Uncaging A Beast (chapter 13)
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sorry I've been gone for a while, had a spot of trouble, and a bit of writers block. Hope my fellow writers and riders don't mind the lag, I'll get more up soon, but for now... here you go.


The rag wiped the soot from the barrel as he held the pistol tightly. Bo rubbed the gun lightly with the oiled rag, careful to keep the coat light so not to rust the weapon. His mind flashed out to the orbit of another moon, where he felt Mal doing the same thing. As his hands ran rhythmically over the weapon, his mind flitted out to Rivers. She was calm, hurt but calm. His presence in her thoughts did not go unnoticed. ‘Looks like I’m not the only one that barges into peoples thoughts.’ Her voice giggled. ‘Ah but you were barging on dreams, an that’s a bit different. Me, I’m just wonderin and wanderin.’ He retorted with a laugh of his own. ‘Ah, I’ll take a mental note.’ ‘No you won’t.’ He laughed. ‘Ok, maybe not, but still.’ She got quiet for a moment, then he felt it coming. ‘Why did you leave?’ ‘I told you bao-bei, because I was a danger to the crew, and to you.’ –and to everyone else I’ve come in contact with. He thought, keeping the last part to himself. ‘I don’t understand. I’m a reader too, why would that have anything to do with it?’ ‘It doesn’t, it’s what else they did to me in that 上帝被抛弃 place. I couldn’t leave that danger with you. I’d never forgive myself if I’d hurt you, or someone else.’ ‘But you can keep me with your new crew, eh? Feel I’m less of a threat to them? You’re so very mistaken.’ Bo felt a shudder run down his spine as his connection with River severed. He felt her reach out for it, but her power couldn’t reach to him. His hand’s acted on their own. The gun slammed to the table as his fingernails began to darken. He felt his teeth sharpen in his mouth. He looked down to the knife on the table and saw his face growing hair on it. He fought the presence that wanted to be released, that wanted to feed on his friends. He felt it fight back, felt his body twist and contort as it tried to change. “No” he said/growled through his now sharpened teeth. His acute hearing picked it up first, the bare feet on the grates. The wind movement about the walk told him it was Jessica. He stood from the table and sprinted into the engine room behind him. He gripped the metal siding and felt it cut into his hands. Blood trickled down his arm as he finally gained control and the beast retreated with a snarl. Monte’s scent wafted into his nostrils as he heard her come in the room. “Bo? Why’d you leave your guns on the table?” She asked with a yawn. “Just thought the engine sounded rough, so I came in here to check. What’re you doin up? You only went to bed an hour ago.” He asked, wiping the blood from his arm. “Couldn’t sleep, kept dreaming that animal of yours would come down and chew on my leg.” Bo’s eyes widened, then he realized she was talking about Whiskey. He gave a half hearted laugh as he watched the hyena cross into the hall behind them, and then into the small area he had deemed his own. Bo wrapped an arm around Jessica and walked her back to the kitchen. He felt her nuzzle into his chest, felt her remember what they had done on previous voyages out here in the black. The thought of this girl, so warm and inviting, yet skilled and knowing, flitted through his head. It then collided head on with his feelings for River, tearing his mind into a third faction. ‘You can’t do that, you have River.’ Said one tiny voice. ‘But you’ve been with Jess, you and her both know it’s not really about love.’ ‘Do you honestly believe that go se? You and River have a connection, are you going to soil that with Jessica?’ Bo let his eyes fall shortly on the scantily clad girl in his arms before going back into battle. ‘You know what she sleeps in, and it ain’t what she’s got on. She wants you to be with her, just like she did when you pulled that salvage job where you picked her up.’ His lustful side was making a convincing argument as they reached the kitchen table. Here Jess turned into him, pressing her body against his. ‘Guess it’s time to shit or get off the pot’ came the last voice, that sounded more than enough like Mal. She closed her eyes and leaned up to kiss him, but Bo had moved to the seat he had been at before. He regretted the decision almost as soon as Jessica stumbled forward and blinked when she didn’t find him in front of her. Her eyes lit up, not with lust but what felt like a burning desire to slit his throat. His knife was inches from her hand when she turned the blood thirsty eyes on him. Then he felt it, the voice that had wanted her, it changed. It became more bestial, more like the Wolf. He felt his body move, and his brain think. ‘River is thousands, hundreds of thousands of miles away. She can’t know, and she won’t. But I desire this, you desire this. This is what we want, and it’s what we’ll have.’ He stepped to her and felt his resolve fold. His body pressed to hers and he felt her want him. He leaned down and kissed her, grabbing her legs and lifting her to him. Her skin was soft and warm, and her scent intoxicating. She smelled of desire and of lust. His other side growled, but more with pleasure than anger. He leaned down and bit gently on her neck, hearing her moan softly at the pressure. Her fingernails raked at his back as he placed her on the table and let his hands wander her lithe figure. He tore her shirt from her body, the movement of the table causing his gun to fall to the floor. X------------------------------------------------------------------------------X

Bo walked back through the dining area, picking his .357 up off the floor as he did. His mind tormented him now that the beast lay dormant in his head. Thoughts of River knowing what he had done made him want to scream, but he knew she’d just say she understood so that he’d feel better. His thoughts circled around what a lecherous hump he really was. He picked up his knife and hurled it into the wall, centimeters from Smith’s newly appeared head. “Whoa! What in the seven levels?! Did I do somethin to piss you off already cap’n?” Smiley asked as he moved out of the way of any more projectiles. “No, not you Smith.” Bo said as he walked over and pulled out the knife. He walked to the cooking area and started a pot on to boil. Smith walked over behind him and grabbed one of the bottles of liquor they had. Bo shook his head with a sigh as the young man walked over and started drinking straight from the bottle. “That shit’s gonna kill you one day man.” Bo informed the young mechanic. “My thinkin is it’s gonna be you tossin them knives around, personally.” Bo conceded the point to him. Though incorrect, Smiley made a valid point. Bo let the rice set as he grabbed a piece of meat from the freezer. He whistled and listened as Whiskey came barreling into the room. He leaned down and fed the meat to the beast. “Hey man, we could’ve eaten that!” Smith protested. “Trust me, you don’t want that meat Smith.” Bo said as he stood and returned to the stove. He cooked breakfast for himself and the mechanic. As he brought the food to the table, he felt the worry in smith's mind. "So, we got a course set?" Smiley asked, breaking the rythmic tapping of chopsticks to metal. "Headed to Whitefall, hear Aries made a stop there about a week ago. Figure I might see what he bought, try and figure out where he's headed. Unfinished business that needs to be finished." Smith nodded with the grin that had given him his nickname. They sat in silence again until Whiskey burped and walked back out of the room. The engine hummed gently as it propelled them towards Whitefall. Bo sighed as he picked his plate up and moved to the sink. He rinsed it, using as little water as possible. He stood there while Smith dropped his plate in the sink and went to the engine room. He stared up into the black space as he thought silently to himself and her sleeping consciousness. 'River, I'm sorry.'


Bo landed the ship gently, settling her on a patch of grass nestled in the hillside. "Alright, we're here. Just remember to keep your guns handy. Smith, get what you need and get back to the ship. Jess, same to you. I'll be around town. If you need me, don't hesitate to call." "Roger that." "Gotcha." They left the ship, both headed into town. Bo sighed as he spun the chair around and looked down at Whiskey. "Ready?" The hyena tilted his head and let his tounge loll out of his mouth. Bo grinned as he scratched the hyena's ears. "I'll take that as a yes." He walked out of the bridge and down to the cargo bay, Whiskey close at his heels. He slapped the 'close' button as he walked out the large bay door. The hydraulics hissed as they lifted the door. Dust kicked up as his boots left prints in the dirt. The sun made the air scorch, but it was summer here so that was normal. Sweat beaded on his neck and ran down his neck to his chest. His shirt was damp by the time he reached town. It was larger than most other moon's towns, but not as large as an Alliance city. His pistol hugged his chest, dust blowing across it as the wind blew against him. People stopped and looked at him, or more at Whiskey behind him. He turned and made his way into the gun shop. The door squeaked open, Whiskey squeezed by him and started sniffing the floor. The shop owner came around from the back and waved politely. A large golden dog followed him. It stopped as it smelled Whiskey and started snarling at the hyena. Whiskey barred his teeth and began to circle the dog. "'Ey!" Bo said, a command more than anything. Whiskey stopped and turned, following his master around the show room. "Got good command over 'im eh? Not seen many people that can keep a hyena in check. Hehheh, most are afraid of the animals. Well, anything you're lookin for in particular?" "Information more than anything, but I wouldn't mind checkin out that thirty-thirty lever action you got in that corner." "Information huh?" The man asked as he removed the gun from the shelf. "Yeah, on a man named Aries. Tall as me, red hair, and very dark green eyes. Has a goatee and a gold tooth. He's a scientist but has an infatuation with guns. So you of all people would have seen him when he was here." Bo said as he took the gun from the man. "I seen a guy about a week ago with a red gotee and gold tooth, but he was bald. He had them green eyes, and was lookin at the gun you got in your hands right now. Eyed it almost lovingly he did." The man said remembering. "Ramone, get down." Bo said quietly. "Wait, how'd you-" He was cut short as both dogs started growling and Bo shoved him down behind the counter. "Hand me a box of ammo to go with this gun." Bo whispered. Ramone put a box on the table, Bo grabbed it and opened it. He started loading the gun as the door opened. Two men walked it, guns trained on Bo. He stared down at the gun. "Mornin boys. How you doin Marco? How about you Darren?" "Howdy Bo. Aries wants to see you." The dark haired one, Marco, said. "Yeah, wants to see you. Hahahahaha." The other, Darren, laughed stupidly. "I figured he might. Y'all know about Skoal then?" Both men's eyes clouded with confusion. Darren heard it first. The growling to his left. He turned slowly, and was met with the sight of teeth flying at him through the air. Bo watched calmly as Whiskey latched on to the man's throat and tore deeply into the jugular vein. Marco turned, hearing his partner scream, and aimed at the hyena. Bo's lever action locked audibly as he loaded a round. Marco's sweat slid down his temple as his head turned back to Bo. "You shoot my pet and we're gonna have a problem, Marco. Of the I'ma kill you variety." Marco gulped, then nearly heaved as he heard Darren gurgle in pain. The shot rang out and pain erupted in his kneecap as he fell to the floor. He looked down to where his kneecap should have been, and found a gaping hole, flooded with blood. He screamed in pain as he grabbed at his leg. "Marco. Marco! Where is Aries? I'd hate to keep him waiting." Bo asked as he stuck his finger in the wound bleeding wound. Marco screamed with pain as tears streamed down his face. "He left a week ago! For the Mensor Belt!" "Thank you Marco." Bo stood and put another round through the henchman's head. Ramone stood and looked at the carnage in his shop. His mouth gaped open as his eyes rested on the hyena tearing flesh from Darren's body. "I appologize Ramone. I didn't mean to make a mess of your shop. I hope this will pay for the gun and rounds, as well as the mess." Bo said as he placed a small stack of brightly colored bills on the table. The stench of blood reached his nostrils and he felt the beast begin to rouse beneath his consciousness. He growled as he put a sling on the rifle and walked out of the door. His teeth sharpened as he walked out into the town. The scent of fear and anger filled his nostrils. His eyes swept the street as men gathered around him. 'You see, they gather to kill you. I'll not die by these farmers hands.' the beast snarled. His fingernails sharpened and turned black. His skull cracked as it lengthened and changed. His ears moved to the top of his head and he felt the fur coat his face. His teeth grew until they hung over the top of his bottom lip. He howled, and he felt the paralyzing fear grip all of them. He leapt on the first man, tearing into his neck and ripping his spine from his body. Blood coated his fingers, he licked it as the others stared at him in horror. 'Delicious' the two voices echoed together. Bo felt himself slip into the rage the beast within him felt. Anger flooded his mind and he unleashed it on the crowd around him. His arms lashed out, his teeth flashed as blood ran along the dirt. He howled over the screams as he tore into flesh and fed on the people before him. Red filled his eyes, blood covered his fur, and rage flooded his mind. Then everything went black.


He woke up, his body in the most uncomfortable position. He sat up and smelled Whiskey close by. Another scent drowned that out quickly. Blood. He looked at his arms and saw they were covered in red. He stood up, but stumbled as his foot rolled on one of the legs beneath him. He looked down and saw the bodies. He couldn't stop it. His insides heaved and he vomited. Bodies lay around him; women, children, and men. The beast slept, content in it's killing. Bo moved out of the gore and stepped to the hyena that lay, sleeping. Whiskey moved and looked up at him, his own mouth coated with dried blood. "We need to get out of here." The animal stood and followed him from the town. If anyone in the town was left alive, Bo would be surprised. He rubbed his arms, hoping that somehow the blood would rub off. Whiskey ran back, and then returned with his pistol and holster. Bo took it in silence. The gravity of the situation was crushing him. He had killed children, this beast had killed everything. Tears ran down his face as he realized, it wasn't only the thing within him. He could have stopped it, could have saved those people, but he let it feed. He dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. He gripped the pistol tightly. He felt the beast react to his thoughts. It fought to gain control of the body that it inhabitted. Bo brought the pistol to the underside of his jaw, and pulled the trigger. Lightning flashed in his eyes and thunder erupted in his ears. Pain, imense pain was all he could feel. His world went black for a moment, he felt nothing. Then the light returned to his eyes. The sun blinded him. He was lying on his back, his head throbbed. His own blood dribbled slowly from the wound in his neck as it healed. 'You see, they made you to be a weapon. They perfected you when they made me.' The growling voice said. 'I don't want to hear you. You killed those people. Those women. Those children.' The voice laughed as images of his lycan-like body killing those very women and children flashed into his mind. He shook his head, trying to block the images from his mind. 'I'll kill him.' Bo thought. 'And I will help you.' 'No. I will kill him.' He stood and walked to the ship.


Jessica Montemirno sat on the stairs of the VALOR's cargo bay, waiting for her captain to walk through the door. She had heard the town near the one she had gone to had had a killing. A massacre would have been the better word. Every living person had been killed. She waited for him, because if she didn't she'd never know. Smith was in the engine room, making preparations to leave. She sat, wanting to do something but knowing she couldn't. Then she heard the footsteps on the hatch, then the scrabbling of claws. He was covered in blood, but she could tell that none of it was his. He didn't have a scratch on him. "Bo, thank god you're-" She ran to him, but he brushed past her. She was hurt, but the look in his eyes seemed to hurt her even more. Hatred eminated from him, seemed to flow out of every pore in his body. It didn't seem to be hatred for her, but for something or someone else. He climbed the stairs as he went to the bridge. She followed and watched him punch in a set of coordinates then turn to her. "I'll kill him." Then he pushed past her again and headed down to his quarters. Whiskey went to his little alcove and layed and slept. Tears welled up in Jessica's eyes as she saw where they had to go. She knew there'd be a fight. A fight they may not come out of alive.


Bo let the hot water coarse over his body. It washed away the blood, and for a moment his pain. His mind thought only of one thing, death. Images flooded from every corner of his conscious. Pictures of the dead from the war, those he had killed after the war, those he had killed in training to become the assassin they wanted him to be, once he became the assassin, and then those he had just killed. Tears mingled with the water as it washed down the drain. His only thought was of one thing, death. "I'm coming for you Aries" He said to the man that warped his body. 'I'll be waiting' Said a gruff voice from the other end of the black.


(So, there's part of it, the next installment promises to be a fun one, and to those that hate me for my character's doings, please don't kill me, or you'll never find out if he atones.)


Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:26 AM


"You shoot my pet and we're gonna have a problem, Marco. Of the I'ma kill you variety."

Terrific line... loved it along with the rest of this chapter.


Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:56 AM


Agree with my partner on that one. Great line and a great work here. I liked how he apologized for sleeping with Jess to River. Nicely done.

PS. Love Whiskey.

Sunday, June 22, 2008 2:31 AM


I loved the pet line too! I think Bo and River are really cute, don't you?

Keep flying ;)


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