Two Kittens and a Dirt Sucking Reaver (Inspired By Actual Events)
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

“Don't forget what we learned last night; those lessons will take care of you just fine. You Can't Stop The Signal.” Smudge says.


(Smudge and Spots are two kittens who were recently adopted by a Browncoat. On the night before this story takes place they were taught about the 'Verse--they watched Serenity 2005 with the aforementioned Browncoat--this is what happened the next day.)

“What is that?” He asks, eyes wide, heartbeat quickening.

“After last night's class there's no question my brother.”

Both kittens listen intently to loud angry buzzing.

“Reavers.” Smudge says.

“What about Food Provider?” Spots asks.

Smudge looks at his smaller brother contemplating what to do next. “You wait here.” He says taking tentative steps towards the far end of the bed.

“Wait.” Spots says following. “What if you don't come back?”

“I'm coming back.” Smudge says.

“What if you don't?”

“I'm coming back.”

“You can't know that.” Spots responds.

“I'm only peeking in the doorway, so yeah, I kinda do.” Smudge says. Our mostly white, tabby patched, multi-colored hero quietly makes his way to the bedroom's entrance. He peers out.

“Well?” Spots asks from the bed's nearest corner.

“Something is moving in there. I can't see much. The buzzing is loud. This Reaver must be angry.”

Smudge comments and takes a step into the hall.

“Where are you going?” Spots whispers.

“I can't see anything from here.” Smudge turns, looks squarely at his brother, and says, “You stay here. I'm goin' in.”

“What if you don't come back?” Spots asks.

“You're asking me that again?”

“You seem to know more about stuff than I do.”

“There's Food Provider.” Smudge points out.

“I like her but she doesn't really speak our language.”

“She gives us food and a place to stay. A way cool bed. You'll be okay.” Smudge says.

“I don't know the meaning of life yet.”

“We're cats, how deep do you really need to get?” Smudge responds.

Spots looks at Smudge with wide eyes beseechingly hoping for parting words to live by.

“Stay strong, my brother and remember you're the only one left.”

Spots nods.

“Don't forget what we learned last night; those lessons will take care of you just fine. You Can't Stop The Signal.” Smudge says.

“You Can't Stop The Signal.” Spots repeats.

Smudge crosses the hall and steps into the living room to face his first Reaver. Our hero stops just inside, taking cover between the end table and the edge of the couch. Smudge breathes slowly, his heart pounding in his chest. He watches quietly hoping the Reaver will not take notice of him. The Reaver moves back and forth, gliding over the carpeting. Its head stays fixed to the floor, mouth open wide, growling with its terrifying screams. The kitten keeps watching waiting for his moment to strike and save Food Provider. The Reaver moves further away, which is when Smudge sees Food Provider walking just behind the Reaver. One hand is on the Reaver's leg pushing it along the floor. Seeing Smudge in her peripheral vision Food Provider looks right at him.

“Hi Smudge. It's a terrible racket but I'll be done in a minute. Don't be scared.”

Smudges eyes grow wide. She drew attention to me. The Reaver is going to see me now. Run! Smudge made it back to safety in the nick of time. In the safety of the darkness under their way cool bed Smudge calms himself, grateful his short life did not end today.

Spots approaches, the kitten's body slowly taking shape as he reaches Smudge.

“The growling has stopped. Are you okay? Did you kill it?” Spots asks. “Did you save Food Provider?”

“She saved me.” Smudge says. “We are safe with her. Food Provider is a Reaver slayer.”


Sunday, June 7, 2015 3:09 PM


Lol, funny and cute :)


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Two Kittens and a Dirt Sucking Reaver (Inspired By Actual Events)
“Don't forget what we learned last night; those lessons will take care of you just fine. You Can't Stop The Signal.” Smudge says.