Special Branch: The Execution of Vixen Goddard
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movie style poster for the story "The Execution of Vixen Goddard. The story itself can be found here:



Tuesday, January 11, 2011 8:03 AM


Pure AWESOME! This is Gorram SWEET Needy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 8:08 AM


"Hello? Cineplex odeon? Yes, I'd like a ticket for 'The Execution of Vixen Goddard', can you tell me it plays?"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 8:52 AM


Ha! That's so awesome.


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Joss Whedon at Starfury's "Serenity Forever"
Joss Whedon surprised fans at Starfury's "Serenity Forever" convention this weekend in London by showing up unannounced and proceeding to spend two hours busting moves with fans on the dancefloor, alongside guests Sean Maher and Jewel Staite. Here he is at the end of the party thanking fans for their continued love and support.

Browncoats Forever
An old photo shoot of our BDH. Been messing around with PicsArt on my phone, adding some effects and here's one of the results

Soul Survivor
New character poster for the Special Branch story, focusing on the character of Soul

Special Branch: Prologue II
Pages 3 and 4 to the Special Branch comic.

Special Branch: Prologue
The first two pages to the Special Branch comic, that serves as an introduction to the story and its characters.
Special Branch began in 2006 on the, inspired by the Firefly series and follows a number of men, women and children as they make their way in the verse.
The story was "rebooted" recently with the sequel Special Branch: Lost Friends ( and is still going strong.
These comic pages are pretty basic right now but I already have plans to create a few stand-alone short stories based around the characters.

Special Branch: Back in Black
Poster for the latest thread in the ongoing (Firefly-inspired) Special Branch series

Special Branch: The Execution of Vixen Goddard
Movie style poster for the story "The Execution of Vixen Goddard.
The story itself can be found here:

Special Branch: The Comic
I've often thought that "Special Branch", the ongoing story inspired by the Verse, would be suited for a graphic novel. Alas I cannot draw to save my life. But who needs to, when Comic Life can make this dream a reality with a few pictures and well placed bubbles.
This is my take on how the opening two pages might look.

Morena Baccarin is Wonder Woman
Okay, so the pic isn't that great, but I wasn't intending on creating a "masterpiece". The pic would be better, if it was ACTUALLY Morena in that outfit!

Special Branch, Episode 5 - Poster/Wallpaper
My first attempt at creating a movie-type poster for the adventures of Special Branch. This is for the latest thread (found at
We're "casting" all the roles at the minute, but for now, this poster shows Seryn (Claudia Black) and her new baby. Images taken from Space: Above and Beyond and Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars.