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Friday, October 28, 2005

WORK IN PROGRESS!!! takes place before out BDM, and this first part is only Mal/Inara angst fluff kinda stuff... PG-13 cause i am not sure if it is real bad or not.


A/N: WORK IN PROGRESS!!! takes place before out BDM, and this first part is only Mal/Inara angst fluff kinda stuff... it was a sort of sceen i just could not get out of my brain so this happend, and i have a plot that could add some substance and is not totaly around these two character later. so yeah this is my First try at posting somthing and if you guys even kinda like it i will post again. Oh yeah one last thing constructive critisism is more then just welcome! i will read it and put it to good use.

Thank yous: to my beta Seas who has not even watched the show but still stuck around to edit my bad grammer and spelling! and to the shows creators whom you all know for the sort of electic vibes between mal and inara that would not let me sleep till i sat my ars down and wrote about it.

Diclaimer thingly: the show firefly and its characters are not mine, they belong to some rich guys and gals in expensive suits.

Mal sat at the edge of the red sofa, the lights were dim and the air warm. He could feel a vibration through his feet, meaning that the loud music from the party on the first floor was still going. He had tried keeping his mind on that vibration as his lap was straddled by a complete stranger, his ‘contact’. That's when he heard the door silently creak open. In the dim light he saw at first a small figure that he could only make out as a woman. Then just as he was about to get up and wrestle the intruder to the floor he noticed it was Inara. Now this was all sorts of "uncomfortable" for him! He was in the middle of being devoured by a complete stranger, then Inara walks in! As if he needed this situation to become more awkward! He could not help himself, he stood up quickly, practically dropping the woman in his lap to the floor, he had the look on his face of a man who had just been caught being unfaithful. "What the hell! You gorram pig!" said the woman on the floor who was quickly getting up, looking like she wanted to spit at him. ‘Maybe she did not see Inara’ Mal thought to himself, but had no more room to think because within seconds everything changed. As the woman in front of him began to rant at him, Inara gracefully walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder, only to thrust the palm of her hand to her nose -breaking it. Mal looked down to the floor at the fallen woman then up to Inara -then back down. He could tell his mouth was hanging open. Inara had just K.O.'d a woman that looked to be as tough as Zoe, and now was trying hard to hide that small smile of what could only be described as satisfaction. "Mal we don't have time for you to stand in awe. Did she offer you a drink or any food?" Inara asked looking somewhat bothered at the way Mal kept staring at her like she had a third eye he had never noticed. "Nara if you don't mind me saying, her hospitality or lack of, was no reason to knock the woman out," he responded with one of his dark smiles that reached his eyes, the kind Inara knew he only had for her when she surprised or impressed him. "Mal, she was not a real contact. She was sent to kill you and the rest of the crew." She responded, trying to keep it serious. Later they could flirt not now- not when she wasn't sure if they were safe or not. "She offered -but I refused- since I was on a job thought it best not to drink ," Mal said, now a bit more serious. "Oh thank god," she said, exhaling a breath of air she did not know she was holding. "Come on me get her in that closet, we don't have much time." Mal started to pick up the woman and began talking at the same time. "What have you done about the cameras and the guards?" "I snuck by the guards. And as for the cameras.... they are disabled, but they will be back on line in about 5 minutes," She responded. Her voice was stressed from exerting herself as she lifted the woman’s legs. "You know she looks much lighter than she is," she said. "I don't think that's important right now, in fact I think we shouldn't even mind putting her any where since I don't see how you plan to leave within 5 gorram minutes." Mal responded also sounding stressed. "You see that’s the thing. We won't be going, not for about 45 more minutes," she responded. She and Mal finally got the woman up and were now about three feet from the closet. "What about the cameras?" he asked. "The type of cameras they use in these room are pretty grainy so people feel weird about getting intimate. But the guards can still guard," she said- sounding as if she was beating around the bush or keeping a vital piece of information from him. "Ok I get that they wont know who we are, but that wont make much difference when they note that you're here and she 's not." he said as they put the unconscious woman on the floor in the closet. "That’s the thing. They never knew I was here and in case you don't see it... me and that woman share some features. " She was now looking at him waiting to see him realize what the plan was. "Oh," was all that came out of his mouth as he closed the closet door. But his face held something else. She saw it. He was actually nervous, and she had never thought she would see him act as if he were shy. "Yeah," she said. Her voice was somewhere between determined and shy. But still so sweet. Then she saw his face become determined as he set his jaw. His face became unreadable. She knew her face was much the same, as he looked at her. It was odd to feel so nervous about something so silly. They would only be kissing and touching, nothing extreme, but she felt so strange. She pushed it aside and told her self it was only her job, nothing more. They moved to the bed and he sat where he was before with the other woman. She took out a small watch from the black purse that matched her pants and she wound it so that it would ring in about 45 minutes. When she put the watch away and tossed the bag on the floor by the bed, she looked up to see Mal there in front of her. Sitting on the bed looking at her. He was taking in the way the dark pants outlined her just right stopping at her hips, and then there was her black spaghetti strap shirt. He had a look on his face she could not read. Then finally he looked in her eyes, so warm and trusting. "I guess I'm supposed to straddle you like that woman was. Which reminds me. You have an odd way of conducting business." she said trying to lighten the moment as she got closer to him, putting her hands on his shoulders for support. He was going to respond with a stinging comment. About how her business was so profitable he wanted to check it out, but stopped himself. He saw in her face a look as if she was bracing herself for a rude comment. "Inara. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop commenting on my trade." Her face right away showed a big smile. "How the tables turn my dear captain," she responded. She looked like she was about to make another crack but stopped when he place his hands on her hips to help her onto him. Finally she straddled him and he pulled her hips to get her closer. The action made her inhale sharply in surprise. "Sorry." he said huskily apologizing for his roughness. "No its ok, your fine." she said quickly sounding a bit flustered. He looked up at her. She was chewing on her lip now. "Ok lets start?" He asked her. She gave a small nod, then she cupped his cheek as she bent down to graze his lips with hers only slightly... then a bit more as he joined in. It was sweet and tender. So many emotions flooded Inara. She wondered if it was the same for him. If this kiss was breaking his heart too. Or if it was only a job to him. Mal was trying hard not to become involved- not to show her how he wanted her. But he was failing. His heart was beating hard and he wanted to take her. Please her. There was just too much passion . His body was doing things by instinct. They were both scared. He was scared because she was going to leave and this was not going to change a thing. It was only going to make it harder for him to let her go. She was scared too. She was scared because she cared and she could not help it. Because she knew that she was going to have to leave and that ache in her chest now would never subside. She was scared. She was in love. And maybe he was not. God so much fear. But it was all secondary to the other feelings. Of love. Of passion. Of desire. It was the same for them both. They broke only for a few seconds to breath. They looked in each others eyes and saw what they had felt. So much tenderness. "Oh god," Inara said, trying to breath finding it hard. She was in grief. "’Nara, I am selfish, I am petty. I’m all sorts of "messed up"… please stay." He was catching his breath as he whispered in to her ear. "I'm not perfect Mal, you’ll grow tired of what I am…. you don’t even know me." She said. Half trying to stifle a low moan as Mal was kissing, sucking and biting all along her neck. "And you might hate me in the end, I know… but It's worth the risk. We're both strong. I think we can make it work." He was now placing a kiss on any skin that was exposed. Inara weaved her fingers into his hair as she let instincts take control, forgetting her training. When a strategically placed kiss made her arch her back slightly. "Mal, I still owe the Guild. I can’t stop being who I am. I know you… it will kill you inside and you’ll soon begin to hate me for it… I don’t think I could live with that." She was now kissing his face. It was a small sign of love… a small kiss on the lips, the chin, the jaw line, the cheeks, his temples. "Every day I risk dying for stupid things…I would finally have something worth dying for." he said tenderly looking for her eyes so that he could see how she felt about it. Then they heard some chimes. It was the watch. Their time was up. Quickly Inara got out of his lap thanking the gods the spell had broken.


Saturday, October 29, 2005 6:06 AM


Um, was that the quickest damn 45 minutes in all creation or did you fast forward the gorram watch? I hope Mal and Inara make a go of it together, there must a way for love to triumph over a little annoying detail like the Companions Guild. Who needs that tarnished old rule book anyhow? Ali D :~)
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Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:17 AM


damn the rules!!! he's the captain!!! he makes his own rules!!!


Sunday, October 30, 2005 5:00 PM



ok umm yes i have to fix well alot of things... the number one thing was the fact i did not name one of my other betas 'WorthFighting4' who read it the first time and told me to post it here once my other beta 'seas' fixed it a bit. I know i am a dope for not posting this right the first time but i am new so i am alowed a mistake or two ...or more... heh so yeah next tome i will make it clearer so that you can read it better.

ok on to the next thing hello 'Amdobell' I have seen you post in several other stories and hoped you would read this one! ::noticeses she is geeking out and trys to compose herself::.. righ so yes you are. that was most definitly not 45min worth of smooching, my mistake! I ment it for 45 minutes worth but it kinda hard for me for several reasons
1) I have never kissed so i have no clue how to write it i just guessed.
2) i am new at writing so i got kinda shy to write the who 45 minutes worth of it. but now that i got some of you all reading i am not going to shy away from it.
3)well incase the other 2 reasons were not enough, it is because dear i am 17, and my gardians look through my computer sometimes and i was kinda shy to have them find a long and umm 'interesting' make out sceen saved on my computer. but i fixed that so it no prob. now!

now as for the two characters i think you guys might like my next post i just have to figure out how to work this site beter. i will probibly have a new post by friday or next monday.

ok well guys thank you all for reading! I will try to do better next time, ok well bye!

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WORK IN PROGRESS!!! takes place before out BDM, and this first part is only Mal/Inara angst fluff kinda stuff... PG-13 cause i am not sure if it is real bad or not.