Kaylee Bent Over Jayne's Lap (Part 2 of Fanfic Challenge)
Monday, January 8, 2007

Well, it's like this: There was this Flan B fanfic challenge, I answered it, and a lovely shiny reviewer requested a sequel. Here goes.


A big thank you to Kjersti for the title and to the lovely VeraSamuels who requested this sequel. Everybody who can, please review and comment. Your words keep me going.

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Kaylee Bent Over Jayne's Lap

Serenity's fair doctor-of-enginery barely laid her forkful of protein mash back down on her Chinese china plate, chewed and swallowed a bite, when the short sharp prick of a needle at her upper arm caused the breath to leave her in a whoosh. She wasn't aware when Simon caught up his victim in his arms, turned her upper body toward Jayne, who helped lay the prostrate and curvy form over his own lap.

Kaylee didn't feel anything as Simon tugged down her coveralls and probed with long slim fingers at the ugly red growth on her hip. Dreaming vacantly and nonsensically for what seemed like hours, didn't register anything at all until a different and blunted sort of probing communicated itself to her mid-section. Right into her tummy.

By that time, Simon was still examining her injury lightly, studying it from all angles, no longer touching her. The probing nudge at her belly was a consequence of whomever she was lying atop. She didn't know it when Simon left the room to go get his medkit. Kaylee didn't register much at that point, in fact.

But somehow she realized it had to be Jayne beneath her. Fog overlay her faculties, but a woman'd have to be dead, not just drugged insensible, to not know it. There was a very short list that included whose manhood on her boat was big enough to nearly lift a woman's midsection an inch by dint of natural hydraulics alone. She didn't know this from experience, of course, and she wasn't an inveterate crotch-watcher, but a girl like Kaylee knew a thing or two about men and manparts, just by how they walked, carried themselves. Confidence was an excellent tell.

So. It was Jayne's burgeoning suddenly blooming interest that woke her, initially. Not woke her, exactly, but un-fuzzed her enough to float in the netherworld between sedation and waking. She didn't feel any discomfort; didn't feel anything at all 'cept for the long thickness of the man pressing her hard, pushing at her as he shifted.

Her breasts shifted too, as he raised one broad thigh beneath her torso, no pain, no hardship there either as her nipples peaked, ruched, hardened to points. She'd have sighed if her vocal cords would work. Instead she simply logged the pleasurable response and drifted deeper. Slow, lovely sliding. Down down further down into the drug's embrace.


Her next awakening came when she almost did.

It started inside the waistband of the cotton panties she'd donned that morning, wincing as she slid the material over the hurtful bump on her hip. That was much earlier in the day, before she found herself here with Jayne's strong hand inside her smallclothes, his spread fingers gliding slow and hard along the cleft of her buttocks. The middle finger traveled point, the rest of his hand playing havoc along the rise at both sides of her bottom as he inexorably made his way down, down and then...

...a finger, thick, calloused, broad as the mind that wielded it, began to play at her nethers.

Softly, so soft, so easy, gentle as a whispered wind he went about it. Her light brown curls were disturbed, rustled in the wake of the man's exploration and his lap's occupant felt the tiniest twinge of anticipatory clenching inside the V of her thighs. Thick wet warm sweetness flowed slid weighed out of her passage bid by the feel of Jayne on Kaylee.

He touched her there. Finger tip wide as a spoon's bowl stroked the circle of her wetness, gathered moisture and her body obeyed her enough to give power to her hand alone.

The pleasured lass located Jayne's ankle by the scent of gun oil on his pants hem. Her small right hand grasped him, clung, urging him by that holding to hold her the more, hold her further, don't stop. But his touch left her as if scalded by the engine grease smudges on her hand.

Her temporary senses deserted her too, sliding her back to slumber, only departing signs were her hand dropping from Jayne's skin and the smallest of Kaylee-sighs unheard by the man whose own breath was a gorram bellows in his ears.

"Ain't gonna rape her," he muttered, hand taken away at last as he realized the wrong he was doing to the object of his affections. The fruit of endeavors was there on his hand, however, and he didn't resist the smiling urge to taste, savor, file away Kaylee-flavor for future good use in his bunk.

Kaylee slid off Jayne's lap into his strong arms for a ride in the walking ambulance to the medlab.

When she rose to full consciousness an hour later, she smelled the musk of gun oil on her clothes and felt the twitch of better-oiled nethers low on her body.

She mmmm'd, smiling her way into the now, eyes opening, arms coming from under the light sheet to stretch overhead, stopping the movement as Simon spoke to warn her about dislodging the skinsuture he'd woven at her hip.

As Simon explained what he'd done and assured her she was fine, Kaylee nodded, settled in and thanked the handsome doctor while she struggled to suss out the broken sensations of lost time. "Thank ya for the doctorin', and I'm sorry I didn't come for help like I should have." Simon grinned, held his smooth hand to her forehead for signs of fever and watched her face for the question he saw brewing there.

"I didn't feel any pain 'sides the needle. But where'd you do the work? I mean, how'd I get to the lab when last I knew we were in the dining room?"

Simon colored, wondered for the second time about the minutes he'd left her on Jayne's lap, coming back with his blue medkit in time to see the merc snatch his guilty hand as if settling her clothing back in place.

"Well, the initial exam happened right there in the galley, but then Jayne carried you back here for recovery. You went out quickly and it seemed best to lance the growth right there in the dining area." He cleared his throat and Kaylee thought he even did that gracefully, as he did everything.

"Ah, as a curiosity, could you tell me if you felt anything at all during the procedure?"

Kaylee delayed her reply, though she heard him clearly. Her mind was occupied by a pleasured tightening two feet low on her body. Simon was swai and good, but she conjured his opposite: the lustful image of a bigger rougher man in his bunk, back arching up, his own gunhand doubling for a poor imitation of her body's embrace.

"Nothing, Simon, didn't feel nothing at all," she smiled winsomely, high-cheekboned loveliness turned toward him as she continued. "You did good by me. I feel rested, all better."



Monday, January 8, 2007 6:57 PM


Can't disagree with AComfortableNumb's assessments - and it covers all of what I wanted to say without having to do the typing ;D - but I gotta say Kaylee's gonna be a might confuzzled for a while about these new feelings concerning Jayne conflicting with what seems to be continued feelings for Simon, Washie;)

Who knows...maybe this will have positive consequences down the road for Silee, when roleplaying comes up as a way to keep the ol' fires burnin'...:D



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