Love Hurts
Thursday, October 20, 2005

He’s watching...because that’s all he can do.


Pairing: Kaylee/Inara Rating: Teens Disclaimer: Don’t own a gorram thing….though the storyline is mine and mine alone

AN: Sort of a sequel to When In Love...though can be read as two different stories. I hope you people like it. Feedback makes me happy!


She had just returned from one of her business transactions, and as she came down the stairs in the kitchen he could see the smile grow. She greeted them as she always did, letting them know it felt good to be home. But one in particular she greeted with more affection than all others. It seemed she had grown a pair of wings as she floated, almost as if she were drawn, towards the young mechanic sitting in the corner, munching on an apple. As the girl looked up her eyes sparkled and a 1000 mega-watt smile appeared on her face. The Companion had almost reached her, yet she met her halfway and threw herself around her neck.

“You’re back!” The woman started laughing and hugged the younger one right back, no doubt getting lost in the smell of engine-grease and whatever else there was that made Kaylee so loveable.

“Meimei, I wasn’t gone for that long, now was I?” She pulled herself away from the mechanic and looked deep into her eyes. A blush crept on her cheeks as she nodded.

“Too long.” Her answer was rewarded with a kiss, which she eagerly accepted. He turned away, a pang of jealousy working its way through every fiber of his body.

“I brought you something.” He turned back just in time to see a gift being exchanged hands. The look on her face was undescribable. She glanced from the package up to her Companion, and back down. “Aren’t you going to open it?” The paper-wrapping disappeared as snow in the sun and instead a small box appeared. He was curious as what could possibly be hidden in there that would win her affections even more. He knew she had already fallen madly in love, and it wasn’t with him which he deeply regretted. She opened the lid and a well meant awe escaped her lips. The young mechanic pulled a snowglobe from the box and looked at it. He couldn’t quite clearly see what was inside but he could see she was excited about it. “Well?”

“It’s ... beautiful.” She turned the snowglobe and watched in awe how the tiny pellets of white made their way down. “Thank you.” Another hug and kiss followed. He turned away, seeing the Captain stare at him. He blushed and quickly stood up, not wanting to be in the same room as the rest. He needed fresh air, but most of all he needed to be alone for a while. The object of his affection wasn’t his to have. It was hers.

Her giggles, which were like music to his ears, would never be meant for him, or because of him. Neither would her laughter be, which was like a perfect symphony playing for days on end. She had done what he hadn’t been able to. Inara had won Kaylee’s heart. They were one.

“Simon?” He jumped as he heard his sister’s voice behind him. “You okay?” She was genuinly concerned about him. She knew, she always knew.

“I’m fine, River. I’m fine.” He lied but in the end he would be. He just needed time, that was all.


Friday, October 21, 2005 5:59 AM


that it does, bao bei, that it does.

hey, i'm always here for, ahem, "comfort" simon. shiny vignette.


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Love Hurts
He’s watching...because that’s all he can do.

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