Sunshine and shadows part 2
Thursday, October 6, 2005

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters This and part one are my first fan fiction, treat them kindly please, please


Jayne groaned, the Doc must have doped him up good – here he was dreamin’ of lil Kaylee dressed in her birthday dress all golden like sunshine. “Cept she weren’t lookin’ all soft and sexy at him, like he wished, but like she was angry. He sat up with a wince, just his luck, he weren’t dreamin.’ “Ya buy me this dress?” Kaylee asked Face in the shadows, he nodded warily. “Does that mean ya like me?” Jayne nodded again. “So ya gorram dummy why didn’t ya tell me?” Kaylee demanded. “I ain’t no good” he started “Ya been lookin’ out for me how long?” she questioned “Guess since I come on board” he admitted

Kaylee charged straight on with what she was sayin’ “Got to thinking about who’d buy me this dress. Zoë or Inara would just give it to me. Mal would have no idea of such a thing. Simon wouldn’ think it proper. Book or River no. That left you, and I started wonderin’ why…Then they bought you in bleedin’ and sayin’ you might die” Kaylee brushed at the tears in her eyes. Jayne grasped her elbow gently so that she sat by him on the bunk. She buried her head on his shoulder and holding his feelings in check he wrapped his arms round her rocking her comforting her. “You want the Doc” he said answering her earlier question “Been pretty clear ‘bout it too.” “For a long time I thought so too” admitted Kaylee “till you were bleedin’ to death in front of me” she snuggled closer causing Jayne to take an even more fierce hold of his emotions. “Guess I woke up that maybe I cared bout ya. Now I told you somethin’, it’s your turn, how ‘bout ya talk to me Jayne, tell me somethin.’” Talking ‘bout feelings wasn’t his strong point, thought Jayne. He always went and said the wrong gorram thing at the wrong time. “Guess I want ya to be happy. If ya want somethin’ you should have it.” He stated. “What if I want ya to take off my dress ‘n’ touch me? Maybe kiss me on the lips?” Kaylee coaxed. “Ifen I touch ya or kiss ya, won’t be able to let you go, not never” growled Jayne “Don’t want ya to let me go ever” said Kaylee, looking him straight in the eyes all soft and sexy. He groaned, pulling her closer still and kissing her on the lips set them both on fire. Tongues tangling together they kissed many times, long drugging kisses that had them both trembling and wanting more. Jayne’s hands travelled down the length of her body but his hands were shaking so hard he couldn’t get the dress off. Kaylee grabbed his hands and helped pull the dress over her head. His body stilled and Kaylee grinned. To get his attention she had deliberately worn no underwear, now she waited for a response from him. Jayne made a sound remarkably like the purr of a big cat and catching her to him lifted her up onto the pillow proceeded to kiss her all over her body. Hot aching kisses, tender kisses, kisses that made her fell all hot and bothered. He swirled his tongue round her nipples, reaching down to slide a finger into her moist folds causing her to moan with pleasure. “Want ya naked too” her voice was husky Jayne grinned at her and one handed tore his shirt off over his head and slid his pants off real quick. He was so fine, so big, so gorgeous, all that working out had made beautiful muscles. Kaylee put her hand on his stomach to touch them and Jayne, big, tough, and unfeeling (well she knew that was wrong) Jayne shivered. Shivered at her touch and both of them lost control, bodies melding together as she wrapped her legs round his hips and he plunged inside her. At each thrust she moved up to meet him, pulling him closer, increasing the pleasure, winding them tighter and tighter till they were shuddering together in mutual intense orgasm. Lying together in the aftermath of the best sex he’d ever had, Jayne kept her close to him, smoothing her hair from her face. Had to tell her how he felt, know for sure, “Love ya Kaylee” he said looking at her as if he expected her to turn his words aside, not think he was good enough, to leave him or somethin’. “Love ya too ya big ox” she kissed him again and again to reassure him, till he rolled on his back taking her with him so that she was astride him, riding him till they came again to a shattering climax. Sliding together into sleep Kaylee rested her head on his chest, Jayne had said he wouldn’t be able to let her go, Kaylee realised that she wouldn’t ask him to, because she wasn’t ever goin’ to let him go, not never. She was thinking of this and smiling while she and the shepherd made dinner. She felt as protective of him as he did of her and wasn’t goin’ to let anyone hurt him. Everyone was already there waiting for dinner except Jayne. Good timing she thought, and taking a deep breath she announced “Just to let everyone know Jayne ‘n’ me are sharin’ a bunk from now on.” They all looked at her. Simon was horrified; maybe she should have talked to him first. Mal was still stunned. Zoë & Wash well they had the bunk next to Jayne’s so they weren’t that surprised. Inara seemed pleased and she could swear Book and River looked satisfied. “And I don’t want anyone hasslin’ him bout it” she ordered

Just then Jayne came in and found everyone lookin’ at him “What?” he demanded “What’d I do this time?” he asked as he sat down and started eating. After Kaylee slid into the chair next to him and smiled, Simon scowled at him and Wash clapped him on the shoulder, he figured Kaylee must of told ‘em bout them being together. Girl never could keep a secret .He was puzzled why no-one made any comments to him ‘bout it. But he shrugged ‘twould come soon enough he guessed. As they were getting up from dinner Kaylee gave him her sunny smile “If we’re goin’ to share a bunk” she said “Share my bunk?’ he thought “she’s stayin’ with me.” “You have to get rid of those girlie pictures on the walls” Kaylee continued. He scowled at her; those girls had been with him a long time “Guess maybe I can put up some pretty boy pictures” she mused “No” he growled “not sharin’!” “Me neither” asserted Kaylee glancing sideways at River and flinging her arms around his neck kissing him. Jayne’s arms wrapped around her, lifting her off the ground as he kissed her back with passionate intensity forgetting everything and everyone ‘cept Kaylee


Thursday, October 6, 2005 9:44 AM


o-kay...goes from downright kinky to sweet an' innocent...I LIKE!!!

zhufu ni



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