The Earth That Was
Saturday, October 29, 2005

The earth that was after the exodus.


Its lands are scorched and arid deserts. Its molten core is slowly bubbling to the surface. Its air is poisonous. Thunderous clouds of darkness cover its skies, sporadically spewing torrents of acidic rain, and engulfing the world in shadow. The sun burns all that is under its gaze, not even the dark clouds can hold back its fiery radiance. It is a wretched land, a cursed land, not fit for life… yet we live, we endure.

They abandoned us to the wasteland. They thought we would be consumed by the fury of the earth, they thought we could not survive but they underestimated our resilience, they underestimated our will. We endure but we are not unscarred. Millions have perished and those who live have been forced to undergo a metamorphosis in order to survive in the wasteland. It is a terrible price we have paid, forsaking a part of our humanity in the metamorphosis so that we may endure.

The treachery of those who have forsaken us will never be forgotten but hatred and vengeance are luxuries we cannot afford. The rage will blind us and the anguish will obscure our thoughts, we cannot allow that to happen. We can no longer concern ourselves with the past for it will lead us to ruin. We must focus all that we have on a singular goal. We must escape the wasteland.

There is much danger in our strategy. Large quantities of precious resources must be expended, not simply in material but also people. Our most gifted shall be sent to the new worlds. They shall receive special modifications to heighten their skills and prowess. They will infiltrate the new worlds and gather the support and resources needed to build a fleet, return here, and take us away from this accursed world. It may be many centuries before our plan can come into fruition but there is no choice. We can undoubtedly endure for many more generations, perhaps even indefinitely, but humanity has no place here. In enduring we will be forced to shed what is left of our humanity, it will make us strong, perhaps strong enough to prosper, but it will pervert us, twist us into abominations. We will survive while we wait but it is all that we can do, for one cannot truly live in the wasteland.


Sunday, October 30, 2005 10:07 AM


Let me elaborate on the metamorphosis thing a bit. I wasn't just talking about a physical thing where they use genetic engineering to modify themselves so they can survive in the hostile environment; it's also a change in morals and ethics. In order to survive in the wasteland they had to do some things that we would consider morally repulsive. Hence when I talk about how they’re losing their humanity, I really mean that they’re slowly losing their humanity.


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The Earth That Was
The earth that was after the exodus.

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