Remembering Inara Chapter 3 - Book and Wash Reynolds
Thursday, July 9, 2015

“Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN. I just got the gorram lock open too.” Book's response can be heard from the background. --Book Reynolds


The cargo bay has been made to feel as open and airy as possible for the ceremony. All of the boxes from the crew's current job are safely stored away in Serenity's hidden compartments. It's a high risk job and no one wants the children to find out about the cargo's contents. Candles bring a warm glow to the timeworn space. Rugs and pillows covered in rich fabrics are spread on the floor. Lengths of fabric cover all of the doors, control panels, and anything else that can't be moved.

Jayne and Imala step out of Inara's shuttle and on to the walk way to wait for the proceedings to start.

“We have to get everyone together so it's going to be a few minutes.” Mal says to Jayne.

Zoe quietly steps to the rail and calls below, “Kaylee is everyone ready?”

“Everyone's ship shape and ready to go Zoe.” Kaylee calls. Her answer radiates through the cargo bay filling everyone with anticipation and Mal with despair. It is just loud enough to warn Mal and Inara's eight year old twins that they need to get away from the storage compartments and back to their places in line. Luckily, draped fabric hides the activities of Wash and Book Reynolds from any and all adult supervision. Wash stands at the edge of the make-shift curtain keeping a look out. “Book. Book! Hurry up. They're starting.” Wash whispers.

“Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN. I just got the gorram lock open too.” Book's response can be heard from the background.

“I told you we should have waited until everyone was asleep.” Wash says.

“The cargo bay will be cleaned up by then.” Book responds turning to look at his brother. “There are some endeavors in which one must take full advantage of the camouflage the Lord provides.”

Wash turns to look at Book.

“I sound just like the first Book don't I?”

“I got chills. How did you do that?”

“The recordings Shepherd Book left hidden on Serenity.” Book answers.

“The ones we've been listening to?” Wash asks.

Book nods.

“I've been studying them. Book had special powers, one day I am going to be so good at talking like him the Alliance is going to think he's returned to the fold.”

“Book's dead.” Wash points out.

“The Alliance was never able to confirm that.” Book counters. “He was a spy. A good one. They would only be too glad to hear from Shepherd Book again.”

“You just can't stand that the person you were named for was a preacher can you?” Wash asks.

Book glares at Wash. “An ex-spy turned preacher is a whole lot more interesting than some dead pilot if you ask me.” He says resetting the lock so that he's the only one with the code to open it.

“If it weren't for Wash everyone would be dead. None of us kids would have been born. I'm proud to have his name.”

“You keep tellin' yourself that little brother.” Book says, patting Wash on the back. He steps out from behind the curtain and into the light.

The twins find their Aunt Kaylee to receive their final instructions.

“Wash you look nice. There you are Book, I was wonderin' where you ran off to. I was afraid I was going to have to send your Uncle Simon to find you.”

“Do you know what she's talking about?” Book asks looking at Wash.

“Uh Uh.”

“Aunt Kaylee I've been here the whole time.” Book says playing innocent.

Kaylee eyes Book suspiciously. “I love you kids. Some days it makes things so hard, you all look so much like your mother, then you open your mouths and I hear your father.”

The boys look at each other for a moment, smile, and turn back to Kaylee.

“We love you too Aunt Kaylee.” Wash says.

“You have to admit we do have great hair.” Book says with a grin.

Kaylee tries to scowl and a hint of a laugh escapes. “Remember you two, wait for everyone else to go, then your father, then you boys. Imala is last.”

Book and Wash both nod.

“Okay, Captain we're ready to get started.” Kaylee announces.



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