The Measure of a Jayne, Part 4
Thursday, November 3, 2005

NC17, for Jayne-on-Jayne, by request. More hard coreness soon, as the big guy's almost mended. Stay with me & feed me (please). You won't be sorry.


The Measure of a Jayne, Part 4

Kaylee tore through the kitchen in search of a meal fit to make up for the gropage she’d dealt Jayne under the guise of a friendly (and necessary) sponge bath.

A warmed up soft protein pseudo-meatloaf and a ramekin of rice/bread pudding from last night’s meal would do nicely, shouldn’t cause him no worries of the digestion kind. She spied a handful of raisins in a twist of paper, cadged a handful to toss on top of the pudding. Found some canned milk too, and heated it up with a little sorghum sweetener stirred in to help the taste.

‘Give the big bull moose some moo-juice,’ she thought with a smile.

Walking back toward Jayne’s cabin with the hastily but thoughtfully prepared nutrition on a tray, she worked on settling her mind onto safe topics she could air during a one-sided conversation so’s he could just grunt while he ate the peace offering.

Her pace sped up when she heard raised male voices coming from Jayne’s cabin.

The tray’s contents shifted, wet ingredients slopped over a little as she stopped short of beginning the awkward climb down into Jayne's place. Two paces inside stood Simon.

Angry Simon, angrier Jayne.

Didn’t look to be room for all three of them and a dinner tray in the cramped quarters so she stayed where she was, staring in. Focused her concern from face to face depending on which heated hating voice had the floor.

A’ course she’d come in mid-show, so she had a little catching up to do before she could log her own opinion or act as referee if the pissing contest would let up enough for her to try her hand. At this point long into the 2nd quarter, Simon was busy haranguing Jayne for leaving the infirmary under his own steam when he should have at least had the modicum of intelligence necessary to realize he should have waited for help. He went on to accuse that such reckless behavior could have resulted in a spill, rupturing the work the doctor had wrought on the head and leg wounds.

Kaylee decided she'd best make her presence known fast, hoping the food on the tray might lend a calming effect on Jayne at least. She made her awkward way inside and ended up flush with the cabin wall across from his bunk, descent with tray in hand a marvel of legerdemain.

As Simon shook the length of his finger almost in Jayne’s face, righteous indignation incarnate, Jayne countered with a barely controlled sneer referencing Simon being no kinda decent sawbones, leaving a man to die alone just so’s he could go answer a gorram red alert call to put a band-aid on the shen jing bing murderin’ brat’s scraped knee.

Jayne had no way of knowing he was correct about River’s injury being all sound, no fury. However, the locus of the small wound being her elbow, not her knee, killed any possibility of Simon giving Jayne points for psychic ability.

Having had quite enough of the seemingly endless supply of both Mandarin and English words for “crazy” that Jayne pulled out of his rectum with ease and at a moment’s notice, River’s brother countered by calling Jayne an ungrateful zhu tu tah mah de, almost spitting the profanity at the prone mercenary.

The look of awe-inspired fury on his patient’s face caused Simon to back up a step nearly bumping into Kaylee’s tray as Jayne pulled himself half to his feet with difficulty, biceps straining with the effort.

Kaylee peered around Simon’s shoulders to see if Jayne was naked as he’d been under the sheet during the sponge bath just about 20 minutes ago, but was relieved to see he’d donned some kinda gray sleep shorts that rode low on his hips.

A standing but listing Jayne began mumbling something about Simon being a “ruttin’ bucket of shu ma nyaow,” but all Kaylee heard was a warning klaxon inside her pretty head at the sight of the two men facing off.

She figured a weak but recovering Jayne was probably a pretty close match to a perfectly healthy well-fed and rested Simon Tam if it came down to real blows.

Might be sorta interesting to watch beauty and the beast here get it on if not for the very real danger to the weaker of the two.

Yeah, Simon could get hurt. Bad.

Even hampered by a gunshot leg and cracked bandaged skull, hell, even using only one hand, Jayne was likely able to take Simon’s talented finger (the one that’d so recently wagged with authority in the big man’s face) with enough force to snap the delicate aristocratic bones to splinters.

Kaylee paled at that image and put a stop to the escalating testosterone fest by yelling at them to shut it and shut it right now. The doctor-patient-nurse tableau froze, the only movement in the space the expressions on the two male faces as both men looked righteously indignant and shamefaced by turns.

“Simon, since Jayne got himself to his own bunk without any help, do you think he’s okay to start walking some? Ready to get back on his feet a little? Cap’n wants his help on the caper pretty soon now, sooner’s better than later. Do ya think his making it all the way here is a good sign? Boss says this deal could have us eating good and livin’ high, maybe even get enough credits to buy some of that prognosticatin’ equipment you were tellin’ me you need in the lab.”

Simon took the bait from the agile fisherwoman, “Diagnostic equipment, Kaylee.” He looked thoughtful. “Yes, Mal did say Jayne’s assistance would be invaluable, something about brawn trumping brains when it comes to this latest greatest larcenous endeavor in particular.”

Jayne wasn’t sure, but he thought he just got insulted. Again.

His hormones began to factor toward overload when Kaylee diffused the situation by saying, “Jayne? I’ve got some goodies for you like you ain’t seen in forever.” She walked closer to him and sat on the edge of his bunk.

The hungry man’s eyes fastened on the tray’s contents and he felt his body, obedient to rumbling belly, mindlessly fold itself down into a sitting position right next to the little nurse, now waitress. He grabbed sideways at the tray and Kaylee met him half-way, sliding the impromptu dinner table helpfully onto Jayne’s ready knees.

As the famished man dug into meatloaf, Simon took account of what was important and what was not. What was of paramount interest was Jayne’s continued improvement.

Toward that end, the doctor eyed the head bandage, noticing it was still securely fastened and there was no scarlet stain in view. Might be ready to remove the binding in the morning, he pondered.

Skimmed his educated gaze down to the thigh bandage, finding it also intact, no noticeable red streaks leading in any direction out from under the gauze. Checked the patient’s color next. Yes, facial profusion normal, no paleness, no flags of crimson in the cheeks.

Even at the moment he was most angry, Simon had taken time at the onset of this latest encounter with the bull-headed hired killer to notice that his pupils were equal and appeared to react normally to light when Simon had turned it to its brightest setting upon entering the room.

Mollified at the educated realization that Jayne had not undone his work by the unaided and foolhardy stumble and stroll to his quarters, Simon backed down and sighed.

“Your odor has improved. Since you’re not only well enough to walk down here where you’re most comfortable but also to perform your own ablutions, I’ll inform the captain that the odds of pulling a successful thievery operation are being aided and abetted by your current progress.”

“You’ll do, Jayne, despite your being your own worst enemy when it comes to recovery. Kaylee is quite right; the well-being of everyone on the ship depends on your being in the peak of health. I won’t have you endangering the upcoming mission by any more nonsense, dong ma?”

Not being in much of a position to argue with rice pudding stuffed in his mouth and a raisin on his chin, Jayne grunted and shoveled in another bite. He chewed with the beatific grin of a satyr given sustenance by an angel as Kaylee plucked the wet dried fruit off his face and popped it into her mouth. Jayne chuckled around his food and dug in with a will.

“Kaylee, since you seem to be invaluable as regards the man’s road to well-being, see that his intake of fluids is adequate. The food he’s wolfing down will undoubtedly have a positive effect, but dehydration is still a distinct danger. Keep him hydrated.”

Without waiting for any acknowledgment, indeed, without meeting anyone’s eyes, Simon turned to leave the little space straight-backed, dignity incarnate, no sound left behind his retreat but Jayne’s busily chomping jaws and murmur of satisfaction.

Kaylee watched Jayne as he ate, warmed by his enjoyment, feeding herself on the knowledge that she’d done good by him in this at least. The food she’d cobbled together was good and nourishing, just the thing to help keep her six feet something of newly owned responsibility progressing toward standin’ on his own two feet again soon.

He finished the meal in record time, belched fit to be heard on earth that was, and laid back on the bed with a hearty sigh of satisfaction. Kaylee, ever watchful, grabbed the tray before it crashed to the floor, sliding it deftly off him and onto a shelf near the wall.

“Hey, do ya think the doc’d be so proud of how good I smell now if he knew ‘zactly how that came about?”, he asked Kaylee, never taking his eyes off her face as he waited for her answer.

“I know it, you know it, and that’s all that needs to know of it, even though he’d never care even a little bit if I'd swabbed your whole carcass down with nothing but my tongue.”

Jayne twitched about the corners of his eyelids, felt them narrowing down, his own tongue skimming the corner of his mouth at the visual.

“Well, okay, he’d mind my tongue action, but only ‘cause of the risk of me gettin’ an infection from your dirty skin, is all,” she smiled ruefully.

Jayne swallowed hard, downing the fantasy in the process and said, “Well, I wanted to thank you for the bathin’. God knows I needed it. And the food too.” He looked at the tray, wondering if he mighta missed some crumbs of almost-meat near the empty pudding bowl.

“I’ll get you a good breakfast in the morning. Best you take it kinda easy on eating for now. No good to ya if it comes right back up from putting too much down you at once.” He nodded.

While he searched for something else to say to keep her by his side, on his bunk, for a little longer, she stood up, slapped her overalls-clad thighs and said, “I’m gonna go put this stuff away and then go shower my own self.” He silently thanked Buddha and Kaylee for another visual. Hell, a man could do alright for fantasy fuel by just listenin’ to her talk for a while.

She bent down and stroked his rumpled hair, smiled, and almost as an after thought, kissed him on the cheek.

“ ‘Night, Jayne. Sleep good.” And then she and the empty tray were gone.


After Kaylee left, he levered himself up off the bunk again and hobbled to the sink. Surprised and proud at how easy it was to make his way that short distance. He had to take it real careful, of course, but he made the trip 'thout toppling over and thought the face he saw in the mirror over the sink didn’t look all that done-in.

The hair, though, that was a caution. No wonder Kaylee’d laughed at him. The dark greasy hair stuck up all around the head bandage and spiked every which way. Supporting part of his weight with a hand on the wall, he took after the hair problem with a comb, but weren’t no good way to deal it since the bandage half-covered everything.

“Feng du,” he muttered. Only one thing to do. He moved closer to the sink, hip leaning up against the cold metal so he could use both hands to loosen and unravel the bandage on his head. When unwinding revealed the last square of gauze, he cautiously peeled that back and looked away from the mirror.

For a big stud, he was sometimes rendered a puling boy at the look of his own blood. Hardening his resolve and firming his stance to prepare for the worst, he forced his steely blue eyes to turn back to his image in the mirror. “Aww, it don’t even look bad.”

The doctor’s labors had left the injury remarkably hard to even see. Jayne had been blissfully unconscious with no way to know it, but Simon had used his best new suture seals to knit the scalp whole again. The procedure was so well-received, there was not even a need to shave the hair around the wound.

Jayne cheerfully but carefully tamed down his unruly mop, finding its greasy status a help to keeping it in line some.

Mindful of Simon’s lecture on hydratin’, Jayne turned on the cool water at the sink, cupped one big handful after another and drank till he couldn’t.

Leaving the water running, he propped his dry hand and forearm on the wall by the mirror, and used the other hand to nudge down his shorts far enough to haul out his penis. Eyes focused on the ceiling overhead, Jayne urinated into the sink bowl, sighing in ragged bliss at a man’s universal right to pee on his own, wherever he ruttin’ wanted to point it.

Turning off the water and leaving the shorts riding the low edge of his hips, the satisfied man made his way back to the welcome of his hard bed.

Jayne lay in the bunk and considered his options. Assessed the day’s achievements and disappointments in the Jayne & Kaylee department.

The more he tried to think on helpful ideas for reeling her in, strapping a bridle on her and taking her for a long leisurely ride, the less he could concentrate on anything but his body’s reactions to the thought. The big clean man with the increasingly filthy thoughts let it ride over him.

Nobody was gonna disturb him, he wasn’t trussed up on the medlab bed anymore with lights on him day and night and a door wide open to anybody in tarnation who had a mind to snoop. His cabin door was closed solid. His bunk was warm and private.

Nobody here but him and no reason but fatigue to impair his wanting to be of some relief to his own self. Fuck fatigue. It’d been too long since he’d flogged the dolphin, gotten any kind of release. ‘High time,’ he thought, ‘Damn the torpedoes.’

Why over-think it? Disengaging brain, shelving fatigue, he slid his strong left hand snail- slow down over a chest thinned some from convalescing, but unfailingly strong with the layered muscle he’d piled on with Book’s help lifting weights so often.

Crisp chest hair lay in a fine mat on his pecs, twin nipples peaked up and calling for his fingers to touch, and right now, please. He used his finger to rub from one dusky male tip to the next, rubbed, then pinched first one, then its twin. Arched his back a little at the bite, strong neck bent and taut turned slightly to one side on his pillow.

Jayne deliberately left his cock to simmer, wonder when the first firm touch would move in a southerly direction, played with his own body telling himself he didn’t know for sure how long he’d string this out, knowing only that it was always better when the waiting dangled on, played out.

“Delayed satisfaction.” That’s what a learned kindly whore had called it, back when he was 14 and she took it upon herself and educated him on the ways of it.

Smiling and rumbling low and deep in his ribcage, he thought of long late lessons, long and short alliances reaping the benefits of his mentor’s experience through the years and through-and-through all his partners since her.

Made him want to try the best parts of his education and internship out on lil’ Kaylee.

Give her the benefits of his learnin’, not just for one night, please god, but a long season of sessions teachin’ her what he’d been acquiring.

Part of the teaching was a quiet asking, not telling. He knew to touch her here and ask if it was good. Did she want it harder? Softer? More?

Change the pattern, alter the brushstrokes. Yeah? Oh…yeah. Schooling her and him would involve the teacher becoming a student too, watch her face, listen to her breathing, her almost imperceptible sounds, flutters.

Did she draw her leg up a little when he touched her there? Did she turn her head to the side away from his gaze then, the feeling so strong that she couldn’t even look at him? Ahhhh, yeah. That’s it. Walk with me, Kaylee. Lemme turn you a little this way. Let’s move, darlin’, let’s glide.

Moving his hand down over the hard plane of his belly, he followed the dark arrow of belly hair from navel to pubis, rubbed hard then soft from one defined hipbone to the other. Thighs slid apart, making way, giving blatant demands for the cruel teasing to end, and now.

Not yet though. Not yet.

There. Hand left his belly and circled wide of rearing cock, leaving it bereft of touch. As if it had a mind in its own head, the big curved phallus leaned hard and twitched toward the roaming hand as it veered to the side and down, searching out the heavy sack beneath.

God, the singing zapping up his body when his fingers finally cupped him, weighed him, carefully rolling each egg in its nest. Pinching the extra flesh between fingertips, he tugged gently. The pulling caused his scrotum to draw up tight, pruned wrinkles covering the balls beneath his touch.

Jayne smiled. He knew this dance so well. It was like cleaning Vera in the dark. Never needed any light at all, didn’t need to over think it. Pure pleasure without thinking. Sliding, oiling, renovating all the moving parts.

When his prick had begun to wilt just the tiniest bit disappointed from lack of any touch, Jayne’s hand quickly left his sac and plowed upwards, gripping the wide lonesome base that sprung from his pubic bone.

Jayne cocked his weapon one-handed. “C’mere, you python.” Tight hold, hand still but ready. Waiting.

Rumbled a laugh when the hydraulic system silently but willingly screamed in alert readiness at the unexpected maneuver. Right as rain, taut as Vera’s barrel.

Cock locked and ready to rock.

Sweat rode his hand and eased his way. All pretense of teasing vanished now, Jayne rolled his fingers from the wide flared base in a slightly circular pull running a calloused thumb edge along the super sensitive underside, up over the head with an extra little tug on the way back down to the root.

Slamming his head back, hardly able to contain his own body’s excitement after the long lacking loneliness, his neck arched in a foreshadowing of what his seed’s stream would be like when he finally allowed this dance to end.

He led himself by his own dick, squeezing hard at the base, sliding up, slamming back down, sweat continuing to make admirable lubricant as he conducted the symphony of hormones, muscles, bones and blood that sang the tune.

One hand plyed his balls, two fingernails lightly raking along the taint of his scrotum, ratcheting ransomed pleasure up one notch higher. The small shadowed area where his balls attached to his body and the small opening to his arsehole got what it wanted too, as his fingers pressed in, branding the dime-sized surface with just enough pressure to soothe and torment all at once.

Hell yeah. He was good at this, nobody better. Who else knew Jayne’s measure better than him? Beating out this song’s cadence was an exercise that had been honed from awkward fumblings in adolescence to the current virtuoso level performance over years of practice, times that filled in the staccato pauses ‘tween paid or free willing women to sub for his hand’s expertise of tug and flow.

Kaylee sure had appeared gorram willin’ of late. He had to be sure though, he thought as her name burning in his brain caused a sudden pulverizing squeeze of hand on cock. Had to be certain of her motives afore he ever got what he now held in his hand sheathed even firmer than fist-on-cock could inside her woman's warmth, her heat, moisture as like to boil him hot as to wet his trail.

He was close now. Close to completion lying there in his bunk and close to having Kaylee there too with him atop, grammercy. Him under. Him solid sure. Next, her under him, pinned by the hardness of his Jayne-Thomas so gorram good that she’d never want to leave. Never leave his bunk, never want it to stop.

Never…….want… stop.

Jayne’s big long frame whipped wide, ankles leaving the bunk on either side of the bed’s bottom, one foot banging up, slamming hard against the cabin wall. He never felt any pain in the offended ankle, the rest of him bein’ so wrapped and warped strong and agile in the maddening pleasure leaving no room for singing nerve endings to register aught but his cock’s crescendo.

Both hands secure on his weapon, Jayne tugged upwards again, chin turned upwards and here it came. Arc of creamy spurting issuing forth at an amazing rate of speed and grabbing air something fierce before touching down on his heaving belly and chest.

He rubbed his own seed into the skin on his torso like lotion. Had learned the habit as a boy, best way to get rid of the evidence in case his sheet slipped down later when ma came in to check on her own big baby boy.

As his flattened palm and fingers circularly massaged in the erstwhile skin cream, the devastatedly tired but bone-deep satisfied man forced his muscles to hyper down, mind following along to assess his status. What next move of his would bring Kaylee around?

Assessment’d have to wait. He crashed suddenly into something more closely related to a coma then restful sleep, body’s store of healed reserves sapped by tonight’s onanistic command performance. Might not’ve been all that wise to expend energy startin’ up and then dousing a fire seein’ as how he was supposed to be healing up, not heatin’ up.

Both hands slid bonelessly down off his chest and cock to lie against his sweat-soaked mattress. More sweat trickled down his forehead, pooling where his recently combed, but now mussed hair met the pillowcase.

End of Part 4

Okay, so I lied, sort of. But not completely. I was asked to try some Jayne one-on-one and even though I didn’t think I could write it (not having the proper equipment), partly due to an anonymous feedbacker who suggested I enlist a willing equipment-holder’s aid (lol.) Second not-quite-lie: I promised Jayne and Kaylee’d be in his bunk during Part 3. They got there, didn’t they? Okay, the horizontal mambo I also mentioned ended up being Jayne and his python (not mambo) but he was lying down so I got the horizontal part for ya. Gimme a break.

I’m feverishly working on Part 5, got it about half finished. Wanted it to get posted right along with this one, but Jayne's pleasure was so fine to me that I had to get it out there quick-like. Next part should have Tab A into Slot B and I think you’ll like it. Hope you'll like it. Before I add to the story each night after work I desperately search for your comments to my latest on to give me shiny warm warming shinyness that helps me get the heat down on the screen. Keep the feedback coming, will you? Just hit the button and do it anonymously. I don't need to know your name, just what you think. Even it it ain't good news.

jing zi: ingenious fei oo: junk ching-wah tsao duh liou: frog-riding bastard wu de tyen ah: dear god in heaven Ai ya: damn fong luh: crazy mah-shong: in a hurry. wuo de ma: mother of Jesus Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan: This really is a happy day pee goo- rear end wun gwo pee: never smelled a fart tchen wah: slut shen jing bing: lunatic zhu tu: pig head tah mah de: mother fucker shu ma nyaow: stinking horse piss feng du: hell


Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:15 PM


Good point. Ummmm, I guess I took poetic license? Will have to get it right next time. Thanks.

Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:27 PM


Okies. I think I fixed the "where the heck is Jayne's cabin and how do we gorram get there" problem. Let me know if there's anything GOOD about the fic, will ya? And I'll still take the bad as well. I have strong shoulders, for a girl.

Thursday, November 3, 2005 11:07 PM


This is very well written Wash. I especially liked the "Might be sorta interesting to watch beauty and the beast here get it on if not for the very real danger to the weaker of the two. Yeah, Simon could get hurt. Bad." line. I found quite a bit of humor in that. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next instalment.

Friday, November 4, 2005 3:13 AM


Good humour and am I enjoying your story. Next chapter please?

Friday, November 4, 2005 5:27 AM


Hi, I'm anonymous from part 3. I went and registered so your stalker'd have a name.

whoa. . . good research.

good stuff! Thank You Thank You Thank You! Nobody's ever written something cause I asked before! And you did it so well too. Jayne on Jayne ::shivers::

I can't wait for what comes next!

::wanders off to find her own study bubby::

Friday, November 4, 2005 5:32 AM


Dang it, I went anonymous again by accident. The above was me.

Friday, November 4, 2005 6:06 AM


"She figured a weak but recovering Jayne was probably a pretty close match to a perfectly healthy well-fed and rested Simon Tam if it came down to real blows."

My favorite section of the story. So true, so funny, and written so well.

Can't wait for the rest!

Friday, November 4, 2005 6:59 AM


I gotta go see Shepherd. I think I got some confessin' to do.

I hear you about writing those masturbation scenes when we aren't exactly *ahem* equipped for them. But this was very well done!
I am really enjoying spying on our boy Jayne through your eyes! And when he was imagining *lessons* with Kaylee! Oh my.

Friday, November 4, 2005 5:36 PM


Ohhhhhh, YEAH! You people rock! Thanks for the shiny happy feedback and for doing it with so much fun tucked inside your words. I laughed all the way through. And to the best stalker a girl could have (LilKristy): You're welcome and thank YOU for the idea. Felt kinda liberating to play with Jayne's parts like they were my own. :0)

Friday, November 4, 2005 7:46 PM


I'm staying in my bunk for a long time after this one...good God...I''m kind of at a loss for words here, Wash...uh...
Damn, that was some heavy stuff there and you pulled it off miraculously! It's really something when you can step out of your bounds (a female trying to tell a man's point of view and vice wers) and nail it down to a's called having a keen sense of observation and a keen eye for put those two together and you have something that'll keep your tongue waggin' for awhile....ohhh....I think I need a really, really cold shower now cuz I was really getting into this one a bit much....damn Jayne...damn his fineness and his "parts" and damn that ItsaWash for writing things like it's real life!!!!!! Look what you've done to me!!!!!!! Hope you're happy now!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2005 11:30 AM


Hey, it's me. Nice story.

Sooo...when's the next chapter???

Sunday, November 6, 2005 7:04 PM


*peeks around and makes sure nobody catches her re-reading*

Oh, just had to add that I loved the detail about Jayne pissing in the sink. That is SOOOOOOOOO Jayne.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 8:38 PM


LOL SameErtia. I love ya for peeking. P.S. I'm so glad you said this. I thought nobody notice that bit about the sink! There was a segment on my local radio station about guys that pee in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Guys called in & fessed up. Just seemed like Jayne'd be a likely addition to their suave club, glad you agree!

P.P.S. The big lug can pee in my sink anytime he gorram feels like it. I'll keep cleaning supplies handy.

Thursday, December 1, 2005 5:19 AM


Now, THAT, Bryson, is a review a girl could wait a lifetime for and then die happy of. The review entire was pride-making, but there's something about a man complimenting a woman on her portrayal of male Onanism that, well, will stick with me all gorram day today and'll get me through work smiling.

All of you feedbackers are the life's breath in all writers who post on this site. I hope you know that and keep on handing it out--good and bad.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 12:45 AM


Kaylee is hella dextrous, climbing down into the bunk with a tray full of food, and two people already in there.


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