River's Serenity - Chapter 3
Saturday, January 10, 2009

After telling off Simon, River heads back to Serenity to try and make amends with Kaylee. Post BDM. River/Kaylee. NC-17!!!


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Kaylee sat on her bed, gently sobbing to herself. Her eyes were puffed up and tearstains lined her cheeks. She couldn’t remember a time she had felt more horrible and the only thing she could think to do was to cry and hold her pillow. But even though she was feeling worse than she had in her entire life, she couldn’t help occasionally thinking back to the kiss that had started this whole mess. Kaylee was, of course, sad and upset at all the damage it had caused but she couldn’t bring herself to be mad at River for it. Nor could she bring herself to think of it as an unpleasant experience. After the brief moment of surprise, Kaylee could remember feeling pure comfort and warmth. There was intensity and a gentle passion in the kiss from River and Kaylee found she subconsciously wishing she could feel River’s lips against hers again.

And for the first time since yesterday, Kaylee felt herself smile.

Just then there was a knock at the door to her bunk and Kaylee’s brief moment of happiness evaporated instantly. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone for once? Kaylee was about to raise her voice in protest to anyone checking on her but then the hatch opened and a small voice came from above.


Without even having time to think about it, Kaylee had sprung off of her bed and dashed over to the ladder. She looked up the hatch to see River standing there, gazing down at her with a troubled look on her face. In her arms, Kaylee could see River clutching a small box. Kaylee sniffled a bit and beckoned for River to come down. River climbed down the ladder and found herself face-to-face with Kaylee for the first time since their fateful kiss.

“Hi,” River said nervously, fumbling with her small purse. “Um, Cap’n gave me your cut of the money and asked me to give it to you, so here you go.”

“Oh, well, thank you sweetie.”

Kaylee took the money from River’s hand and set it down on her nightstand. The two women then shared an uncomfortable silence, neither one able to look the other in the eye. Without warning, River burst into tears, dropped the box she was holding and ran into Kaylee’s arms. Kaylee was caught off guard but hugged the young woman against her, gently stroking her long hair.

“I’m so sorry, Kaylee. I’m so sorry,” River sobbed. “Shh, it’s okay sweetheart. I’m okay.”

“You can’t lie to me Kaylee. I’ve been able to feel you lately. I can feel you right now. You’re not okay. You’re miserable and lonely and it’s all my fault,” River sniffled.

“No, honey. It’s not your fault. It was probably only a matter of time before your brother found something wrong with me that he could no longer be a part of.”

“I suppose you’re right, Simon’s such a boob.”

Kaylee giggled and lightly kissed River on the top of her head. River looked up into Kaylee’s eyes, smiling herself for the first time in awhile.

“Can I sit down?” River asked, gesturing to Kaylee’s bed.

“Of course mei-mei.”

Kaylee led River over to her bed and sat down on the edge of it. River sat down as well and laid her head back into Kaylee’s lap where Kaylee continued stroking River’s hair. The two sat in silence for a few moments but after a bit, Kaylee’s mind started wandering back to River kissing her and wondering why she did it.

“I just couldn’t help myself. You looked so beautiful and were right there in front of me that it was all I could think to do.”

Kaylee rolled her eyes to herself; she always hated when River would answer questions before they could be asked. But her annoyance was only temporary as Kaylee was more interested in something else River had said.

“You think I’m beautiful River?”

River nodded and looked up at Kaylee, smiling warmly.

“You really are a wonderful person, Kaylee. You’re probably the one true friend I have on this boat. You’re the only person who gets me, who sees me not as something more than just a girl. Everyone else looks at me either as a dangerous weapon that should be feared or as a broken vase, needing to be put back together. But you just see me as River.”

Kaylee’s eyes started tearing up again from River’s words. But unlike her recent tears, these had happiness to them, for Kaylee had never had anyone say something so nice about her. Sure, Simon had occasionally said nice things about her smile or how nice she was but she could tell that River genuinely felt and meant what she said. Kaylee hugged River’s head and once more kissed the top of her head. It was then that Kaylee noticed the box that River had dropped.

“Whatcha got there, kiddo?”

“Oh! I forgot about those. I did a little shopping today and got you something to try and cheer you up.”

River jumped off the bed and picked her box up. Slowly, River handed it to Kaylee, who smiled at River, flattered that River would get her something. Kaylee lifted the top off to find it full of fresh, ripe strawberries. Her eyes grew wide and she suddenly found it difficult to breathe as she picked up the one sitting on top. She stared at the strawberry for a moment and looked at River, who was smiling eagerly at her. Kaylee took a bite and sighed happily as the familiar taste overpowered her taste buds.

Just then, River walked over to Kaylee, placed her hand on her cheek and kissed her again. Kaylee welcomed the kiss this time, wrapping her arms around River and pulling her closer. Growing bolder at the lack of resistance, River parted her lips and poked her tongue out, which Kaylee gladly allowed access to. She explored the insides of Kaylee’s mouth before finding Kaylee’s tongue and the two tongues shared a loving embrace. River could taste the remnants of the strawberry in Kaylee’s mouth and decided there was not greater taste in the ‘verse. Slowly, River’s hand creped down Kaylee’s cheek, down to her neck and collarbone before trailing all the way down to Kaylee’s breast, which was covered only by a pink shirt.

But just as River was about to press further, Kaylee suddenly pulled away with fear in her eyes.

“Kaylee? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry sweetie, I mean what you’re doing feels really nice but something about it just don’t feel right.”

“I understand. I’m a broken doll. You don’t want to possibly break me further.”

“No, honey, I ain’t scared of that. You’re the strongest person I know. You went through unspeakable torture for many years and you didn’t break. I doubt anything I could do or not do could break you. I’m just kinda nervous cause I ain’t never been with a girl before.”

“I haven’t either. But please, Kaylee, I need this. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never felt true longing for someone. Every time I see you, I want to feel you against me. I just want to feel your hand on my cheek and brush through my hair while you smile at me. I wanna feel like Serenity; feel all the love and care you put into it. I’m damaged Kaylee, badly damaged and need to be fixed. Would you fix me?”

Kaylee nervously bit her lip as she looked into River’s eyes. The poor girl looked on the verge of breaking down again. Kaylee didn’t want to hurt this girl anymore than she had already been hurt. She knew deep down that she wanted this too. Kaylee wanted exactly what River did, like to be held and loved. River bowed her head and sniffled and Kaylee saw a few tears trail out of her large eyes. That was all Kaylee needed to see and Kaylee gently placed her hand underneath River’s chin, lifting it so Kaylee could look her in the eyes. She looked at River for a brief moment before moving in for another kiss. River threw her arms around Kaylee and hugged her tightly, whimpering slightly but kissing Kaylee with as much passion as she could. They stopped briefly for a moment to regain their breath and rested their foreheads against each other.

“Thank you, Kaylee. Thank you,” River whispered.

“Don’t be thanking me just yet, bao bei. I’ve only kissed ya,” Kaylee said playfully a sly glint in her eye.

River shivered a bit as Kaylee placed her hand behind River’s neck and entwined her hand in River’s long, flowing hair. She then leaned forward and pressed her lips to River’s neck. River gasped and felt her body tense up as it felt like electricity was shooting through her body from where Kaylee’s lips touched her neck. She could feel all her nerves stand on end throughout her body as Kaylee continued to work over River’s neck, gently licking it and sucking on it. River’s hands found her way to Kaylee’s back and gently ran her fingers down the length of it. Kaylee shivered a bit from River’s touch and sighed against River’s neck.

River reached the hem of Kaylee’s shirt and bunched it up in both of her hands, her knuckles brushing across the smooth skin of the bottom of Kaylee’s back. Kaylee could tell what River wanted and detached herself from the girl’s neck, lifting her arms over her head. River quickly lifted the shirt over her head, freeing Kaylee’s perky breasts. The air hit Kaylee’s skin and it caused her to shiver a bit as goosebumps erupted on her skin and made her small, pink nipples stand taut, both not entirely caused by the cold air. River slowly reached her hand out towards Kaylee’s breast, looking unsure of herself. She looked up questioningly at Kaylee, looking for assurance and Kaylee nodded in approval. River gently placed her hand on Kaylee’s breast and slowly closed her fingers around it. Kaylee closed her eyes and drew a deep breath as she felt her nipple get harder against River’s palm.

River slid her hand down Kaylee’s breast, dragging her fingers down Kaylee’s nipple until her fingertips reached the tip and she pinched the nipple between her middle and forefingers. Kaylee gasped and whimpered a bit from River’s touch. Letting her instincts take over, River suddenly lurched out and replaced her fingers with her mouth, drawing her tongue across Kaylee’s nipple. Kaylee moaned at this and arched into River, forcing more of her breast into the young woman’s mouth. Slowly, River crept her hand up the side of Kaylee’s torso before coming to rest on her free breast, mimicking her actions of earlier with Kaylee’s other nipple. Under her hand, River could feel Kaylee’s heartbeat increasing in tempo and could also hear Kaylee start to breathe harder and harder.

“Am I doing okay, Kaylee?”

“Oh River, you’re doing amazing. You’re driving me nuts here.”

River smiled a bit at this and glanced up at Kaylee, who was beaming at her through ragged breaths. Suddenly River detached herself from Kaylee’s breast, which elicited a small whimper of protest from Kaylee but River didn’t allow that to last long as she pulled herself up to Kaylee’s mouth for another passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined in a furious grappling match while their hands roamed freely across each other’s bodies. Kaylee’s hands found the back zipper of River’s dress and slowly unzipped it, her free hand sliding down the bare skin of River’s back as more of it became uncovered. When Kaylee had finished, she stood River up and slid the dress off of her completely, leaving River standing before Kaylee dressed only in a pair of spandex bike shorts.

River nervously gripped her arm, feeling quite exposed and vulnerable as the beautiful engineer looked her up and down. Kaylee had never seen River in this state of undress before and what she saw was truly breathtaking. Kaylee studied every gentle curve, marveling at how beautiful this young woman really was. River had a truly athletic body, covered in lean, taut muscle, especially in her legs. Simon had said how River had loved to dance and with how well defined her legs and torso was, it was plain to see how much time River had put into her craft. Kaylee then focused her attention on River’s small, pert breasts with dusky, pebbly nipples. Kaylee wanted to feel them against her own and she drew River into a tight embrace, falling back onto her bed causing River to come down on top of her. She gently traced her hands down the girl’s back, over the top of her bike shorts and grabbed onto River’s firm buttocks with both hands, pulling her in closer.

River craned her head around and gently nibbled on Kaylee’s earlobe, making Kaylee giggle and squirm. River’s darted her tongue across the surface of Kaylee’s ear and ran it down around the back where it connected to her skull. Kaylee gasped loudly and whimpered from the sensation while hugging River tighter to her. Kaylee then scooted her way down River’s body until her petite breasts were right in her face. Kaylee clamped her mouth around one of River’s breasts and greedily sucked hard on her areola. River squeaked a bit before letting out a low moan, entangling her hands in Kaylee’s thick, slightly greasy hair. As she sucked on her friend’s nipple, Kaylee’s hands were busy toying with River’s shorts. She’d run her hands up and down them, across River’s back and down the back of her legs, occasionally dipping a finger beneath the material to stroke River’s naked ass.

With one quick movement, Kaylee grabbed onto the top of River’s shorts and slid them down and off her body. Kaylee explored the newly uncovered areas of River, cupping one buttock in one hand while brushing her fingers through River’s soft, bristly pubic hair with her other, keeping her mouth locked around River’s breast the entire time. Kaylee could already feel how moist River was and didn’t want to keep the young beauty in waiting too much longer. River pulled her chest off of Kaylee’s powerful mouth but didn’t allow Kaylee to wonder why she did for very long as River slid down towards Kaylee’s lower body and started fumbling with the clasp on Kaylee’s cargo pants. Kaylee arched up to the young psychic’s touch, trying to make it easier to get her pants undone. Suddenly Kaylee recoiled and gasped in pain a bit. River looked worried and stopped what she was doing. Kaylee looked down and River followed her gaze to a scar on the bottom of Kaylee’s belly.

“Is that what I think it is?” River whispered.

Kaylee grimaced and nodded her affirmation and River ran her finger as gently as she could across Kaylee’s gunshot wound. The only evidence that remained on the surface was a few faint scars from where Simon had to cut into her to remove the bullet fragments. River finally succeeded in undoing the buttons and slid Kaylee’s pants off and tossed them to the floor, leaving Kaylee in only a lacy, green thong. River gently ran her hand across the material, pressing down slightly to the treasures waiting below and causing Kaylee to let out a faint sigh. River then slipped her fingers underneath the straps of the thong and slid it off of Kaylee, leaving both women completely nude on Kaylee’s bed.

For a few moments, the two women just stared at each other’s bodies, breathing heavily and letting their lust build. Kaylee pulled River in for another deep kiss. River didn’t waste any time in heading for her intended goal and ran her hand down Kaylee’s body, between her breasts, down her tummy and to the top of her groin, where Kaylee was covered in soft, curly brown hairs. River dipped her fingers a little lower and her forefinger ran across the tip of Kaylee’s clit, causing Kaylee to sharply draw breath and seize up as if she’d been electrocuted. River kept her finger there, slowly rubbing it around in small circles over Kaylee’s clit while searching Kaylee’s mind for ideas for what River should do to her.

Almost on cue, Kaylee’s mind jumped to a memory of being in the infirmary with Simon, where he had passionately licked and sucked on her clit until she had a mind-melting orgasm right on his operating table. But now, Kaylee had replaced Simon in her head with River so that it was River who was bringing her to such ecstasy and not Simon. River pondered the memory for a bit before sliding down to the edge of Kaylee’s bed, near her feet. Kaylee could tell what River was thinking and allowed herself to relax and to let River take full control of the situation.

River started by gently rubbing Kaylee’s foot and placing soft kisses on the top of it. Slowly she crept her way back up Kaylee’s body, kissing and stroking Kaylee’s creamy legs. Kaylee laid back against her pillow with her eyes closed and sighed, feeling completely at peace and blissful under River’s gentle touch. River ran her tongue up the entire length of Kaylee’s inner thigh, stopping just short of Kaylee’s outer folds.

River brushed her nose across Kaylee’s slit, inhaling deeply and filling her nose with Kaylee’s scent. Becoming intoxicated from it, River decided she needed to taste it for herself and she slowly slid her tongue between Kaylee’s folds and licked the entire length of her snatch, causing Kaylee to dig her nails deep into River’s shoulders. River sighed contently, deciding that if Kaylee’s mouth after eating strawberries was the best taste in the world then this surely was second.

“How about you knock off all that teasing? I’m losing my mind here,” Kaylee gasped.

River nodded obediently and once more, ran her tongue up the entire length of Kaylee’s cunt. Kaylee bit down on her lip and could feel her vision start to could over. Slowly, River parted Kaylee’s outer folds to allow easier access to her engorged clitoris. River then closed her mouth down around the bundle of nerves and pressed her tongue against Kaylee’s clit, causing Kaylee to cry out loudly.

“Wuh de tyen ah, that’s wonderful bao bei. Don’t stop.”

River replicated the motions of her fingers earlier and started tracing small circles across Kaylee’s clit with her tongue. Kaylee gasped out more, trying to force herself to breathe because with how much pleasure she was in, she’d surely forget. River only added to the intense sensations by taking her forefinger and smoothly slid it deep inside of Kaylee, making Kaylee buck and cry out even louder. River smiled a bit to herself, feeling good that she could give her crush these kinds of feelings.

Kaylee grabbed hard onto her breast and forcefully tweaked her nipple to add to the intense ecstasy she was feeling. River completely let herself go and just let herself do anything she thought would make Kaylee moan. She started by adding another finger deep inside of Kaylee’s twat and starting to thrust the two fingers in and out to a slow, steady beat. She also clamped her mouth around Kaylee’s clit and sucked on it as hard as she could, all while keeping it pinned down with her tongue.

Kaylee thrashed around violently on the bed, almost causing River to lose her grip on the mechanic. But River held on, never once breaking contact on Kaylee’s clit or disturbing the steady cadence she was fingering Kaylee with. Kaylee moaned out River’s name repeatedly before suddenly going rigid as her climax slammed into her. River didn’t relent one bit, even as Kaylee’s orgasm raged around her, determined to give Kaylee as much pleasure as she could. Kaylee could only emit tiny squeaks as River kept up her assault, causing a second massive orgasm not long after her first had ended.

“Okay! Okay! I can’t take anymore! Please stop,” Kaylee cried.

River detached herself from Kaylee’s spasming pussy and looked down at Kaylee lying before her, sweating and gasping hard for breath as if she’d just run five miles. River noticed her fingers shimmering with Kaylee’s juices and slid her fingers in her mouth, licking Kaylee’s sweet taste off of them. Kaylee tilted her head down to look at River and with what little brainpower she could muster, beckoned River to her. River obliged and Kaylee met her with a passionate kiss, tasting her own juices on River’s tongue as she kissed the young psychic as lustfully as she could.

River lied down next to Kaylee and placed her hand over Kaylee’s heart, feeling it beat wildly under her hand. The two young women lay there for a few moments, entangled together in a naked mass as Kaylee tried to regain her bearings from the overpowering orgasms. River held Kaylee close as she recovered, feeling completely content with life and not wanting this moment to end.

“Kao River. That was incredible. Where’d you learn to do that?” Kaylee asked.

“I was just doing what I figured you’d like. And also what I’d like done to me,” River replied with a glint in her eye.

“Well don’t you fret none, I got something extra special planned for you.”

Kaylee clambered over River and started digging around under her bed for something. River didn’t make things any easier for her as she kneaded and massaged Kaylee’s round buttocks with her powerful hands, making Kaylee sigh once more. After a few moments, Kaylee reemerged and held something long and thin in her hands, wrapped in a large hand towel. Kaylee slowly unwrapped the towel and River’s eyes widened as a large pink vibrator rolled onto the bed. River ran a finger across the soft, smooth surface of Kaylee’s toy, biting her lip a bit in apprehension.

“You okay sweetie?” Kaylee questioned, reading River’s gaze.

“I’m just a little scared, that’s all. I’ve never seen one of these before, let alone had one inside of me.”

“Well if you don’t like it, we can try something else, okay? But trust me honey, I’m real sure that you’ll love this. I custom built this beauty myself. It always manages to get the job done for me.”

“Okay Kaylee, I trust you,” River said after taking a deep breath.

Kaylee laid River back on the bed, cradling her head with one arm while propping herself up on her elbow so she was slightly above River. With her free hand, Kaylee picked up the vibrator and switched it on with the lowest setting. She then placed the vibrator on River’s neck and slowly started dragging it down River’s body. She paused briefly on River’s nipple, making River sigh in pleasure and close her eyes. Kaylee traced her way over to River’s other nipple and left the vibrator on it for a few seconds, causing River to softly moan.

Kaylee then jumped down on River’s body to the inside of her leg and slowly started running it up towards her virgin hole. River steadily started breathing harder as Kaylee teased her, keeping her eyes closed and enjoying all the sensations. Kaylee reached River’s twat and ran the very tip of the vibrator over River’s clit. River felt an intense jolt and her body tensed up from the quick shock. Kaylee kept the vibrator on River’s clit, running it in small circles over it, switching her gaze back and forth from her work to River’s face.

River squirmed a bit and bit her lip as pleasure slowly washed throughout her entire body. Kaylee smiled down at River, gently running her free hand through her hair as she continued stroking River’s clit with her vibrator. She then switched the intensity up a level and River groaned and grabbed hard onto the sheets of Kaylee’s bed. Kaylee kept her eyes locked on River’s face, marveling at how beautiful she looked right now. Kaylee then took the vibrator off of River’s clit and River whined in protest but Kaylee quickly gave her a soft kiss, which cheered River up.

“How does it feel so far, River?”

“It feels wonderful. Please keep going.”

“No problem, dear. But I’m gonna try it inside of you now. If anything doesn’t feel right, give a holler.”

River merely nodded as Kaylee repositioned herself until she was lying between River’s firm legs. Kaylee stuck the end of the vibrator in her mouth and ran her tongue across the end of it, lubricating it with her saliva. She then positioned the vibrator right at the entrance of River’s vagina and slowly started probing it inside of her. River reached out and grabbed Kaylee’s free hand and gripped it as Kaylee slowly inserted the tip into River’s cavity. River let out a low moan as Kaylee gets more inside of her and the vibrator sent a wonderful tingling all throughout her body.

Suddenly Kaylee’s progress was halted as she reached River’s hymen. Kaylee bit her lip nervously, wondering if she should halt her progress or if she should break through the membrane. While Kaylee thought, River noticed that Kaylee had halted her progress but was too lost in her own little world to read Kaylee’s thoughts. Instead, River merely reached out and petted Kaylee’s hair, causing Kaylee to look up at River with indecision in her eyes.

“Is something wrong Kaylee?”

“Well, I’ve gotten far enough inside of you to reach your hymen. But in order to get deeper inside of you, I’d need to break through it, which will hurt quite a bit. So would you like me to leave it alone or do you want me to go deeper?”

River took some time to think, her thoughts not coming completely clearly due to the vibrator still humming inside of her. After a few moments, River grit her teeth and squeezed Kaylee’s hand hard, whispering, “Do it,” to Kaylee. Kaylee closed her eyes and pushed hard against the vibrator, which smashed through the thin membrane after a brief resistance. River cried out in pain as she squeezed Kaylee’s hand so hard, Kaylee feared she might break something. Kaylee let the vibrator sit in place from where it had broken through until the pain had eased from inside of River, who continued whimpering.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop? Kaylee asked with a concerned tone.

“I think I’ll be okay. Keep going.” River gasped out.

Kaylee obliged and started sliding the toy deeper and deeper inside River, making River moan louder and louder as the centimeters disappeared into her cavity. Finally, Kaylee got as far in as she could go and slowly started sliding it back out of River. River’s mind was completely gone and all she could focus on was the steady burn coming from her abdomen thanks to Kaylee’s special engineering. Kaylee removed her instrument from River’s snatch and looked mischievously into River’s eyes, which were completely clouded over.

“Time to give you some real fun.” Kaylee purred.

She then turned up the intensity on the vibrator, causing it to emit an audible hum before sliding it back inside of River. Kaylee proceeded a bit faster this time, getting all the way inside of River’s vagina after only a few seconds. Once more, Kaylee withdrew the toy before thrusting it back in, slowly building a steady cadence. River’s hips started moving along with the thrusting while River continued to emit small little moans.

Without breaking her tempo, Kaylee moved up River’s body and flicked her tongue out across River’s clit, causing River to cry out and entangle her spare hand into Kaylee’s hair. Kaylee pressed her tongue down on the bundle of nerves before sucking it up into her mouth, never once slowing down the vibrator that was steadily fucking River at this point. River started crying out louder and louder, bucking her hips against Kaylee’s toy, and trying to get as much pleasure from it as she could. Kaylee released River’s hand and started groping her small breast, making River moan even louder as her entire body now felt the burning inside. Kaylee pinched River’s nipple as she bit down on River’s clit as gently as she could, thoroughly enjoying herself and enjoying giving River all this happiness.

River squirmed feverishly, feeling her orgasm start to build within her. Then it exploded and River screamed out, her body going completely rigid as pleasure surged through every inch of her body. Kaylee didn’t let up though, even with River’s orgasm tearing through her and River helplessly twitching due to it. River cried out repeatedly in sharp staccato as she came once more, finally pushing Kaylee’s head away from her sex center. Kaylee granted her lover’s wishes and backed away, removing the vibrator from River’s quivering snatch and licking River’s fragrant juices off of the surface. While River basked in the afterglow of her stunning orgasms, Kaylee cleaned her toy off with the towel it was wrapped in before wrapping it back up and replacing it under her bed.

Kaylee then laid down next to River, who was still trying to catch her breath, and wrapped her arms around her. River moved up against Kaylee, feeling the warmth of her body and nestled her head against Kaylee’s chest. Kaylee smiled to herself and kissed River’s head, feeling herself starting to doze off. The two young women lay naked next to each other, wrapped in a loving embrace. Meanwhile, in the hallway above them, Simon stood outside Kaylee’s still-open door, a bunch of flowers in his hand, horror plastered all over his face due to what he had just heard taking place below.



bao bei - sweetheart Wuh de tyen ah - Dear God in heaven Kao - Goddamn


Thursday, February 19, 2009 4:59 PM


no that was very very nice need a cold shower now

Friday, January 29, 2010 3:20 PM


great job


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