planted right at his feet, mouth leaving his cock to hotly, leisurely kiss her way to his scrotum, lips gently tugging one covered ridged oval and then the other.

He hissed through mouth and nose, coiled snake of a man stretched up taut beyond bearing, het up on all manner of engine overload. Before he lost any shred of control, Jayne took another deep breath and exhaled her name in a plea for her to stop. “Kaylee girl. Awwwww, no I don’t want you to, but you gotta stop.”

His eyes registered her compliant attention, cessation of the blow job of his life, and his body called his mouth a gorram fool.

Kaylee’s water-misted face turned up to him, eyebrows raised in a question that her eyes couldn’t find answered in his own. She used the back of the hand that had lately held his manhood, slowly wiped across her mouth before she stood to face him.

She was trembling, realizing the horror of her latest mistake.

Hell, the whole story of her and Jayne that’d come down during the last few days was a stupid mistake, and she was the author, only one to blame. He didn’t want her, couldn’t want her. Had to think she was a tchen wa, a desperate slut, throwing herself into his bed last night and attacking the man in his shower this morning, ordering him around, putting her mouth where it weren’t no way welcome, not even useful enough to tolerate her on him...

“Jayne, I’m sorry. Sorry I’ve been so stupid. I thought I’d just let it all lay, give me and you time to even things out and simmer down after last night,” she moved back from him a step. “It didn’t work for me, the giving time, the simmering down. I’ve been no good to anybody, and worse, no good to Serenity’s needin’ work like I should.

And it’s because of you. You’re running around in my head, nekkid and muscly and screwin’ with everything I’m supposed to be concentrating on. I quit working on tuning up the engines this morning on account of you. Left it on hold, figuring maybe if I stopped avoiding you, found you in your cabin and sat down to talk, really talk about it, maybe I’d get free to get back to normal.”

She turned her back to him then, not wanting to see his face when she finished. “When Mal told me you were in the shower, all I could think about was not thinking. Not needing to think, just needing to do. And when I saw you in here, sweet Buddha, Jayne, it was a relief, a glorified relief to stop thinking and let myself take you in, hold you tight, let that answer some of the questions that’ve been rattling around in me. No need to talk, just to touch ya.”

“Kaylee,” she heard his voice easing out deeper, smokier than usual, felt the air shift a bit when he stepped a little closer to her. Out of the side of her eye she saw his hand reach to turn her back toward him but she couldn’t have that. She stepped away again, slid sideways to the door, urge to escape the undeniable inevitable dismissal he was surely about to give over-riding anything else.

“I’ll…I’ll talk to you later, Jayne. I’ve gotta go, shouldn’t have left the engine room a mess. Captain’ll kill me, will be askin’ me about space monkeys tearing things up again, so I’ve gotta get there and finish up before he sees red.”

Jayne hated himself for having no gift with words. Words to fling in anger, speech to make her stay. Chinese curses worked in whorehouses and taverns, sure. Sarcasm sharp as the big pig-sticker sheathed on his belt, yeah. Words pretty and charmifying to combat Kaylee’s hurt, well, nothing like that appeared in his arsenal. Especially not now when he needed them, when SHE needed them.

All he did was clear his throat in helpless confusion as she turned to go. That and he wrapped a towel around his waist in belated modesty. The makeshift kilt didn’t do a thing to ease the congestion of a dick that kept pointing accusingly up at the pie-hole that’d told the glory that was Kaylee to stop ministering to him.

Amazingly, his cock twitched a bit toward her direction as she turned to leave, threatening to follow her out the door, would his uncooperative feet please just assist in the carrying of it in her wake. The mindless piece of meat left off veering toward her exit and began pointing up at him when she closed the door. She’d flown away from him, from it.

“Wo cao ni ye ye de sao pi yan!,” he yelled, uncaring that Kaylee was sure to hear his anger expressed in the filthiest mandarin he could dredge up as she strode down the corridor outside. He slammed the flat of his hand up against the clear plaz of the shower door with all the strength of considerable frustration. It came off its moorings at the force of it, swinging crazily back and forth. “That’s just great,” he mumbled. Something that needed fixin’ quick-like before the next person came in.

Some innocent would come in here for a shower, see the broken limping door and make some crack about him not knowing his own strength, or maybe sayin’ he was too weak to stand up proper, musta leaned on the door and broken it, and he’d hand them their gorram teeth in payment. He knew he would.

And after he administered the dental work, Mal’d treat him to a non-stop economy flight out the airlock without a moon suit. Things was bad right now, but no need for more bad just because he was all hell of a twisted up wang ba dan. He’d have to work quick before someone came in and reaped bodily injury they didn’t nowhere near deserve.

The next person to take a shower would be lucky. They’d get all he’d wanted, a nice long pleasant shower. Oh sure, theirs wouldn’t be complicated, interrupted by a sweet little love slave’s mouth all wrapped warm and willin’ and pulling on their nethers… Gorramit! What’d he done? Why did he have to be such a gan ni niang’n fool? He kicked at the bottom of the door, rewinding its crazy canted swinging. Now his big toe hurt too and that was actually good news, because the stinging singing pain took his mind off the tightness of his testicles, the throbbing of his prick’s disappointment unrighteously-wrought.

The big man yanked open the storage closet and found a little box of sundry tools on the bottom shelf. He grabbed what he needed and went to fixing the damaged shower door with a vengeance ordinarily only shown by him in a bar brawl, controlled anger vented somewhat on the work at hand.

He finished the job quickly, put the box back in the closet and ripped the towel off his waist, tossing it without a thought on the floor despite Zoe’s sure-to-be-repeated lecturing on a body’s need to respect a space used by his peers. At this moment he refused to see any path of reasonable thought due to the obscuring red haze in his head.

Like an alpha wolf raked bloody by its mate, seeking only to find and vent frustration on the cause of his pain, he let only instinct guide him toward his next move.

“Whadda I do now?,” he hissed. Looked around the room as if the answer lay there. ‘Stick to essentials,’ he thought. Since he couldn’t go after her buck-naked, he thrust his still damp feet into clean khaki army-issue pants, dragging them up over his rearing cock and struggling to button the fly strained nigh to bursting by what Kaylee’d left behind as a souvenir. Shoes weren’t strictly necessary for tracking down his tormenter and neither was a shirt, so he left them in a pile on the bench where he’d tossed them when he came in to shower an hour or maybe a year ago. Hell, time’d stood still while she’d been at him, on him.

Sufficiently garbed for government work, the big man took huge hurrying strides to the exit and slipped, slid unstopped by his bare feet on the wet floor. On the way down he grabbed at the door handle for support but lost his grip and fell down hard on the tiles. Seeking purchase on the door meant that his hands were no help in bracing for impact so his right hip and gunshot thigh met unyielding floor and, lastly, the side of his head impacted with a double thud that echoed all along the corridor outside. Not soon enough for Kaylee to hear it though since her running feet had taken her half-way to the engine room by the time the floor rose up to meet him. The lights went out for Jayne as he lay cold and alone in the shower room.


Inara’s still small smile was testament to the good she felt she’d done today. A life sold to the Companion’s Guild sometimes honed one’s ability to provide counsel regarding relationships, a sort of working woman’s amateur psychology. That was a side effect of years spent perfecting one-on-one (or sometimes one on two) intimate relationships for a living.

Her profession was perfectly suited to what she knew in the very bottom of her soul was her love for people, her need to be of use and help to them. By doing so, she helped herself. Some people did not, could never understand this. Didn’t acquaint what she and her carefully chosen clients did with the societal service it truly was.

One person in particular refused to see how ideally suited Inara Serra’s craft was to her inner self, how necessary it was for the continuance of her existence both physical and metaphysical. His refusal to try and understand left the serene lake of her reserved calm choppy and nearly foaming in the wake of his jarring insults. It was as if he reached one strong long-fingered hand inside her, stirring up her waters.

Malcolm Reynolds trod all unheeding inside the house and property of Inara’s soul. And just as a plumber’s house tended to have leaky pipes, the lovely Guild-registered Companion found the captain to be the evidence of her failure at home on Serenity.

He was her sole unsuccessful foray into working relationships. The man was infuriating and charming beyond belief. He could work miracles of hope in her and then cover her in crushing defeat all in any particular uninvited visit to her shuttle. The unfeeling tyrant held her beating heart in one hand and squeezed, throttled into V-fib for his own amusement and she let him, seemed to encourage it somehow she couldn’t understand. She didn’t know why.

She was the consummate Guild Companion yet Serenity’s captain tore her down bit by bit. But experiencing the months of this bloodless conflict were perhaps useful in providing the small lesson of help to Kaylee today. Help for Kaylee to find herself in Jayne. Inara certainly clung to the hope that she’d assisted in the best way, that she’d done the right thing sending her little friend running to Jayne’s arms.

She thought back to the exchange she and Kaylee had shared not much more than an hour ago. “Should I go change clothes, ‘Nara? I’m grimy an’ sweaty in my work clothes, even though I left off the underwear like he asked me to.” She was so interested in hearing Inara’s answer on the changing clothes issue that Kaylee didn’t bother to feign embarrassment as she spoke. Figured the Companion wouldn’t be fazed by anything related to foreplay.

She was right, the no-panties statement had barely even lifted a corner of Inara’s perfectly painted lips. “You look adorable, Kaylee. You always do. I’ve seen the way he looks at you when you come to the table straight from engine work tattooed in oil. And when you came to Serenity's dinner table on Christmas day wearing the ball gown from Persephone I marked well his seen his eyes on your face and form. Both forms of dress appear to cause him to look at you the same. I suspect it’s not the state of your toilette that attracts him, mei-mei, it’s the simple fact that he craves you.”

Kaylee blushed, hoping Inara was right, hoping the craving might ignite into a burning need in Jayne for her close company on a long-term basis. It needed to be if it was going to match what she couldn’t help feeling. Inara’s next words bolstered her friend’s hopes, “I do believe the man wants you more than he wants to get paid, more than he wants anything at all, if the accrued time spent ogling you is any indicator. Now if you really want to move on, to exorcise the Jayne-centric circuitry you’re in the process of overloading, go just as you are. Find out where you stand and go from there.”


Kaylee came through the door into her engine room after fleeing what she’d done to Jayne. She stood, chest heaving with twin causes of flight and shame evidenced by a full-on blush from throat to hairline. She stared unseeing at the turning gears. Walking idly around the room, she berated her own stupidity, kicked herself from the core to the border of the black and back. She called herself a fool in all the considerable incarnations of a country girl’s native vocabulary. Then she switched to Mandarin.

Her most recent encounter with Jayne hadn’t brought her any further toward parsing out what was worth saving and what to throw away when it came to her and him. All she’d done was add an un-wanted (albeit unplanned) blow job to the total mistake of a one-night stand. He’d showed he didn’t want it, actually told her to stop and lifted her away from him. She couldn’t do nothin’ right. Out of practice in the ways of it, and no wonder, considerin’ the long dry spell with nothing to practice on. Today’s result was that she was worse-off’n she’d been when ‘Nara had brought her a sticky bun for breakfast. When she’d asked the Companion what to do and her answer had been, “Go talk to the man.”

Kaylee’d meant to do that, oh, she’d tried to do that, but when she got there, when she found him there all naked and wet and swai in the shower, her powers of speech had fled along with her inhibitions. She’d been lured like a sailor to a siren’s call.

No. No thinking on it. Enough already. That way lay madness and more pawing of him by her. Ticking the pawings off on her fingers, she cited aloud, “I jumped him in his bunk last night, not even bein’ asked first, I kissed him on the mouth knowin’ he don’t like it, and now today I latched onto his nethers like a calf to the teat. ‘Least this time he jerked me up and showed me good and proper how wrong I’ve been.” It wasn’t ‘Nara’s fault, Kaylee owned it all on her own. Things woulda worked out better if she’d just talked to him like her friend suggested. She’d have followed that to the letter, alright, if he’d been anywhere but the shower when she’d found him. Coulda left him in peace in the wet too, she had the choice to walk right past the door, saving herself the current agony that raced all through her, toes to hairline. Good lord, what was wrong with her? She sighed heavily, eyes downcast and caught a glance of the sugary breakfast treat where her friend had left it peeking out under a silky napkin partially covering the little saucer it perched on. An uncomplicated hunger to break her fast struck the physical side of the inner-tormented girl and she leaned up on the wall, slid her back and butt along it, scooching down to sit in a huff on the floor next to the plate.

A note of gratitude rose in her at the saving grace of a body’s simple need to eat. She grabbed the plump edge of the bao underneath the napkin and took a big wholesome bite.

“Mmmmm, strawberry…”, she exhaled the words. Chewing slowly and swallowing, she reached over to the insulated thermos of canned hot chocolate she kept percolating where the engine heat was mildest. Swigging the chockie goodness to wash down the strawberry-sopped bread, she weighed her options, whatever she might have left of them at this disastrous juncture.

It all boiled down to simple needs. a.) She needed Jayne. b.) She’d needed to tell him this, but her way of tellin’ it was by way of jumpin’ him when he least expected it. c.) He was as close to the manly side of manliness a guy could get, which meant he needed to take it however and whenever it was offered, but he wasn’t ‘xactly falling all over himself to do the askin’ himself. And that brought her to d.) She needed to leave him the hell alone instead of making a damn fool of herself. She chewed and thought, chewed and sipped and thought some more.

In the deepest part of her heartache, she heard a beloved baritone voice in her recent memory say, “I couldn’t no way dream it up to be as good as it turned out to be."

Jayne’d told her that, said that to her after he’d finally let her withdraw from where they were tethered up together, after her body slid away and off the linchpin of him long and long till they were back to being two people instead of one. She was standing, had just finished dressing to leave, and he had told her.

He had, hadn’t he? Since waking this morning she’d been focused on her mistakes where he was concerned, on her ignorant slutty ways worked on him. She’d forgotten the kind little lovely words of him that so properly, gently decorated with a cherry the time they’d shared. It had affected her so that she’d stopped mid-stride in leaving, hauled ass back over to where he lay on the bunk, squeezed his muscled bicep to steady herself and kissed his mouth quickly, knowing it was all manner risky to do it. She’d turned and fled out of there like a bat out of heaven before he could lay into her for that intrusion.

Never one to fool herself, at least not for long, Kaylee thought over her latest exit not 20 minutes ago. She’d tucked tail and ran, not looking back for a second. Now that her heart rate was approaching normal and her face’s flush was back to the usual roses and cream, she realized she’d solved nothing by running away. In fact, she needed to run back. Deal with the questions and answers, no matter what they turned out to be.

Dusting powdered sugar off her hands and rubbing them down the material on her leg for good measure so as not to pollute Serenity-parts with corrosive elements, she then picked up the few parts on the floor that still needed installing in Serenity’s cooling mechanism. A few deft turns of a wrench, a torque here and there, and she was done.

Dirty rags went in one box, clean in another and that was that. The monkeys in space excuse she’d told Jayne was just a way to get away from the interrupted oral pleasuring with the shreds of her dignity intact.

The reorganized mechanic checked her face in the shiniest part of Serenity’s silver plating, licked at a crumb and wiped at some grease and chocolate traces, then headed out into the corridor outside. Her steps were sure, firm, her travel plan was simple. Destination: Jayne.

A few minutes later she stood outside his cabin door. It wasn’t locked, she peered inside, then climbed part-way to have a better look. No hunky man inside. Headed for the kitchen where she’d often find him cleaning the tools of his trade.

Uh-uh. Just Simon and River playing dominoes, heads together conspiratorially, not even noticing when she poked her head in the door.

His shower was over and done with by now, surely. ‘Less he’d gone back in for a cold one to even out the raging hard on she’d left him. Kaylee headed back to the scene of her latest attack, figuring either way he’d have to be dressed by now. Maybe he’d be willing to talk to her.

Just one talk was all she needed out of him. She’d start with an apology, a single apology for all three encounters then she’d lock sincere chocolate eyes on his steely ones and ask how he really felt about her. If she had to sit on the floor and hold onto her own knees to keep from running away before it was over and done, she would. Answers were needed here and now. Enough of the not-knowing. Time to lay it all out and move on with life, whatever form it took after the talkin’.

Her motivational speaking to her inner child ran out just as she got to the shower room door. She knocked twice, quietly. No answer brought another knocking, a bit louder now. She edged the door open and softly called, “Jayne?” Nothing. She pushed the door hard and it bumped against something hard but yielding. The something yielded a loudish groan.

The door was opened enough for her to get her head around the edge to see Jayne laid out flat on the floor. His calves were the impediment to her entry but another small push slid them back away enough to get inside the room.

Not bothering to close the door, all worry and concern for Jayne directing thought, she knelt down at his shoulder and looked him over for injuries. She whispered his name again and again, checked his breathing, then turned his head gently to the side to look for blood and the worse possibility of popped stitches. No blood, just a smallish lump on the back of his head, far enough away from the site of his last injury to be a relief to Kaylee.

She ran her fingers along his clothed right leg, taking care not to mash his gunshot thigh wound, then leaned up over him to reach down his left one, searching for fractures. No need to run along his arms since she could see right then and there that they and his broad chest were completely bare.

Sitting back up on her bent legs, she put both hands alongside his strong jaw and leaned in close to him. He was breathing deep and regular, not much harm done, she figured. Must have slipped on the wet floor and knocked himself out.

Though she was a little disgusted at herself for not resisting the oft-emerging desire to take advantage of the man when he was dead to the world, she closed the gap between her lips and his, careful to not impede his taking air in through the nose.

His mouth was hard. And soft too. Her lips slowly took his lower one between her own, tugging just a little, tongue running along inside and back to test the outside. She kissed the corner of his mouth, then treated his top lip to the same behavior granted to the lower. He tasted good, smelled good, like copper and warm breezes coming out of clean hay bales.

She’d thought the excuse he voiced to the entire crew that time, his statement that he’d not kiss women on the mouth might have been due to a case of horrible bad breath, but she could now testify to the non-value of that theory.

She inched her kneeling position a little more parallel and bent down almost double at the waist to play her lips sideways over his. Kaylee let out a groan of need and frustration at the realization that her needful pussy was thickly wettifying due to her mouth’s roaming at Jayne’s own.

Funny how the wondrous exercise of kissing the man had barrelled-in directly southward on her body, a good two feet down. As she took her pleasure at Jayne’s mouth, Kaylee squirmed where she sat on her bent calves, writhing back and forth a tiny bit to ease the ache and flow inside her lower body.

“Uhhhhmmn,” sound traveling out her mouth sealed over his and down into his own throat and chest. She held his head between her hands and plundered him, swept his warm mouth, edged her tongue up under his lax one and, oh gods in heaven and in hell, he felt so…

He swam back to concioushess, felt her on him, in him, locked gratitude-to-gods onto his mouth, all purposeful movement and sway, kissing him like she was starving and he was strawberries. He slolwy opened his eyes to see her own closed tight as she took her pleasure of him. Her mouth felt like glorified heaven, tongue feasting at his open mouth’s offering. He forced an uncommon stillness on him, on his own tongue wanting to stir, driven to tangle with hers.

This was one helluva kiss, fit to make a man give up all pretense of avoiding the activity. He wondered what lil’ Kaylee’d do if he started participatin’ rather than him being just a greedy spectator. He lowered his eyelids, feigning sleep, reminded his mouth and body to stay still and abruptly, purposefully groaned aloud into her mouth, still unmoving.

She slung her mouth up off of him. Looked down into his still face, his closed eyes, and stood guard staring hard, willing him to wake now that she had two safe feet of space between their lips.

His mouth pinned by her gaze opened the barest bit and he said something she couldn’t make out. Hearing enough to tell that he was repeating something, she held her hair back from her ear and leaned closer so as to suss out what he was saying. Was it something about her he was whispering?

“Kiss me, Kaylee, ohhh, kiss me.” Her name on his swai kiss-swollen lips was irresistible to the woman. Even if he was unconscious, the request had to mean that some part of his mind sought her out, wanted her, wanted the connection with her. She pivoted her head back to face him and softly parted his lips once again with her own.

Strong hands quickly reached up cupping her head bringing her down onto his mouth urgent, alert, hard, sweeping, taking over, no hesitant softness allowed. She let out a surprised sound that just as quickly became a non-verbal guttering purr as he imitated her earlier slant-wise attack, plying her own with the effective tactic.

As she relaxed into him, swallowing as she was being swallowed, Kaylee felt one of his hands leave her hair to press into her middle back as he turned her over atop him like otters mating underwater, then with the force of his strong hand and arm, his waist and hers crossed as he slid her half under him on the cold tile floor.

Supported on one bent arm and hand planted beside her head, Jayne pillaged, plundered the strawberries and cocoa of Kaylee’s wanting mouth. His other hand left her head to join the other supporting his weight as he bent down to lay some of his chest’s surface on her own, suddently needing to feel her breasts through her clothes pressing against his bare torso. That need temporarily sated, he arched up off her and angled his zipper-captive cock down into the place her thighs met, loving, craving the contact of her there.

Kaylee nearly lost it then, her will to have the conversation she’d come there for absconded on the jetstream of wanting Jayne. Of realizing this weren’t a one-sided thing they had here. Hell no, he wanted her, and bad. She had to stop it now, stop their maddening toe-crossing, waist rubbing, mouth absorbing travels, or she’d get no answers, would have no respect for herself after. Learned her lesson last time; sex with Jayne was a drug that tended to leave her high and speechless.

No power in the 'verse could make her end this as long as his mouth was on hers, it was so very, very right but he had to come up for air, disconnecting long enough for her to gain some small measure of control, enough to do what she had to.

Self-talk bolstering her just enough, when his lips finally left her own to nip, teeth covered, along her soft jawline, she arched her neck to give him the best access and said his name.

“Jayne? Ummm, listen.”

“Unnnhh, yeah?”

“We need to talk, okay? We’ve gotta stop and talk about this, about us, dong ma?”

“Uh-uh. I don’t dong ma anything, Kaylee. Lemme do this right, do it like we talked about last night in my bunk, neh?" His mouth continued the path, making slow progress down her neck, pausing between words at the place her shoulder met her throat. "You don’t have to do nothin’, just dong ma that I’m gonna do the gorram ridin’ this time. ‘S all I can think about anymore, playing you, breaking you, you ruttin' breaking me all to the outside of the sum of our stored-up carnal knowledge and back again.”

He straightened his bent arms slightly to raise up and look into her eyes, hoping his words or the kisses would work to find a firm “go” there. This had the equal and opposite effect of pressing his groin more firmly into the perfect western saddle of her woman-parts.

Kaylee’s eyes closed for the barest instant in wanting panting cantering lust, but she forced them back to his face so as to reinforce what might just be all on her to bring a stop to. A stop right here and now was needed if they were ever gonna try to make the right start that'd bring them as much of this and more in days ahead.

She pushed her abdomen up into him eliciting a pained and painful groan out of the big man. She pulled her arms from between his and took the wide-jawed face into her hands. “Jayne Cobb. You take yourself offa me now before I do something we’ll both regret.”

“What you gonna do down there, bench press me?” “Nope. What I’m gonna do if you don’t dismount right this minute is,” she looked her fill from where his hair curled slightly down over his forehead to the hard lightly-furred chest shadowed by his body cocked over hers, to his beltline where a fine arrow of hair pointed the way to the answer to her prayers.

“Kaylee? Come on. You’ll do what?”

“I’ll let you take me hard and fast here on the floor, with the door open while half the crew takes notes on our progress.”

He wheeled over half off of her and shot a glance out the open door. Zoe, Mal and Inara were all there, somebody in the motley group interrupting an embarrassed silence with a politely clearing throat.

The End of Part 4

gorram – god damn or gosh darn wang ba dan – bastard tchen wa - slut wo cao ni ye ye de sao pi yan – fuck your grandfather’s piss stinking arsehole gan ni niang’n – motherfucking wa ch-ao! – holy fuck!

The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 5

Jayne’s captain stared wide-eyed, jaw set titanium hard straight past Zoe’s shoulder at a half-naked mercenary lying half atop his own good mechanic on the shower room floor. ‘Nara and Zoe stood filling the partially-opened doorway blocking Mal’s attempts to advance into the room, making themselves a barrier of female flesh preventing (or at least delaying) Jayne’s destruction, should Mal decide to draw down on the man.

Inara had her own motives for feeling protective of the budding relationship she’d earlier heard about and seen through Kaylee’s eyes. Zoe’s reasons had more to do with Jayne being unarmed and thus of little threat, undeserving of introduction to Mal’s packed heat. Also quickly noted was Kaylee’s face and figure unstruggling beneath the merc, seeming more than comfortable in Jayne’s arms. The firmly braced young womens’ unspoken agreement was that they'd hedge Jayne’s bets, stand Mal off long enough for explanations to be given and received.

Grunting, frustrated, Mal managed to wedge one broad shoulder and arm between Inara and his second-in-command. Trial and error proved that was all he could manage without hurting one of them and angering both.

From that snugly cushioned but slightly undignified position, Serenity’s crew’s righteously angry protector sighted on Jayne's face above a naked chest on top of Kaylee and issued a hard demand, voice icy cold but steady, “Jayne, you get your sorry self offa my mechanic and get up off the gorram floor.” No move from Kaylee’s Jayne to prove he’d heard any directive, let alone cared.

Raking a hand through his shock of brown hair, the other snaking down to rest on the holstered mare’s leg at his hip, Mal continued, “Be quick about it now, Jayne. I ain’t playin’. To hell with needing you ridin’ shotgun on the job, I’ll teach SIMON to point and shoot Vera at any obstacles that need moving!”

Jayne continued to show no intent toward compliance, although he heard Mal fine. All the man on top of Kaylee wanted was to tell his captain to shove it. He was utterly absorbed at the moment taking in the view of Kaylee’s nipples puckered up and perky through the snug tank top riding half-way up her ribcage. That and the coveralls with arms tied and hanging that had slid way down her hips, low enough so Jayne could see that not only was his little paramour not wearing a bra, she’d god a'mighty honored his request that she leave off panties.

Jayne said nothing to Mal, all his thoughts churning and smoking in his eyes on Kaylee, seing Kaylee without the offending clothing that hardly provided any barrier at all to him. He growled low, predatory, involuntarily at the thought. If he concentrated ruttin’ hard on just the two of them and what he wanted to do, maybe the circus audience at the door would give up and leave them to it.

By way of Jayne ignoring his obvious direct orders, no, Jayne ignoring orders and ogling Kaylee like she was a grade A beefsteak and Jayne a starving diner, Mal perceived insult after injury. Fists clenching in impotent anger, one balled-up hand on Zoe’s shoulder for balance as he leaned forward between her and Inara, Mal seethed all the more, stoking up to a fine and percolating rage.

Zoe, Inara, Jayne and Kaylee appeared to have nothing to say, which was of the good, really, because Malcolm Reynolds was on a roll, gathering words fit to goad Jayne into angry but immediate obedience.

“Real soon now, the doc’ll have plenty of extra time for learning to replace you in the henchman trade since your moldering corpse won’t need his fine doctorin’ anymore.” He jerked one arm and hand back over his shoulder, demanding and finally catching Jayne’s attention.

“You an’ me got an appointment that starts and ends with your worthless carcass on the wrong side of the airlock.” Mal patted the gun at his hip, the only hip he had managed to shove between Jayne’s friendlies at the door. His eyes narrowed in a pure-D threat he was sure to make reality. “Get up, Jayne. Final warning before I skin this smoke wagon and shoot you someplace non-lethal and then take you to die proper-like, all breathing space outside my boat.”

Jayne turned toward Mal, smiled sideways, evil-visaged, daring his angry captain to make his move. For his part, Jayne did not move from his perch. The view was too good for moving. No matter how tempted Jayne was to turn his risen and as yet unsatisfied libido to good use in a long over-due brawl with his leader, he had all manner of better use for it right where he was at.

“Nah, it’s shiny, Cap’n. I’m fine, he ain’t hurting me,” the woman pinned under Jayne’s big body was finally heard from. She used a hand to try and make her hair behave, hoping to look less like a mauled thing, more like a satisfied vixen who meant to be right where she found herself.

“Truth to tell, I came after him. Been chasing him down for days now, nowhere I’d rather be than this close to ‘m.” She thought better of playing favorites between Jayne and Serenity in front of the boss of both her and her girl, so she rose up a little on her elbows, best attempt at attention she could manage in her current position and hurriedly added, “I mean to say, Serenity’s all ship-shape, Cap’n. Work’s all done so I’m sorta taking my break.”

“There, Mal. Ya got your answer so get the ruttin’ hell out,” Jayne bent down and kissed Kaylee lightly but lingeringly on the lips, planning for their audience to be gone by the time he came back up.

Three sharp intakes of air from the doorway trio, and then, “Did he just kiss her? Jayne that doesn’t kiss? This looks serious,” that cogent observation from Zoe.

Testing her theory out, Zoe raised her voice toward the man on the floor, “Did you hear the Captain say Vera’s got a new owner, Jayne?”, she asked, closely studying Kaylee’s beau for reaction.

“Fuck Vera. Take her, she’s all yours!,” and Jayne punctuated the short speech by using one bare foot to kick the heavy shower room door closed, nearly clipping the side of Mal’s face in the jamb. Before anybody outside could react, the door was heard to latch from the inside. Stunned into insensibility, Mal turned toward the two women left on his side of the closed door, his hard jaw set impossibly harder as he spoke, “Zoe, did that hwoon dan just give me Vera? With no trade on the table?” “Trade was offered, Sir.” Mal searched her placidly serious face. “Seems you get Vera, he gets Kaylee.”

Mal leaned against the door, thumping his forehead on it for effect. Not four inches from where his head rested he could hear Kaylee making outrageous giggly sounds that were cut off abruptly by he knew who doing who knows what.

Helpless to do anything but try hard to wrap his mind around the events of the past several minutes, Mal drew ragged breath and spoke through teeth clenched tight enough it was a wonder they didn’t crack into shards. “Yeah, it’s serious,” and a beaten man turned and walked away down the corridor toward the kitchen. Suddenly he needed a drink, even if it was just green tea with a little Sake added for flavor.

Zoe and Inara followed in their captain’s wake, no further need for their being a barrier of protection any longer, they were fully prepared to be ear-witnesses to what Mal would say about the situation he was making fast strides away from. Besides, they were loath to play voyeur to the sounds of the pair’s communion through the door. Discussion was to be had in the kitchen, and it promised to be more interesting.


“Where was we at, Kaylee?", Jayne asked, rubbing his hand along her bare belly and hips his eyes had been steadily mapping while Mal raged outside. His fingers fluttered the smallest bit as he moved the palm firmly along her middle, the motion a wavering gentle rubbing that sent Kaylee's flesh tingly warm signals from that connection down to her pointing toes.

Belatedly realizing that Mal was likely to storm in since the door was un-locked, the strong man quickly sat up off of Kaylee, leaned to the door handle and flipped the lock, giving them their needed privacy.

Lamenting the lost connection, Kaylee still spread on the floor, Jayne reached one arm down around her waist and back and scooped her up onto his lap. Breath sweeping out of her in the process, Kaylee giggled on her next indrawn one. Jayne butt-walked them both flush with the door, their combined bodies added security against a door-rush from outside. It was just after that when they both felt and heard a dull bump, bump, bump as if a fist lightly socked the upper door outside.

Ignoring the small distraction, Kaylee straddled the man’s lap, one leg on either side of his hips, feet seeking purchase behind his low back. He obligingly pressed his shoulders hard to the door, sliding his abdomen forward a little as Kaylee’s legs curled around him, feet nearly crossing at his behind.

The merc-turned-chair held Kaylee’s laughing face in his hands and laid his forehead on hers, unknowing the reason for his sudden waryness but unable to let her see the nuclear glow of lust(?) love(?) he figured was spelled out in his eyes.

Hands pressed her head to one shoulder as his jaw nuzzled the side of her neck. His mountain-lion purr filled and vibrated inside her where she was pressed to him.

“We’re gonna have to talk now, Jayne. Right now. It’s now, and it’s here, dong ma?” He didn’t move, merely turned his head a bit to apply heated lips to her throat. She tilted her head back despite herself, body unable to find a reason for resistance, only for abetting any efforts the man made toward taking them to an all-out completion of him inside her, him ~on~ and inside her this time. Good lord, she’d waited long enough, couldn’t take the wait anymore.

Body and brain skirmished briefly. Had to wait. Not waiting, not talking meant no future. Hell, they both knew it, both said it over the past two days at one time or another. Her brain, thus reminded took over. She leaned back from Jayne’s mouth's trekking and took both his hands into hers, disentangling him from her hair.

The girl’s leaning back had caused the bottom of her rounded buttocks to press into him all nice and right. He needed her mouth, needed her tight-molded to him so he could further this along the way he knew it needed to be. He tilted his pelvis and lifted his legs, attempting to get her re-positioned against him when she put both her hands on his chest and pushed sideways off his lap. “Aaaargh!,” Jayne was angry now but still all-over amorous, a big cat deprived of his chosen mate.

“What are we playin’ at here, Kaylee? They’re gone. We got rid of ‘em. I heard them walk away. I don’t know what Mal’s gonna do to us later but I can’t find it in me to care. Most important thing I don’t know’s how much time we got till Mal comes back with Vera and blasts the doorlock to smithereens so I say we don’t waste it. You got me?”

“I got you? Have I? That’s a question I want answered, Jayne. And I think you got some questions for me. Talk. To me. Now. Here and now or I’ll walk out that door and save myself havin' to repair Mal’s gun-welding work on the lock.” She slid back on hands and bottom further away from the man who looked fit to take her down and hard without thinking twice about it.

‘If he touches me again, I won’t find anything left in me to fight myself offa him,’ she thought, her tree bark brown eyes darting back and forth between the steel blue ones on her heart’s desire. He was staring at her long and long, the look unfathomable, almost as if he was trying to let his features communicate something important his ohhhh, lovely mouth couldn't get out.

Fearing the silence that’d lead to one of them giving up and leaving, the woman of two minds thought hard on what to say to start them off in the direction of words resolving their future together, to find out if they even had one. She opened her mouth to say something, anything, when he finally spoke.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time now. It was easy to do because you was all eyes on Simon Tam, not seeing me seein' you. That first night he was on board, when we was all at the dinner table? I watched you watchin’ him, and didn’t haveta be no kinda expert to see you thought he was prince charming. You talked sweet nothin’s and lollipops to that puppy, and he smiled back talking all gentleman-soft and admirin’.” Kaylee swallowed, hearing the scene, seeing it playing in her head exactly as it had gone down, but this time seeing it through the eyes of a man who now had a stake in her time, had had his stake inside her, and was right now plying a sharpened one in her mind’s eye, pinning her to his steady gaze like a screwdriver turning a bolt.

"I tried to shut it all the hell off, flip a switch and clear it offa me, but nothing worked.” He slid himself further up the door, sitting upright, turning to face her better instead of talking with head turned sideways. “Before that boy came on the boat, I had lots of time to take it easy with you. Had me a plan. I'd be your ornery big brother, then ease into bein’ your friend and see how it panned out from there.”

Jayne went on, “Simon Tam stepped right into my place, killin' my chances with you. Didn’t even gimme a chance to get close enough to let you know what I was feelin’, what I was hopin’.” His voice cracking the littlest bit as he spoke left Kaylee stunned into grief.

“Kaylee, I’m sorry as I can be…”

Never willing to see such pain she cut him off, “Jayne, let it be, don’t fret it, we’re both trying too hard, and...,” he moved swiftly beside her on the floor and smoothed one hand along her denim-clad thigh, “Nah, Kaylee. Lemme finish, now that I finally sussed out what I need ta say.” She smiled encouragingly, her pretty eyes that almost perfectly matched the color of her hair gleaming up at him.

“I’ve been ugly to you, Kaylee. More'n once at the dinner table, I made terrible fun of your reasons for talkin’ to Simon, when you was just being friendly, was all. And when Mal set me down, I let it get even worse. Hell, I think I piled it on so he’d have a reason to make me leave, needed somebody else to make me get outta there, away from you.”

Her head turned downward and she made a little sound he couldn’t interpret. She studiously avoided looking at him, her hands fisted in her lap. “Bao bei, I wanna tell you I’m sorry. For that and for the other times I took out powerful frustration on ya. Wasn’t right to do that, just too scared to tell ya why I’d go from joking and teasin’ ya to pulling the meanest kinda words out to hurt ya. I did it for a long stretch, making you hurt when what I wanted to do was make you mine.

He surprised himself, amazed he could lay out the whole thing, make it come out right, so true to what it really was for him. For what he felt for her.

Kaylee didn't make a sound. Hoping she'd heard it the way he meant it, her silence making him question himself, he bent down to try to read acknowledgement in her eyes.

“Kaylee, can I hold you? What are ya thinking?” Head tipped downward, Kaylee sniffled, sending Jayne scared, not knowing whether it meant tears or maybe disgust at him, at his heart getting bared. “Kaylee-girl, you said you wanna ask me something.”

She looked up from beneath her lashes at his hurt handsome face. Almost inaudibly, Kaylee murmured, “I want answers to specific questions. You ready?”

Encouraged, the big man replied with a small sexy smile she could both see and hear, “Ask me anything you want. But first you’re losing some of those clothes so we can put right an unequal an' unfair difference in garb ‘tween you and me.”

The tile floor under her that had previously felt quite cold became a welcome foil for the heat that flooded her body at his words. He went on, “I’m all willing as hell to listen to you and answer you too, Kaylee. But I’m just a man, and no man’ll keep his mind on talkin’ when he’s all tensed up wanting a look at the woman he had naked in his bed, but ain’t never seen clearly in the light.”

Obedient to what her own body already wanted, what she saw clearly mirrored in his eyes, she crossed her forearms in front, her hands grasped the bottom edge of her tank top and she pulled it up back over her head, all in one movement. She wadded the garment, handed it to him and laid her head on his lap as he tucked it under her head as a makeshift pillow. 'Fair is fair. Let 'm look all he likes.'

Wu de tian, she was all he’d seen in the half-light of his quarters, and a damn sight more than he’d seen at the same time. Her breasts were rounded, nipples shell pink and no bigger around than his thumb. He wanted them in his mouth, wanted to test how his lips could suckle on her there, see about makin' the tips of them point even higher.

Almost as if they caught his thought, the small twin objects of his lustful thinking perked up higher toward his face as he leaned in to study and smile at her body in want.

He had time to reconsider the smarts of asking her to take her clothes off as his dick began to rise bringing non-verbal suggestions that had nothing to do with talking things out. Yep, he was ready to stop talking. ‘Gods can she be quick with what she has to say?’

“Do you want me, Jayne?”

‘What, was she luh-suh?’ he thought. His cock leaped to answer her, nudging her ear in his lap through his pants, helpfully prodding Jayne to give the kind of quick answers he’d just been praying for.

“Hell yeah, Kaylee, I want you.”

He shifted, no relief in inaction and waited for the next question, not knowing what to expect next.

“How do you want me, how long do ya think you’ll want me? And what do you feel about me right now?” She rubbed her head sideways along his erection, wondering if he was gonna answer her literally, of if he could ken her meaning was to question him about the long-term future, a lot longer than it would take for him to pin her to the floor and take her the way they’d promised.

Jayne seethed and drew breath through nose and mouth. He pulled the girl off him mongoose-quick, pushed her away and stood up in one motion. He turned his back on her to get space to think, resisting his body's turbo drive to act out an answer on her own that'd be prettier than words of his could ever say.

He supported his weight facing the plaz shower door, breathing slow, shoveling in some thoughts he hoped would undamage his calm. Blessing Kaylee for not talking just now, he gathered one deflating thought for each ragged inhalation.

Breathe in, breathe out. Here was Badger insultin’ him, Mal and Badger’s henchmen joining to keep Jayne from the righteous revenge of planting a bullet where it’d do 'em the most good.

Breathe in, breathe out. Here was Patience, prune-ugly stringy-haired witch who’d tried to kill Mal more'n once, with Jayne tempted to do it for her when he'd had Mal's head clear in gun sight.

Breathe in and out. He reckoned he only had time for one more good (bad) thought before Kaylee’s patience bottomed out so he made it quick, made it a doozy. Reavers. Just the word. No image necessary. Was enough to take his bulging cock from sixty to zero in the last of the three breaths.

Jayne turned to face Kaylee who was standing close enough that her hair brushed his chest in the wake of his turning. She stumbled a little in surprise at his quickness and he reached out to steady her by the shoulders.

He pulled her into him, used one hand to turn her lovely head and press it to his shoulder.

“Kaylee, I want you. I need you. I think--I really think I need you or it’ll never be right with me. Been going crazy with wanting you around me all the time. Spent hours ponderin' strategies for gettin' close to you, to get you to want me back. I’m not smart like Simon. Never be a gentleman if that’s what you want. Ain’t me.”

He kissed the top of her head and gathered her closer to corset her almost tight enough to make breathing uncomfortable. Kaylee wouldn’t dream of protesting, instead she burrowed closer, waiting for his next words.

“If you’ll have me, I’m all for the having. What I mean to say...”, his voice petered out, lucky strike mine of words now emptied.

“Just say yes or no for a little while now Jayne, neh?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” he grunted as he slid one large palm down her back and slipped two fingers inside the drooping waistband of coveralls at her hips, sliding fingers the length from one seam of the pants to other atop the rise of her butt. He badly wanted to flatten his hand, swoop inside her pants and cup her bare-handed, raised tighter to his loins, but he knew a woman like Kaylee might take that as inattention, unforgivable.

As reward for uncharacteristic restraint, Jayne awarded himself second prize by removing fingers from skin sliding his hand back outside her clothes, roving down over the material. He cupped her buttocks as a trophy, learning the feel of her in his hand. She fidgeted against him, wreaking holy hell on weakened defenses as demonstrated by his strengthened erection making a comeback harder than ever.

“First question,” she said, level voiced.

‘Christ, there’s a list? How long is the gorram list?’, his tortured brain and body asked. “Have you ever loved a woman?”

“Love my ma,” he smiled as he answered, purposely mistaking her meaning. “Uh, one word answer? Yeah.”

“Have you ever loved a woman not related to you?”



He drew back from her a little, faces still so close their features blurred in each other's eyes. Just far enough from her mouth so he could give her the one word she needed from him.


He climbed back into her mouth, burrowed his tongue between her lips, swallowing her down whole, jerked each time she swallowed him back. Hands tore at clothes regardless of whose hands worked on whose garments, single goal abetted by two pairs of all-impatient hands.

She kicked off her flip-flops, barely needed to wiggle her hips and used only one hand to encourage her workman’s coveralls to rocket down and pool at her feet. She stepped out and over the pile and nudged it a little to the side. Jayne bent down to edge his pants off first one leg, then the other, she bending down with him to catch his mouth as he went. Lips connected, kissed, parted, came back again to slant this way then that. Her hands gave him balance as he shed the garment, palms rubbing his back up and down, learning and loving the play of muscle groups that teetered and danced as he disrobed. He had her then. She had him now. They had each other the way they'd wanted it, bodies standing locked together as fingers played all over naked flesh that burned one for the other.

She dragged herself off of Jayne with a will to see him, to see all of him in the light. Blessed bright-lit room gave her what she’d craved when she couldn’t see near enough of him in the dimness of his cabin’s bed before.

Kaylee let her eyes stoke the fire in her belly to boiling by the simple process of thoroughly looking him over. He reached arms out to swaddle her back to him but she shook her head no, held one hand up between them. Obedient as ever to what she demanded since he trusted her to do good for them both, he stood tall, unembarrassed as her gaze roamed where it would.

Kaylee studied his body warm in the light, tan looking so good on him, enough brown all over that he seemed to glow from the inside out, darker lines spreading to corded biceps, tendoned neck exposed to more sunlight when he wore a t-shirt to work.

Though he stood student-still at her behest, Jayne’s eyes weren’t idle, not missing this chance to see what had been smudged in shadows on top of him by miniature flashlight’s glow the night before.

Wuo de ma, but she was the finest woman he’d ever seen. Her breasts rose and fell like a hypnotist's device, drawing him in until he broke the spell by following the line of her waist that curved like Vera’s trigger. Her hips were ripe and just wide enough to fit proper when dragged underneath him, pinned under him like he knew he’d have her soon, oh, sooner, please.

Her belly button was a little well of secrets, made him smile to think on kissing her there, of pursing his mouth and blowing a raspberry of noise on the sensitive spot. Her laugh was a kicker anytime, but especially when caused by him, it was as pretty to him as her laughing face. But the anticipated giggles of Kaylee in loveplay promised to play rainbow to Jayne’s arid landscape desperately in need of moisture. He had time to brush downswept eyes quickly across her pretty belly to her thick soft and curly triangle before his plans for the evening escalated to the feverest of pitches.

Kaylee jumped to him, body nearly smacking into him, her hand reaching his penis to give herself the only answer she knew to the ripe moisture sliding flowing up inside her. His body called to hers, his heart did likewise. He came where she led, bending at the knees when she tugged him south toward the floor.

In an instant they were down, discarded clothes serving as small islands to cushion their bed. Kaylee wanted him all on top of her, legs to legs, belly to belly, breasts to chest. And what Kaylee wanted, where Jayne was concerned, Kaylee got. Such easy needs to fulfill he couldn't help but want to. Today's pleasure was hers. It was his turn, after all, and by her own rules, she was due to be the saddle on this gorram ride.

Not wanting to rob her of breath she'd need before he was done with her, Jayne raised chest and belly back off, weight supported on his knees spread either side of her hips. He took his hand between their bodies and played at her nethers, sighing in relief and pleasure at the wet warm Kaylee his hand had found.

Good, better'n good. He didn’t think he could wait to get inside her so it was providence that she was as hot for him as he was for her.

No protestations from her this time, no unreasonable fear that they wouldn’t fit together. No barriers to their rush to pleasure. He wondered if he could resist going too fast. He was stretched wafer thin, control waffling from bad to worse, never had it this bad since his first boyhood wet dream.

“JAAAAYNE!?”, her cry jerked him up right quick, his eyes flying to hers. Kaylee's face was a mask of frustrated woman-pleasure, want as beautiful as anything he’d ever seen in the 'verse. Wanting him like that, she made him wonder if he looked like that to her and he took his shaft in one hand, nudging her thighs apart with one of his and bending to her.

He put the head inside her, groaned a basso song to her soft falsetto of expectation, want so high and hard the gods themselves had to own envy at the sound. She cocked her knees, bent a leg up and around his hip, demanding that he get this started, no more false starts, no will to wait for this dance.

Jayne pushed into Kaylee slowly, inch at a time. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to plow her like a bullet down a gun barrel, but her tightness, even assisted by obliging moisture, held him hostage, slowing him as he bent to her, pushed inside her.

He angled down and to the right in an attempt to take it deep, Kaylee shoved her pelvis up to it, and they met in the middle, grinding down hard and harder, as if to become one flesh all along their bodies' surfaces.

“My god, Jayne”, she called, eyes wide and staring, “I think I’m just gonna die right here. Oh sweet mercy, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move…” her voice went on terminal repeat, softening even as she spoke until no more sound came, only her lips continuing the two word refrain.

He waited, hard put to allow it, cock screaming at him to move, gorramit, take this all the way, get it done right proper while something this good was so tightly sheathing his sword.

“Kaylee, hold on now,” he commanded and pulled almost all the way out, looking down between them at the place where they connected. Didn’t think it was possible for his cock to swell even larger, but what he saw between them made it do just that, and he plunged back down inside the woman, back up half-way and then in. He found a rhythm that played them both into wanton frenzy one moment, and a wave of joyous pleasure the next.

Jayne’s lover slid both her legs up and around the backs of his thighs, holding him in as far as she could to the point of hurting, then giving way when his hips moved to pull back in a rhythm he perfected in no time. The pull of her channel surrounding him, the ridged perfection of Jayne’s manhood purging, searching, finding all of her inside, yesu, it was unlike anything any man had ever done to any woman. Nobody had, would ever reach her the way his body could, the way it was doing to her right now.

She arched her neck, breasts bobbling offering to him, him taking the favor. Hungry mouth descended on one strawberry nipple, tongue laving the long pink tip, then leaving it puckered and pleased so he could perform a mission of mercy on its lonely twin.

Jayne liked to do good works.

Kaylee held his head to her, hand smoothing his hair, bending her own head toward his so she could say his name in his ear.

He left off the breast ministering and put his mouth where his name had come from, closing his eyes tight as he kissed her thoroughly with every ounce of emotion to lead the way. He looked at her close, down into her eyes and smiled, blue steel to hot chocolate.

He kissed her again lightly as if she would break, barely-there kisses on her eyelids, the bridge of her nose, her temple all the while his body kept a beat sliding inside her more slowly now, in a controlled ecstasy of wanting her, needing her, say it true, 'loving her.'

Yeah, he loved the lovely creature whose body sheltered perfectly beneath him. She was more perfect for him, around him, than any person in the ‘verse ever had been or ever could be, not just in this particular dance, but in the every day steps of a life full of Jayne with Kaylee.

‘Twasn’t lust then, had to be love. It was the sound of his name on her lips. The smell of her as she quickly passed by him in the corridor. The way just seeing her far off would lift his heart up to float four feet over his head. It was Kaylee calling to Jayne and his heart's pounding answering her every time, as involuntary a response as breathing.

She provided him a sure certain clarity that they would last a lifetime at the same instant Kaylee clenched up all tighter than he’d had reason to suspect was possible, chain reactioning him into a whip of muscle and bone pressing down into her body and back up mostly out, then powering in like they had a destination to go and were hard-pressed to get there.

Kaylee’s orgasm ripped through both lovers, swept up and over the girl drawing her tight as a bow, then loosing her again to flow all over Jayne’s cock plowing inside and almost out of her. He felt it, god damn, it snatched his attention from himself and all into her.

Looking back down to her body which didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping the ebb and pull anytime soon, Jayne found his release, pulling up almost out and slamming back home again one time, again, again then pushing deep, god deep, upper body supported on his forearms as he shot forever long inside the woman who dragged him over into heaven.

They turned onto their sides on the floor, her leg over both of his, no chance of losing the part of him that still held them connected. She whispered something just before kissing his sweat-streaked jaw and tucking her head under his ear.

Panting, then breathing full-chest deep and exhaling, Jayne asked her what she said, she replied again but he still didn’t hear, his own body’s breath loudest in his ears.

Taking a moment to pause and adjust her volume first to be sure her voice would not crack when she spoke, Kaylee turned her honest sunflower face up to Jayne Cobb and said, “I love you.” At her words, he covered her mouth with a kiss as full of tenderness as sunlight beams on a flower.

Afterward Jayne raised up a millimeter and replied, “I know. I love you too.”

End, Part 5 (Conclusion.) gorram – god damn, or gosh darn wu de tian – my god luh-suh – crazy wuo de ma – mother of god

Feedback, please. It makes me want to write something else, something more. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, December 6, 2006 2:50 PM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER's just one big Jaylee lovefest!


While this ain't one of my primary ships...I gotta give you mucho props, ItsaWash. You do some mighty shiny work with these two;D


Monday, March 5, 2007 11:32 AM


I think i read this on But i enjoyed reading it again! You are a good writer ItsaWash!


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