The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 2
Saturday, November 19, 2005

This is part 2 of what happened after The Measure of a Jayne ended. If you want to see that NC17 series, click on ItsaWash in yellow above and look to the lower right. This chapter's PG13 for now, but I have plans to take it to NC17 by the time I'm through. You know me. Feedback is almost as good as reading fanfic is. Bring it on!


The Pleasuring of Kaylee, Part 2

Serenity’s handmaiden sashayed up the ladder from her cabin to the corridor outside, one hand giving the little white lights arrayed around her door a playful cat’s paw pat. She slowly walked down the hallway toward Jayne’s quarters, smiling to herself and feeling the cant and sway of her bare rump inside the coveralls draped around her hips, the light brush of the arms tied low cupping her back end.

“No panties, Kaylee”, he’d requested last night and she’d been awesome-happy to comply, leaving the underwear in her drawer for today. Goin’ commando wasn’t exactly a new thing for her anyhow, it was a pleasantly sexifyin’ way to spend an occasional day, if not done so frequently that it became a boring habit. What she liked about it was the knowin’ of a secret nobody but her had knowledge of. That, plus the knowing little smile on her face now and then throughout the day brought on by the feel of it, pleasant slide slip pull of material without the buffer of underwear.

So going without undies was nothing new to Kaylee for her own delectation, good for a little sexual tension relief. But shucking undies and walking around for the express purpose of pleasing a man, well that was of the new.

She smiled at the thought of pleasing Jayne, of the pleasuring they’d worked on each other last night. Felt a twinge of anti-expectation, wondering if it maybe the night’s pleasures was just a one-time thing. Found herself wondering if there was more, if there could be more than just that hard sweet mating, a one-time only. What if, after sleeping on it, Jayne had woke up feelin’ like he’d gotten in and that was all he really wanted?

The conditions were just right last night, maybe, an all-systems-go kinda deal, and perhaps it no more bore repeating than the likelihood of reinstallin’ that Rey coupling she’d disconnected her first day on Serenity. That coupling was the little bit of guess work mixed with instinct, the first bit of mechanic-ing she’d ever done for Mal, the one that’d got her this job. And got her Jayne too, you might say, since one didn’t come without the other.

So was this destiny here or just a passing need for her and him? Shiny purely happily- ever-after kinda destiny was what she wanted, what she’d always wanted. Could it be that Jayne came wrapped up in that kinda packaging? Big posturing bull-headed knight errant on a gorram alabaster charger? She laughed out loud as she walked on in the direction of his cabin, corridor and stairs echoing softly with the sound all along her way. It wasn’t that the idea was stupid, just that it was…contradictory, didn’t seem go with the man she was just barely getting to know. Heck, other than in the biblical way, she didn’t really know him at all.

Before yesterday she’d a’ never pegged Jayne as a shiny prince to her damsel. She’d been thinking on his parts, sure, but the question of whether he was more than a good bio-mechanism for sexual exercise hadn’t come up till he’d well, come up inside her. But when they got to it they’d tangled up so nice and elegant and all, dancing as pretty as any of the gliding gentlefolk twirling at the fancy ball on Persephone.

Not smart to confuse an hour of mutual lustful consummation with projecting on him and her many years of happily ever after. She knew the truth, the folly of such wishes, but the girl who wore the pretty pink confection made o’ ruffles and fluff at the ball was bound to lay her heart’s desire on something more long-lasting than lust. Nothin’ wrong with lust, no sirree, but what’s a greasy mechanically-minded Cinderella to do after the ball’s done and gone?

More than half-way to Jayne’s quarters, Kaylee made an about face and headed toward the engine room instead. No questions awaited her there, no prickly ‘what ifs’ more complicated than what goes where, and she knew all of that, knew Serenity’s heart like she could never know Jayne’s. What waited there in the engine room was security, safety and acceptance of a sort she’d never found in the short life she’d lived before Serenity took her aboard. Acceptance and security were guarantees that might not necessarily come with Jayne, and maybe she was afraid to find out that was the case. At least for now.

Jayne’d have to wait. He might have to get good at waiting. He wasn’t going far, even if the night’s sleep had taken him to full recovery, which wasn’t likely, he had no choice but to be a captive audience. Only so far a big studly limping cussing mercenary could get to when he was fenced in by ship’s bulkheads all around.

And anyhow, nobody bought any merchandise when there was plenty of it on the shelf right there in front of their eyes. Nope, they bought a thing when it looked to be in short supply. So she’d make herself scarce for awhile and do her job that needed doin’, let Jayne realize that she was of value through scarcity. Best not to be too damn available to the man.

A certain-sure problem with her last-minute decision to turn to Serenity instead of continuing on to Jayne’s cabin was the pleasantly full feeling that thoughts of him had brought to her lower abdomen. Khaki overall cloth between her legs and nothing else there ‘cept the memory of Jayne-on-Kaylee had left her aroused without recourse. Curse the man and his wiles. Blast his request and her dim-witted following of it.


Jayne woke up groaning. Frowned and scratched his scrotum idly. “Ohhhh, yeah,” groan turned into a big satisfied growl, for all the world akin to a mountain lion in full-bore pleasured-up purr. “Kaylee, for true. No prick-teasin’ fay-fay d’pian of a vision-Kaylee, not this time.” But a still small voice asked him how he could know for sure? After all, the Kaylee he’d had in, on and around him while he was bleeding to death and hallucinatin’ walked and talked and screwed and…. “Gorramit!” He had to pee like a bastard.

Jayne exited the bunk barely giving any care to his gunshot thigh. He hadn’t let the smart-ass doctor give him any shots for pain last time he came around waving a needle and picking a fight, ‘cause he didn’t need that shite. Was proud of his ability to do without it, come right down to it. And as he stood up straight, holding on to the wall by the bed in case of wobbling, he realized he had almost no pain, was damn near ready for active duty. A trifle weak around the knees and noggin, maybe, but that was just the result of immobility and lack of substantial or prolonged eatin’.

Good thing he had some decent mobility at a time like this, or he didn’t know if he’d have been able to speed-limp to the recessed toilet in time. He pulled the bowl down, put both hands up on the wall over it and threw back his head ready to enjoy a long slow satisfying piss. A morning voiding was satisfying beyond belief, always had been, the release was so tah mah de-ing good. Not so good as the release of the other fluid supplied through the same conduit he was fixing to make use of right now, but mighty fine all the same. Right then he felt his bladder give up the furious leaving fullness he’d been waiting for.

Which was exactly when a cataract of urine commenced spraying every which way, in all directions but down into the toilet bowl for a length of three feet all around.

“Wo cao ni ba bei zi zu zong!” grated the merc as he raked one hand down from the wall to get his reckless phallus under control. Pushed downward where it surely already knew it was supposed to be, it did its work obediently and properly. But an irked Jayne wondered what in hell woulda caused it to…

Furrowed brow relaxed immediately as the corners of his wide mouth pushed up in a beatific grin and a hearty “gorram.” Proof.

He knew it well enough, but it was a fine enough explanation that it needed him to say it out loud: “A man’s stream’ll do that the mornin’ after he’s had the ride of his life.” Or in this case, the ridin’ was more accurate. She’d done all the riding, as a matter of fact. Pushed him back down when he’d tried to get on top, he wanted to get on top, his favorite position would be his body plowing down into her, hard and long betwixt her shapely legs. It all rushed back to him then, in living loving laving color, her smiling at him as she slewed all graceful and awesome-beautiful atop him, saying something about him bein’ allowed to do the ridin’ next time when he got to feeling better.

He had looked his fill of her cream-skinned body hovering over his hardness as she teased him, tried him, as she let him wait it out and wonder when she’d take him inside. Her breasts rose up as she teased, raising her arms high, stretching, private dancer, coyly looking back down at him, watching him watch her tits rising up, re-shaping from planetary globes already high on her ribs to jutting pears right there in front of him. Right there on top of him. Right there in his gorram bunk. With him. For true.

When he could look and not touch no longer, his hands had rushed to her, rushed to take her beautiful breasts in hand, to test their weight, god, he’d waited so long, but he remembered his first teacher’s lesson well and reined in the hot lust that would have made his grip too harsh, too fierce. He’d slowed down his hands’ move on contact, cupped her in palms flush against her ribcage. He’d smoothed his calloused fingers over her supple balcony softly, pushed the sides in easy, then slid both thumbs over strawberry nipples till he wanted to just die right there, right then.

No, the dying ought to, please god, it had to, wait till he got it inside her, shoved it up inside Kaylee wet, Kaylee heat, ahhhh, Kaylee-girl…

It’d been better than a dream, better than his perverted imagination ever offered him. And his imagination was a stage all manner of kinky burlesque. In the real production of Jayne and Kaylee, not his own screenwritten pornucopia version, letting her direct the dance had given him more than he’d have thought he could take. But after it was over, tasty as it was, it still wasn’t enough, not near enough. He had a powerful need to give and take all manner more of the same. Or different, actually, if it could come to that.

His Kaylee-starved mind had a whole catalogue of different to do with her. To do ~to~ her. And get done to him. Hell, might be hard to decide who could be teacher and who’d have to play student next time they got together. She looked to be able to school him right proper her own self, and wouldn’t it be fong luh wonderful to be teacher’s pet to that whirlwind of clenching moisture and wanting he’d had in his bunk last night?

Where was she anyhow? Jayne grabbed the khakis near the sink where he’d shucked them the night before and wiped down the piss that now streaked the area that served as his cabin’s head. After getting the place sufficiently de-wetified by the pants used as a rag, he called the clean up good for now and stuffed the smelly garment in a box hamper. After kicking the toilet back into its recessed wall unit he turned to look around his quarters hoping to find more and better hard proof of Kaylee’s having been there. Had she left them panties on the floor or taken ‘em with her?

No panties on the floor. No panties on her today either, if the god of fornicatin’ monkeys happed to be smiling on Jayne. He’d asked her to leave off the panties under the coveralls next time she showed. The smile she gave him in answer to his request seemed to promise she’d come through for him.

He limped over to the bed and eased back down, feeling an ache start to hammer in his head. Laid himself fully back down, pulling the sheet and then a blanket up over his long frame and closed his eyes. Bone weary but not tired enough to stop his restless pleasured brain from Kaylee-thoughts, he thanked his un-earned great good luck for what he’d had, for what he might have again. A real gorram wu de tyen ah night torn through with hot wet pure-d bonafide love-making. Such like as he’d read in the best spank books.

Nah, better’n that. And more to come, Buddha grant him the wit and wisdom and charm to see that he did what it took to see that more DID come.

Jayne drifted off to sleep like a kid who knows Christmas will be there when he wakes. The smile on his lips was peacefully happily mei shi, not something anybody on the ship had ever had occasion to see on the man. A shiny thing to see, the mark of a man who had reason to hope not to be so lonely anymore.


Kaywinnit Lee Frye squatted next to one of the Gerslers, the cooling mechanisms for Serenity’s main engines. She had a soiled soft rag in one hand and a long thin metal shaft in the other putting them to good, if tedious use, cleaning and prepping the cylinders for max operational status. She’d been steadily working for a good two hours now and it was hot tiring work.

There were crevices cattywampused up inside the tubes that were tetchy to get to so Kaylee had to trade the metal shaft for a thin wire and gauze pad every minute or so. The switching off acted as a deterrent to repetitive motion aches, but it made for damn slow going.

The cleaning solution she used would leave no odor behind, mostly alcohol based, so as not to pollute the airflow to Serenity’s corridors and cabins, but it was powerful smelly and eye-watering to the little mechanic as she toiled. This had to be done, and it had to be done carefully.

If she didn’t treat the task with the precision demanded by Simon’s own work, she stood to damage the Gerslers beyond any chance of repair or re-use, and unless she had at least six per cooling drive, things were apt to get mighty uncomfortable for certain oxygen-breathing primates on board. Without the G’s being clean and ready, her girl’s primary artery function would fail and they’d all find it a mite more difficult to breathe air.

She remembered telling the interrogating Alliance Fed about the Gerslers when he’d grilled the whole crew about their jobs back when the colossal Alliance cruiser had locked Serenity down and they’d been boarded. The formal and systematic question process had been a small price to pay for the treatment that saved Shepherd Book’s fading life, but the experience of one-on-one with the Fed had been far from pleasant. Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.

She’d been honest with him about the Gerslers when he’d pulled her in to impose his questions about her job. She knew he was trying to catch her in a lie, to find that a little slip of a country girl like her could in no wise know anything about mechanic-ing anything more complex than a cherry pie for dessert. The stern uniformed man had sat across from her at the long table trying his best to intimidate Kaylee, unbelieving that she was up to the job she said was hers.

Falling back on what she knew best had saved her, even though she was nervous and downright scared facing the handsome, perfectly put-together, spit and polished inquisitor. Her knowledge of Serenity and the running of her was second-nature. Well before she’d exhausted her encyclopedic store of knowing, the Alliance’s best and finest had yielded, utterly convinced she was what she said she was.

If she’d done her job of explaining right, and she suspicioned that she had, the poor man was all feng-du bored in the bargain which had the added bonus of shortening the encounter. She was used to folks’ eyes glazing over within a few minutes of her starting in on things mechanical. That particular technique was useful when a girl wanted to get untangled from most unwanted clinches even though it was hard to see how anybody could find motors and wiring boring. It interested her all manner of fine, but nobody else had ever come close to her level of fascination.

Kaylee was all over today’s planned tune-up task list, could do it in her sleep, matter of fact. She could and would do loving chores for Serenity any day, any time with pleasure. It was what made her life worthwhile. It was amazing to her that it paid too. Well, sometimes it paid. At least it kept her traveling far and wide, like she’d always yenned to do, kept her fed and flying Mal’s sky, kept her smiling and now it had brought her…Jayne Cobb.

Back again to Jayne. Her train of thought seemed to have only one persistent stop anymore. All roads led to Jayne. She figured it was muscle-memory at this point. His muscles and her muscles all coiled up together in his bunk. And ever since the mingling of them, her own musculoskeletal system couldn’t stop remembering and wanted another go.

The maddening middlin’ meddling way of this repeating refrain in her head was getting downright impossible to tolerate. Was starting to disrupt her concentration. She worked carefully but a little more quickly on the last of this phase’s cylinders, anxious to get done with it so she could work on something more absorbing. Something more needful of her attentions, a task that might take her head away from Jayne and toward what she needed to get done today.

Sitting legs crossed, back against the wall facing the main engine, head down over her needful Gerslers, Kaylee wouldn’t have noticed another person was approaching if it hadn’t been for the lightest scent of jasmine and ginger penetrating and softening the cleaning fluid odor coming from the cloth in her hand.

Inara’s lovely form appeared in the engine room doorway. “Kaylee? I thought I’d find you here. You are remarkably easy to find, you know.”

Kaylee looked up briefly, ‘Nara! Hi. How am I easy?”

“One may find you in your cabin, the kitchen or the engine room, not necessarily in that order. Oh, and the cargo bay if there’s a game of hoop and ball afoot,” laughed Inara.

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Inara gave the seated girl a searching glance, mentally asking her to look up from ther work, “There was a time not so long ago that I’d know to look for you in the medlab or anywhere else Simon might be, but not so much anymore.” Kaylee didn’t raise her head, didn’t answer.

“You hungry? I brought you a sweet bao, your favorite kind. Might even have some strawberry filling inside. Had to grab it quick before Mal piled it on a plate already full buns he was taking to Jayne.”

Kaylee, grateful for the thoughtfully delivered breakfast but still preoccupied, answered, “Thanks, Nara. I’ll get to it later. Kind of busy right now.”

“What’s wrong, Kaylee? You know, except for you and Jayne, we were all at breakfast this morning, Mal, me, Wash, Zoe, Simon…”, the lovely woman eyed Kaylee to see how the mention of their handsome young doctor hit her, “In fact, Simon asked after you specifically.”

“Yeah? Well I’ve been kind of busy,” said Kaylee, still not looking up, wiping and swabbing away industriously at the metal part in her overalls-clad lap.

Inara slid the sweet roll plate down on the floor near Kaylee’s pants leg, tucked her own royal blue sarong to the side and sat cross-legged next to her busy friend. “Tell me something,” she begged.

“Sure,” Kaylee replied, hesitantly.

“We’ve grown to be quite good friends, haven’t we?”

“Yeah. There’s River, but she’s more like a needful little sister. I don’t know what I’d do for a real sister if you weren’t here,” Kaylee said, finally looking up at her good friend. Inara noticed moisture brimming at the edges of the worried girl’s eyes. Kaylee saw that Inara noticed her coming tears and quickly hid, looking back down again. She blinked frantically once, twice in a vain attempt to push them back far enough so the evidence of grief would not well over. Tear drops came unbidden anyhow, unable to be denied, tumbled over a small grease spot on Kaylee’s cheek, her latest accidental but self-placed beauty mark.

“Friends can’t really remain close unless they talk to one another, keep up with how they’re doing, how their world is looking, wouldn’t you agree?”

Kaylee quickly but hurriedly put the part aside on the floor atop the rag, slid the cleaning fluid safely against the wall and turned her teary face fully to Inara. “It’s awful, ‘Nara, just awful!” Inara leaned toward her and that was all it took for Kaylee to give up and fall into her perfumed grasp.

“It’s okay, Love. Just breathe. Take your time and tell me what’s wrong.”

Kaylee began, “It’s just, it’s umm… it’s all messed up and I’m….so confused and I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. Just don’t know what to do,” wiping her nose on the thin strap of her own tank-top. “I don’t know if I want to say how I., …don’t know how to say…,” she finished lamely.

“Talk around it, Honey. Just talk around it and I’ll get what you mean.” Inara smiled as she heard herself speak this phrase effortlessly, remembering where she’d first heard it. Her Guild friend Sonja had used that phrase replying to the wave Inara’d sent to her some weeks after Inara’s first day aboard Serenity.

Inara had been stumblingly trying to explain to her friend about her convoluted feelings concerning Malcolm Reynolds. The more Inara jittered and stuttered, the less she’d been able to make herself understood. But when Sonja calmly urged her to just talk around it, ‘twas as if a sorcerer wove a spell of plain-speaking in Inara, one that let her get the words out smoothly and understandably.

She told Sonja that the captain was handsome of face and form, with ugliness inside him, coming out when he constantly demeaned her profession, called her a whore and worse. His many other faults included being reckless with his own life yet careful with the lives of those under his care. Brave at keeping them all under control and afraid of speaking to Inara for more than a few minutes at a time, always running from the chance of an argument.

The man was a mystery wrapped in an enigma, clad in the leanly muscled skin of a swai swaggering broad-shouldered space cowboy. Inara couldn’t quite find a way to speak to him or be spoken to by him that didn’t end in an untenable uncomfortableness that lasted for days. Buddha, it was probably a good thing their bursts and starts of conversation didn’t last long or she couldn’t possibly have lived on the Firefly ship with him underfoot.

Sonja listened patiently and long, a trained Companion well versed in such skills. When Inara finally came up for air, her friend laid it out clearly and simply, “He loves you, ‘Nara. And you need to take a minute for that to sink in, then tell me what your body’s response is to that realization.”

The eruption came a full 57 seconds earlier than Sonja had recommended as a waiting period. “The zhu tou posturing pongoid can walk right here and quin wode pigu!” an incensed Inara had bitten out. Sonja laughed lightly, “Language, my dear Companion! Wouldn’t our tireless Guild senseis be appalled! But I can’t blame you, really. Not a surprising reaction when somebody tells you what your heart doesn’t want your head to know.

Perhaps if you had waited the minute I recommended, your answer would have been something else entirely.” She couldn’t resist adding another aside, “And as to your inviting the pig-headed monkey to kiss your lovely ass, I am quite certain he wouldn’t mind starting there, should the possibility exist that the two of you could stop talking long enough to use our learned skills of non-verbal communication, Companion friend of mine.”

A minute or more went by as Sonja filled Inara’s heavy-breathing silence with those observations. After taking in her friend’s meaning, the raven-haired Inara’s considered response changed to, “Cao! What a sha gua I am, a fruit for brains. You’re correct, of course, he and I have feelings for each other. My god, what am I going to do…”

Her friend gave her the answer she needed, “The standard two choices to the horns of any dilemma apply. You may act on the attraction, or do your best to pretend to yourself and the good captain that there’s nothing between you.” Sonja’s client was due to arrive any moment so she wrapped up her advice-giving. “To keep on pretending, to do nothing is a valid option, Love. But if you choose that route, you’ll have to work on stoic acceptance. So choose. And know that whichever you decide to do, it will be the right choice. I believe in you.”

“Namaste,” two lovely voices chimed in unison in their usual goodbye to one another and the wave was over.

Most women’s problems seemed to boil down to men or money and Inara sensed that Kaylee was about to spill a man’s name so she brushed away the cobwebs of her own unresolved Mal issues to listen intently as Kaylee’s small cries at last gave way to intelligible speech.

“I slept with Jayne.” There. It was out, big, bald and awful to say. She hoped ‘Nara wouldn’t slam up off the floor and fly as far away from Kaylee’s shame as she could get. Didn’t dare look at her friend for fear of seeing Inara wanted to do just that.

Seeking clarification before going any further, Inara ventured, “Jayne’s been incapacitated. Mal said you’d been of much help to his progress, easing Simon’s load too, helping Jayne take nourishment, staying nearby while he slept. Did you, errr…sleep beside him to help him to get warm ?”

Kaylee blurted out, “Noooo, well yeah. It kinda started out like that. But it hit me that he’s all alone and I’m all alone without a man, without Simon ever sparing me more than a bare word or glance now and then, and I slid in beside Jayne last night and…it sort of happened.”

Mei-mei, did he… Did you… Was it something you both wanted?”

“Oh yesu, yeah, Inara,” Kaylee nodded vigorously as she swiped one bare forearm across her eyes and then nose, clearing the way for some good forthright girl talk.

“He’s, errrr, he’s a strong figure of a man and simply exudes sex, Honey, it’s not that I don’t understand you’d be attracted, but, ummmm, Simon? Do you still have feelings for Simon?”

“It’s funny how it came on me. And it ain’t that I don’t still think Simon’s all swai and gentlemanly-fine, but Jayne and me… we just fit. Boy, did we fit, ‘Nara. And I’ve been grazing the skin over my knuckles in here working all morning trying to quit thinkin’ on how well we fit, and on what he’s gonna do, what I’m gonna do when we see each other again.”

“How long do you think you can avoid a guy that big in such a small ship, Kaylee love?

Fresh tears welled up, “Not gorram long enough. Not long enough for me to start sussing out what I want. Or figuring out what I’ll do when I see him the next time and he tells me he does NOT want.” Kaylee pulled a fresh rag out of her pocket and swiped at her eyes, blew her nose. “I’m a wreck of womanhood, ‘Nara, my wires are all crossed up. Dunno which direction to go. I feel like a weather vane in a windstorm.”

Inara thought about her own choice about her and Mal, about unrequited love, or at least lust, put on terminal hold for her and him. She held the little mechanic at arms length, met her eye to eye. “Kaylee, you need to find out what you want. And the best way to do that is for you to find out what Jayne wants first. You get that information, then you go from there.” Her gaze was direct and urgent. “Don’t let the chance for something good pass you by, dong ma?”

End of Part 2

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. I’ll be watching for it!

gorram – god damn or gosh darn fay-fay d’pian – big fat lie tah mah de-ing: mother fucking wu de tyen ah – dear god in heaven mei shi- free, without problems fong luh - crazy wo cao ni ba bei zi zu zong – fuck 8 generations of your ancestors feng du – bored zhu tou- pig headed quin wode pigu- kiss my ass cao! - fuck sha gua - stupid melon namaste – a Hindu farewell or greeting. “The Divine in me meets the Divine in you.”


Saturday, November 19, 2005 4:53 PM


Pretty darn good. I loved the whole kaylee doubting. It really was true to her character and made us connect with her. Of course Inara would be so motherly it makes you go "aw". I'm curious as to how you're gonna bring Simon in on this. I'll keep checking for part 3.

Saturday, November 19, 2005 4:58 PM



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Saturday, November 19, 2005 5:39 PM


-->“The zhu tou posturing pongoid can walk right here and quin wode pigu!” an incensed Inara had bitten out.

Heee! Right there, heee! That is so very Inara. I like it.

So, um, part 3 will be when? 'Cause I'm with Rinny here, they're gonna fall in luuuuuuuuuurve.

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This is some of the best soft-core porno I've ever read!

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Great stuff, please write more togetherness

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he's not the messiah, he's very naughty boy!!!
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Monday, November 28, 2005 7:38 PM


The best novels? The best fiction writing? Is when everything builds momentum on top of everything else and things start unfolding.

And this one does that in touching on Kaylee's apprenhension (continuing from TPOK part 1) as she talks with Inara.

>>>Could it be that Jayne came wrapped up in that kinda packaging? Big posturing bull-headed knight errant on a gorram alabaster charger?>>>

That description was not only right on, the wording was simply stuning..."bull headed knight"....I loved it!!! LOVED IT!!!! I had never thought of the Jayne Cobb character like that but when I read that, I could easily understand the meaning behind it.

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"Spank books"!!! I want to be in your mind, leafing through all your stored words and phrases and steal them all for my own personal use, would that be okay? I'll treat them well....

Excellence in it's purest form here! I really dig the whole "how does he feel for me" theme going on here...

"Pretty cunning, don't cha' think?"

Thursday, April 27, 2006 6:17 AM


Another good one, but now you get to know a little about the anal-retentive side of me.

"More than half-way to Jayne’s quarters, Kaylee made an about face and headed toward the engine room instead."

Uh, Jayne's room and Kaylee's room are in the same corridor. Practically right across from each other. She had just finished dressing in her room, so halfway to Jayne's would be about one step (unless you intended it to be that way, but I read it differently).

"Jayne exited the bunk barely giving any care to his gunshot thigh. "
"And as he stood up straight, holding on to the wall by the bed in case of wobbling, ..."

He exits his bunk, then stand by the bed, then uses the toilet in his room? Somethin ain't right.

"Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition."

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Read with a fresh bowl I must add....This is awesome, some of your best writing, I and ranking this ep up right there with "the way of Jayne".

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Heck, other than in the biblical way, she didn’t really know him at all. *yeah? biblical way, and which bible were you talkin' about?

but the girl who wore the pretty pink confection made o’ ruffles and fluff at the ball *great job at connecting this to the BDS.

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both hands up on the wall over it and threw back his head ready to enjoy a long slow satisfying piss. *see comment above, babe...this was wonderful!

Which was exactly when a cataract of urine commenced spraying every which way, in all directions but down into the toilet bowl for a length of three feet all around. *see the comment to the comment above, I can so see mys...uh..Jayne doing this.

To do ~to~ her. And get done to him. *Yep, thats it, you've done it now.

Washie, While I'm off to bed at this time, I'm also CRAVING the momen when I get back to finish this series. It's spot on Washie writing and you know thats the writing I most love here.


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