Thursday, October 20, 2005

Inara thinking....


Pairing: Kaylee/Inara Rating: Teens Spoilers: When In Love Disclaimer: Don’t own a gorram thing….though the storyline is mine and mine alone

AN: Okay, I wrote this one in class. It suddenly hit me and I had to grab a piece of paper to write it down. My pen could barely follow my thoughts. My muse is definitely still alive and kicking. A big thank you goes to my best friends who keep urging me to write more! And... feedback gives me a happy tingly feeling!!


The snowglobe was sitting in front of her lover, who was looking at it with great admiration. She shook it once more, watching in wonder as the small snowflakes made their way back down and settled around the small replica of Serenity. A smile played around the younger one’s lips as she turned the globe upside down and back in front of her, getting lost in her own little world.

Inara had been gone for almost 3 days which she knew had been near an eternity for her little one. She could only guess what the young mechanic had done those past few days. She had probably spent most her time in the calming surroundings of the engine room or if she really had to catch up with sleep in her bunk. Even for Inara it had been near eternity, she had missed her bubbly half dearly.

When she had decided to suprise them by returning on the second day, right after dinner, she had seen the sparkles in her eyes. Kaylee had given her a 1000 mega-watt smile when she had entered the kitchen and it hadn’t left her face the rest of the evening. When she had pulled her gift out from behind her back, her eyes had grown large with wonder. It had cost her quite a lot of money, a dinner and of course the service of Companionship to get a hold on the precious snowglobe currently being shook for the umpteenth time. When she had first heard of a man making these gifts she had contacted him as soon as possible, wanting to know if he could do one with a Firefly-class ship. Serenity meant more to Kaylee than enything else. Her love for the ship was unconditionally and everlasting, even Inara knew nothing could ever come between the ship and its mechanic. If something were to happen, the ship would come first, but Inara knew more than anything else that the love she got from Kaylee was unconditionally and everlasting as the love for the ship. It was almost undescribable.

Mal knew about their realtionship. They all knew, though Jayne seemed to be the only one to be a bit behind on the matters. Not that she cared what he thought, she’d rather not know what he thought. The Captain had long ago approved, although not in so many words since she could clearly sense there was something on his mind that he so desperately tried to hide from her, though failing miserably to the trained eye of a Companion. She was aware of his hidden jealousy towards his mechanic, knowing she had accomplished what he hadn’t been able to. She had seen him that night in the garden, hiding behind his tree. She hadn’t acknowledged his presence. Not that she hadn’t wanted to but because she couldn’t. Kaylee had been sleeping so peacefully in her arms, making butterflies flutter around her stomach and for that reason only she had left the Captain to his brooding, his what ifs and his could have beens. It was better that way and one day he would find that special woman and he would be happy again, just like she was right now.



Thursday, October 20, 2005 2:19 PM


umm okay. TOTALY different twist on roles...

Thursday, October 20, 2005 3:26 PM


absolutely precious!

Friday, October 21, 2005 6:02 AM


agree with RK, totally precious


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Inara thinking....

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