"If Somebody Told Me" - Kaylee Frye
Saturday, December 7, 2002

Why they came to Serenity, why they stay


If someone told me about this six months ago, I never would have pictured it! I am having the time of my life! Daddy was always broke. Sure, he could fix things and taught me how, but we never had much. Never thought I'd ever get to see anything further than Callahan's Point! Mama was always busy. Big family and not much money tends to make you occupied. Besides, she knew I couldn't cook, and my sewing was bad enough to make the cat laugh, but I certainly liked engine parts, grease, and daddy's tool shed. She would tell me I'd need a bit more refining if I ever wanted to be a good wife and mama. Well, I wasn't too refined when I found this fella. Mechanic on a ship he tells me. Well, he was really cute and I wanted to see the engines. Sad part was, while he was really cute, he wasn't that good with his equipment - both the ship's and the one 'neath his belt. If he'd been a little better, I might not have been watching those engines. Well, I'm glad he wasn't so great at screwing, else I'd not have my job. I don't suppose many ship mechanics can say they met their captains when their dress was hiked up, but Cutie tried to feed Mal a line about a bad engine part, and I knew he was full of hot air. Just to play with him, I tell Mal what's really gone haywire with his engine. Well, I show Mal how simple it is to get his ship running and he offers me a job! Made Cutie really pissed off. I write Daddy every week, and make sure Mal sends part of my salary to 'em. He's the best - almost like the big brother I wish I had. I get to see the galaxy and spend all day in the engine room. I've also been to a big party where I got to wear a pretty dress, eat fancy food, and dance most of the night. We've had times where I've been so scared, but I don't tell Daddy 'bout those. Don't want him to worry. Lotsa interesting people on this ship. Inara is so pretty - almost like a china doll I saw in a store once. Wash and Zoë are my kinda people - easy to talk to, especially Wash. Zoë found a good fella with that one. River's crazy, but something awful was done to her to get her that way. Shepherd's a kind old man, but I gotta wonder why he's aboard. Jayne's as hung up on guns as I am with engines, and that's just fine with me. Then there's Simon - really cute and real smart, but damn the man's gullible. Guess I'll have to teach him. Meantime, I'm looking at my pretty dress and listening to a music chip I borrowed from Inara. She says it's a guy named Bach who wrote this and it's over 800 years old! Wow. Y'know, a gal could get real used to the spacing life. Real used to it indeed.


Tuesday, July 29, 2003 2:39 PM


Good old Kaylee! I think she is the one closest to content out of all of them and I did enjoy this. Thank you, shiny effort! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, December 14, 2003 5:24 AM


Is there another "Shindig" reference here? Is that your favorite episode?

I like it a lot, though. Very well done.

Keep writin'!


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